No Glory For You – Epilogue

Does a tragedy can only end in tragedy?

Thank you for reading this story.

It was short and I could’ve gone into a differant path, but I really liked working on No Glory
No Glory is over, but it doesn’t mean the story about the characters are.

“Death is the beggining of the next journey”
It will take some time for me to write, but I hope you’ll still follow them

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No Glory for you 4

Reaching the end of this tragedy, here’s No Glory 4. Hope you like it.
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[PT] Sem Glória

Chegando ao final dessa curta história. Penúltimo cap. Espero que gostem

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My eyes 4

I bet you wanted more after the ending of chapter 3, am I right?
Well, then here’s chapter 4 of My Eyes Can See! Hope you like it
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[PT] Meus olhos 4

Lançando o cap 4 de Meus olhos enxergam. Aposto que queriam mais depois daquele final do cap 3, não é?
Espero que gostem desse cap.
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Tsukiko-chan and Taiyou-kun 8

A new chapter of Tsukiko-chan and Taiyou-kun is the best way to start April, am I right?
Jokes aside, I really liked this chapter and hope you like it too. If you have time, please, tell me what you thought.
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