Re;Blade 78

Tetsuko and Faela won’t retreat. It was never an option


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Re;Blade 78

Even if Faela didn’t have to focus on Anna, the fight didn’t get any easier. She was already exhausted and it only got worse. Without her disciple, the worshipers concentrated their attacks on her.

Though they got in each other’s way, the swordswoman was having trouble to take advantage of that as the fight went on. What made things worse was that even if they weren’t working together, their attacks were getting stronger.

They’re getting used to the evil Celeste…

Tetsuko was still keeping her edge sharp with the dust Celeste, but even so, she couldn’t severe the monster limb. And every wound her blade did on the woman healed quickly. Faela focused her attacks on the rest of the body, but even if the worshiper had no mind, she still protected the rest of her out of instinct.

If we can’t kill her, we need to make the guy do it for us, Tetsuko projected her thoughts to her wielder, feeling a shot of pain in her soul. Even so, she was getting used to it.

“How?” she muttered. Even a single word was enough to strain the swordswoman.

We need to stop her movements when the guy throws another boulder.

Faela opened her mouth but had to dodge before she could reply.

You’re gonna say something like ‘easier said than done’?

“You… know… me…”

When the next kick came, she dove forward and stabbed above the knee. It wasn’t enough to stop the attack, but it was enough to slow it down and give her time to duck under and then run to Anna’s katana.

The instant her free hand closed around the handle, a boulder came hurling at her, destroying the entrance of the underground lake.

Even if she could dodge the boulder, there was nothing she could do against the debris but ignore the pain.

Despite the annoyance for her wielder using another sword, Tetsuko put her feelings aside. There was no time for that. The woman was on all fours, ready to kick the ground and leap towards Faela.

What are you gonna do with another sword? Why do you need another sword?

There was no time for Faela to answer. The woman was coming in her direction so fast the only thing she had time to do was jump to the side.

The worshiper missed, hurling past Faela. Then she kicked the wall, leaving a huge hole in it before flying at the swordswoman’s direction again.

Faela slid on the ground and raised both Tetsuko and the katana, slicing the monster leg from the thigh to the foot. It left a huge scar, but before tainted blood flew from the wound, it soon vanished.

But she was already expecting that. Injuring the worshiper wasn’t what she planned. It wasn’t enough to kill her. What Faela wanted was to harm her and slow her down, even if only for a few instants.

Without stopping, without looking, she rolled to the side, the thousands of tiny rocks stabbing her entire body. An instant later, a boulder came flying at where she was, adding another crater to the area.

Faela jumped to her feet and raced towards the bald worshiper.

He punched the ground again, tore off another boulder and threw at her.

She didn’t dodge, waiting for the right moment.

The worshiper had recovered and kicked the ground, aiming the monster foot at the swordswoman.

Despite the situation, Faela flashed a wild smile as she threw herself on the ground, covering her head.

The woman passed above her, the wind pressure threatening to take Faela.

It took her an instant too long to notice. By the time she realized she was heading towards a boulder, she twisted her body in midair to kick it, but she wasn’t fast enough.

Faela jumped to her feet and raced to the worshiper.

That wasn’t enough to kill her. It was only enough to stop her.

But it was all the swordswoman needed.

She stabbed the worshiper in the heart with the katana and used Tetsuko to behead her.

Panting, she cleaned the sweat from her face and smiled at the bald worshiper.

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