Re;Blade 61

Kill a monster and more come out.
For Tetsuko, that’s good. But she needs a wielder to swung her.
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Re;Blade 61 – Blood and Chaos

It’s just like in the mountain, Tetsuko thought as Faela backed away slowly, trying to make as little sound as she could. But it’s much faster than before. Maybe the experiments changed that too…

The people who had been infected by the monster cat’s blood were turning into worshipers before their eyes. However, they had yet become puppets of the ancient and evil Celeste. Until they turned completely, they were mindless beasts, acting by instinct.

What was this place? Why was there so many people hiding here?

“A big bar with strong walls,” Faela whispered, looking at all the infected people who still rose from the ground. “They must’ve thought it was safe here…”

Shit. There were dozens of people here. Even if half got away, it’s still too many worshipers to deal with. And some infected might’ve gotten out in the confusion…

As she projected her thoughts, Tetsuko heard distant screams. As she concentrated a little, she felt the same ancient Celeste in that direction.

“Crap,” Faela muttered when her sword told her. “Hope Anna can deal with them until I get there…”

Despite how tough she was, the swordswoman was panting and wincing.

You’re hurt.

“Yeah. But there’s nothing I can do,” she said, flashing a wry smile. “I doubt these guys will let me rest.”

As the Celeste took over their body and souls, all the infected people did was rise and look at her. But as it finished turning them, they grunted and contorted as if in pain. Men and women, young and old, ripped their shirts and scratched their chest until they bled. But it made no difference; the mark of the demon, the sign of a worshiper, appeared on their chest as if the blood had boiled from the inside.

Faela closed her eyes, “They didn’t want to become monsters. Even now, they’re resisting. Let’s give them the peace they deserve.” As she spoke those words, the new worshipers screamed in pain and they grew quiet. Their transformation was done. They had lost their souls to the same thing that took Alonso.

The swordswoman didn’t wait. Before they acted, she swung Tetsuko on the closest one. The blade went through the woman’s neck with ease.

The man next to her couldn’t react and was sliced around the chest, right in the middle of the mark of the devil. However, the third grabbed the sword with her hand.

Tetsuko sliced her palm and arm, but couldn’t kill her in one blow. The Celeste is acting up, she warned her wielder.


Despite the wound, the worshiper shouted and jumped on Faela.

She pushed the woman with her foot and drove Tetsuko through her chest. However, the worshiper didn’t die right away. Though the wound was mortal, she still had enough strength to wrap her arms around the swordswoman and hold her down.

“Shit!” Faela shouted, trying to swing her sword, but she couldn’t move and all she got was a superficial wound on the worshiper’s arm. And no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t get rid of the worshiper.

Don’t pull me yet, Tetsuko told her wielder. It’s the perfect time to test it, she thought to herself, excited. As her energy devoured the ancient Celeste, she felt the same thing when she sliced the cat’s tail. Her Celeste was poisoning the worshiper.

Now that I’m touching her, I might be able to control her, just like Lucky Chaos.

Focusing on her energy inside the woman, Tetsuko visualized the arm she had cut. On the edge of the wound, her Celeste prevented it from healing. That’s part of me. It’s the same as the energy flowing within me. And so I can control it. Just like she had done with Alonso, she imagined as if that limb belonged to her.

Despite the situation, she couldn’t help but chuckle. It hasn’t been long but I forgot what it’s like to have limbs.

Though it was little, she controlled the worshiper’s wounded arm. It was only a little, but it was enough for Faela to free one hand and stab her on the side. When the swordswoman pulled Tetsuko, she fell dead on the floor.

Faela had no time to breathe. Before she could raise her sword again, the worshipers inside the bar closed in around her.

As she cut them, she backed away until there was no more room. She turned around and slashed the stone wall behind her twice. The stone cut as if made of flesh, making a hole enough for one person and she raced through it.


The place next to the bar was a house, and there were still people inside.

Before Faela could think, screams came from outside. The infected who got out were wreaking havoc. Then she looked at the people trembling in fear.

“If you don’t wanna die, don’t move!” she said, turning to the wall.

The worshipers came after her, however, they tried to get through the hole all at once, tripping and getting in each other’s way.

Faela didn’t waste the chance, slashing and killing every worshiper within Tetsuko’s reach. After they were all dead, the blood spilled from the pile of cadavers.

“Don’t… touch… that,” she said to the family. Despite panting, she had no time to rest and left the house.

The outside was just as chaotic as the bar. The worshipers advanced on anyone who didn’t have the poisonous Celeste within them. Though there were some soldiers fighting, it wasn’t enough.

“Where’s Sergio?” Faela muttered before slicing a worshiper who came towards her.

“Master!” Anna shouted from the other side.

Though she was alone, she was holding back three worshipers at once. With her sword, she blocked and kept them at bay until she found an opening to stab them with her dagger.

Faela raced towards her, swinging her sword at the worshipers on her way. She killed one of the men trying to get her, but the woman bit her neck.

Anna managed to kill her, but it wasn’t fast enough. The wound was bleeding. She brought her hand to her neck, looking pale.

Faela’s face lost its color as she watched the blood.

At the same instant, Tetsuko felt the poisonous energy filling the girl. Cut her with me, she shouted.

Though her wielder was shocked, she obeyed, bringing the edge to Anna’s neck.

Tetsuko felt the blood and energy from the girl and the poisonous one mixing. Concentrate…

As she devoured the infected Celeste, another worshiper came.

Despite her panic, Anna managed to throw another needle, which exploded at the man’s open mouth. Though it wasn’t enough to kill him, it was enough to make him fall. She didn’t waste the chance and drove the dagger on his back.

There… You’re saved… but I can’t do this again… Though Tetsuko devoured the energy, it was too much and she was at her limit. I can’t sharpen my edge for a while, the soul in the sword projected her thoughts to the swordswomen.

Anna was panting, but the color was returning to her face. So did Faela’s. However, they had no time to rest. The people the worshiper infected were becoming worshipers themselves and doing the same to the others.

“There’s something wrong… They shouldn’t turn so fast,” Faela said.

There’s something wrong with their Celeste… As if it’s more agitated.

“What does that mean?”

Before Tetsuko could answer, a worshiper came screaming at them. Faela swung her sword, but the edge couldn’t slice through him. As he fought to kill the swordswoman, Anna stabbed him in the eye with the dagger, killing him.

“Faela! Anna! Are you crazy!?”

When they turned, they saw Sergio running towards them with hundreds of soldiers behind them.

“Took you long enough, you idiot,” Faela muttered, standing with difficulty.

“You’re killing our people! Have you gone mad?” he shouted, looking at the cadavers around them.

“They’ve become worshipers, Sergio. The monster’s blood turned them.” She ripped the man’s shirt, revealing the Mark of the Demon.

Sergio became pale and looked around. “E-everyone here…?”

Before he could say anything, two more worshipers came at them.

The soldiers swung their weapons. Though it was enough to stop them, it wasn’t enough to kill. Only after stabbing them hundreds of time the worshipers stopped.

Sergio looked sick, but even so, he shook his head. “Soldiers! Our people have lost their souls to the devil! Let’s take them out of their misery!”

The men and women shouted, their weapons raised in the air, boosting their morale.

At least that idiot is good for one thing.

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