Re;Blade 53

As people run from the monsters, there someone who can’t wait to face them.
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Re;Blade 53 – Monsters part 1

Before Tetsuko could turn, many people shouted and ran in the opposite direction. Moments later, the warning bells rang loud as they could, drowning all the voices.

Faela grabbed Leo and squeezed him against a wall as the crowd came running into the alley, desperate to get as far as they could.

“Are those the thing that attacked Roberto?” she screamed to be heard.

The boy didn’t answer though. His face had become pale and his body trembled. He wasn’t even listening to her. “They’re back… again… They’ll keep coming until everyone’s dead…”

“Oi, Leo, stay with me!” Faela shook him a couple times. “Was your dad attacked by those monsters?”

The boy blinked and looked up. Only now he seemed to notice the swordswoman had asked him something. However, all he did was a stiff nod.

Before Faela could say anything, the more people came rushing in the alley. Even pressed against the wall, they were almost squashed. She clicked her tongue, grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him away.

When she found a place with fewer people, she stopped and knelt to look him in the eyes. “Listen, Leonardo. You need to hide while I’m gonna take care of those monsters. We’ll meet at the church, okay? Don’t try to be a hero, don’t try to take revenge. Just hide and then go to the church, okay?”

“Y-you can’t fight those monsters! They’re too strong! You need at least ten people to take one down!” he shouted, his face so pale Tetsuko thought he would faint at any second. “I heard from the soldiers! There’s a bunch of them and they’re different animals but they’re all strong! Like their skin is made of steel!”

Those words piqued the soul inside the sword’s interest. Oh? Is that so? Strong monsters with tough skin? I wanna face them, she thought, her energy flowing faster without her noticed.

Faela glanced at her but said nothing. “Listen, Leo. I fought… similar opponents recently. I can fight them,” she said, looking him in the eyes. “Trust me and go to the church after the bells stop ringing, okay?”

Despite the fear stamped on his eyes, Leo managed to nod a few times.

“Good. Now go!”

The next instant, the swordswoman turned around and was walking against the flow of desperate people, going in the direction of the first scream.

“Can you sense anything, Tetsuko?” Faela asked as she pushed her way through the terrified crowd.

Not really. There’s nothing strong enough to get my attention. And with this many people, I can’t focus to search for it, Tetsuko projected her thoughts to her wielder.

“If you don’t feel anything, it might not be related to the worshipers.”

I don’t know. I didn’t feel anything coming from the doctor who poisoned Alonso until I focused on him. But these monsters could be something else… Something else that’s strong and has steel-like skin…

“You don’t need to sound excited. People’s lives are at stake here.”

You’re right. But don’t forget that I’m no longer a human. I’m a sword.

“Careful not to turn into a Demon Sword.”

The former blacksmith couldn’t help but smile at the idea. That has a nice ring to it… The Demonic Sword, Tetsuko.

“You have a nasty personality sometimes, did you know?” Faela said. “If I’m not careful, you’re gonna end up possessing me.”

Even if I had the power, I wouldn’t do that. I was a blacksmith, not a samurai. I wasn’t weak, but I can’t compare to those who fight for their lives on the battlefield. As a sword, I want someone strong to wield me.

“Then as long as I can fight, you’ll help me protect this kingdom, right? Good to know.”

  They said nothing else as they reached the main street. In the middle of a square, there were six dogs. Though they all looked like monsters, five were of normal size, but the one in the back was as big as a human. They had more fangs than normal and they were sharper and longer and didn’t fit in their mouths. The normal-sized dogs had orange eyes, but the huge one had yellow pupils.

About twenty soldiers with swords, spears, axes, and shields tried to block the monsters’ path. “Don’t attack them! We can’t deal with so many at once! All we need to do is stop them here until the reinforcements come!” one of them shouted.

“Can you feel that foul energy?”

No… I sense something… It’s similar but I can’t tell if it’s the same as that ancient Celeste from the worshipers.

One of the monsters barked and leapt forward. The soldier blocked with his shield, but the animal brought him down with sheer strength. The dog bit the metal shield and tore a chunk of it. He tried to tear off the man’s face, but other soldiers attacked. Their weapons barely scratched the dog’s skin. It was, however, enough to enrage the animal even more.

After he sunk the fags on the man’s neck, he barked and jumped at the closest soldier.

Screaming, she closed her eyes and thrust the spear. The tip went in the dog’s mouth, but that didn’t stop him. As the soldier fell backwards, however, the weapon went through him and the animal finally stopped.

However, the others had nothing to celebrate. As the animals watched their dead companion, the leader howled. It a howl of rage. It was of pain, of sadness. The others reacted, charging at the soldiers at once.

The soldiers tried, but there was nothing they could do to stop the animals. As they retreated, they held on. Though only defending themselves, they still lost a few to the monsters dogs.

As they retreated, they passed by the alley were Faela and Tetsuko were watching the whole thing.

“Hey, sword of mine with a nasty personality.”

Tetsuko didn’t need to hear the rest to know what her wielder was thinking. Time to find out if those animals have the same taste as the worshipers. Finally.

The instant one of the dogs leapt to kill another soldier, Faela trusted Tetsuko. The blade with a soul hit the animal right in the middle, piercing the skin, flesh, and bones. However, it didn’t go all the way through. As the swordswoman stepped out of the alley, she swung her sword to get rid of the dead monster, who growled and trembled until it stopped for good.

The other dogs turned to their dead companion. Then they glared the swordswoman.

“You drank its blood but you’re gonna say one is not enough to say if it’s the same as the worshipers, aren’t you?” Faela asked as she raised the sword towards the smaller dogs, who growled at her.

Tetsuko couldn’t help but smile as she flowed her energy faster. You read my mind.

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Monsters who can rip a metal shield apart. Can they do something against Tetsuko?

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