My Eyes 2 09

Last chapter of My Eyes 2.
Hope you enjoy


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My Eyes 2 08 – Epilogue

Eliza had trouble to breathe, lying down. Her entire body was hot and sweating as she panted.

“Bianca… I can’t… take it… anymore… Please…”

The redhead leaned closer to her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around the girl. “I know you can take this… Actually, I’ve seen you taking way more… c’mon… for me…”

Despite whispering in that sweet and alluring voice Eliza loved, it wasn’t enough to make the girl regain her strength.

“Just one more and I’ll do that thing you like with the ice.”

When Eliza heard those words, she opened her eyes. Slowly she looked up at her girlfriend. “Are you serious? You’re not just teasing me, are you?” she asked suspiciously. Bianca had used the same trick once.

“One more lap and you’ll find out,” the redhead whispered, her smile too sly and enticing.

Eliza pressed her lips. She barely had any energy to sit on the bench, let alone run around the park again. But with Bianca’s words, she tried her best. Can’t believe I’m easily manipulated by that thing. I bet she doesn’t do it so much just to bribe me…

To the girl’s own surprise, her girlfriend’s offer worked.

Little by little, she managed to walk, despite her muscles throbbing in protest. Bianca was jogging slowly next to her. When Eliza began to run, though barely, the redhead picked up her pace.

“C’mon, honey. Just one more lap around the park,” Bianca said with a genuine smile as she ran a few paces ahead.

 Using all that was left of her strength, Eliza chased her girlfriend. Before she noticed, they were once again at the bench near the entrance of the park, which they were using as a starting point.

The moment Eliza saw the hard surface, she didn’t think twice before collapsing on it.

“This is it… I’m dying… I love you, Bianca… I wish we had more time together…”

The redhead laughed. “Amazing you can be so dramatic when you say you can’t move anymore.”

“I’m not being dramatic. And how can you laugh when I’m here dying? I knew you were a sadistic girl, but not to this point. My first and only girlfriend enjoys seeing me dying…”

“If you have enough energy to speak nonsense, you’re fine.” Bianca lifted Eliza’s head, sat on the bench and used her lap as a pillow for her girlfriend.

“I know I haven’t decided if I’m gonna join the police yet. But if it’s anything like this, there’s no way I’m gonna pass the physical exam… I’m not just cut out for this… I might as well be a consultant like Angelica.” As Eliza complained, Bianca pressed her lips and averted her eyes. The girl had a bad feeling when she saw that. “What?”

The redhead tried to suppress her smile as best she could. It was still too annoying to Eliza.

“We passed the police’s minimum five laps ago,” she said, holding back a laugh.

Eliza had trouble understanding those words. Then she took a deep breath as the anger grew inside her. But the next moment, she gave up; she was too tired to scream.

“This is good. Now I have concrete proof. I’m in love with a sadistic hot redhead who enjoys making a weak little girl like me in pain,” she said in a peaceful voice, almost as if she had an epiphany.

“You think I’m hot?” Bianca asked, her cheeks pink pressing her lips to hide her smile.

Eliza flushed and pushed her girlfriend’s face away. “Shut up… you always focus on that part and ignore the rest of what I say…”

“It’s not my fault. I can’t get enough of hearing you say that.” Bianca flashed a huge smile despite the hand on her face. “You might be shocked, but I hear that a lot. But when I hear from you, I can’t help it. My heart thumps faster and I just wanna hug and shower you with kisses.”

“I wouldn’t mind if you did that…” Eliza looked away. Bianca’s smile was too cute for her. “And it’s not like I enjoy bragging about my girlfriend’s look. But being hot is one of the few quality I can tell people. Spreading how much of a sadist you are doesn’t seem good.”

“Can’t believe you’re still calling me a sadist!” Bianca showed a shocked expression and placed a hand on her chest. “And if I am, which I’m not admitting, it’s all your fault. You just bring it out of me.”

“So you’re making me the bad girl here? You’re blaming the victim?”

They looked at each other for a moment. Then they laughed at the same time.

“So I finally beat the minimum laps…” Eliza said after a while, closing her eyes. “So now all that’s left is the…”

“The obstacle field,” the redhead finished her girlfriend’s sentence in a chirpy tone.

Eliza winced at the idea. “Don’t try to make it sound fun. Just thinking about it makes my body complain in pain… I’d rather teleport again…”

“Don’t give up before you try. I know you can do it. If you don’t believe in yourself, believe in me who believes in you.”

“It seems you’re forgetting we did try once.”

Ever since school ended and they graduated high school, Bianca had been training martial arts with JP whenever he had time. In the morning, however, she had been working out in order to join the police. Somehow she had convinced Eliza to join her.

Though the girl still hadn’t decided if she wanted to enter JP’s police department, she decided to accompany her girlfriend on the morning training. Part was because she didn’t want to be one of those persons who woke at noon every day just because she was on vacation. But she also knew that, if she decided to be a cop, she had to train her body.

In the beginning, Eliza thought the biggest problem would be waking up on time. But after they started, the girl wished that was the problem. Though she was never the sporty type, she always believed she had enough stamina to at least not embarrass herself. Just the laps around the city park were enough to show her she was wrong.

Bianca didn’t want her girlfriend giving up, so she suggested they tried the obstacle course once, saying it might be easier to someone with Eliza’s physical condition.

Their first try wasn’t so bad. Eliza managed to get one third of the course without trouble. But her body cave in before she reached the half.

“Don’t worry. We’ll get there,” Bianca said at the time, giving her best to motivate her girlfriend.

“Guess this means I’m more cut out to be an independent consultant like Angelica,” Eliza said, shifting on Bianca’s lap to find a better position. Even hot, her lap is comfortable.

“Don’t say that. Please don’t abandon me,” Bianca said in the same exaggerated tone.

“Now who’s the one being dramatic?” Eliza chuckled with her own joke. “We’d still work together. But that’s just ‘what if’. Remember I haven’t decided yet.”

“I know, I know…” Bianca sighed and caressed the girl’s hair gently. “I just can’t help imagining the two of us working together as cops. Fighting supernatural crimes and all.”

“You make it sound like a bad movie plot. And are you sure you don’t just wanna see me in a uniform?”

Bianca opened her mouth. But then she closed it and smiled. “I can’t deny that,” she mumbled, averting her eyes, her cheeks a shade of pink.

Eliza flashed a sly smile. She had done the same thing. “Hey, if you buy one of those sexy policewoman outfits, I’ll wear just for you,” she whispered in the most alluring tone she had.

The redhead’s face became as red as her hair.

Eliza laughed; it was the reaction she wanted.

“Anyway, how’s your training with JP going? You’re weirdly secret with that. Can’t believe you won’t tell me…”

“Ah, well… you know. It’s martial arts and all…”

Eliza narrowed her eyes. “There you go with that again. Just tell me. Or are you doing something that makes you so ashamed you won’t tell me?”

“Of course not…”

“Then just tell me. Or I’ll keep imagining a bunch of weird things and it’ll make me go crazy and then—”

“Fine, fine. I’ll tell you,” Bianca murmured, searching the pocket of her shorts. “I wanted to keep it a secret from you until I had some progress to show…”

The redhead pulled a brown leather glove. It had strange symbols and a sort of switch in the middle of the palm.

“Hey, that’s just like JP’s glove!” Eliza exclaimed when she remembered. “He gave it to you?”

“Yes… I’ve been training martial arts with him, but he’s also teaching me how to use magic,” Bianca said, trailing off.

“Holy shit! I had no idea! You’re learning how to use magic?” Eliza said louder than she should. Some people glanced at them, but kept jogging. “Why did you keep it a secret from me?”

“Because it’s not going well,” the redhead said in a low voice. “Despite being training my whole life, magic and martial arts are too different…”

Eliza stopped thinking for a moment.

“How do train magic?”


“That’s it?”

“There’s also a few movies clichés…”

“Like what? Training under a waterfall? Are you gonna reverse a waterfall’s flow?”

“I’m not training to be a Saint,” Bianca said with a tiny smile. “Besides there’s no waterfall around… After the martial arts training, I stand under a strong shower and recite a mantra to awaken my spiritual side…”

“What? For real?”

“Yeah… but it’s not working… According to JP, I have been too focused on my physical training.”

“Isn’t that his nice way of saying you’re too stubborn?”

Bianca flashed a sheepish smile. “That’s not the word he used…”

“I can’t believe it’s that simple to use magic…”

“JP said it’s like running. Anyone can run a marathon. But you need to train.”

Eliza smiled and looked at the sky. “So you’re really gonna be a supernatural cop…”

“Now that you say it, it does sound lame… I’ll ask if there’s a better word.”

“Yes, please. I don’t think it’ll sound good if I say I’m dating a supernatural cop. Makes you seem like one of those cops who use psychics to solve the cases.”

“It might not sound so bad if you joined too…”

Eliza sighed and Bianca’s hand. “You won’t give up until I say yes, will you?”

“I’m just trying to give a little push towards this side.”

“You’ve been doing that ever since we met…” She looked Bianca in the eyes. “Because of that, I fell in love with you.”

The redhead’s face became an alarming shade of red as she smiled. “You know how to embarrass a girl…”

“Nop. I know how to embarrass you.” Eliza pulled Bianca and kissed her girlfriend.

“If you’re good enough for this, does it mean we can go one more lap?” she asked when they stopped kissing.

“God, no. Please, spare me,” Eliza begged with a tired chuckled.

“Oh, c’mon. Just one more… pretty please…”

“That won’t work… not again…” She averted her eyes, her cheeks a shade of pink. “But I know what you’re trying to do.”

“What do you mean…?”

Eliza smiled and shook her head. “You’re still a bad actress… I know you’re trying to keep my mind busy because today’s the day the ENEM’s results come out.”

“Oh, is that today? I had completely forgotten… Guess when you’re not worried about that, you don’t even notice.”

“I love that you’re a bad actress. I’ll find out right away you if you ever cheat on me.”

“Like there’s any other girl crazy enough to be with me.”

They both laughed at the same time again.

“You know I’m just kidding, right?” Bianca asked in a more serious tone after a moment of silence. “I’d love for us to work together, but if you decide to be a journalist, I’ll support you 100%. You know that, right?”

Eliza smiled. “I never doubted even for a second.”

Bianca leaned down to kiss her girlfriend.

“I just push you because–”

“You wanna flirt while working together?” Eliza interrupted her with her eyebrow raised. “I don’t need Teo’s power to know what you’re scheming, Red.”

Bianca chuckled. “I’m not gonna lie that does sound fun. But I’m truly thinking about you.”

“Yeah, right…”

“I mean it. You can be an awesome journalist. You can find out and expose many secrets people could never even dream. But it’d be hard for you to prove how you got it. However, working with that police department, you could help many people, even if they never had any idea.”

Eliza remained in silence. She really knows me… I was thinking that too… “You’ve really given this a lot of thought, huh?”

“Of course.” Bianca looked up the clear sky. “I know we’ve been dating for only 7 months… actually, we’ve known each other for less than a year… but I can’t help imagining us… you know…in the future…” Her face became even redder, but she looked into Eliza’s eyes. “I love you and I want to have a life with you…”

“You know how to make a girl embarrassed…” Eliza pressed her lips and averted her eyes. Her face was burning. “And… I want that too…”

Before Bianca said anything else, Eliza’s phone rang with a message. The girl sat up and pulled it from her pocket. “It’s my mom… She’s saying the results of the ENEM are out…”

She pressed her lips as she stared at the screen.

“Aren’t you gonna check?”

Eliza remained in silence for a long while. Then she put the phone away and turned to Bianca.

“It’s not like the site is gonna work right now. Millions of people are probably checking out right now…”

“You’re right…”

“Besides… I don’t I’ll need to,” Eliza mumbled.

The redhead beamed. “Does that mean…?”

“Yeah… all you’ve said just know… I knew that… I’ve been thinking the same,” Eliza admitted without meeting Bianca’s eyes. “And though I’m not doing this for you, it might be fun working with you…”

Bianca beamed even more as she hugged her girlfriend.

“It’s gonna be awesome! JP will love hearing this. He’s been saying your power would be a great addition to them. He’s been dropping hints like a bulldozer. Together with Teo, you can be the greatest spy team.”

“If he can keep his mouth shut, that is…”

Bianca and stood up and offered a hand to her girlfriend. “Actually, it’s if you can run one more lap.”

Eliza looked at that hand and then at the owner. “Do you think I forgot you said we ran more than necessary?”

“It won’t hurt one more lap.” Bianca’s smile was too full of joy.

Eliza sighed and took that hand.

“I’m too weak against that,” she muttered under her breath.

Despite her words, she couldn’t help but smile too.

The girl had no idea what lie ahead in her future, but she knew if she had Bianca by her side, she could go further than she had ever imagined.

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Thanks for reading.
Hope you enjoyed My eyes 2.
It’s shorter than the first part and I know some chapters were too different, but I hope you liked vol 2 too.
This might be the end of Eliza and Bianca’s story, but they’re important characters in my world and will appear in another stories.
I have a couple other Yuri stories planned, but it’ll take a while. I’m focusing on a few cross-dressing stories right now.
Once again, thanks for reading until the end

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