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My Eyes 2 08

“Today’s mission is simple,” JP said as he drove to the airport. “Eliza will need to keep an eye on the suitcases until she finds what we’re looking.”

“What’s she supposed to find?” Bianca asked before anyone else could.

“It’s a ream of paper.” That was all the cop said. But then he noticed everyone else in the car puzzled expressions. “This paper has magic imbued on it. Anything readable material made from that will make the reader angry and easy to manipulate.”

For real? I honestly don’t know if this is a good or an idiot plan, Eliza thought.

“Why would someone bring that here?”

“We believe they want to use during the World Cup next year. No one imagined the protest would reach such scale. From what we figure, someone’s trying to prepare the ground for next year.”

Bianca grew quiet as she pondered those words.

Calm down, Red, Eliza thought, holding back a smile. JP let you come, so you don’t have to act so eager to help.

Don’t be like that. She’s just excited to be part of this, Teo’s voice echoed in her head.

Hey, you don’t really give people any privacy, do you?

S-sorry! Sometimes I can’t help it!

I shouldn’t have seated in the middle… even with the ring, he’s so close he can still hear me. But it’s better than if he heard Bianca all the time, the girl thought, letting out a sigh. And being part of this really makes her happy?

Y-yes. But more than that, Bianca’s happy because she can be part of your world even more.

Huh? My world? What are you talking?

Even though she’s just here to observe, she’s part of the world where people with supernatural powers use them to fight bad guys.

Eliza wondered for a moment. Does she really care that much? I never imagined… I mean, she was interested in my powers at first, but I thought it was just an excuse to get close to me…

I can’t say anything about that. But for like 99% of the world, what we’re gonna do now would be something cool and out of a movie. For someone who’s a geek at heart, this is more like a dream coming true.

Guess I never thought of it like that… My powers just became natural… to both of us…

Yeah, I know what you’re talking. But Bianca can’t stop thinking about superhero comics and or magical girls. Your girlfriend is a real geek.

Eliza couldn’t help but chuckle. Trust me, I know that better than anyone. My geek redhead.

That’s what you should do for her birthday.

Eliza narrowed her eyes. What did you just say?

Teo’s face became red and he looked away.

S-sorry for saying this. It wasn’t my fault. I overheard you thinking… B-but if y-you’re still thinking of what to give her as birthday present, I’d like to suggest cosplaying.

What? You heard that?

Sorry! I didn’t mean to. I wasn’t even gonna mention until you said that stuff about your girlfriend. Sorry!

Eliza took a deep breath and then sighed. It’s okay… I guess… I mean, don’t go talking in Bianca’s head. It’s too intrusive… I can sort of handle because I know how it’s hard to have a power you can’t control…

I k-know! I don’t go listening to people’s inner thought and then butt in. But with you, it’s different!

The girl showed no expression. I don’t know if I should feel lucky or mad.

When the boy got more panicked, Eliza smiled and shook her head. I’m just messing with you. Sort of. But what was that about cosplaying anyway? That the thing of dressing up as characters, right?


Why do you think that’s a good present for Bianca? Eliza narrowed her eyes again. Are you sneaking a peek into her mind?

N-no! I mean, yes, but I don’t want to! Remember when we got in the car?

Eliza nodded.

Since JP didn’t want anyone riding in the front with him, Eliza, Bianca joined Ted on the back seat.

The redhead entered without giving much thought, but her girlfriend didn’t let her. The last thing Eliza wanted was letting Teo and Bianca sit next to each other.

That was exactly what I wanted to prevent… you getting more weird stuff from Bianca’s head…

S-sorry! But it was just for a moment, Bianca imagined you being a superhero and all… then it became you dressing up as one… then she imagined you in a catholic girl outfit… then you wearing that Japanese blue swimsuit.

Actually, she even realized what she was thinking, but made no effort to stop those images.

The girl turned to her girlfriend who was still thoughtful about JP’s words. What the hell, Red! What are you thinking? Why didn’t you say anything?

Eh… she’s trying to figure out when to suggest this. According to her, her plan of slowly turning you into a geek isn’t working as she’d hoped.

Wait, all those movies were part of a plan? Hey, you said you read her mind only for a moment!

Ah, shit… I shouldn’t have said that… and it was before when we first met, not now! I’m sorry!

Dude, I know you can’t control very well, but stop reading my girlfriend’s head! It’s too dangerous for both of us! You’re wearing two rings from now on!


Eliza sighed and then glanced at Bianca again. Despite her embarrassment, she couldn’t help but smile as she shook her head.

“What?” the redhead asked when she finally noticed. As she looked between her girlfriend and the boy next to her, she soon understood. “What did he tell you?”

“Nothing… you big nerd,” Eliza muttered the last part under her breath, making sure it was loud enough for the redhead to hear.

Bianca flashed a teasing smile and held her girlfriend’s hand. “I’ll ask about that later,” she whispered. Then she turned her attention back to the driver’s seat. “How did the police get this information?”

“Our network of informants,” JP said curtly, the tone suggesting Bianca shouldn’t pry any further than that.

“Don’t you think it’s a strange bringing that paper through the airport at this time? I mean, if they try to bring in December, during the holidays, they’d have more chance of getting under your radar. And from the way you said it, it doesn’t seem like a huge quantity. Only enough to make it pass through security without raising anyone’s eyebrow.”

Despite focusing on the traffic, the cop let out a smile. “We do find it suspicious. But even considering the situation, we still need to stop that item from getting into the country.”

“What do you find it suspicious?”

JP went quiet for a moment. “Why don’t you tell me what you’re thinking?”

“Well… to bring at this time and in small quantities could be two things. Whoever is planning this wants to bring the paper in little by little or is trying to check out the security to bring something else.”

JP chuckled.

Bianca looked embarrassed by the cop’s reaction. Eliza was pissed.

How can he laugh at Bianca like that?

D-don’t get angry at him. He’s actually impressed, Teo said in the girl’s head.

He is? Bianca’s voice chimed in the conversation.

Huh? Did you link our minds? Eliza asked.

Y-yeah… A-anyway, JP is impressed because it took him more time to reach the same conclusion. He’s wondering if you wouldn’t be a good addition to them.

Bianca smiled and blushed slightly.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking,” the cop said aloud. “That’s why we’re meeting our associate with psychometry. We need to know everything we can about this.”

Eliza couldn’t help but smile too. Despite being so awesome, she’s not used to people complimenting her like this. I’m so lucky to have a hot and smart girlfriend who gets red.

You think that about me?

Yeah, of course… wait, why are you still hearing my mind?

She turned to the boy on her right. Teo!

Ah… ops… I forgot to disconnect your minds, the boy thought, making sure he looked outside the window all the time.

Don’t get mad at him, Bianca said through her mind, leaning closer. I always wondered what was inside your head.

This is bad… I mean, you can read me pretty well for someone without power…

That’s because I love you. But I wanna know more…

But that’s… Her face was growing hotter by the second. Teo! Stop that now! Disconnect us now!

Don’t. I wanna hear more!

Eliza punched the boy on the leg, getting an ‘ouch!’ out of him. After a moment, she stopped hearing Bianca’s voice in her head.

The redhead flashed the sly smile as she leaned back on her seat.

That was too dangerous… If Bianca finds out what I think and wanna do with her, she’ll tease me for sure… but that doesn’t sound so bad… ah, damn it… my M tendencies… glad Red didn’t hear that…

Eliza’s heart was still thumping faster, her face still red when they reached the airport.

JP led them to the food court, approaching a black woman in her mid-forties.

“You’re late,” she said.

Eliza noticed the woman was wearing black sunglasses. That’s the associate with psychometry, right? Is she blind?

“Sorry, Angelica. Traffic was worse than I thought.” JP sat on the chair before the woman, gesturing to the others to sit.

“You’ve could at least find a better excuse since you had a lot of extra time,” Angelica said in a sour voice. As Teo pulled the chair to sit, she shifted her cane and hit the boy hard on the shin.

“Ouch!” he exclaimed, rubbing the place.

“Ops, sorry, boy. Forgive this old blind lady. I didn’t see.”

“You know I can read your mind!” the boy said in a hushed voice. “I know you did on purpose you old hag!”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. You do have that annoying power you haven’t learned to control yet.” She opened her purse and took a ring that looked like the one JP was wearing. After she put it on, the turned to Teo again. “You can’t read my mind now, can you? Then, I’m sorry,” she said before hitting him on the other shin.

“Ouch! It doesn’t work if you apologize before hitting me!”

Both Eliza and Bianca tried to keep serious, but failed and laughed. Even the cop cracked a smile as she shook her head.

She really doesn’t like you, huh? What did you do? Eliza asked in her mind, hoping Ted was listening.

“Because she hates someone else getting in her head!” the boy complained, still rubbing his shins as he sat as far as he could from the can.

“Ah, she’s the associate with psychometry,” Bianca said slowly.

“Good, sweetheart,” she said turning to the redhead with an approving smile. “I had the feeling you were sharp, but that opinion was tainted through your girlfriend’s love.”

Bianca grew quiet for a moment. “You can even tell that through your powers?”

“Yes and now. I can sense strong residual energy left over in objects. People do that unconsciously. I sensed the feelings Eliza had while trying to help you and your family. She was thinking of you the entire time. Even blind I could tell how much she loves you.”

Eliza blushed and looked away when Bianca turned to her with an embarrassed smile.

Damn it… did she really have to say that aloud?

“Sorry, dear. I didn’t mean to make you embarrassed. She asked and I answered,” Angelica said to the girl.

Yeah, she’s lying. The old hag loves to make me people uncomfortable. And then she uses her blindness as an excuse for being an asshole, Teo’s voice chimed in Eliza’s mind.

Angelica turned to the boy and swung the cane again.

This time Teo raised his leg, avoiding the cane with a triumphant smile.

Without changing her expression, the woman stomped the cane on his other foot with all the strength she had.

“You miserable old hag!”

“What your language, boy. I’m an old blind frail lady. Treat me as such,” she said in an empty voice that didn’t match her words.

“You never mentioned things like this,” Bianca whispered to Eliza.

Eliza let out a weak chuckle. “Something like this never happened…”

The girl watched as the woman and the cop talked. Is she really blind?

“Yes, she is. She is just as blind as she’s a miserable old hag!” Teo answered, not bothering to keep his voice down.

“Will you keep it down, boy?” Angelica snapped. “In case you forgot, we’re here to work. Not to hear you complaining for no reason.”

“She’s right. Could we keep the focus on the job?” JP added, holding back his smile.

Teo took a deep breath and moved a few steps back to stay outside the cane’s reach. “Just keep that old hag away from me!”

The girls sniggered and Angelica smiled, satisfied she had annoyed the boy.

“Now let’s talk about the mission. We’ll stay in a reserved room near the baggage carousel. Eliza will look through the content of the bag until she finds the item. We’ll watch who gets the bag and Teo will read their mind. In case anyone else is involved, I’ll handle. Angelica will get any information from the item. Any questions?”

“Eh… I know you said the item is a ream of paper… Does it look just as the name implies?” Eliza asked uncertain.

“Yes. This is a picture we got from our network,” JP said, pulling his phone.

It was just like the name implied, a ream of paper. But it instead of white, the color was yellowish and it was wrapped with a few bows, as if a present.

That’d be a lousy present, the girl thought as she nodded.

“Okay. Got it. Is there any information about the baggage? Size, color, or anything?”

“No. and because we don’t know that, and we can’t check them all, your power comes in handy.”

Guess he’s considering me like a walking and breathing X-ray machine now, Eliza thought as they headed to the privet room above the baggage carousel.

Yeah, and you better get used to if you join us, Teo spoke directly on Eliza’s mind.

Like you’re used as a lie detector?

Hey, that’s a good use of my power. Besides, believe it or not, it’s way than how some people use JP’s power.

What do you mean?

Teo began to laugh and took a while to stop. Everyone in the room looked at him, but he said nothing. JP’s martial arts master always use him as a personal taxi. He hates it and even refuses it, but his master doesn’t care at all and forces him.

Someone who bosses JP around? Even though he’s that strong?

Believe it or not, his master is even stronger.

The image of the fight at the docks came back to the girl’s mind. Wow… I’d like to see such person.

You might if you join us. He doesn’t live in the country, but he comes around now and then.

Hm… Hey, if you’re saying like that, it means you’re already set on joining the police, right?

Yeah. I mean, I could use my powers to my advantage. Like I could get filthy rich just by playing poker…

Eliza chuckled. It doesn’t seem like you came up with this idea right now…

Can’t say that I haven’t thought about it… only once… or twice… But after I started working with this lot, I stopped thinking about using my powers like that.

The girl grew quiet they entered the room. It was a plain dark blue room with a sofa, a round table with a few chairs and a wide glass window overlooking the baggage.

“It’s a one-way mirror,” JP said while Bianca, Eliza and Teo watched the people walking around their business. The cop pulled the special ring that blocked Teo’s telepath and handed to Eliza. “I don’t know if there’s someone else involved, but better be prepare in case anyone else is hearing nearby.”

Eliza, Ted, and JP sat on the chairs around the table and turned to the window. Bianca sat on the sofa with Angelica. Though the girl became curious as her girlfriend talked to the blind woman, she couldn’t pay attention to that. She had her job to focus.

With a deep breath, Eliza turned to the belt roller conveyor and strained her vision. In seconds, the window trembled and was gone as her sight got closer to the baggage. Then the bags itself became transparent and she was seeing their contents.

This is so boring, the girl thought after less than ten minutes. There was nothing interesting in what most people carried. This is nowhere as fun as last time… and I feel like a pervert invading peoples’ bags like this… at least I don’t see who the owners are…

I know the feeling, Ted said with a strained smile. But if you don’t misuse your powers, the cops won’t come after you.

They’ll go after people like us in that case?

Of course. The boy glanced at the cop, who was watching the carousel uninterested. Don’t spread this around, but it’s what happened to JP. When he was a kid, he used to use his teleport to steal.

No way. Eliza had trouble suppressing the urge to look at the man. That same JP next to us?

Yeah. Until he was caught by the person who’d become his martial arts master.

Wow… that seems like a cool story.

Yeah, it is. He didn’t want to say, but I ended up getting from Angelica when she lowered her guard. If you wanna know more, ask his master, if you ever meet him. He sure loves to tell that story.

I just might… holy shit! Look at that bag, Eliza couldn’t control and almost lost her concentration as she held back a laugh.


Eliza wasn’t sure if she wanted to look or not. But either way, she couldn’t take her eyes off. Inside the bag was a huge phallic object. Who the hell travels with a dildo that huge? It’s almost the size of a forearm, she thought, barely holding back a laugh.

The boy reached out and touched her shoulder. Then he was trying to suppress a laugh of his own. D-don’t laugh… The woman who owns that is free to use whatever she wants to pleasure herself. I admire her courage to bring something like this. Imagine if she was held back and people checked her bag?

But when the owner of the bag picked it up, a huge muscle man with a business look on his face, neither of them could hold back the laugh anymore.

“What is it?” The cop looked around the belt roller conveyor for anything suspicious.

“Nothing!” Eliza and Teo said aloud at the same time.

Bianca looked at her girlfriend with a puzzled expression.

Eliza finally managed to stop smiling and mouthed the word ‘later’ before turning back to the baggage carousel.

After an hour of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people getting their bags, Eliza finally saw what they were looking.

Just like JP’s photo, it was a ream of paper tied with a bow and wrapped by clothes.

“That’s the one,” she said, pointing. “That light blue suitcase with wheels.”


JP only had to say that. The boy took off his ring that suppressed his powers and closed his eyes. At once his face strained as if he was doing a great effort. The sweat came down his head and his breathing became heavy, but he didn’t stop.

“I… don’t… know… too many… people,” he whispered in a tired voice, panting. He rested his head on the table and took deep breaths.

“It’s okay. Don’t wear yourself off trying to find the person. Just focus on the bag and whoever gets it,” the cop said in a kind voice. Then he turned to the girl. “Eliza, don’t take your eyes off the item.”

She nodded and pulled her vision back a little so she could see the entire place. Even so, she didn’t take her eyes off the suitcase.

C’mon… c’mon… no one’s gonna get it…?

After the carousel had gone around twice, a man dressed in a black suit and talking on his cell phone walked to the suitcase.

Teo, Eliza thought in a calm voice, even if she had no idea the boy could hear her. Check out that guy.

Without pulling the phone from his ear, the man took the suitcase and walked away.

Damn it… I can’t read his lips from this position…

“He’s… not… thinking… anything related… to the item…” Teo managed to say in the same strained voice. There was a vein throbbing on his forehead. “He’s just… thinking about a meeting he has in two hours… and complaining about the delay…”

“Maybe he’s truly not involved,” JP spoke after a moment thinking. “The true owner of the bag might have tricked that man so he’d take the suitcase… or he’s aware of us and is masking his thoughts… or…”

“There’re so many options it doesn’t make sense considering them now, boy,” Angelica said. “You can either follow him and see if he’ll hand them back to anyone else or bring him here to me. The other children can keep an out eye if there’s anyone else interested in that bag.”

JP became silent for a moment. “You’re right.”

“I know I’m right,” the woman mumbled.

“I’ll ask security to bring him here,” the cop said as if not interrupted.

Everyone in the room grew quiet as JP talked on cellphone.

Eliza searched if there was anyone else interested in the bag. Crap… he’s getting away and I need to keep an eye on him…

She wanted to ask Teo if he had found anything, but held back. He’s in pain because he’s trying to hear thousands of voices in his head at the same time…

The girl focused on the man but no one walked to him. Maybe Bianca is right… Maybe the real owner of the bag isn’t here… If it’s just to test the security…

With his forehead on the table, Teo pressed both eyes and took deep breaths as he tried to concentrate.

It’s like me when I was trying to help Bianca… He’s forcing his power too much… but in my case was throughout days… He’s suffering all this at once… I need to help him…

Eliza watched as the man left the baggage carousel and entered the lobby. As discretely as they could, two security guards walked towards him.

Okay. Now he and the bag are taken cared of… The girl turned back to the baggage carousel area. C’mon… isn’t there anyone paying attention to that guy?

No matter how much she checked, from what she could tell, there were only men and women getting their bags and leaving. No one even noticed the man in suit.

Shit… maybe the person behind this isn’t here like Bianca said…

Eliza looked back at the man who took the bag. Despite his confusion, he followed the guards without making any fuss. Some people looked twice at the situation, but no one seemed more than mildly interested.

Guess it’s not every day you see someone being escorted like in the movies…

Even so, Eliza didn’t stop looking. Then she found something strange.

There was a woman sitting on one of the benches, glancing indirectly at the man in suit. She wore a blue power suit and seemed nothing more than an executive.

If not for her baggage.

When Eliza took a peek inside, she saw briefs, men’s shoes and clothes way above her size. There was nothing which belonged to a woman in that luggage.

Though she pretended to read the tabled, the woman kept watching the man being escorted. When he was out of her sight, she closed her eyes and pressed her temple.

The bag alone is suspicious, but she looks like Teo using his powers…


When there was no response, she touched the boy’s arm.

What…is… it?

Even in his mind’s voice seemed strained.

Check out that woman… The girl focused on the woman so the boy could see through her eyes. She looks suspicious. Her bag has only guy stuff.

Teo grunted and held his breath. As his face became more strained, he turned in the direction of the woman. After a couple of seconds, he opened his eyes.

“I can’t hear her thoughts… Either she has a ring… or she’s a telepath!” the boy said. With his face in pain, he turned to JP. But the cop didn’t react.

“JP!” Eliza shouted.


“We find someone suspicious!” she said in a hurry.

The boy closed his eyes again and touched the cop to link their minds and senses. After a second, JP nodded.

“Good work, son. Now rest,” he said. “You too, Eliza.”

With the vein on his forehead throbbing more than ever, Teo looked for the suppressing ring on the table and quickly put it on. Despite still panting, the pain on his face seemed to lessen a little and his breathing slowed down.

Bianca brought the boy a glass of water. “Here.”

“Thanks,” he said in a dry voice, drinking in one gulp. He couched and the redhead patted him on the back.

The moment she was sure Teo was better, Eliza turned her attention back to the suspicious woman.

During that brief time, Eliza took her eyes off her, the target had already left the bench, leaving the suitcase behind.

Crap… where is she?

The girl looked frantically but there was no sign of the woman anywhere close. I only took my eyes off her for a few seconds… damn it! It was a mistake, she thought, pressing her lips. Out of nowhere Eliza felt a hand squeezing hers. Without looking, she squeezed Bianca’s hand back gently.

Calmer thanks to Bianca, she found the woman.

“She’s leaving the airport!” Eliza shouted when she remembered Teo wasn’t transmitting her thoughts anymore. “She’s getting in a taxi right now!”

“Sorry for this. But I need you to show me!” JP said, touching her shoulder.

Before Eliza could even ask what he was talking, there was a strange sound of vacuum and everything went black.

She didn’t have time to wonder where she was. In the next second, all the girl could see was the endless blue sky. It wasn’t the first time she had seen the sky from close. With her eyes, she could see through the clouds. She had seen something few people had.

And yet this was a completely different sight.

It’s like I can reach the sky if I just reach my hand, she thought for a moment.

There was a strange sensation of not feeling her weight. But the next second, Eliza felt her entire body being pulled back to earth.

“Holy shit!” she screamed, barely listening to her voice trailing behind her.

And she wasn’t the only one. Bianca had come with them. She was still holding her girlfriend’s hand, but the redhead squeezed and screamed too.

Eliza felt something pressing her shoulder.

“Which taxi?” JP’s tense voice reached her despite the girls’ screams.

It took Eliza much effort to understand his words and what was happening as the ground, which seemed so far away, was getting closer and closer.

Teo had strained himself too much. Without telepathy to share Eliza’s vision with JP and show him which taxi she had boarded, the cop had to bring her. And Bianca came along because they were holding hands.

Praying her food remained in her stomach, Eliza shook her head and focused. It’s just like skydiving without parachute… even though I never did it…

Despite the sting in her eyes caused by the wind resistance, she could see clearly. As her vision focused, she looked through the roof of all the white cars leaving the airport. Where is she…?

“There! That’s the taxi! The one about to make the U-turn!” she shouted and pointing as best as she could.

“Got it!”

Even with the sound of wind on her ears, the girl heard the same vacuum sound and everything went pitch black again.

Before Eliza could understand what was happening, all the momentum from the freefall ceased. Even though she fell on something soft, her stomach hadn’t realized that.

“What the hell…” A second later, there was something on top of her. “Ouch…”

“Sorry,” Bianca said in a winded voice.

“I like when you’re on top, but not right now. I don’t think my body can handle,” Eliza said absently minded. When her mind was working again, she remembered where she was, and what she was doing. She blushed at once.

What the hell am I saying…? Is my brain still falling?

To her luck, there was only Ted in the room. And the boy was too exhausted to pay any attention to her.

It took a long time for Eliza to recover from the experience.

She turned to Bianca only after she planted her firm on the ground and made sure it wasn’t going anywhere. When her girlfriend’s eyes met hers, they both had a sudden urge to laugh.

“That was awesome!” the redhead said, standing up and walking around the room. Eliza knew her girlfriend was too pumped up to stay still. “We were flying! Eliza, we were flying!”

“More like falling,” Eliza muttered under her breath, stomping lightly on the carpet. “I never imagined who much I enjoy having a firm ground beneath me…”

“Oh, c’mon. It was awesome! And that view! It was like the whole world was beneath us! And above! All at the same time!”

Eliza flashed a sheepish smile. “Yeah, I gotta admit it was cool… I’ve never seen the world from above…”

“How did teleporting feel to you?” Bianca went on, pacing even faster, moving her hands in excitement. “It was like my senses took a moment to realize it wasn’t the same place. I couldn’t see nor hear anything for a second. Then I saw the endless sky…!”

“And then that heartless gravity called us back to earth,” Eliza said, chuckling weakly at her own joke.

Bianca laughed and sat next to her girlfriend. “It was like bungee jump. Awesome, thrilling and safe.”

“Yeah… If you ever think of inviting me to do that, I’ll respectfully decline…” Eliza rested her head on Bianca’s shoulder. “You’re still shaking too…”

“Shaking of how awesome it was! When you said how JP used his powers, I tried to imagine what it was like. But I had no idea it was like that,” Bianca said in the same hyped voice. “Can you imagine what’s like do that again and again while also fighting?”

“I’d rather avoid that. Or everyone will see had I had for lunch today.”

“You love to exaggerate.”

“And you enjoyed teleporting a little too much.”

Both girls remained quiet and then laughed at the same time again.

“Could you two stop flirting?” an exhausted voice said from the table. For a moment Eliza had forgotten about the boy leaning listlessly on the table. “And could you please check how’s JP doing with that woman?”

“O-oh, yeah…”

The effects of the teleport had also taken the woman out of Eliza’s mind. Despite the trouble she had focusing at the moment, she managed to use her powers. It took a while, but the girl found the taxi with the target.

A couple hundred meters above her was JP. He was still falling on the sky, putting on his gloves and changing the switch on the middle of the palm at the same time. The moment the taxi stopped at a red light, the cop vanished on thin air.

Eliza quickly lowered her sight.

The woman had her eyes closed and two fingers on her temple.

But suddenly JP was next to her. Before she could do anything, the cop pointed his index finger lowered the thumb. A blue circle with strange symbols appeared above her head and she fainted.

The driver screamed, but the cop pointed the other hand at him did the same thing. A similar but smaller circle appeared. When it vanished, the driver looked forwards and didn’t even look back when JP vanished with the woman.

“He got her,” Eliza informed Bianca and Teo.

“Great… now it’s up to the old hag to get any information out of them,” the boy said in the same pained voice. Despite his situation, he forced himself to stand. He supported himself on the table with both hands and took a deep breath. “Now if you excuse me, I need to puke.”

When the boy left, the girls were alone. Eliza exchanged looks with Bianca and couldn’t stop laughing, though she didn’t know why.

“Now that we’re alone, it feels like everything’s been a dream…”

“Yeah… but it’s real… all this…”

“Well… it’s not over yet, but what do you think of this?” Eliza asked. “Was as exciting as you imagined?”

“If I say awesome, it’s gonna sound repetitive,” Bianca said, chuckling. Then she lied on Eliza’s lap. “It’s more than you said. I could only watch you two using your powers, but I felt the tension. People with special abilities working together… and then I had a taste of a supernatural power…”

Eliza kept quiet as she watched Bianca’s eyes shining with wonder.

“You’re thinking of joining them, aren’t you?” the girl asked in a low voice.

The redhead looked at her girlfriend and smiled. “Maybe… I was talking to Angelica… she told me you don’t need a power to join this police… You can learn stuff, like JP’s glove.”

Eliza remained in silence for a while. Then she flashed a gentle smile. “Guess that’s my destiny… I’m the daughter of a cop… it’s only expected I fell in love with a future cop too.”

Bianca raised her head to kiss her girlfriend.

When they heard a noise outside the door, they parted their lips.

“I caught her. Angelica is investigating her memory right now. The man in suit was just a decoy. His mind had been altered to make him think that was his baggage,” JP informed them, taking his gloves off and putting it on his pocket. “The woman is a telepath. She was communicating with one or more people here. But we couldn’t get anyone.”

Bianca stopped to take in all that information.

“So that does make it seem like they were just checking the security…”

“Most likely,” the cop said, drinking a glass of water. “We still have to check a few more things were, but I can take you two home now.”

Eliza nodded. Though Bianca looked as if she wanted to remain, she said nothing.

“Wait… are you gonna… teleport us home…?” Eliza asked.

The cop nodded and the redhead smiled.

After a couple teleports, and Eliza’s lunch threatening to show up, the girls were in Bianca’s backyard.

“Thanks for the help,” JP said. “Given the state of things, it’s possible we’ll request your help in the future.”

“No problem. I don’t mind helping, so don’t hesitate to ask,” Eliza said. Then she mumbled, “Though I’d rather avoid teleporting ever again…”

With a laugh and a goodbye, the cop vanished with that vacuum sound.

The girls remained in silence for a while.

“I’ll take you home,” Bianca said in an absentminded voice.

Eliza accepted. She wants to think of this by herself right now, the girl realized, holding her girlfriend’s hand as they headed to the car.

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