My Eyes 2 07

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My Eyes 2 07

“I can’t believe it’s finally the day of the ENEM.” Eliza was still lying on the bed, trying to find force to fight the mysterious force that pulled her to the pillow. “I don’t feel ready at all…”

“I told you the day would come like that.” Bianca snapped her fingers on the other side of the line. “But no, you said there was time and fooled around…”

“Well, you should’ve told me no. Aren’t you the responsible one on this relationship?”

“I’m not! And I tell you! But you kept insisting and I…”

“You should’ve resisted! Where’s your self-control, woman?”

Eliza knew she was being unfair, but couldn’t resist teasing Bianca. Red’s been too sensitive on this topic lately, the girl remembered. She thinks if I fail, my mom’s gonna blame her… Like I wouldn’t do that on my own.

“Like I could resist you when you kiss me like that,” Bianca whispered over the phone.

Even without seeing, Eliza could tell her girlfriend was blushing. She couldn’t resist and wanted to see that.

Without getting out of bed, she turned around and faced the wall. In seconds, her vision went through everything between her house and Bianca’s.

The redhead was lying on the bed with her legs opened towards the wall. She wore a pink transparent baby doll and had put a small post-it written ‘for Eliza’ right above Eliza’s second favorite place.

The girl’s face went an alarming shade of red.

“What the hell are you doing?” she exclaimed before she could stop herself.

“Ha! I knew you’d look!” Bianca laughed.

Damn… I forgot who I’m dating, the girl thought, smiling and rolling on the bed while hugging her pillow. My girlfriend is such a tease…

“That was a nice treat. An excellent way to start the day. Thank you for the sight,” Eliza said despite her embarrassment.

“Who said it was all?” Bianca whispered in a meaningful way.

Eliza stopped rolling her eyes. Whenever Red speaks like this, she’s about to do something that will make me too embarrassed.

And yet her curiosity was bigger. When the girl focused her powers again, Bianca had got rid of the post-it. She held the index finger up while holding the cell phone with the other hand.

“I’ll name this finger Eliza,” she said. “Hey Eliza. Let’s study a bit, shall we?”

“Yeah, sure,” Bianca forced her voice to sound more high pitched.

“Was that supposed to be me?” the real Eliza asked, smiling.

Bianca ignored.

The finger moved up and down a bit, as if happy. Then the redhead brought it to her belly.

“Wait. Eliza, what are you doing? Didn’t’ we come here to study?”

“Yeah, I’m studying music. The song is called ‘a redhead’s moan.”

The real Eliza smiled and shook her head, but couldn’t avert her eyes off the show.

“But wait. We must study for to secure a good future for us,” Bianca said in a forced bad acting.

“Since I’m a horny animal who can’t restrain her desires and blames on my girlfriend, this is a practice for our future,” the finger Eliza said.

Then it slid down into Bianca’s underwear.

“So rough… ah…” The redhead moaned in a fake way. “That’s just like you.”

“Hey, in my defense, I’m not that direct, I do like to tease you.” Despite her words, Eliza couldn’t help but enjoy.

“Nooooo… that place is sensitive… Eliza, you horny beast…” Bianca went on with her bad acting.

Eliza’s cheek became red. Crap… why watching this is turning me on…?

“Are you getting interested too…?” Bianca asked her real girlfriend. The girl kept quiet. “You’re such a pervert for watching me play with my finger…”

“Y-you’re the one who made me like this… y-you should take responsibility…”

“And what are you gonna do? Tell me…”

“I’ll… I’ll…”

“Go on… you’ll what? Touch yourself while watching me? It’s not the first time, is it?” Eliza’s face became even hotter. “I’ll take your silence as yes. Now, tell me what you’ll do to yourself.”

“I’ll… w-why are you trying to make me seem like a pervert?” Eliza snapped. “And why do that today of all days?”

“Because you were feeling nervous and I wanted to help you?”


Bianca laughed and rolled on the bed holding her belly.

Despite her embarrassment, Eliza couldn’t help but smile.

I hate to say it, but she did make me less nervous.

“Are you done laughing?” she asked in a grumpy voice.

“Yeah… and you say that, but I know you love me teasing you.”

Eliza sighed and tried to keep her true feelings from her voice. “For the good of our relationship, I’m not answering that.”

“You just did.” Bianca beamed. “So, do you feel better?”

“A little,” Eliza mumbled. “But that doesn’t make me any more ready for the exam…”

“Don’t worry about that…”

“How can you say that? Especially after forcing me to study like that…”

“Since we can’t study anymore, it’s a waste of energy worrying about it at this point.”

“It’s amazing you can say that with a straight face.”

“Even though I’m a lesbian?”

Eliza couldn’t help but chuckle. “That must be one of the most used gay jokes.”

“And yet you laugh.”

“Let’s put that aside. Are we meeting this morning before the test?”

“Didn’t your mom say she’d drive you?”

“Yeah… but I was thinking we could meet and… you know… cheer each other…”

“Do you really wanna make your mom hate me even more?”

“It wouldn’t make any difference at this point,” Eliza said with a sheepish smile.

Despite trying her best, Eliza’s mother still had trouble accepting their relationship completely. She never forbade Bianca from coming to their home, but she never let the door close when the girls were in the bedroom.

To be fair, at least she stopped checking if we were being out of control lesbians every ten minutes.

“Don’t say that…I still wanna take you to dates and leave you at home without your mom staring at me like that…”

“You worry too much. Half of that look is for me, anyway… she’s not exactly happy with my choices…”

“Like in girlfriend?”

Eliza let out a tired chuckle. “That too. I mean, I doubt she’d be thrilled as long as I’m in love with another girl. But the look is partly because she wasn’t exactly thrilled when I said I thought about being a Journalist… or a cop…”

“It’s only because you brought that out of nowhere… you’ve never mentioned that to your parents, did you?”

“No, but…”

“And let’s be fair. Even though our town is relatively safe, having three people in the family working as a cop is not exactly thrilling for everyone… I remember when I was a kid… I was always afraid dad might not come home one night…”

“I was afraid of that too…”

Both girls grew quiet for a moment.

“Hey, where are you gonna take the test again?” Bianca asked.

Eliza flashed a tiny smile. She definitely remembers but just wants to change the subject, the girl thought before telling her the place.

“Eh? That’s not fair. We live close to each other and yet they put you in such a nice place and I’m stuck at a public school…”

“Why are you complaining? It’s gonna be the same thing… a stuffed room with crappy desks.”

“I doubt. I bet you’ll have an AC and all… if there’s a working fan, I’ll consider myself lucky… it’s gonna be extra hard…”

“Yeah, I’m still not gonna feel pity for the poor right girl.”

“Eh? Not even once? Feel pity and comfort me.”

“Only when you actually deserve.”

Both girls laughed.

“Hey, my mom’s calling. I don’t think we’ll have time to meet this morning but I wanna see you tonight,” Bianca said in an honest voice.

“Me too… Hey, how was that thing? May the odds be forever in your favor?” Eliza said suddenly.

“Ah! I knew you liked the movie,” Bianca’s voice was full of joy. “And you said it was just an excuse for seeing teens killing each other.”

“I never said that…”

“Yeah, right…”

There was a moment of silence.

“I gotta get ready…”

“Yeah, me too…”

After waiting for a while in silence without hanging up, they both finally ended the call.

Eliza was still smiling when she sneaked inside Bianca’s room. The redhead was putting some decent clothes but then turned towards her girlfriend’s house and sent a kiss.

I bet she does something like that from time to time wondering if I’m looking at her, Eliza thought, her heart thumping a bit faster. I can’t help but fall in love with her even more…

With a deep breath and her mood much better than when she woke, Eliza got out of bed.

“Morning, sweetie,” her dad greeted her when she entered the kitchen.

“Hey dad, hey mom.”

“Are you feeling nervous?”

“A little,” she admitted. “But that won’t help me, so I need to ignore.”

“That’s the spirit, honey,” the nurse said, putting the food on the table. “But even if you failed, there’s still next year. And you could use the extra time to think a bit more about the future… especially with everything that happened this year…”

“Geez, nice pep talk, mom. Just what I needed before the biggest test in my life.”

“You know what I mean, honey… you have to admit it’s a bit out of nowhere… I mean, journalist or a cop? You’ve never mentioned anything like this…”

“It’s not out of nowhere… I know I brought it up suddenly, but I’ve been thinking for a while…”

“She’s right, honey. Besides, she used to love come to work with me when she was little,” the cop said, smiling and leaning to kiss his daughter on the head.

“Thanks, dad. And it’s not like I have to decide now… today’s only the first day of the exam. I’ll have time until the results come out. Then I’ll have to decide…if I’m lucky…”

“Don’t worry, sweetie. You’ll do fine today. You’ve been studying with Bianca, haven’t you?”

At the mention of her daughter’s girlfriend, the nurse pressed her lips and stared at her husband.

The cop looked at his wife with a puzzled look and then looked back at his daughter, trying to suppress a smile.

Whenever anyone mentioned Bianca, her mother seemed to hold back her feelings and stared at the cop if he was around.

The baby steps are too slow… but better than nothing. Mom will accept my relationship just like my brothers in time, the girl thought, focusing on her food.

Though she tried to eat her breakfast, it was harder than she imagined. I never thought I’d actually be this nervousBut dad’s right… it’s not like everything is gonna be decided in these two days…

A bit less nervous, Eliza managed to eat part of the food.

And then, sooner than she wished, her parents were calling her.

Eliza used her powers to check if Bianca was going too, but the redhead had already left. I wanted to see her one last time, the girl thought before trying to focus on anything she had studied with her girlfriend…

After almost ten hours in two days, the national high school exam was over.

“I’m dead,” Eliza said as she lied on Bianca’s lap on Sunday night. “I feel like my brain was run over by a truck at least three times… The truck really wanted to make sure it had squashed my brain…”

“At least it’s over…” The redhead stroke her girlfriend’s hair lazily.

“Are you tired by any chance? You, the amazing Bianca who only get good grades?”

“Just because I study to get good grade doesn’t mean I like taking tests,” she said in a tired voice. “And I told you the public school was damn hard… the fan was working, but it was so loud today people complained and one of the exam supervisors turned it off…”

“Okay, now I might feel pity for the rich girl. Just a little bit…”

“Yay. I’ll take that gladly… but I still wanna complain a little…”

“I knew it…” Eliza averted her eyes with a sheepish smile.

“Yeah, well, just tried to imagine me there in plain jeans and a simple white tank top. When they turned off the fan, the classroom became unbearably hot. Drops of sweat ran down my neck, soaking my shirt, making my red strapless bra visible. I tied my hair in a ponytail to make it a little more bearable. But the sweat still ran down my neckline, going all the way down my back and into my panties… can you imagine that?”

“Shit, Red! Now I can only think that!” Eliza exclaimed. “If you were trying to turn me on, you succeeded. Are you happy?”

Bianca flashed her teasing smile that Eliza loved too much. “Yeah, very,” she said before leaning down to kiss her girlfriend lightly.

At once Eliza realized the redhead was only gonna tease her. She pulled Bianca closer and their kiss became more intense.

“Your parents are out, right?” she asked in a panted voice.

Bianca didn’t even speak. All she did was nod before taking her clothes off while Eliza kissed her…

“Wow…” Eliza managed to say after. The exhaustion was trifold now. But she didn’t care. All she could feel was the pleasure coursing through her body. “That was…”

“The best…” Bianca completed, also panting and sweating. “I was this hot while taking the test…”

“Please, don’t turn me even more… I don’t think my body can take it right now.” Eliza embraced the redhead’s naked body and resting her head on Bianca’s bosom.

“Then why are you seducing me?”

“I’m just resting on the best place in the world.” Eliza snuggled on the breasts until she found the best position. “Disneyland doesn’t have boobs like yours.”

“You’re such a spoiled kid sometimes,” Bianca hugged her girlfriend back, taking a deep breath.

“That coming from the rich girl has zero effect on me,” Eliza teased.

“Stop with the rich girl thing! It’s annoying.”

All Eliza did was smiled as that calming heart thumping filled her with joy.

If she could, she would stay like that forever.

But her phone ringing brought her back.

“Ah, shit… it must be my mom…”

Despite the difficulty that was getting away from those breasts, Eliza picked up her phone.

“It’s your mom?” Bianca asked, sitting up.

“It’s JP…” Eliza exchanged looks with her girlfriend and then answered. “Hello?”

Suddenly the redhead was wide awake as she listened.

“I see…”

“What is it?” Bianca asked in a whisper.

“He needs my help again…”

Bianca grew quiet for a second. “Can I come too?”

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