My Eyes 2 06

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My Eyes 2 06

“He got rid of the woman and teleported to the driver’s seat. Then we drove off like nothing had happened,” Eliza said, stretching her arms. With a smile, she leaned back and rested her head on the bed, staring at the ceiling. “It was so awesome…”

“It sounds like it was,” Bianca mumbled, not hiding her jealousy.

“You should’ve been there! You’d love seeing that in person!”

“It wouldn’t make any difference. I don’t have any power like that…”

Eliza noticed Bianca’s tone and smiled to the girl she loved. “Even though you don’t have any power, you’re awesome. You’re more awesome than most people I know.”

“Yeah, thanks for the pity,” the redhead said with a forced smiled.

“I’m not! I really mean it!” Eliza added in a hurry, but that only made Bianca chuckle.

“I know, I know. But c’mon, we’re not here for this.” She got off the bed and sat on the floor. “We’re here to study.”

“That’s not a huge change of subject at all…” Eliza made no effort to hide how listless the idea made her.

“It doesn’t matter. There’s less than two months until the National High School Exam. You need to study.”

“If there’s so little time, there’s no meaning in studying, don’t you think?” Eliza knew that was only a lame excuse. But she felt no desire to study at all. “At this point, I’m one of the musicians on the Titanic.”

Even though she had already told Bianca every little detail she could remember, the girl still wanted to talk about the amazing and unbelievable situation she had witnessed. Eliza was so hyped about that there was no way she could focus on the books.

“You’re not on a ship about to sink, so you have to study” Bianca gently flicked her girlfriend on the forehead.

“Ouch!” Eliza exaggerated, getting a smile from the redhead. “I thought you loved me… How can you hurt me like this?”

“I do love. That’s why I want you to stop wasting time.”

Eliza looked at Bianca with the most seductive glance she had. But it made no difference; her girlfriend was too focused on the studies. The girl gave up and let out an exaggerated sigh.


With great effort, she leaned over the coffee table and stared at the exercises before her. But no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t concentrate. Every couple seconds her mind wandered to what happened at the docks.

Eliza hadn’t even finished reading the first problem when she groaned and placed the pencil between the lips and nose.

“This is so boring and useless… When I’m gonna use something like this in my life?”

“During the exam,” Bianca said right away, holding back a smile. “The exam is part of life.”

Eliza couldn’t help but laugh. “You’ve been wanting to use that ever since you saw the meme, wasn’t it?”

Bianca smiled and said nothing, turning the page of the manga she was reading.

Eliza focused on the problem again. But after she finally read, she had no motivation to think. It’s like I didn’t even read… But if I can do this, maybe Bianca will reward me…

With that in her mind, she managed to finish the problem. But there was nothing in her that could make her even glance at the second exercise.

The exam is in less than two months… 190 questions and an essay in two days… Just thinking about it makes me tired, the girl thought, lying on the table.

Eliza felt her girlfriend’s eyes on her, so she made sure she didn’t meet them. Instead, she used her foot to touch Bianca’s. Then she ran a toe on that smooth and firm leg.

At once the redhead trembled with the excitement. Eliza could tell the girl was torn between enjoying and scolding.

But while her girlfriend said nothing, she went on, her toe moving up the leg.

“Eliza!” Bianca shouted when the girl touched her between the legs. “We’re here to study!”

“Sorry… I got carried away,” Eliza said, flashing a sheepish smile. She was a little wet.

The redhead blushed and squirmed. “We can do that after…”

“That’s gonna take too long.” Eliza knew she was being childish, but she knew if she pushed a little more, Bianca would cave.

“Then what do you want?”

“A kiss for every problem I finish,” she said at once, turning her head so she could see the redhead’s reaction.

“I know you won’t just stop with a kiss…” Bianca stared her with empty eyes. Then she blushed and looked away. “I’ll kiss you for every right answer you get.”

Eliza clicked her tongue. “You picked up on that, huh?”

“You were planning to answer anything at random just to finish and then get your reward, weren’t you?”

“We’ve been dating for a while now and I know what to say in this situation; no comment,” Eliza said, holding back a smile. Before Bianca say anything, she pushed the notebook to her girlfriend. “Here’s the first question!”

 The redhead stared at her for a while before turning to the notebook. After a moment, she sighed. “You got it right…”

The girl flashed a huge smile. “Where’s my reward?”

She closed her eyes, opened her arms and puckered up her lips. Bianca reached out and kissed her girlfriend lightly on the cheek.

“Eh? That’s it?”

“The rewards will increase with each right answer,” Bianca said, her face red.

Eliza couldn’t help but smile. Her embarrassed face is too cute. I really love that she can’t handle when she’s the teased one, she thought, accepting the notebook back and turning to the second question.

“Done!” she said after a couple minutes. “Where’s my reward?”

Bianca took the notebook filled with suspicion. After a quick glance, she handed back. “It’s wrong.”

“No…” Eliza looked between her work and her girlfriend. “Shouldn’t I get a consolation prize…?”

“Not when you got it everything wrong.”

“But don’t they say it’s more important to participate?”

“That’s got nothing to do here.”

“It’s that thing. ‘Do or do not. There’s no try’.”

“Then you aren’t doing it.”

Eliza clicked her tongue again. “You didn’t fall for that, huh? I could swear you’d love if I quote one of your favorite movies…”

“How nerd do you think am I?”

“Eh… a lot?”

Bianca sighed and smiled. “You just wanna forget studying and make out.”

“And you don’t?” Eliza asked with the most innocent voice she had.

The redhead blushed and pressed her lips. “Of course I want to…”

Eliza’s face lit with a smile as she leaned over the table. “Then—”

“But I promise your mom we’d study,” Bianca interrupted and pushed her girlfriend’s face away.

“Are you really gonna keep that promise?”

“I… I don’t want your mother thinking I’m a bad influence on you,” she said in a low voice, averting her eyes.

Eliza flashed a sly smile as she crawled around the table. “Don’t worry about that… I’m a bad influence on myself,” she said, kissing Bianca on the lips.

The redhead resisted at first, but then kissed Eliza back. The next moment, she pulled back and licked her girlfriend on the neck.

The way she used her tongue made Eliza weak and her eyes to go out of focus.

“There’s your consolation prize,” she said, her face as red as her hair. “If you get twenty questions right, we can continue this.”

Eliza pressed her lips and covered her eyes with the forearm. My girlfriend is such a tease, she thought as she crawled back to her place.

Mustering every inch of concentration she had, the girl gave her best to finish the exercises. An hour later, she put her pencil down.

Eliza had finished but was exhausted.

“Finally… it took much longer than I thought… I feel like my brain is melting…” She groaned as she rested her head on the cool wooden coffee table.

“It was only one hour. Imagine the real deal, which is at least 3 hours long. But at least you were within three minutes per question. That’s a good start.”

“Don’t say it… that must the hardest thing on the ENEM… the long problems that are just a waste of time when you don’t have any. The ridiculous amount of questions per subject is just ridiculous.”

“If you study hard enough, you’ll only have to go through it once,” Bianca said, checking the notebook.

“If you’re really lucky,” Eliza corrected her girlfriend. “Choose what we’ll do for the rest of our life at this age… not only we need to choose right, we also need a grade good enough to get in… honestly, it’s kinda depressing if you think about it.”

Bianca grew quiet as she put the notebook down. “You’re right…”

Eliza glanced at her girlfriend. Red’s so good at everything sometimes I forget she’s like me… Even though she has good grades, she has no idea what she wants to do for the rest of her life…

Without any second intentions, Eliza reached out and enveloped the redhead’s hand, caressing her with the thumb.

Bianca said nothing as she caressed her girlfriend back.

“Are your parents still pressuring you?”

“Yeah… after everything settled, they brought the subject back with a subtle indirect,” the Redhead answered. Then she let out a sigh. “But yesterday my mom asked me directly and I had no idea what to say…”

“You like teasing me, but you’re weak when confronted directly,” Eliza said, not resisting the urge to tease the girl she loved. Bianca blushed and tried to pull her hand back. “No! I’m sorry. I was just kidding…”

Eliza held the hand with both. Bianca sighed and smiled.

“More than confronted directly… I don’t like just stand there with nothing to say when they ask me what I wanna be…”

“They don’t try to influence you in any way?” Bianca shook her head. “My dad loved the idea of my brother working at the PD with him… he used to take him to work whenever he could.”

“And you didn’t feel jealous?”

“Of course I did. My mom didn’t like, but I went with them until I got into middle school.”

“That’s expected, given how jealous you are.” Bianca teased, smiling.

“I’m not jealous. I’m the most non-jealous girl in the world,” Eliza defended herself, though her smile worked against her.

“Oh, really? Do you remember when we started dating? Do you remember the reason?”

It took Eliza less than a second to remember, her face a shade of red. They were at a Saint John’s party and she got annoyed when a girl flirted with Bianca. She took the redhead back to the beach house and they started dating that very night.

 “Why are we talking about the past? We were discussing our future a second ago,” she said, aware of her girlfriend’s smug.

Bianca chuckled and then sighed. “You’re right… let’s put aside the fact that you only cave to my relentless flirting due to jealousy…” Eliza clicked her tongue and turned her face away, trying to hide the smile that was forcing itself on her lips. “My parents don’t put their dreams on me, but they do pressure me to choose something… I know that’s expected, but how am I supposed to know at this age…?”

“At least you’ve worked hard so you can pick anything you want.”

“Having too many options is just as hard as don’t knowing what you want.”

Eliza faced Bianca with a suspicious expression. “Are you really trying to make me pity the girl who’s good at everything she’s having trouble choosing just one? Because if you are, I think I have the right to flick you on the forehead.”

“I don’t want pity.” Bianca held down her girlfriend’s hand just to be sure Eliza wouldn’t try to flick her. “It’s like the future is wide open to me. But it’s just an open field with nothing on it. Every direction is the same.”

“So having too many options is just as hard as having none, huh?” Eliza said, resting her head against the bed.

Bianca, instead, walked around the table and threw herself on the bed. “I think so… but at least you have something.”

“Me?” Eliza had trouble hiding her surprise. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re kidding, right? You have a supernatural power. You’re literally special.”

“Oh yeah…” Eliza closed both eyes and touched the eyelid. Even with it closed, she could see her hand as if she was looking at it directly. “I don’t have this power for a year and I already treat it like I’ve always had it…”

“With that power, you have a few doors opening to you… but I think I know which you’ll pick…”

“Which one?”

“That supernatural police.”

“Why would I pick that? I liked following the mayor too. A reporter seems just as good.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t talk about that like you did the thing at the docks. And since you just said that you liked going to the PD with your dad, I think you might make a great cop.”

Eliza stared at the ceiling for a moment. She forced her sight a little and she could see the clear sky as if she was outside.

“I never once thought about being a cop,” she said after a while. “But I have to admit the other night was incredible… and a good use of my powers… I’d hate if people woke up and lost control over their lives in one night…”

Bianca flashed a gentle smile and kissed Eliza on the forehead. “See? You have two cool doors before you. Being a cop or being a reporter. But that’s expected, since you’re special.”

“Special, huh?” It was a word Eliza had never used when thinking about herself. “I guess either one doesn’t seem bad…”

“Either way, you’ll need to study,” Bianca said, ruining the mood on purpose.

Eliza groaned. “You had to bring that up… Besides, you’re special too…”

“Thanks, but I said I’m not looking for pity.”

Eliza climbed onto the bed and looked Bianca in the eyes. “I’m not just saying it. I think you’re awesome and special,” she said, kissing her girlfriend. “And gentle… and hot… and soft… and delicious…oh, God. I want you so badly!”

Suddenly the girl felt the urge to be one with Bianca and didn’t even bother trying to control herself.

As she kissed the redhead, she placed both hands under Bianca’s shirt and slid up.

“Wait… we didn’t… come here… for this,” the Redhead said in a strained voice as she pressed her lips.

“Oh, yeah? Then why aren’t you wearing a bra?” Eliza asked in a teasing tone, laughing as Bianca flushed. “Speaking of which, Teo told me you had a bunch of thoughts while we were talking with JP the first time. A bunch of naughty thoughts,” she whispered the last part, caressing the redhead’s breast non-stop.

In no time, the nipples were hard. Already, Red? Sorry for being a bad girlfriend and not caring care of your needs.

Eliza held one breast in one hand and sucked the other, her tongue licking the sensitive nipple. The other hand slid down between Bianca’s legs, sliding in the space between the panty and that silky smooth skin.

The Redhead winced and moaned in pleasure. When she realized, she pressed her lips, holding back her voice.

That sight only stirred Eliza even more. I wanna hear her screaming like crazy! Because of me! As she placed two fingers inside her girlfriend, she couldn’t help get wet herself.

Even through her pleasure, Bianca noticed. Despite her weak breathing as the fingers moved inside her, she found the strength to roll Eliza. Then she climbed on top of her girlfriend and turned around.

Without any word from the redhead, Eliza knew what she wanted; to make them both feel good at the same time.

Bianca freed Eliza of her pants and panties and kissed her girlfriend between the legs.

Eliza winced and stopped breathing for a moment. Fuck… Red always goes for my weak spots… I lost all strength with just one kiss…

But she didn’t want that. She too wanted them both to feel good because of each other.

Despite her hazed mind, Eliza looked at that cute and alluring womanhood inches away from her face. But at the same time, it was too far.

Under that sight, she found strength. She placed her hands on Bianca’s hips, got rid of those annoying clothes and brought her girlfriend towards her.

The moment her tongue went inside, the redhead’s whole body squirmed and jolted with pleasure. Even her mouth stopped for a moment.

That sent Eliza over the edge of reasoning. Her mind was gone. Even if she wanted, she couldn’t stop. There was only she, her girlfriend, and their pleasure.

Both girls kissed each other between the legs, but neither went too fast. They wanted the moment to last. There was no need to rush. But neither could resist each other. They had pleasured each other so many times they knew what the other liked.

They reached pleasure at the same time, and both Eliza and Bianca drank it without hesitating.

The redhead fell on top of Eliza exhausted.

With that wet and warm womanhood pressing against her, Eliza took all in. She loved resting on her girlfriend’s ample bosom, but this place was her second favorite in the whole world.

It took a long while for both to recover enough to move. Then they lied on the bed, their heads side by side.

“Are you thinking of joining them after graduating?” Bianca asked in a low voice.

Eliza didn’t have to ask who them her girlfriend was talking about. “I honestly don’t know… After I gained my powers… after everything that happened, I… I never thought if there were anyone else in the world with powers like mine. I closed myself… But then I met you and fell in love… Now there’s this whole new world opening up before me…”

“I get the feeling,” Bianca said, holding the hand of the naked girl beside her and entwining their fingers. “I always thought this kind of thing belonged only in books and movies… Maybe deep down I always wished it was true. That this world was more than what we saw… but then I met you and find out about your powers… that changed my world. No, you changed it. Thanks for coming into my life”

Eliza blushed and pressed her lips. Damn… after all this time, I’m still weak against Bianca’s sincerity…

“N-no matter where the future takes us, we’ll be together,” she said, her face too warm as she squeezed those delicate fingers.

Bianca blushed and showed an embarrassed smile that made her girlfriend’s heart thump faster. “Yes! No matter what, we’ll be together.”

The redhead, leaned a bit and Eliza kissed the woman she loved.

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