My Eyes 2 04

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My Eyes 2 04

Eliza felt her whole body going numb.

She didn’t know if the man had said anything else; there was a buzz on her ear.

Her breathing became fast and shallow. No matter how much she tried, she was out of air.

He knows… this cop knows about my eyes can see… he knows… about me…

Bianca squeezed her hand and took a step forward, standing between the man and her girlfriend like a shield. “Who are you?”

“As I said, my name is João Paulo.” He pulled a badge from the inner pocket of his and showed to the girls. “I’m from the Unresolved Cases department.”

The redhead stared at the badge for a long while. “The badge seems real… but that department…”

“I-I heard from dad,” Eliza mumbled, her throat dry. “Sometimes they take ongoing cases but never solved them…”

The cop flashed a smile as he put the badge away. “That’s not the real situation… but I guess that will always be our reputation.”

“Look, I don’t care who you are, but we don’t know anything about that my eyes could see,” Bianca said, her voice on the verge on being rude.”

“Actually, we have proof you two are related to ‘My eyes’,” the cop said in a friendly voice.

The redhead narrowed her eyes. “We refused to say anything if there’s no warrant. Now leave, please.”

I told you they wouldn’t talk if you showed up like this, a chirpy voice echoed around Eliza. Then the voice laughed. I told you, but no, you didn’t listen to me. No matter the situation, you look too suspicious!

The girl placed both hands on her head and looked around. Where’s this voice coming from?

Bianca glancing around as well. So I’m not imagining, Eliza thought.

Show them that. It’s the only way to make them at least listen to you. Oh, c’mon, there’s no one around you three right now, the voice said, too excited for some reason.

The cop took a deep breath and sighed, putting both hands on the pockets. The next moment, he vanished in thin air with a strange sound.

Before Eliza blinked and tried to understand what had happened, there was different weird sound behind the girls.

When they turned, the cop was there.

How did he…? Before Eliza had time to finish the question in her head, he disappeared again.

The next instant, he was back to where he first was.

He has a supernatural ability like me, the girl realized, gulping.

“Could you two at least listen to me now?” he asked in a low voice.

Bianca pressed her lips and turned to Eliza.

Despite her nervousness, she nodded, squeezing the redhead’s hand for courage.

Bianca gestured the man to take a seat. He sat on the armchair while the girls sat on the couch, the redhead between her girlfriend and the cop.

Despite the situation, Eliza couldn’t help but smile and feel sage. Even though she’s just as worried as me, she protects me like this, she thought, holding her girlfriend’s hand.

Bianca squeezed back, not taking her eyes off the cop the entire time.

Ah, she really loves you, the same as before voice echoed in her head. It’s so cute. I wished I had a girlfriend like yours.

Eliza looked around again. There was no one in the living room beside the police officer and them. There could be someone invisible here with us… but this voice doesn’t seem like talking to me… more like, it’s echoing inside my head…

Right answer! You can choose your prize now, the voice said, not hiding how happy he was. It takes people way longer to figure this out. Normally they pretend they can’t hear. It’s so sad. Especially when I act like a ghost just to mess with them.

Eliza had no idea how to react. All she did was blink, taken aback.

The man let out an exasperated sigh. “Is he talking to you right now?”


The cop closed his eyes and let out a tired groan. “I apologize for him. He’s new and doesn’t know he should keep quiet for once in his life,” he muttered the last part under his breath, pressing his temple.

He’s really angry at that voice, Eliza thought.

“What’s he talking?” Bianca asked in a low voice. “There’s someone talking to you?”

“Yeah… wait… didn’t you hear a voice… in your head…?”

The redhead widened her eyes. “Yeah, at the door. You heard it too?”

Eliza nodded. “That same voice was talking to me just know.”

Bianca grew quiet for a moment, pressing her lips. “A telepath,” she muttered.

Pin pon, right answer! The voice let out a jovial laugh. I knew you two would figure out but I never thought it’d be so fast! You girls are awesome.

Eliza glanced at Bianca, who nodded once. So she heard it too…

The cop coughed loudly to get the attention back to him.

Sorry… I just can’t help myself when I’m talking with someone around my age with a power too, the voice said. I got carried away…

“You always get carried away…” The police officer closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Now getting back to business…”

“What do you know about ‘My eyes can see’?” Bianca asked before he could say anything.

He stared at the redhead for a while. “We know it’s Eliza and most importantly, how she obtained all that information.”

We also know the reason why she went through all that. Eliza really loves you too, Bianca, the telepath’s voice echoed around them, once again chirpy.

Eliza blushed and smiled, and the redhead’s cheek became red. Despite the embarrassment, she entwined her fingers with Bianca’s.

“Even with the telepath, there was no way you could get that kind of information unless you read her mind… so it was someone with another power,” Bianca said in a low voice, more to herself than to the others. “Someone with psychometry…”

The cop smiled and nodded, mildly surprised. “That is correct. There’s an associate of our department with psychometry. Thanks to her, we discovered the truth about ‘My eyes can see’.”

Despite the situation, Eliza couldn’t help but be proud of her girlfriend. That’s my nerd. It’s amazing she knows all about this power things… I had no idea…

Bianca grew quiet. “I get how you found out. But why did you come? What do you want from ‘My eyes’?”

I told you she’d go straight to the point! You own me now, the telepath’s voice echoed in Eliza mind.

As she looked around, the girl knew at once; she wasn’t the only one who heard the voice.

Bianca seemed to be holding back a proud smile.

The cop seemed to be holding back his anger.

It’s amazing how much you annoy him, Eliza thought.

He acts like that, but I know what he’s thinking. If not for me, things wouldn’t be so much.

Yeah… his face doesn’t say that.

But he’s thinking that. Trust me, the telepath projected to the girl’s mind.

“Going straight to the point. We need ‘My eyes’ help,” the cop said once he controlled his anger. “We believe there’s a dangerous artifact that is being sneaked into the state.” He clutched his hands for a moment, taking a deep breath. “We believe we know the location of the exchange, but without any physical evidence, it would be too dangerous for us to attack.”

“What do you mean, physical evidence?” Eliza asked. “If you already know about the location…”

“The people we are after didn’t leave any trace. We have this information, but it could be false. We need someone to check before we can act.”

“Don’t you have a telepath? He should be able to get any proof,” Bianca interrupted. “I don’t see why bring in Eliza.”

“Unfortunately they’re already prepared for that. They have people and artifacts that can block his power within a certain range. And so far we haven’t been able to catch them red-handed.”

“So you want Eliza’s power for what exactly?”

“We need her to watch and inform us if the artifact we’re looking for is really at the exchange place. With her there to confirm, we can make we’re not walking into a trap.”

“That’s all you need?” Eliza asked, pressing her lips. If it’s only that, I could do it… but my powers right now…

We know your powers aren’t back in full yet. I read your mind the moment you got within my range and informed JP, the telepath said.

Hey, isn’t that rude? Invading people private thoughts, Eliza complained in her head.

Like you were doing before you met Bianca? You’re worse than me, since I can’t control my power as much as you.

The girl grew quiet. Damn it… he got me there…

“Yes. That’s all we need,” the cop said, unaware of the conversation with the telepath. “Please, could you lend us your power?”

“Wait a minute. There’s a lot we need to know first,” Bianca said. “Will Eliza be safe? Can you make sure they won’t find out about her identity?”

“We’ll make sure nothing happens to her,” he assured the redhead. “All we need if for her to confirm if the artifact is there.”

“Eh… the telepath told me, but you already know about my power situation, right?”

“It’s not at its full capacity yet, yes. But even so, if you can see within a three kilometers radius, it’ll be enough.”

Three kilometers… I have to check to be sure, but I think it’s within my currency limitation…

With everything since uncovering the mayor’s corruption and being admitted into the hospital, Eliza hadn’t been using her powers much. Only to look at Bianca here and there… But my eyesight isn’t blurry anymore…

“Could you let me think first?” Eliza said after a while.

Bianca turned to her. Though she looked like she had a lot to say, she kept quiet.

“Of course. The exchange will happen this Friday afternoon. Please, tell me until Tuesday night so we can make all the necessary preparations. Here’s my number.” He handed her a card before standing up. “Thank you for the attention.”

It was nice meeting you, the telepath said. Then he laughed. Though I guess we haven’t actually met. But we will if you decide to help us.

The cop bowed to the girls and buttoned his jacket. Then he vanished with that strange sucking noise.

Bianca widened her eyes and turned to Eliza.

At once the girl knew what her girlfriend wanted. She stared at the wall facing the street and concentrated.

The wall trembled and then became transparent. Eliza kept her focus, her vision moving past the scenery as she looked around.

“There… I can see him…”

On a discreet grey car, the girl saw the black police officer that was before her eyes moments ago sitting on the driver’s seat. Next to him was a brown-haired boy, talking excitedly. Then he turned in Eliza’s direction, smiled and waved.


“So you’re the telepath,” she said aloud.

The boy nodded and gave her the thumbs up.

The next moment, the police officer turned his head too. He looked in the direction of the house, though he missed the girl by a lot. When he nodded with a serious expression, the telepath couldn’t stop laughing.

Eliza couldn’t help but do the same. Are you making him face the wrong direction on purpose?

Yeah… He gets mad so easy it’s hard to stop.

Eliza watched as the cop took a deep breath and drove away.

“They’re gone.”

“Are you really gonna do this?” Bianca asked, not hiding how much worried she was.

Eliza looked her in the eyes. “I honestly don’t know… I know it could be dangerous… but…”

“But what…?” the redhead urged when Eliza grew quiet.

“It’s a way to use my powers for a good cause again…”

Bianca pressed her lips, keeping quiet.

There’s a lot she wants to say…

“It’s not like I’ve made my decision… I’ll think about it…”


“Hey, and even if I decide to help them, I promise I won’t overdo and collapse again. I can’t imagine if my mom caught us doing it on the hospital again,” Eliza joked, forcing a smile.

Bianca shared the smile, though it was tiny.

Eliza grabbed her girlfriend’s hand. “Instead of that, let’s eat something. I’m starving.”

“Yeah, sure…”

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