My Eyes 2 03

Here’s the second chapter of My eyes 3
This chapter contain mature scenes


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My Eyes 2 03

Just as Eliza expected; the rumors followed her wherever she went. The moment they joined the flow of students entering the school building, everyone looked at them at least once. It didn’t help the fact that their colleagues opened some space and gave them the spotlight in the crowded corridor.

To her surprise, it didn’t bother her as much as she imagined. Guess all I went through the first semester was a good training for this… Or maybe Bianca was right… I can’t focus on anything other than the fact that I’m wearing her wet panty…

The reminder only made her cheeks blush.

But Eliza knew even if she hadn’t exchanged underwear with her perverted girlfriend, there would something preventing her mood from rising completely.

I can’t believe Bianca didn’t let go… I was so worried I didn’t even notice until it was too late, she thought, glancing down at their hands.

Bianca was holding her hand and looking as if that made her the happiest girl on earth.

When the fact that the lesbian couple had arrived holding hands had also spread throughout school at an unbelievable speed, Eliza gave up caring.

Now that everyone already knows we’re together, it doesn’t feel so bad so far… but it’s amazing Bianca can hum and smile like this with everyone looking at us… I wish I could be like that too, Eliza thought with a mixture of angry and envy.

With a huge smile, Bianca looked as if immune to anything bad as long as she was holding that hand.

Thank goodness I have her…  With her cheeks a shade of pink, Eliza squeezed that firm and yet delicate fingers.

They finally ended the long march and arrived at their classroom. But the rumors only increased. Or maybe in a confined place, I can really notice people whispering about me… hey, let’s look at the bright side. At least they aren’t openly talking about us… that’s an improvement… I guess, Eliza thought, letting out a listless laugh in her head.

Despite everyone whispering about them, no one talked to them directly. Only after they sat at the back seats near the window, someone actually came to talk to them.

“I told you this would happen… but you didn’t listen to me,” said Raisa, Bianca’s best friend. She pulled the chair from an empty seat and sat next to Eliza.

“I do remember that,” the redhead said, nodding slowly.

“And yet you don’t look sorry at all.”

“What’s done is done!” Bianca shrugged.

Raisa stared at her friend with an empty expression for a moment. Then she let out a heavy sigh. “I knew you were a moron, but to think you’d do this to Eliza while smiling like that… at least reflect on your actions…”

Eliza flashed a tiny smile. “She never thinks in this situation… she just acts on her impulses…”

“I imagined that… I’m sorry for my idiot friend’s moronic behavior…” Raisa shook her head as she crossed her arms.

“Sadly, I’m used to that…”

“That’s not good…”

“Wait, wait. Since when you two got so close?” Bianca asked, looking between her friend and her girlfriend. “I didn’t hear about this!”

The girls exchanged looks. Then they looked back at the redhead and shrugged at the same time. “It happened,” they said in unison.

“Hey, don’t leave me in the dark! I wanna hear about that!” Bianca complained grabbing one arm from each girl. But before she could do anything else, the teacher walked into the classroom greeting the class in a tired voice.

Despite being aware of her classmates’ occasional glances and sometimes blatant stares as the class went on, Eliza was surprised to find herself smiling; even after everything, she could have a normal school life.

If things go on like this, it’s gonna be better than when the year started, she thought, getting ready for the next class…

“It was a long day!” Bianca exclaimed after the last class was over. “Why were the teachers trying to make each class seem twice as long?”

“Why are you complaining? You slept through the two classes after recess…”

“Yeah, well… I’m starving. How about if we go to my house and have lunch?”

“Sounds good…” Eliza was starving herself. Her stomach was too tight to eat anything thing during recess. But no that the day was over, she realized how hungry she was.

As she organized her bag, the redhead came closer and whispered in the most alluring voice she had. “My parents won’t be home during the afternoon. I can start making worth your while…”

Eliza widened her eyes and almost dropped her notebook. With her face red, she continued to put her things back on the bag. “That sounds even better,” she whispered, not meeting her girlfriend’s eyes.

Once again oblivious to the people around them, Bianca grabbed Eliza’s hand and led the girl out of the classroom and to the parking lot. The redhead hummed and smiled like in the morning, but when they were almost out of the school building, she stopped and let go of her girlfriend’s hand.

“What?” Despite her embarrassment, Eliza didn’t want to let go of Bianca’s hand. Her fingers felt incomplete without the redhead’s warmth.

“I’ll be waiting in the front,” she said and then walked away.

It took too long for Eliza to realize the reason. Even in the crowded corridor, there was no way the girl wouldn’t see Amanda standing next to a classroom door.

Yes… with everything, I forgot about her, the girl thought, standing still for a moment. With a deep breath, she headed to her best friend. Damn it… I’m just gonna talk with my friend, so why am I so nervous? What do I usually do with my arms?


“Hey, Eliza. It’s been a while,” Amanda said in a casual voice. “Sorry I didn’t visit you at the hospital.”

Damn… With that tone of voice, I can’t tell what’s she’s thinking, the girl thought as her friend led her to the closest empty classroom.

The girls remained in silence for a long time. While Amanda crossed her arms and looked at Eliza, she avoided meeting her friend’s eyes. This is more than awkward… I know Amanda ever since we were kids… We’ve never been like this… I have to say something… I have to… apologize for not telling her about Bianca… But how…?

“So you’re lesbian now?” Amanda broke the silence.

Despite her words devoided of emotion, Eliza could tell her friend wasn’t judging at all. It was just her way of giving her best friend something to start.

That made her relax a little. Even now I’m depending on Amanda…

“It’s not now… I’ve been with Bianca for a few months,” she jested with a tiny smile.

Amanda let out a chuckle and uncrossed her arms. Then she walked and sat on the same desk as Eliza. “Let me guess. You two have been dating since you came back to school?”

“Why would think that?”

“Wasn’t then when you started hanging out with her?”

That both surprised and made Eliza happy. “You noticed that?”

Amanda averted her eyes. “Well… Yeah… we weren’t talking back then, but it wasn’t like I stopped worrying about you or anything…”

Eliza grew quiet for a while. No matter how strange things got, she was still looking out for me… I’m the one who shouldn’t have taken so long to apologize… guess that’s another thing I have to thank Bianca for… but I’ll never tell her that… her ego is already big enough as it is…

“Well, technically we weren’t together back then… we… sorta start hanging out and became friends… but she didn’t hide she wanted to be more than friends. After she constantly hit on me, we ended up together… but that was during Saint John…”

“She hit on you, but you liked her before that, right? Your face says it all.”

Eliza blushed and played with her fingers. “Yeah, I liked her… but I was afraid if I reciprocated her feelings, it’d ruin what we had… and I couldn’t afford that… the way our friendship was meant a lot to me…”

Amanda remained in silence for a while, observing her childhood friend. Then she sighed. “I can’t believe after all these years you’re still the same idiot who overthink things.”

Despite the words, Eliza couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yeah… I can’t disagree with that… and I think Bianca said that exact same thing.”

The childhood friends laughed at the same time.

“I can’t believe my best friend who was less than a year ago madly in love with a boy, is now madly in love with a girl… things change…”

Eliza blushed and averted her eyes. “Yeah, they do…” More than you can ever imagine, she thought, holding her urge to touch her eyelid. “But why do you think I’m madly in love with Bianca?”

Amanda snorted and rolled her eyes. “Oh, please. Like I couldn’t tell. I’ve known you your whole life, remember? Besides, do you really think I forgot the way you exploded when people were bad mouthing Bianca and her parents?”

Eliza opened her mouth, but when she had no reply, she flashed a sheepish smile. “I kinda hoped everyone had… Even I didn’t remember that…”

“Maybe everyone did… especially with Bianca’s outburst about you two,” Amanda said with a teasing smile.

“Don’t remind me…” Eliza groaned. “Thank goodness I wasn’t here to see… I’d have died of embarrassment.”

“Since you hate being the center of attention, probably. But it was cute, now that I think about it. She was so upset when people were bad mouthing you, she ended up confessing her love for you.”

Eliza’s cheek became warmer. “Yeah, and in the process, kicked me out of the closet with a dropkick.”

“You say that, but you’re not upset about that. Wait. What about your parents? Did you tell them?”

Eliza couldn’t help but let out a dry and listless laugh. “Oh, yeah… they know…”

“What do you mean?”

“They… caught me and Bianca… naked in bed… at the hospital…” Her face went an alarming shade of red. Damn it… why is it still so embarrassing to say? I thought it’d become a funny story!

Amanda looked too shocked. “No way! What did you mother say? I bet she flipped!”

“Not as much as you’d think… thanks to the fact that I was in the hospital she worked, she kept it down… then I think dad talked to her and managed to smooth things… mom even invited Bianca for Sunday lunch yesterday.”

“How did it go?”

“Better than I ever hoped. But mom’s still weirded out… after lunch, she kept checking us in my bedroom. Then she left leaving the door opened… even with Bruno, she wasn’t like that.”

“You can’t blame her. She’s the conservative type of religious… but at least she’s making an effort, right?”

“I guess… that’s what Bianca keeps saying, but I wished she’d just accept us like she accepts my brother’s girlfriend…”

“Give her time. It’s not easy to change all she imagined for your future.”

Eliza wanted to reply, but she knew Amanda was right. “Hope so…”

“Hey, you should be happy. Now you can walk holding hands with Bianca in the open. Don’t make that face. I saw how happy you were, by the way.”

The girl bit her lips when she couldn’t come up with anything to say back. “Damn it… you and Bianca know me too much,” she muttered under her breath, not looking at her childhood friend.

“Sorry, but you can’t do anything about that.” Amanda let out a hearty laugh. Then she flashed a mischievous smile. “In fact, maybe I could tell Bianca some embarrassing stories about your past… there’s a lot she’d love to hear.”

“Ah! Please don’t!” Eliza begged, grabbing Amanda by the arm and shaking her a bit. “I’d rather keep most of my past hidden from her!”

The girl’s reaction only made her childhood friend laugh even more.

“Hey, don’t kill the messenger. You should be honest with your girlfriend,” Amanda said with a huge smile, standing up. “Especially since you’re truly happy with her. That’s the only thing that matters.”

Eliza couldn’t stop smiling. “Yeah… even though she can drive me crazy sometimes,” she muttered loud enough for the girl to hear.

“Of course. If she didn’t, you couldn’t say you’re in love with her.”

Amanda hesitated for a moment, but then hugged Eliza.

She hugged her best friend back. It feels like ages since we’ve done something simple as a hug. Before Eliza knew, she was hugging a bit harder.

“Hey, it might piss you off, but I need to ask. Are you turned on by this?” Amanda asked when they pulled apart.

The question was so sudden Eliza had no idea how to react. The next second, however, she was laughing. “Would you be pissed off if I say you’re not my type?”

Amanda pulled away, her face hurt.

“Liar. I’m sure you’d be hitting on me if you didn’t have someone as stunning as Bianca.”

“Hey. You think all lesbians are attracted to all women?”

Amanda shook her head. “Of course I know that’s not true. But in case you forgotten, you liked to practice kissing with me when we were kids, remember?”

“What? I didn’t…” Eliza stopped to think for a moment. Oh, yeah… I wanted to practice with her after my first kiss disaster… “I had forgotten about that… and it was only once!”

“I don’t know if you’re pretending or really don’t remember, but we practice more than friends should.” Amanda let out an exaggerated sigh. “I never thought those innocent practices were because you truly wanted to kiss me. If I had known that, I’d never have played with your young heart.”

Eliza couldn’t help but laugh. “Shut up. And since you’re acting like this, I’m glad you weren’t my first crush.”

The friends looked at each other and then laughed at the same time.

“I missed talking to you like this,” Eliza said in a low voice.

“Me too…”

With a last hug, the childhood friends said goodbye.

Eliza was feeling much better than in this morning as she walked out through the school gates. As she expected, her girlfriend was waiting by the car.

“How was it?” Bianca asked the moment Eliza was close enough.

“Not as bad as I imagined… Amanda said she already thought there was something when I had my outburst,” Eliza said, getting in the car. “In fact, she seemed more upset that I hadn’t told her directly.”

“Like I told you. The people that matter to us are gonna accept our relationship.”

“All that’s left is my mom… I know, I know. Baby steps,” Eliza added before her girlfriend could say. As Bianca fastened the seatbelt, she leaned closer. “But when mom’s not around, we can do this…”

She kissed Bianca lightly. But as their lips and tongues touched, Eliza could feel all her pent-up feelings coming to the surface. Suddenly she wanted more than just a kiss. She wanted to touch the girl she loved. She wanted to be touched by those firm and yet gentle fingers that could make her lose her mind.

“Wait… wait…” Bianca was already panting, her face almost as red as her hair. “Not here… let’s get to my house first… so I can take you off my pantie and do what I’ve been dying to do all day…”

Eliza smiled groaned as she exercised all her self-control. With great effort, she leaned back to her seat. She hadn’t noticed but there were a few people looking at them. Crap… I completely forgot where we were, she thought, getting as red as Bianca’s hair.

The redhead drove faster than she should. But Eliza didn’t think her life was in danger even for a second; her mind was too focused on trying to stop her hand from grabbing Bianca’s thick thigh and sliding up between those legs again.

But the moment Bianca parked at her garage, Eliza stopped restraining herself.

She took off the seatbelt and leaned over the gear, sitting on top of Bianca, kissing those lips she had been craving with any restraint.

Even the redhead seemed surprised. But soon she was kissing her girlfriend back. At the same time, she pulled and leaned back the seat so they had more room.

Without parting their lips, Eliza slid her hands down, caressing the redhead’s breasts at the same time.

When she heard Bianca moaning, she knew it was time to go further. Leaving one hand on the breast, Eliza slid the other down.

But unlike the morning, she slipped her fingers between her girlfriend’s underwear and skin. It was already wet. Fuck! Bianca was right. I have no idea why, but the idea that she’s wearing my pantie seems hot!

“Even though I please you this morning, you’re already like this,” Eliza said in a teasing voice as she nibbled that ear. “Poor thing… you’ve really been holding back, haven’t you?

“Yes…” Despite kissing Eliza on the neck, Bianca managed to say.

“Then let me take care of you.”

Before the redhead could say anything else, the girl unbuckled the belt and pulled down the jeans. Even the steering wheel pressing her butt didn’t bother her at the sight of that wet womanhood. All she cared about was kissing Bianca between the legs and make her squirm and moan.

As the tongue moved inside her, the redhead bit the back of her fingers to stop her voice from leaking.

You can do that all you want, Red, but I’ll hear your lovely voice. Like always, Eliza thought as she glanced up at her girlfriend and looked for Bianca’s pleasure spot at the same time.

The redhead squirmed in pleasure, her legs quivering.

Eliza could feel her girlfriend getting weaker as she got closer to an orgasm. But as she pleasured Bianca, she felt herself arousing. But she didn’t touch herself.

Right now, I want to focus on her, she managed to think before her mind became more and more hazed.

Just like in the morning, Bianca reached pleasure. But now Eliza could do what she didn’t do before; happily drink all her fluids. It tastes like her, the girl thought, her mind too happy.

As she cleaned the corner of her mouth, she leaned closer to gawk at her girlfriend’s pleasured face. I never get tired of seeing this expression.

Bianca’s breathing as deep and heavy. Her face was red and sweaty, her eyes out of focus, her mouth slightly opened.

“I loved seeing you all messed up like this,” Eliza whispered in the most teasing voice she had.

It took a moment, but when Bianca’s eye went back to focus, she wrapped her arms around Eliza. She pulled her girlfriend closer for a deep kiss.

Eliza was still trying to think when the redhead turned her around.

As Bianca kissed the girl on the neck, she slid her hands down Eliza’s belly. Soon her hand was inside the black and already wet lingerie.

Without a word, Bianca slipped two fingers inside and moved the way she knew made Eliza lose her mind.

Eliza squirmed and moaned as those fingers touched her deeper. Fuck… Bianca’s touch is insanely good…!

She tried to keep her mind blank to prolong the moment, but she couldn’t. Those fingers, that girl knew how to touch her too much. Then, sooner than she wished, she pleasure.

“You were more intense than usual,” Eliza managed to say despite panting.

“It’s because I’ve been dying touch you for days,” Bianca said, flashing a teasing smile. “Let’s continue this on my bedroom.”

Eliza blushed but smiled too.

It was the best afternoon they had in a long time.

Both girls forgot how hungry they were; they only wanted the taste of each other.

Both Eliza and Bianca fulfilled all their pent-up desire for one another.

The redhead touched and kissed where she wanted.

Eliza sucked and pleasured everywhere she wished.

They only stopped when they both were too exhausted to move anymore.

The bed was a mixture of sweat and their love.

Despite the exhaustion, Eliza turned to Bianca.

“l love you.”

The redhead’s cheek became the same color of her hair.

Then she found strength to roll over her girlfriend and give her a tight hug.

“I love you too!”

Eliza hugged Bianca back as tight as her tired arms allowed.

She had missed that embrace more than anything. I promise no matter what, I’ll never stop hugging her like this…

If they could, they would remain in their own world forever.

But a soft knock on the door brought them back to reality.

“Bianca? There’s a police officer,” the maid said through the door.

“A cop?” she asked, managing to sit down. “Isn’t for dad?”

“No… he says he wants to talk to Eliza as well…”

The girls exchanged looks. “We’ll be there in a moment.”

A cop? A cop is here for me? Eliza tried to think of a reason that could happen as she looked for her clothes. Damn it… where are my bra and pantie?

Bianca said nothing, her face concentrating. She didn’t even notice she had put on the shirt on backward.

“I don’t know what he wants, but let’s play dumb. I doubt he’s here because of that, but either way…”

Eliza nodded, but her heart was too wary. There’s no reason a cop would come to me… unless dad told someone that I was the one who found those notebooks… But there’s no way he’d do that… unless he had too much to drink… or Eduardo… ah, crap…

With her head heavy, Eliza didn’t realize Bianca was squeezing her hand. Before she realized, they were on the living room where a strange was waiting for them.

The cop was a black man around his thirties with short hair dressed in a dark blue suit. He had two fingers pressed against his temple, but when the girls entered, he turned to them.

“Hello, Eliza and Bianca,” he said in a polite voice. “My name is João Paulo and I’d like to talk with you two about my eyes can see.”

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