My Eyes 2 02

Here’s the second chapter of My eyes 2
This chapter contain mature scenes


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My Eyes 2 02

“Hey, luv. Good morning!” Bianca greeted Eliza with a huge smile the moment the girl walked out the front door of her house.

“Hey…” Eliza’s listless voice said it all; she didn’t share the redhead’s enthusiasm at all. The only thing she did was stare at her smiling girlfriend.

“What?” Bianca’s smile only grew as she stood near her car.

“Why do you look… so hyped…? We’re going to school, you know…” Eliza almost shivered at the word. “Or you’re planning to take me away for a day of fun like in those American movies? I could really use that.”

“No way. But that does sound found.” Bianca chuckled and walked around the car to open the passenger door.

Eliza stood before her girlfriend without entering the car. She was tired; she had barely slept a wink so nervous she was. But as she stared at that beautiful face, Eliza couldn’t help but glance around.

There was no one on the street beside them. And mom’s getting ready to work… Before she got in the car, Eliza stole a kiss from her girlfriend’s lips.

Bianca didn’t hide her surprise. Her face became almost as red as her hair and she had to suppress a smile. But then she widened her eyes and looked back at Eliza’s house. When nothing happened after a moment, she let herself smile for real and then got back to the driver’s seat.

Eliza watched all that with her heart thumping faster. I hate having to pay attention just to kiss my girlfriend, she thought, fastening the seat belt. But I have to admit seeing Bianca nervous like this is kinda fun… now I know why she likes to tease me so much…

Ah, damn… I’m becoming a sadist like her… Stupid stunning redhead who made me fall in love with her and makes me wanna tease and more to her… Eliza looked out the window to hide her red cheeks.

“Today is gonna be an awesome day!”

“Speak for yourself,” Eliza grunted. Then she let out a heavy sigh as she threw her head back. “At least one of us is having a good time today… though I really can’t see why you’re so hyped about school… guess good students are like that…”

Bianca let out a loud and dry laugh. “There’s no way I’d be hyped about school. I’m hyped because I’m going to school with my girlfriend after too long. And now I don’t even have to hide how much I love her!”

Bianca’s smile was so huge and enthralling even Eliza couldn’t keep her bad mood.

“When you put it like that… But please, try to hide. It’s the first time I’m gonna face everyone after coming out of the closet…” Eliza’s eyes went empty as she imagined the scene.

Bianca held her girlfriend’s hand when they stopped at a red light.

“Sorry about that… Now that I think about it, it’s kinda my fault… instead of coming out of the closet, I pulled you out…”

“More like you kicked me out with a dropkick… But I don’t blame you… I’d have done the same thing in your situation,” Eliza mumbled, her cheeks a shade of pink as she entwined their fingers. “Also, next time you say you’re sorry, at least stop smiling. It takes all the impact out of your apologies.”

Bianca’s grin widened. “I’m trying, but I just can’t. I’m too happy!”

Eliza let out a tired sigh and then smiled too.

“I give up… it’s impossible to resist you or that smile…” She leaned closer to kiss her girlfriend. Bianca didn’t hesitate at all this time. “This is what makes me happy… a lot happier…” Eliza kissed the redhead again.

They only stopped kissing when the car behind them honked; the light was already green. Laughing, they drove to school. But as they stopped the car on the parking lot, the redhead’s smile stopped having any effect on her girlfriend.

“Ah, crap… I can’t believe I’m gonna face everyone again.” Eliza sank her face on both hands. “I thought I was immune to the rumors up to this point…”

“That’s what I’ve been meaning to ask… Isn’t this pretty much just like the beginning of the year? Is it that different?” Bianca asked in a low voice.

“I’ve been the center of a bunch of crazy rumors since after carnival, but it’s the first time I’m gonna be the center because of something real… I’m not so sure I can just ignore that like I’ve been doing… also” Eliza hesitated, averting her gaze. “I don’t want them talking anything mean about you,” she mumbled, her cheeks red.

Bianca hugged her girlfriend’s head with both arms, bringing Eliza closer to her breasts. “You’re so cute it’s not fair! I’m gonna fall in love with you all over again!”

“Shut up… that’s mine line…” Despite her words, Eliza couldn’t help but smile. These boobs are too powerful… there’s no way I can be mad at her with them pressing against my face… If I died out of air because of Red’s boobs, I’d die a happy girl.

Eliza couldn’t stop the urge to massage them. Her touch was at the same time firm but gentle, the way she knew her girlfriend couldn’t resist.

Almost right away, Bianca’s hug became weaker as her face grew redder.

With a sly smile, Eliza slid one hand down the redhead’s belly.

“Hey, Red. If you take me somewhere else right now, I’ll make worth your while,” she whispered in a sweet voice, her hand almost between Bianca’s legs.

Eliza was only half kidding. She knew she would have to face her school eventually. But if her girlfriend turned the car on again and drove away, she wouldn’t complain.

But as she teased Bianca, Eliza stopped caring about school or the rumors she would have to face. She only wanted to touch the redhead and make her feel good.

Ah, crap… it’s because we didn’t do anything… I’m losing my mind…

It was the last non-desire driven thought she had. The next moment, Eliza slipped her fingers inside Bianca’s pants.

The redhead breathed deep and bit her lips.

Already, Red? I knew you were barely keeping it together. Like me, Eliza though, touching Bianca’s womanhood above the underwear. First, she only caressed lightly, her fingers circling around the other lips Eliza loved to kiss.

The redhead got wet, squirmed and let out a cute stifled moan.

Ah, crap! That’s too cute, Red!

In order to hear that again, and even more, Eliza opened the womanhood with her index and ring finger just enough to poke her middle finger in.

This time Bianca let out a louder moan.

“I’m barely teasing and you’re already this wet,” Eliza whispered on her girlfriend’s ear.

The next moment, she teasingly plucked her girlfriend over the thin fabric of her silk underwear. At the same time, she nibbled Bianca on the ear.

It was enough to make her girlfriend reach pleasure.

With her heart thumping fast, her face red, and a satisfied smile, Eliza pulled her hand, getting another moan from a panting Bianca.

“I barely touched you and you came this much?” she asked. Then, while looking her girlfriend in the eyes, she liked her fingers.

That made Bianca blush even more, to Eliza’s satisfaction.

“I can’t believe you’d do this here,” the redhead mumbled.

Eliza couldn’t hold back her laugh. “And I can’t believe I’m hearing that from you! May I remind you did more when I was in the hospital?”

Bianca pouted and averted her eyes. “I couldn’t stop myself…”

 “You didn’t even try.” Eliza’s grin was too big. “But let’s put that aside. There’s no way you can go in with your skirt and panties wet like that. Guess you have to take me somewhere else.”

Bianca was still panting. But with a deep breath, she was back to normal. She stared at her girlfriend for a while and then reached out for her backpack at the back seat.

“After yesterday, I knew you’d do something like this,” she said, rummaging through one of the pockets. Then she pulled something. “So I made sure to prepare.”

Eliza stared at disbelief. Bianca had pulled another pant and a white lacy panty. It took a while, but she finally recovered herself and let out a chuckle that was part sigh.

“I can’t believe you’re carrying this,” he said, taking the panty from Bianca’s hand and flipping over. “It’s cute… And it proves you’re the responsible one on this relationship. Just as I said.”

“Don’t try to push your job to me,” Bianca said with a grin.

“Anyway, I can’t believe you carry a panty this cute on your bag…”

Eliza stared at the panty and then turned to her girlfriend. With her curiosity growing, her gaze lowered and focused between the redhead’s legs. After a moment, she saw through the pants and widened her eyes.

“What the hell are you wearing to school?”

 When Bianca saw her girlfriend’s reaction, she unbuttoned her pants enough to show her underwear black silky lingerie with a sly grin.


“How can you wear something this lewd to school?” Eliza was too flustered and didn’t hide at all, which only made Bianca’s sly grin grow.

“What’s the matter? It’s not like anyone would see. Except you, if you looked really hard,” the redhead whispered in her girlfriend’s ear.

Eliza’s face became an alarming shade of red and turned her head away. Damn it… me and my curiosity…

“Hey, I got an idea.” Bianca touched Eliza’s chin and made the girl look at her. “How about if you wear my panty today?”

“What? Are you crazy?”

“C’mon. It’d be so hot… and it’d make you stop worrying about everyone…”

Damn it… why does this idiot idea sound interesting when she says like that…?

“I’ll make it worth your while later,” Bianca whispered, making Eliza gulp…

A few minutes later, they were in the bathroom in the gym near the parking lot.

“Make sure no one’s coming,” Eliza said, flustered as she cleaned the lingerie’s wet spot with toilet paper.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.”

Bianca had already changed into her backup underwear. She wanted to watch while Eliza put on hers, but the girl made her stand watch at the door and make sure no one came in.

I can’t believe she convinced me to do this, the girl thought, her face flushing. The underwear was cleaned, but even so, it was still moist. Damn it… I can’t believe I’m gonna wear this… what the hell am I thinking…?

Despite what was in her head, Eliza undressed her pants. Then, with trembling hand, she took off her underwear and put on Bianca’s.

This feels too lewd… like I’m doing something too perverted… It’s like Bianca’s touching me the entire time… That made her face go an alarming shade of red.

“Are you masturbating thinking about me?” the redhead’s voice came from the other side of the door.

“No! And you should be watching the entrance!”

Bianca only laughed. “Don’t worry, don’t worry.”

“You know when you say that, it only makes me worry even more!”

“Never mind that. Did you put my panty?”

She sounds awfully excited… I can’t believe I’m in love with someone this perverted… but I’m no better…


“Let me see! Let me see!”

“No! Why do you want to see? You’ve seen me naked!”

“Yeah, but this is too hot!”

Damn it… I’m only playing in her hand if I react like this…

Forcing herself, Eliza unlocked the door and left the stall. As she expected, Bianca was waiting on the other side with a grin.

“Stop grinning like that,” Eliza said, her face red as she averted her eyes. “And this somehow feels lewder than anything we’ve done so far.”

She couldn’t help but touch between her legs, where the moist spot was touching her jeans.

“It does…” Bianca got closer, putting her hand above Eliza’s. “It’s like I’m touching you the entire time… you’re not gonna even think about others with this,” she whispered, making her girlfriend even red.

“Shut up…”

With a last grin, the redhead offered her hand. “Come. Let’s face the long day that awaits us…”

Blushing, the girl took the hand and let her girlfriend lead her.

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