Please Call Me Teacher 2! 11

The last chapter of Please Call me Teacher 2!
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Please 2! 11 – Please Call me Teacher!

Seiji, a teacher? At the same school as me? Yuuto had lost track of how many times he had thought of that.

He hugged the pillow and sat on the couch when he grew tired of lying. When he grew tired of sitting, he would lie impatiently. But time refused to pass.

Ever since Seiji left, Yuuto was listening to any sound outside their apartment, hoping it would be his boyfriend. More than once he heard the elevator door and thought it was Seiji. But after a few minutes, he knew it wasn’t the man he loved.

He could’ve at least brought his phone… but he always forgets to take it when he goes outside… that’s what I get for falling in love with a nearly shut-in artist, Yuuto thought, tossing the pillow in the air to make the time pass faster. But it made no difference. The minutes seemed to stretch as he waited.

Seiji seemed a little strange when the vice-principal offered him the job… I never imagined it was a real offer… when he called the other day to set the interview with Seiji, I couldn’t believe… I thought it was just the wine talking…

But what’s more impressive is that Seiji actually wanted to go to the interview!

Does that mean that he wants to work at his old high school? I thought for sure he was just going to mess with me, since I was freaking out with the possibility… but that face he made when he left this morning…

How would it be if Seiji and I worked at the same place? Yuuto imagined for a moment.

It would be nice to see more of him… ever since the summer vacation ended, we don’t have a lot of time together… especially with my work as Yuuto increasing…

But if we work together, we’d risk getting caught… There’s no way he wouldn’t tease me there…  And I don’t trust myself either… I might do something too… again… Yuuto blushed at the thought.

The last thing I want is for everyone at school to find out about our relationship… He hugged the pillow harder. We never did anything wrong, but people might think we started going out when he was still a student

Once again Yuuto imagined how would be if Seiji became an art teacher at Hyouzan.

The first thing on his mind was Seiji sneaking up on him to steal a kiss here and there when he could. Or maybe something more, depending on his mood. Or Yuuto’s. Wait, it’s not like we’re one of those couples that only think of sex, he told himself, his face an alarming shade of red.

Once he calmed down, he imagined his boyfriend teaching.

It might be hard for the kids to rely on him, since he’s pretty much their age. But that might make it easier for them to trust him. And I bet he’ll like teaching kids about panting and stuff. Despite his complains, he likes explaining to me… But I don’t think he can teach things like sculpture and all.

It might be good… and he did seem so happy when he left for the interview… I might be in the wrong here… I might feel like this, but I should be happy for his art and for him to be getting this opportunity because of his skill.

When my art got me those interviews and photo shootings, he was supportive… he still is…

Guilt started filling the teacher. It doesn’t matter if Seiji becomes a teacher or not. I’ll support his professional decisions in the same way he’s been supporting my cosplaying career.

And if we’re gonna work together, I might as well enjoy the extra time we’ll have together… Lunch together under the tree seems so romantic… ever since we started dating, I felt jealous of the couples doing that…

Yuuto enjoyed imagining what kind of new experience they could have together.

But when he heard the sound of keys and the door opening, Yuuto sat on the couch right away. He grabbed the furniture with both hands and turned to the entrance.

“Seiji! That was fast than I thought,” he said before the man he loved could say anything. “How was the interview? Did you get the job?”

Seiji blinked a little in surprise for the sudden questions the moment he opened the door.

“Hey, Yuuto,” he said, closing the door and taking off his shoes. Then walked to his boyfriend and kissed him. “I’m back.”

“Welcome back,” Yuuto said, blushing a little for his haste. “So, how was it?”

“Why are you so eager now? I thought you’d support me either way.” Seiji took off his suit and walked into the living room.

“I did, I mean, I’m gonna support whatever decision you make,” the teacher mumbled, playing with his fingers as he averted his eyes. “I’m just curious, that’s all…”

“That’s all, huh? I thought you were curious to know if we’re gonna work at the same place and be colleagues or worried that if I do become a teacher, I won’t be able to control myself and out you in school.”

Yuuto looked at the floor, ashamed.

“Sorry… I shouldn’t have said those things… I was being unfair to you…”

“You were being a little unfair. But you should have said those things. It’s how you feel. I asked you to be honest, didn’t I?” Seiji said, bending over so his head would be on the same level as Yuuto’s. “So I’ll make a promise right now. I’ll behave and try to be as professional as I can at school.”

The teacher raised his head. “You got the job?”

Seiji scratched his cheek and flashed an awkward smile. “I’m the newest substitute art teacher at Hyouzan high school.”

Yuuto widened his eyes. Then he felt ashamed for his behavior the moment he saw that smile. Seiji’s holding himself back because of me, he knew at once. He’s been so supportive of me, and yet I…

The teacher jumped over the couch and wrapped his arms and legs around his boyfriend.

“Congratulations, Seiji,” he said with the most sincerity he could muster. When he saw that face, he felt happy from the bottom of his heart. “I know ever since you received the offer, you’ve been thinking about it. I’m truly happy for you. I am. Sorry for my behavior. You don’t have to keep restraining yourself because of me. Show how thrilled you are for this opportunity.”

Yuuto showered Seiji with kisses.

The artist was still trying to keep standing with the sudden hug. But when he became stable, he showed a bigger smile and hugged Yuuto back.

“Thanks,” he said, smiling too much. Then he took off Yuuto’s glass to kiss his boyfriend on the lips. “If you really feel this way about me getting a job at school, I’m gonna need a favor from you.”

Yuuto pulled his head away a bit to look the man he loved in the eyes. “Yeah, of course. Anything, Seiji.”

Seiji put on Yuuto’s glass on himself and smiled.

“Please, call me teacher.”

Yuuto widened his eyes. But a second later, he laughed, happy from the bottom of this heart. “Yes!” he said, kissing Seiji again.

The end

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Thank you so much for reading Please Call me Teacher 2! until the end.
Hope you liked the story.
Despite being the last chapter, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of Yuuto and Seiji.
They still appear in other stories.
Not to mention that I just finished rewriting the first volume. The ebook version should be coming out soon. It’ll have never seen chapters.
So until then, stay tuned.

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