Swimmer 42

Chapter 42 of the cutest Swimmer Manager duo
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This chapter contains mature content
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The Swimmer and The Manager 42

When Nelson woke, he had no idea where he was.

What time is it?

He tried moving his arm, but it was heavy and he gave up. Then he opened his eyes with some effort, but all he saw was pitch darkness. After blinking a couple times, his vision got a little used to the darkness and the swimmer realized where he was.

I’m in my bedroom… who did I get here?

The swimmer thought about for a moment.

Oh, yeah… when Cris and I got back, everyone was waiting with a surprise party, Nelson remembered with a smile. I think it was just an excuse to drink in the afternoon, but it was nice of them.

He had fun celebrating with his friends. Especially since he was truly one of them again. But that didn’t stop his smile from becoming smaller. It was nice of them, but I kinda wished I had more time with Cris… I know he understood, but still…

Nelson let out a sigh. Then he couldn’t stop grinning as he thought of his boyfriend. We’re together now… no need to rush…

When his eyes got completely used to the darkness, he realized the black heavy thing before him was none other than the man he fell in love with.


What’s he doing here? In my bed…

Did we… sleep together…?

Nelson tried to remember anything, but he had no memory of having sex with Cris. Then he breathed out in relief.

I’m glad we haven’t done it yet… I’d hate to forget our first time, the swimmer thought, blushing a little as he watched that petite back.

Before Nelson could stop himself, he wrapped his arms around that small body and hugged as gently as he could without waking up Cris.

He smells nice…

Nelson closed his eyes and felt the warmth coming from the man he loved.

If everyone knew we’re together, I bet they’d let me sneak out of the party earlier, even if I was the main guest… but I don’t know if I’m ready for people to know that I’m gay…

Ever since he had admitted to himself his feelings for Cris, Nelson had been struggling with that.

But now, as he embraced the petite man that supported him for so long, Nelson didn’t mind if people knew.

Actually, I wanna scream that I’m in love with him…I don’t mind what people will say… The last thing I want is to hide my relationship and hurt Cris somehow… I want to be happy with him…

But now that I think about it, everyone saw was getting here holding hands, he remembered, letting out a weak laugh. Now it’s done.

Nelson hugged his manager a little stronger, but still without waking the other man.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too,” a soft voice said back.

Nelson widened his eyes, his face an alarming shade of red.

“I… ah… Sorry… I didn’t mean to wake you,” the swimmer said in an embarrassed voice, glad Cris hadn’t turned. This way the manager couldn’t see his red face. “How long have you been awake?”

“Ever since you hugged me,” Cris answered in his teasing tone.

Nelson pressed his lips.

“Why didn’t you say something?”

“I wanted to see what you would do to my defenseless body.”

“Like what?” Nelson asked before he could stop himself. “Wait, never mind.”

Even in the dark, he could tell his boyfriend had the teasing smile.

Cris hummed, pretending to be thinking.

“I don’t know… Maybe ravage me like the horny man you are,” he said without an ounce of embarrassment his voice.

Nelson blushed.

But that wasn’t the only reaction he had.

He could feel his blood gathering in his lower region.

Taken by his desire, he faced Cris’ teasing.

“Ravage… and how… would I do that…?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you’d start by teasing my nipples…”

Nelson breathed slowly. He could feel the temperature rising.

Pressing his lips, he gathered his courage and moved his hands to his boyfriend’s chest.

He’s still wearing the school swimsuit, the swimmer realized as he felt the fabric.

That only made his desire for the other man grow even more.

Damn it… he really made me have a fetish for this, Nelson thought, but that didn’t make him mad at all.

When he found Cris’ nipples, he rubbed them a little.

The manager suddenly went stiff, but he said nothing.

Gaining more courage, Nelson pinched the nipples gently.

This time he had a cuter reaction from his boyfriend; a restrained moan.

That sent more blood to his member, and he pinched a little harder.

“Ah!” another moan escaped Cris’ lips.

It was the first time Nelson heard his boyfriend like that. And he wanted to hear more.

“After that, what would I do to your body?” he asked in a low voice that didn’t hide how aroused he was.

“You’d… kiss me on the neck… and…”

Before Cris finished speaking, Nelson took one hand from his chest and put the silky black hair behind the manager’s ear.

When the neck was exposed, he kissed longingly.

Cris’ whole body quivered with pleasure as he tried to restrain himself.

“Then… and then you’d play… with my butt,” the manager managed to say despite the pleasure. “With… this…”

He showed something and Nelson took it.

The swimmer’s face became even red as he realized it was lotion.

Gulping, he slid the hand on Cris’ back. When he was on the ass, he put in fingers under the tight swimsuit and pulled it to expose the round and firm butt.

Then he smeared the hand with the lotion and placed one finger inside Cris.

The manager squirmed as the finger moved around, massaging everywhere.

Nelson gained more courage driven by desire and slipped another finger in.

I have to make sure I massage everywhere. This way it won’t hurt either of us.

The fingers inside him were too much, and Cris let out another moan full of pleasure.

“You’re… good… at this…” Cris managed to say. “Have you… done it… before…?”

“No. I’ve been… reading… a lot… all for… this night,” Nelson managed to say, having trouble to concentrate on his fingers and speak at the same time.

“You have…? Why… didn’t you… tell me…?”

“I wanted to surprise you…”

Even without seeing, Nelson could tell that made his boyfriend blush.

Damn it… I wished I could see it, he thought, spreading his fingers apart.

“I can’t take it anymore… please…” Cris begged.

Nelson knew what his boyfriend was taking.

He too felt the same.

Nelson wanted to be with Cris the same way Cris wanted to be with him.

Neither could wait another second.

They both wanted each other’s body.

Cris turned around. Still lying on the bed, he raised only his hips.

The swimmer pulled his fingers and sat up on the bed.

As Nelson looked at that cute butt wrapped in the blue swimsuit, his member became even harder.

He pulled the fabric to the side and stared at that hole.

With a gulp, he pulled down his pants and boxers.

Taking deep breaths, he put his hands on those slender hips, his thumbs finding two little dimples on that back.

It’s like he was made for this…

“Hurry up,” Cris begged in a horny voice.

Nelson obeyed his boyfriend.

It’s warm… and slippery, he thought for a moment before pushing his hips in and out.

At first, he moved slowly, afraid to hurt the man he loved.

But when he realized Cris was enjoying, he thrust faster.

As he moved, Nelson lost control of himself.

He couldn’t stop even if he wanted.

He couldn’t even think. His mind was too wrapped in their pleasure.

Then Cris was moving on his own.

It was too much and too soon for him, Nelson ejaculated.

As his seed filled the hole, Cris reached pleasure as well.

Both men panted and sweated a little. But they were both satisfied.

When Nelson meant to pull his member out of Cris, the manager grabbed the hand on his dimple.

“Leave it in a little longer,” he said in a muffled and embarrassed voice. “I like the feeling of you inside me…”

That made Nelson’s heart thump faster.

Holy crap! How can he be so cute and sexy at the same time?

Despite just reaching pleasure, Nelson felt the blood gathering again.

But this time he wanted to make love facing each other, facing the face he grew to love.

He’s already lewd. What kind of expressions does he makes during sex?

But Cris didn’t let the swimmer turn him around.

“Why not?”

“I… I don’t want you… truly realizing that I’m a guy,” Cris said in a low voice, burying his face on the pillow so Nelson wouldn’t see his expression.

Ah… so that’s been worrying him…

Then he realized. That’s why he’s been hanging out with me only dressed as a girl lately…

“Cris,” Nelson said in the gentlest tone he could at the moment. “I already know you’re a guy. I know that for a long time. And it doesn’t matter to me.”

“It doesn’t?”

“No. You can be a guy, a girl, an alien, I don’t care. I fell in love with you, Cris.”

Nelson tried to turn his boyfriend again.

This time Cris let him.

When they faced each other, the manager’s face was an alarming shade of red.

That sight only aroused Nelson even more.

With his member still inside Cris, he began thrusting his hips again.

Soon the manager’s face was wincing with pleasure.

But his expression became much more erotic when Nelson grabbed free that tight bulge and stroke it.

“Wait! If you do that, I!”

Cris couldn’t talk anymore. His mouth was too busy moaning.

Nelson basked in that expression. It was too good. And he wanted to see how much more he could get.

Thrusting and stroking, he wanted to make himself and Cris feel the same pleasure.

And they did.

Nelson lied next to Cris, completely exhausted.

The manager was panting as well, his body glistening with sweat.

But when he moved closer for a kiss, they both became excited again.

Nelson laughed weakly when he realized his boyfriend was ready for more.

“I… can’t… my body… won’t move… this and the competition…”

Cris flashed his teasing smile.

“Don’t worry,” he said, pushing Nelson and sitting on top of him. “Let me show you a few of my skills that don’t involve my mouth.”

Nelson widened his eyes.

“I love you!” he shouted as Cris put the swimmer’s member inside his ass and moved his body up and down.

“I know,” the manager said before he began moaning.

They spent the next day in the bedroom, too busy to get out.

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