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Please 2! 9 – Cosplay is an art that needs space

“Thanks,” Yuuto said after the moving people finishing putting all the boxes in the free room on Seiji’s apartment.

After he signed the papers, the men left, and the teacher went to the room.

But just getting through the door was hard; there were too many boxes.

“Seiji? Are you here?” Yuuto asked, squeezing himself between two piles, careful enough to not topple everything.

“Yeah, I’m here…” Seiji’s voice came from somewhere in the back of the room.

“Where are you?”

“I’m here.”


Yuuto tried to navigate through the little corridors created by the piles of cardboard boxes. But he ended up lost and without finding his boyfriend.

“I can’t find you… Stop hiding…”

“I’m not hiding… I’m lost…”

The cosplayer couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

“Hey, honey, I’m glad that you’re moving in and all… but did you really need to bring everything at once…?”

“Yes,” Yuuto answered right away, glad his boyfriend couldn’t see his sheepish smile.

Seiji sighed loud enough for the teacher to hear.

“Why do you have so many boxes?” he asked as he tried to move around the cardboard boxes.

“You tend to accumulate things when you get to my age,” Yuuto said in a nonchalant tone. He knew Seiji would see through him right away, but he couldn’t help but like the idea of annoying the man he loved.

“Don’t try to trick me.” Seiji’s voice seemed strained for a moment. “This is all your cosplays, isn’t it?”

“Well… it can’t be helped. I mean, my art needs a lot of materials. And those material tend to need a lot of space to store everything. Besides, some of the stuff needed special care. Like my wigs,” he said, holding back his urge to laugh. “But to be honest, I didn’t expect I’d have so much…”

“You didn’t have to ask your grandparents to send your stuff back at your hometown too…”

“I know, I know… sorry for barging in like this… Are you mad?” he asked when he finally met his boyfriend.

“I’m not mad,” Seiji said, leaning down to kiss Yuuto. “I’m just surprised, that all. I never expected you’d have so much stuff… I think you own more than everything I have on this apartment.”


“Don’t apologize,” Seiji said with a smile. Then he turned to the piles and sighed as he placed an arm on top of Yuuto’s head. “I’m just glad that I’ve got space for all your stuff.”

“Me too,” Yuuto said, beaming at the taller man.

They stared at the piles of boxes in silence for a while. Neither men wanted to break the mood. Because they both knew what would come after that.

This is gonna be so exhausting, the teacher thought, dropping his shoulders. I can’t believe packing and unpacking are so different…

Yuuto had fun packing everything in his room.

With each cosplay he carefully folded and placed on one of the many boxes, the cosplayer couldn’t help but remember all the stories involved with those fabrics.

All the events, all the work he put into them, all the smiles he received while turning into the character for a day.

And of course, he remembered the times when Seiji painted him.

When he called me his muse… it was embarrassing, but now that we’re together, I kinda miss it…

The cosplayer glanced at the man he loved.

Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since the last time Seiji painted me. But he’s been working on something… I never had a chance to look into the other rooms… Usually we go straight to his bed… or just remained on the couch… or the floor of the living room.

Yuuto’s face became an alarming shade of red as the memories came back.

To his luck, Seiji hadn’t notice; the painter was still too busy staring at the boxes containing all his boyfriend’s belongings.

The teacher looked at the cardboard boxes and then smile.

“Let’s do this so we can eat dinner and celebrate our first night living together,” he said, his cheeks a shade of red.

Seiji smiled and rolled his sleeves.

No matter how much tiresome this is, it’s the good kind of work. Because it’s a step forward in our life together, Yuuto thought, smiling as he rolled his sleeves and opened one of the boxes with a red dot, which meat cosplays.

“This is more exhausting than I thought,” Seiji complained when they were over three-quarters of the boxes.

“I can’t disagree,” Yuuto said, cleaning the sweat from his head. His limbs and his back complained of the effort, and he took the opportunity to drink some water. “But that’s just half of it. You’re the one who’s not used to a little physical work.”

Seiji picked up his bottle of water and drank half in one gulp.

“This is not a little physical work,” he said, cleaning the water from his mouth with the back of the hand. “And besides, I’m still not fully recovered from all the work your grandpa and the other old men made me do at your hometown.”

“You’re still trying to use that as an excuse?” Yuuto shook his head. “It was over a week. When you’ll stop complaining?”

“When my body stops aching from the memories.”

Yuuto laughed.

“It wouldn’t hurt you to exercise a little, you know?”

“I’m not listening to you.” Seiji turned around and drank the rest of his water.

The teacher smiled. But now that I think about it, I kinda wanna see how he’d look all sweaty after a workout… and taking off his shirt, showing his defined abs…

As the cosplayer fantasied by himself, the painter resumed his work unpacking the boxes.

“Hey, Yuuto?” Seiji asked, waking the teacher from his daydream.

“Hm?” the cosplayer mumbled without opening his eyes; he was still visualizing a Seiji all sweaty and manly.

“What’s this?”

There was something strange in Seiji’s voice.

The teacher opened his eyes and turned to his boyfriend. When he saw what Seiji held, his face went a wild shade of red.

Damn it! I thought I had left it at my room! There’s no way I’d bring that!

He opened and closed his mouth many times, but it was hard to get any word out.

“Where… did you… find it…?” Yuuto managed to ask after a long time

 “In this box with your sister signature,” Seiji said, showing the box with the free hand.

Yuuka! I knew it was strange for my sister to offer to help! She just wanted to put that in one of the boxes!

“Hey, Yuuto. You still haven’t answered me why do you have this dildo?” Seiji said, swinging the object from side to side.

Yuuto stayed in silence as he stared at his boyfriend’s face.

“It’s a phallic rubber object,” the teacher said in the most dignifying voice he could muster, not averting his eyes.

“It’s a dildo,” Seiji said, not bothering to hide how much fun he was having swinging the object. “Why do you have a dildo? Do you have more dildos? Do you name your dildos? Is one of them named Seiji?”

“Stop saying dildos!” Yuuto snapped, his face redder than ever.

That only made Seiji’s smile grow.

“I’ll stop saying if you tell me why do you have one.” The artist’s smug was too much for the cosplayer.

“I bought it after the first time we had sex the first time!” Yuuto shouted, covering his face with both hands. “Are you happy?”

Seiji mumbled as if he was figuring out something important.

“I see… Since you didn’t have me at the time, you had to resort to this dild…  phallic rubber object, hm?”

The way Seiji said it only made Yuuto’s face get warmer. Even without looking, the teacher could tell his boyfriend had a stupid smug.

“Don’t get embarrassed, Yuuto. I’m a great lover, after all.”

Yuuto had enough of that conversation. Without a word, he walked to Seiji and snatched the console out of his hand.

“Oh, c’mon, honey. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to make fun of you. I’m just interested because I never thought you’d have the courage to buy one,” Seiji said, but the smile on his face made his apologize become meaningless. The next moment, his smile turned sly. “Now I’m interested in knowing if you stopped using this dildo since we’re together. I hate to think I’m lacking on that department.”

With his cheeks burning, Yuuto walked out of the bedroom without saying a word.

“I’m sorry, Yuuto,” Seiji’s voice echoed in the apartment.

Still without saying anything, the teacher came back a few moments later.

“Yuuto, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t make fun of you because of your dildo… why are you smiling like that?” Seiji asked suspiciously the moment he raised his eyes and looked at his boyfriend. His smile vanished right away. “What do have behind your back…?”

Yuuto said nothing. All he did was grin.

He walked towards Seiji with his hands still on his back.

“Since you’re so interested in my phallic rubber object, I’m guessing it’s because you wanna use it yourself,” the teacher said, showing what was behind his back.

Yuuto was holding the rubber penis in one hand and a bottle of lotion on the other.

Seiji stared at those items and then at his boyfriend’s face. The next second, he took a step back.

“Yuuto, put the dildo down… slowly…”

“Why?” Yuuto walked closer, still grinning in a strange way. “Weren’t you the one who couldn’t stop talking about it a few seconds ago? That means you wanna use it, right? That’s the only logical explanation.”

Seiji stood behind the last pile of cardboard boxes.

“I’m sorry for making fun of you, okay? I promise I’ll never talk about it again,” he said, making sure the pile of boxes was between him and Yuuto all the time. “So, just put it down.”

The fear in his face was too priceless for the teacher. And he wanted to make the man he loved sweat even more.

“No, no, no,” Yuuto said, shaking his head. “You should try it once. It’s weird at first, but you get used to it.”

The teacher walked around the boxes and Seiji did the same, still holding the boxes with both hands.

“Why are you running from me?”

“I’m sorry,” Seiji said in a low voice.

“There’s nothing to apologize. You’re just interested in a dildo, that’s all…”

“Put it down…”

There was a moment of silence in the bedroom.

The next moment, still with the strange grin, Yuuto pushed the boxes away and jumped on Seiji.

The artist held the teacher’s arms by the wrist.

They struggled and struggled to gain the upper hand, but neither men managed.

Then, somehow, they started kissing.

Taken by the kiss, Yuuto dropped the dildo and wrapped an arm on Seiji’s neck.

Without stopping the kiss, the painter took the bottle of lotion and smeared his hand. With the other, the pulled Yuuto’s shorts and underwear, massaging his boyfriend’s butt.

Then Seiji was inside Yuuto. And was one of the best sex they ever had.

“That was… amazing,” the painter said, out of breath, when they did it for the fourth time.

“Yeah… it was,” Yuuto said, trying to recover his breath as he lied on top of Seiji’s naked torso. “Hey… this was… the first time… we have sex… living together…”

“Oh, yeah… Maybe you should… move in more often,” Seiji said, smiling and kissing the man he loved again.

“But you’re still gonna test the dildo,” Yuuto said in the same joyful voice and strange grin.

Seiji stopped smiling at once, his eyes wide.


“I’m not letting this go,” Yuuto interrupted him, humming as he put the lotion his hand and on the rubber penis.

Seiji gulped and saw that was no way out.

The next moment, he closed his eyes and turned his butt around.

“Good boy.” Yuuto slapped Seiji’s butt. He massaged and then placed the dildo on the entrance. “Think of me,” he said before pushing the object.

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