Please 2! 8

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Please 2! 8 – Who’s more nervous?

“It’s a bad idea,” Yuuto said, looking into Seiji’ eyes. He did is best to sustain the serious expression, but also to keep the desperation out of his face.

Seiji only smiled at his boyfriend. “I don’t see how.”

Yuuto took a deep breath and exhaled through his nose, this time trying to keep his true emotions out of his voice. “I’ll repeat. It’s a really bad idea,” he said slowly.

“And I say it again. I really can’t see why it’s a bad idea,” Seiji said, maintaining the gaze, not bothering to hide how much he enjoyed his boyfriend’s despair.

Still looking at Yuuto, he brought the mug to his lips and sipped his coffee, slurping as loud as he should. Then he turned to the woman by his side.

“Can you tell me why it’d be a bad idea for me to go, Yuuka-nee?”

“I’m trying, Seiji. I really. But I honestly cannot find any reason,” Yuuto’s sister agreed with him, bringing the steaming mug of tea to her lips to hide her smile.

“Perhaps he’s ashamed of me. Probably that’s why he doesn’t want me to go.” Seiji now ignored the teacher and talked only to Yuuka. “He told everyone that Yuuno had a boyfriend. But Yuuto is not ready to tell people…”

“You may be on to something…”

Yuuka nodded slowly, also not bothering to hide how much fun she was having teasing her little brother. With a long hum, she turned to the cosplayer and showed a serene expression. Then she turned back to Seiji.

“Or maybe it could be because of the age difference. Even though he loves you, he may see you only as a boy toy for now.”

Yuuto blushed as he pressed his trembling lips. He had heard enough of that idiotic conversation and slammed his hands on the counter to get the attention back to him. They can tease me all they want, it’s still not a good idea to let Seiji go with us to my grandparents!

“This has nothing to do with it,” he said in a low and restrained voice. “And why are you two agreeing so much, huh? Since when did you two become such buddies? What do you two have in common?”

Seiji and Yuuka looked at each other and then turned to the cosplayer. “Making fun of you,” they said in unison, both with serious expressions.

Then they turned to each other and laughed together.

Yuuto breathed slowly through his nose and pressed his eyes, trying to contain his growing anger. At the same time, he forced himself to think of any excuse he could use. One that his boyfriend and his sister couldn’t use to make fun of him.

“Look… Seiji going with us for our hometown’s festival is a bad idea, okay? Grandpa and grandma… they… I don’t think they’re ready to know about us. I mean, to truly know, you know?” he said to his boyfriend. “And can you imagine what the people will say? To us and to them? Better not go through that yet. And… and… there’s also… that…”

Yuuto pressed his lips when he was out of ideas. Can’t I think of anything else? Damn it! The literature teacher cursed, a bit disappointed with himself.

Seiji remained quiet for a while. Then he turned to Yuuka again.

“He must be pretty desperate to come up with those awful excuses, don’t you think, sis?”

“I agree with Seiji-chan on this one little brother. Using the townspeople as excuse… aren’t you forgetting they elected the first openly lesbian mayor? Don’t think they’re gonna mistreat your boyfriend.”

“Yeah, but this and that have nothing to do!”

Yuuka stared at her with an empty expression.

“To me, it looks like you’re just trying to exclude him,” she said, shaking her head with a serious expression. But her façade lasted only a moment. Soon she cracked and laughed. “Oh, c’mon, Yuuto. Grandpa and grandma already know you’re gay. In fact, I bet the whole town already knows by now. It’s not like they didn’t see those any of those articles and interviews about Yuuno. They invited Seiji because they want to meet your boyfriend personally.”

Something the way she said it pricked Yuuto’s mind. The teacher narrowed his eyes and leaned closer to his sister.

“How did they find out about those articles?” he asked, a spark of anger in his voice.

“I sent them, of course,” Yuuka answered with a shameless smile. Yuuto stared at his sister with a blank face. “But before you say anything, he’s the one who suggested. I only wanted to send the photo of Seiji carrying you in his arms,” she added, pointing to the man sitting next to her.

“That’s a lie! I was the one who wanted only the photo, but she said it’d be funnier with the articles!”

Yuuka showed her fake shocked expression. At the same time, she placed a hand on her chest, as if deeply hurt. “You’re throwing me under the bus? Shame on you, Seiji! Shame! And here I was only thinking about your relationship with my little brother!”

Yuuto ignored them. He took deep breaths as he ran his hands over his hair and face. “Why did you two send those to grandpa and grandma?” he managed to ask in a listless voice.

“Because every time I mentioned meeting your family, you changed the subject.”

For the first time during that whole conversation, Seiji showed his true feelings.

So that was bothering him for real, Yuuto thought, feeling down for not realizing his boyfriend’s feelings. I should’ve noticed…

“Then I turned Yuuka-nee. After a lot of talk, we came up with the idea. That way you wouldn’t have an excuse to not bring me…”

Yuuto understood. But even so, he was still bothered.

“I wished you had said something before outing me to them…”

The teacher let out a huge sigh. He wasn’t mad for that. Yuuto had planned to tell his grandparents that he was gay and about to move in with his boyfriend. But that was after the festival… to postpone them meeting so soon…

“And did you two talked about this? And since when did you two become such buddies?”

They still haven’t answered this, the cosplayer realized. Yuuto knew his boyfriend and his sister talked a lot. They loved teaming up to tease him about anything. But he had no idea it was to the point of Seiji opening up to her.

Yuuka tried to hold back her laugh, facing her mug as if the coffee was the most interesting thing in the world the entire time.

Seiji bit his lips as he tried to hide a smile.

The entire time, neither of them looked at Yuuto. That stirred his anger again.

“What are you two hiding now?” he asked, looking between them.

His former student leaned closer to Yuuka as he covered his mouth.

“Do you wanna say it, or should I?” Seiji murmured, but it was loud enough for Yuuto to hear.

“You say it,” his sister responded in the same tone, covering her mouth with the mug. “Whether is fun or too fun, he’s still my little brother.”

His boyfriend turned back to him and lowered his mug.

“Yuuto… how can I say this… sometimes after… our fun time in the bedroom…”

As the teacher got red, Yuuka laughed and then faked a cough to hide. Seiji gave up and smiled openly.

“You fall asleep right away. And during those times, we end up hanging out a lot.”

“Yeah, little brother. You’re one of those freakish people who like to wake up early. But your boy toy here hardly sleeps that soon.”

Yuuto covered his face at the answer. “Don’t… say… our fun time in the bedroom to my sister… and don’t say boy toy to my boyfriend,” he managed to say.

Yuuka laughed with no restrains now. “Sorry to say, little brother, but if you don’t take him to our hometown, I’ll call him your boy toy. And besides, you think I don’t know when you two do it? Even if you try to hide it, your muffled moans are loud enough to wake a few neighbors.”

Yuuto had a shocked expression. That only made them both laugh. He turned to the artist and asked silently if that was true.

Seiji averted his eyes and nodded. “I might be my fault,” he said with a cocky smile.

“Oh, c’mon Yuuto. Don’t be like that. You know I don’t mind you and your boy toy spending hot nights. It inspires me a lot.”

“I knew that last story was about us!” Yuuto shouted. Then he sighed and his head. I’ve had enough of this conversation. “You know what? Fine! Let’s go already then! Let’s bring Seiji. I’ll introduce my gay boyfriend to grandpa and grandma and to the whole damn town!”

Yuuto picked up his already packed bags and went to the entrance.

“We made him mad,” Seiji said, but the teacher could still hear him.

“Yeah. But it was worth. I told you we could convince him to let you come with us if we cornered him right before we leave. You may be his boy toy and all, but I’m the one who knows how to bend him. But don’t worry, this older sister here will teach you all you need to know how to push his buttons and drive my little brother crazy.”

“Thanks, sis!”

“Shut up you two!” Yuuto’s voice came from the front door. “If you’re going, then let’s get going now!”

It wasn’t the most pleasant train ride Yuuto had. They had managed to find good seats despite the time. The teacher sat on the right, brooding by himself. Seiji sat on the middle. And Yuuka on the left.

His sister explained all about the festival to his boyfriend. The artist listened and got all fired up, mentioning all the stalls he wanted to visit with Yuuto.

“It’s gonna be fun!” Seiji turned to the teacher with a bright smile, holding his hand and entwining their fingers.

Despite his bad mood for being cornered and embarrassed first thing in the morning, Yuuto couldn’t help but smile as he saw his boyfriend get excited like that. It’s like I’m bringing a kid to the festival… guess he’s never been to a hometown traditional festival like the ones in the animes… being rich and all

But even so, he couldn’t help but worry about what would happen once they got there. What will grandpa and grandma say? Are they shocked? I know grandma is… We didn’t talk after she dropped the bomb

Yuuto still remembered the call from a couple days ago. He was on the phone with his grandma, talking about going back home for the festival with Yuuka. It had no preparation or anything. She simply dropped the bomb with the invitation.

Oh, could you please bring your boyfriend? He looks like a good kid, but grandpa and I want to meet him, she said.

What followed next was a long silence. Yuuto was completely frozen. His mind refused to work on those words.

At least they already know about me and Seiji, the teacher thought. I wanted to tell them myself, but that’s not possible anymore… He glanced at the face of the man he loved and smiled. Yuuto closed his eyes and leaned on his boyfriend’s shoulder.

Hope they like Seiji no… I know they will… I hope everyone treats him alright… I don’t want him to have a bad impression of my hometown… I want us to visit grandpa and grandma a lot in the future…

“We’re here!” Yuuka said, waking Yuuto up.

“What…?” Yuuto cleaned the drool from his mouth with one hand and rubbed his eye with the other. “Already…?”

Seiji smiled at him. “When you sleep through the ride, it tends to be fast.”

“Yes, little brother. We’re already here!”

She grabbed his shoulders and shook him when they got out of the subway.

“Why are you in such high mood?” Yuuto asked grumpily, trying to get rid of her. “How many times we’ve been to the festival?”

“Don’t be a downer, little brother. And are you forgetting I missed the festival last year? Grandpa said it was awesome.”

“Sure… if you say staying up until morning drinking awesome,” Yuuto muttered under his breath.

“Yeah, it is. I’m still can’ believe I lost to old man Nakajima in that drinking contest two years ago.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever,” Yuuto said and Seiji smiled.

“Oh, c’mon, luv. Light up and let’s enjoy this,” the painter said in a cheerful voice.

“Yeah…” The teacher smiled a little. But when he looked around, his smile vanished.

The train station at his hometown wasn’t big, so he quickly found his grandparents. The old coupled looked back at them and waved with huge smiles.

With a blank expression, Yuuto waved back at them. “There they are…”

Yuuka beamed and waved back at them.

“Hey, Seiji, do you remember the best way to introducing yourself?” she asked as they made their way to the elderly couple.

“What are you whispering to yourselves?” Yuuto asked in a hushed and worried voice. He had a bad feeling.

“Of course, Sis. Get on my knees and thank them for raising Yuuto. And also that I never had such a great sex anyone other than him,” Seiji whispered, raising his thumb to the woman.

“What? Are you crazy? You can’t tell them that!”

Yuuto knew they were just messing with him. But even so, he couldn’t help but panic. He was too nervous, and his stomach too tight, to keep calm.

“Hi grandpa and grandma! It’s been too long!” Yuuka said in a loud voice, completely ignoring her younger brother as she hugged their grandparents.

“Hi,” Yuuto said in a low voice, forcing himself to smile at them. Then he gestured to the artist by this side. Let’s just get this over with… “This is Seiji… my boyfriend…”

The elderly lady flashed a gentle smile to the young man. The old man, however, stared at Seiji with an empty face. Despite the lack of expression, he somehow looked imposing. They were almost the same height, but even the artist seemed to become smaller near the older man.

“So you’re the famous Akaishi Seiji,” the old man said in a deep voice after a long while. “I heard a lot about you…”

“I-it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir. You too, ma’am,” Seiji said nervously, bowing clumsy. Then took two gifts from his bag and handed to them. “I brought you something. It’s a 200-year-old sake from my grandpa’s personal wine house. And here’s some chocolate from Belgium. H-hope they suit your tastes.”

Yuuto could only watch everything in silence. He was too nervous, and his mouth too dry, to say anything.

“You have good taste for gifts,” grandpa said in a deep voice that didn’t reveal if he liked the gifts or not. “But those fancy gifts doesn’t matter much when you’re with my one and only grandson…”

Seiji gulped and held his breath. Despite trying to keep the same expression, Yuuto knew his boyfriend was getting more and more nervous.

“Grandpa,” his wife said in a low voice, but still smiling.

“Don’t worry, honey. I just wanna make sure if he’s a good guy for our Yuuto. But it’s okay… I’ll know during these days,” the old man said, his voice sounding too menacing despite being low.

But when he let out a low chuckle, Yuuto quivered. He’s treating Seiji the same way he treated Yuuka’s fiancée when she brought him, the teacher remembered.

“Why is grandpa acting like that?” Yuuto asked his grandma in a low voice as they headed to the car.

“He wants to make sure that you’re happy with that boy,” she said. “Don’t worry. He’s just putting up a show. Now let’s go back and have lunch…”

“That was worse than I thought,” Seiji whispered to the teacher when they were alone to place their bags in Yuuto’s old room.

Despite his boyfriend’s tired face, the cosplayer couldn’t help but smile. During the car ride, his grandfather kept asking Seiji a few questions. It’s really just like the time he met Yuuka’s boyfriend, he thought.

“What did you expect?” he asked, now enjoying the situation much more.

 “I don’t know… This is only the second time I’ve met the family… I never expected to be interrogated like that… to think he’d if I had dated other guys…”

“Weren’t you the one cornering me to come? Don’t know why you are like this. It was only a couple of questions,” Yuuto said, not bothering to hide how much fun he was having seeing his boyfriend sweat.

“A couple of questions? I’ve never been interrogated like that.” Despite Seiji’s low whisper, he couldn’t hide the desperation out of his voice. “Thank the goodness your grandparents live close to the station. I couldn’t answer any more questions.”

Yuuto did his best to hold his laugh.

“Don’t worry. I think Grandpa will probably ask just a few more questions during lunch.”

“What?” Seiji groaned. “There’s more?”

“I’ll just say this. My sister was probably hoping for something like this. Since her fiancée couldn’t come, she wanted someone to take the attention away from her”

The artist’s face lit with comprehension “I was tricked! That’s why she was pushing this so much…”

This time Yuuto didn’t even try to hold his laugh.

“Yeah, yeah. Laugh all you want while I suffer here…”

“Okay. I will.” Yuuto ignored his boyfriend’s whinny.

Seiji let out a heavy sigh.

“At least the hardest part is over…”

“Hey, don’t look like that. There’s still the entire festival,” Yuuto said as he led Seiji to his old room.

After they put the bags down on the single bed, the artist looked around.

“So this was your room…?” he asked slowly.

“Yep. Why? What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing’s wrong with it…”

The room was big than Yuuto’s current room, but with all the piles of books everywhere, it looked cramped. But it wasn’t messy at all.

Seiji walked to the closest pile and took the top manga. He opened the book and flipped through the pages.

“I know you love reading, but don’t you think this is too much?”

“Not really.” Yuuto smiled as he noticed the manga Seiji had picked up; he read it so much the cover was worn out. “When I wasn’t playing with my friends, I was probably here in my room reading.”

“Hm… that’s actually a little surprising,” the artist said, putting the manga back.


“I don’t know… for some reason, I always pictured you like a closeted otaku or something. You know, reading manga until the anime started. Then staying up all night to watch it right away instead of the reruns… things like that.”

“Hey, that’s rude!” Yuuto said, pretending to be offended. “I only started liking anime after I started cosplaying. I think I only watched the anime that I had read the manga.”

“Is that so…?” Seiji mumbled, looking around again. His eyes stopped at a poster near the bed. “Hey, that author you like. I remember you talking about him during class… wait, is this autographed?”

“Oh, yeah… that takes me back.” Yuuto’s smile grew nostalgic. “When I heard she was having an autograph session at the region, I just had to go. It took me five hours to get there.”

“Five hours?” Seiji didn’t hide his surprise.

“Yeah. Five to get there, five to come back. My legs were killing me. But it was worth. Back then, there was no direct train, so I had to take the mountain path with my bike. So was either that or miss the opportunity. Grampa was so mad he left me grounded for two months…”

Yuuto couldn’t help but relive the memory. But he stopped when he turned to Seiji when he saw his boyfriend smiling.


“Nothing… Is just that I also always imagined you being a good kid and all. Never disobeying your grandparents and stuff… but I guess you’re a bad kid,” he said, his smile growing.

“Even I’ve done some misdeeds here and there. Don’t think I was always a good boy…”

Yuuto wrapped his arms around Seiji and pulled him down for a kiss.

The artist kissed back but then stopped and pulled away, looking at the open door. “What if you grandparents see us?”

“Wasn’t the whole point of you coming so that they meet you, my boyfriend? I think they already suspect that I do stuff like this with you all the time.”

Despite trying to make him a bit less anxious, Yuuto didn’t dislike seeing that side of Seiji. His nervous face is too funny… guess that’s why he likes to tease me so much.

“Yeah, I know, but… knowing and seeing are two different things… It’s not every day you see your grandson kissing his boyfriend…” Seiji stared back into Yuuto’s eyes then he looked at the floor. “I just want them to like me,” he said in a low and sincere voice.

Yuuto flashed a gentle smile. He placed a hand on Seiji’s cheek and made the artist look at him again. “Me too…”

They looked into each other’s eyes and kissed again.

“Lunch’s ready,” Yuuka poked her head into the room and said it. Then she smiled when she saw the scene. “But this looks way more interesting. I’ll tell grandma you’re too busy sucking your boyfriend’s tongue to eat.”

“Knock!” Yuuto threw the pillow at his sister, but she had already gone, though her laugh echoed through the corridor and into the bedroom.

Seiji chuckled as the teacher got red and picked up the pillow. He threw on the bed and then looked at his boyfriend again. There was a moment of silence, and then they laughed at the same time. The mood’s all ruined now thanks to sis, Yuuto thought, regretting not getting more than a kiss earlier.

“Time for round two,” the artist said in a defeated voice.

“Yes… which you begged for, may I remind you,” Yuuto said, dragging his groaning boyfriend out of his bedroom…

As usual, his grandmother’s food was delicious. But, with the nostalgic feeling and with another round of questions aimed at Seiji, the meal felt even better for Yuuto. Not only that, there were even a few jabs at Yuuka for putting on a few pounds and about her one year old engagement and not talk about settling a date.

As his grandparents filled their grandkids, and Seiji, about the townspeople latest news, a voice came from the next house.

“Oiii, Daisuke,” a man screamed. “Are you hearing me or you already lost your hearing?”

The old man rolled his eyes and muttered something like ‘they can’t do anything’ as he went to open the side door. “What is it, you old geezer?”

“There’s a problem with the shipping,” the neighbor said.

“What? Those city boys always screwing up,” he muttered, shaking his head as he put on his straw sandals. He was almost out when he turned to Seiji. “Hey, pretty boy. You come with me. We can use young blood.”

He walked away before Seiji could answer.

The artist looked at Yuuto with his mouth open, but no sound came out. His face couldn’t be more obvious; he had no idea what to do.

The teacher kept a serious expression as he gave a thumb up.

Resigned to his fate, Seiji groaned and went after his boyfriend’s grandfather.

“That was more fun than I remembered,” Yuuka said, eating a snack as Yuuto turned on the TV. “I forgot how fun it was to see grandpa giving that old scare to guys. It was a good seeing him do it to your boyfriend, little brother. Now I know why you enjoyed it so much.”

“Yeah… I can’t disagree,” Yuuto said, smiling sheepishly.

“He always liked to scare the boys you brought, Yuuka… but he was a little scarier with your fiancée,” grandma said, shaking her head. Despite her actions, she was smiling.

Yuuto turned to her with his eyebrow raised.

“And you did the same thing with my girlfriends,” the teacher reminded her.

“I did…?”

“Yeah… I still remember how mean you were to Yuki-chan.”

“I wasn’t mean…I was just checking if she could cook and clean,” the elderly woman said. “We’re just checking if you two are dating good people. That’s all. We don’t want to be mean.”

“Yeah, right.” Yuuka snorted. “I remember mom saying grandpa did the same thing with dad when she brought him home for the first time.”

“Oh yeah…” Grandma flashed a warm smile as her eyes unfocused. “Now that you reminded me, I think Rika brought your dad around the festival too… I bet grandpa will put Seiji-kun through the same thing back then…”

“What? There’s no way I’m missing that,” Yuuka said with a mean grin. She stood up, put on her coat and raced after the men.

The elderly woman sighed with a hand on her cheek.

“Yuuka still has that bad habit of her…”

Yuuto kept quiet. He looked at the side door where Yuuka had just left. They won’t be back soon, right…? Then, it’s the perfect time to have the conversation… The teacher pressed his lips as he looked at his grandmother through the corner of his eyes.

“Hey, grandma…” When she turned to him, he lost his voice… This is harder than I imagined, he thought, struggling to find the right words. “Eh… W-what do you think… about me… being in love with a man?” he asked in a low, barely audible voice.

Yuuto couldn’t face her. He knew his grandmother loved him, and that why he was afraid of her reaction. What if she thinks it’s weird and wrong…? I won’t be able to take it…

The elderly woman stayed in silence for a long time.

“Yuuto,” she said in a low voice.

The teacher knew that tone right away. She only used it when she wanted him to look her in the eyes. With some effort, the teacher raised his head and met his grandmother’s gaze.

“Are you happy with Seiji-chan?”

“Yes,” Yuuto answered right away, a gentle smile forcing itself on his lips. Before he knew it, he couldn’t stop talking. “I’m very happy with Seiji. I never meant to fall in love with a man, let alone a former student of mine. But I also never imagined I could feel this much happiness thanks to one person.”

“Then that’s all that matter,” she said, flashing a warm smile. “I know why you were afraid to bring him. There are a lot of people who find this type of relationship strange, but if you’re happy, then the rest doesn’t matter.”

“Thank you.” Yuuto felt the relief overtaking him. And along with it, came the tears.

The elderly woman walked to his side and wrapped her arms around her grandson.

Yuuto cried a bit more as he hugged her back.

“I just wished you had said to us. To find out through that article and the photos was a little…”

“I was planning to tell you!” Yuuto added in a hurry, cleaning his tears. “I wanted to tell you two during the festival, but Yuuka and Seiji outed me behind my back! And now I bet the whole town knows about me…”

“Don’t worry about the others. And yes, you won that bet. Everyone already knows,” she said, laughing and waving her hand. Then she flashed a mischievous smile that made her look much younger. “And it was kinda my fault…”

“What? How?” Yuuto looked at her in disbelief.

“I ended up showing everyone the photo of Seiji-chan carrying you in the white dress. You two looked so cute I couldn’t help but brag about,” she said with a smile that was too similar to Yuuka’s.

So that’s where sis got it the sadist side of her, Yuuto thought, looking away. Despite everything, he couldn’t get mad at his grandmother.

“Ah, damn it. What’s done is done. And besides, if everyone in town already knows, I can walk around with Seiji without worrying about people finding out. Thank goodness we have the first openly lesbian mayor in the country.”

The elderly woman pressed her lips. She looked at the opened door and then leaned closer.

“About Miki-chan,” she said in a low voice. “Don’t spread this around, but before she returned to town and got elected, she tried to kill herself.”

Yuuto widened her eyes. His grandmother’s words hung in the air for a long time. I had no idea…

“Was it because she—”

“No, it wasn’t because she likes girls,” she added, waving her hands at the same time. “Well, it was part of it, I guess…”

“What do you mean?”

“She… she was suffering a lot of pressure in her job. Her parents always put too much expectations on her. But working to a black company while hiding her true herself… it was too hard on her. They found her almost…”

She stopped talking as she closed her eyes. It took a while for her to continue.

“After everything, she came back to town to live with her grandparents. Now she’s happy with her partner. They’re waiting for their third kid while making a wonderful job for town’s revival,” she finished with a smile.

“I had no idea…” Every time I saw her on the news, I only thought that she was an amazing person who’d never back down

“It’s because of her that your grandpa and I are okay about you and Seiji. If you’re happy, then that’s all that matters.”

“Thanks, grandma,” he said, hugging her again.

After that, Yuuto and his grandmother exchanged techniques about sewing and went through a few old clothes.

A few hours later, Yuuto’s grandfather’s booming laugh filled the house. “

Aren’t you good with your hands! You really are an artist!” he was shouting, slapping Seiji on the back “Oi, we’re back!”

“Honey,” the grandmother said. “Hope you didn’t overwork the poor boy.”

“Nonsense,” the old man said, slapping Seiji on the back again. With each slap, the artist seemed closer to collapsing. “The boy really saved the day. He finished the panels and the board’s art. He’s amazing! Never thought we could finish in time after those city boys screwed up the shipping.”

“I’ve never seen your boyfriend sweat so much,” Yuuka said to Yuuto. “You should’ve seen it. He was almost paralyzed, holding the brush under dozens of old geezer’s eyes. It was so fun.”

“Glad you enjoyed, sis,” Seiji managed to say in a dry voice, almost on the verge of tears.

“I have good news too,” grandma announced with a smile. “Look what we found.” She showed two dark pink yukatas.

“Our old yukatas,” Yuuka said. “This brings back some memories… Yuuto didn’t want to wear it, but we forced him…”

“Ara? That’s all you remember?”

Yuuka tilted her head to the elderly woman.

“You two really don’t remember?” She asked both Yuuto and Yuuka. They exchanged looks and then shook their heads together. “Yuuto was wearing this when he got his first boyfriend.”




Yuuto, Yuuka, and Seiji asked at the same time.

“W-what are you talking about, grandma?” Yuuto asked, nervously. “Seiji’s my first boyfriend… I’d know if I was gay before I met him…”

“Yeah, I’d never forgotten something like this,” Yuuka said, suddenly excited.

“Can’t believe you two forgot,” she said, shaking her head. “It was when Yuuto was eleven or twelve, I think. You two had grown quite a lot during that summer and couldn’t fit in your old yukatas anymore. So I made Yuuka a new one, but then I thought it’d look too cute if you had matching ones so I ended up sewing a girl’s yukata for Yuuto too…”

“I think I remember something like that…” the teacher said, trying to remember that summer over a decade ago. “I remember complaining a lot because I didn’t want to wear girl’s clothes…”

“But I don’t remember anything,” Yuuka said, waving her hand to shut him up. “Keep going, grandma.”

“Yeah, I’m interested about this other boyfriend of yours too,” Seiji said, not hiding his interest.

With a smile that showed how much fun she was having, the grandmother went on.

“After Yuuto put on the yukata, you two went to enjoy the festival with your friends. That summer, the Katamura’s grandkid was spending his summer with his grandparents. When he saw Yuuto dressed as a girl, he confessed right away, saying it was love at first sight. He ignored Yuuto’s word about being a boy and said they were boyfriend and girlfriend during the last week of summer.”

“Oh yeah. That’s right! I remember now! How could I forgot this?” Yuuka exclaimed, so happy she couldn’t stop smiling. “It was because of that day that I got into BL!”

“So you had other boyfriends besides me,” Seiji mumbled next to Yuuto, pretending to be dejected. “I thought I was your first…”

Yuuto blushed and shook his head. “It’s not like at all… I didn’t… we didn’t even kiss…”

The cosplayer widened his eyes. Wait, he did kiss me! He told me he had a present for me and told me to close my eyes. Then kissed me on the lips before running away! Yuuto blushed even more. I had forgotten my first kiss ever… and it was with another boy…

The old man laughed again.

“Oh yeah, there was something like that. I remember the Kitamura old man complaining about that. So I guess it’s no surprise Yuuto brought home a guy,” he said, slapping Seiji again. “But that’s in the past. Let’s go the bath before dinner.”

He dragged Seiji and Yuuto to the bathroom…

After dinner, Yuuka and her grandfather went back to the town’s hall to drink. The grandmother went out to check a few things for the festival.

Seiji and Yuuto remained at home.

They were sitting on the porch, rubbing their bare feet on the grass.

“So how was your first day in my hometown?” Yuuto asked.

Seiji turned to him and took a deep breath.

“Too tiresome,” he said, lying on his boyfriend’s lap. “I had prepared myself for your grandpa not liking me, but not for him to overwork me like that…”

Yuuto let out a low chuckle.

“You really are a city boy. Can’t take some manual labor.”

“Shut up.” Seiji pouted.

Yuuto smiled and looked at the stars. “The sky is so different here.”

“It really is. It seems like a different world,” Seiji said, and they both admired the sky for a while.

Before Yuuto realized it, he was caressing his boyfriend’s hair.

“Hey, Seiji. I didn’t think we’d find the house empty… How about if we…” Yuuto blushed and didn’t finish the sentence

Seiji showed a weak smile. “No, please… not tonight,” he said in a low voice. “I’ll have no strength left…”

“Then how about it if we switch places? It’s been a while since the last time…”

Seiji let out a tired chuckle. “Then I’ll won’t make it to tomorrow.”

“Huh? What are you talking?”

“Let’s just say… I’m too tired… It was a long day,” he said, avoiding Yuuto’s eyes.

The teacher narrowed his eyes and poked him here and there. “What are you hiding from me?”

“Ouch. Stop that!”

“So you can’t handle a bit of manual labor and making love? You’re such a city boy,” the teacher said teasingly. “Tell me.”

“Shut up.”

Yuuto poked him more, trying to find the tender spots to make him talk

Seiji tried to sit up, but with his body sore, he fell on the yard, bringing the teacher down with him.

“The reason why we shouldn’t switch places tonight is because… I can’t handle your rough… you tonight… not this tired…”

“What are you talking?”

“You… how can I say this?” Seiji closed his eyes and he considered his words. “You’re not a gentle lover when you’re on top.”

“What?” For some reason Yuuto felt like laughing at those words.

“Yeah… You never use enough lotion, you don’t massage enough, and you don’t listen to me when I ask you to slow down. I end up all sore in the next morning…” Seiji blushed and averted his eyes. “Not to mention you like to scratch my back…”

Yuuto looked at him and then laughed. “You’re just too weak.”

The teacher rolled around and ended on top of his boyfriend, staring in his eyes. Then he kissed the man he loved.

“I love you,” Seiji whispered with a weak smile.

Yuuto blushed. “I know.”

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