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Please 2! 7 – Always make time for that

Wow… this is rather a lot… for someone who was only famous in the otaku world, he’s sure getting a lot of fame outside, Seiji thought as he organized the magazines.

All those magazines had contained one thing in common; Yuuto.

Either photo shoots of the cross-dressing cosplayer, or articles about him or interviews with him. Anything that involved Yuuno, Seiji had bought and stored with the rest of the materials he had.

Would this be considered close to stalking? He thought about it for a moment. Nah, it’s okay. I’m just collecting the magazines that my boyfriend appeared. This is too big to let it pass anything, the painter dismissed the idea with a shake of his head.

After he organized the bookcase, Seiji couldn’t help but pull one of the magazines back. No matter how many times he had read it, the article still put a smile on his lips. Damn it, Yuuto… how can you say so many embarrassing things with a face like that?

Despite already knowing, Seiji blushed as he reread the article, stopping at his favorite part.

Y-yes… that man cosplaying with me in that pic is my b-boyfriend, Yuuto said to the interviewer.

We’ve been together for a few months and we’re in l-love with each other… in fact, it’s thanks to cosplaying that we found each other. He’s a painter and when he found out about me, he… he painted me… in a lot of different ways… he used to call me his muse a lot… he knew it was embarrassing…

Thank the heavens for the photographer’s instincts to include the pic, Seiji thought, smiling. When Yuuto had said those words during the interview, the photographer had taken a perfect photo of that precise moment. The teacher was too embarrassed. It was plain by how red his cheeks were. But his huge smile was too cute.

It’s a perfect photo… but maybe I wished only I knew about this side of him, Seiji thought, knowing he was being somewhat petty.

But no matter how jealous or childish Seiji felt, the painter was truly happy for Yuuto and all those opportunities. All the attention he’s getting is amazing. He deserves this and much more after all his hard work. I want the world to see how amazing my boyfriend is.

Even so, he couldn’t ignore the bad parts of all the attention Yuuto was receiving either. He’s late, the painter thought when he checked the time on his computer. Then he pulled his phone from the pocket. And he hasn’t call nor sent a message…

He’s working hard. He’s working hard. Cosplaying is part of him, he said to himself to ignore his dejection.

With nothing better to do, Seiji kept rereading the article.

Until he heard the door of his apartment opening.

“Yuuto!” Seiji exclaimed, too happy the moment he saw his boyfriend.

“Hey, Seiji,” Yuuto said before letting out a big yawn.

The teacher closed his eyes before giving his boyfriend a light kiss. Then, with his face groggy with sleep, he sat at the entrance and struggled to untie the laces of his shoes.

When he finally managed to take his shoes off, he stood up and almost tripped on the entrance. The only reason he didn’t fall was because Seiji held him.

“Thanks,” Yuuto said, rubbing his eyes. Only then he truly looked at his boyfriend. “What are you doing all dressed up?”

“What? You think I walk around naked in the apartment?” Seiji joked, flashing a smile.

Yuuto let out a weak chuckle.

“Actually, I know you do. How many times do you think I came here to find you in your underwear?” he said, smiling back.

“That’s not being naked,” Seiji replied. “But being serious. With that reaction, I guess you forgot we had a date.”

The teacher narrowed his eyes for a moment. Then his face lit as he remembered.

“Oh, yeah… that’s right. I totally forgot. I’m so sorry, Seiji,” Yuuto said, letting out another huge yawn. “I’ll make it up for you another day. I’m too tired today.”

Seiji understood. He completely understood. In fact, he encouraged his boyfriend to accept the opportunities. And yet he couldn’t stop himself from feeling dejected.

“You mean, too tired today again,” Seiji mumbled. The moment he spoke, he realized how mean he was being. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I know you’re working hard.”

Yuuto showed a tiny smile as he shook his head.

“No. I’m the one who should be sorry. I’m the one who stood you up twice. I know this week’s been crazy with all the interviews and photo shootings, but I shouldn’t put my boyfriend in second place…”

Those were Yuuto’s last words before falling asleep still at the entrance.

He’s working so hard that he’s falling asleep on his feet, Seiji thought, lifting his petite boyfriend. I shouldn’t guilt him like that… But even so, he’s working too much…


When the cosplayer came to himself a couple of hours later, he felt much better. He opened his eyes slowly, trying to focus on anything. But without his glasses and still sleepy, everything was still blurred.

As his mind woke, Yuuto remembered the conversation before he had fallen asleep. Then the guilt filled him right away. Seiji’s been too supportive of all my new cosplaying opportunities… I’ll make it worth his while this weekend… I don’t think I have anything set up, the teacher promised himself.

With his resolve made, Yuuto wanted to apologize to Seiji. But when he tried to get out of bed, he found out he couldn’t move his arms nor legs.

What the…? For a moment, his still groggy mind thought it was a kanashibari, the sleep paralysis. Wait, that’s stupid… I’m still sleepy, he said to himself, shaking his head. He shut his eyes and took a deep breath.

When the teacher opened his eyes and looked down, he saw himself wrapped with the blanket. It was so round he looked a sushi. It was so strange he had no idea what to think.


The next moment, Seiji entered the bedroom. When he saw the teacher awake, he flashed a huge smile.

“Hey, Yuuto. Hope you’re feeling better after that nap,” he said, sitting down next to his sushi boyfriend.

“Hey, Seiji… what’s this?” Yuuto tried gesturing, but it the best he could do was to point with his chin.

“Hm? Ah… this is your punishment,” Seiji said in a low voice, his smile turning sly.

Despite the situation, Yuuto couldn’t help but feel his heart beating faster. Wait, am I getting excited about this…?

“My punishment…?” he repeated slowly.

“Yes.” Seiji stared at him while nodding. “Since you’ve been busy all week and wouldn’t take a break for us, I decided you needed to rest a little, whether you wanted or not.”

Yuuto opened his mouth, but instead of words, he let out a weak chuckled. Then he smiled.

“You’re completely right. I need to rest. But could you let me go?”

“Nop,” Seiji said in a serious face.

“Don’t you think this is a little too much?”

“Not at all. I told you it’s your punishment. Actually, only part of the punishment.”

“There’s more?”

Without a word, Seiji lied down on the bed. Then he hugged his sushi bundle of a boyfriend tight.

As those arms wrapped around him, Yuuto noticed his boyfriend’s satisfied smile.

Ah, so that’s what it is… This isn’t a role play or anything, the teacher realized. This is the most we’ve been together all this week… I’ve been way too busy… but even so, I shouldn’t put him aside…

“Hey, Seiji, I’m sorry for neglecting you. I promise I’ll—”

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for you,” Seiji interrupted him, hugging the bundle tighter. “Whether you admit or not, the interviews, the photo shooting, the publicity campaigns… it’s part of Yuuno now. And I get it. I just don’t like it when you forget our dates and stuff ‘cause of it… I kinda feel jealous that you’re paying attention more to others than me.”

Yuuto sighed and flashed a tiny smile. Seiji tries to act more mature than he actually is, but if he’s at this point where he acts like a kid, it means it’s affecting him more than he can handle… even so, he doesn’t tell me to blow off Yuuno’s new opportunities…

I really love this man.

“You’re right,” Yuuto said, trying to kiss the top of Seiji’s head. “You’ve been a great and supportive boyfriend that I shouldn’t take for granted. I promise I’ll never forget our date ever again.”

“I doubt that. Despite everything, you’re forgetful than you think you are,” Seiji said. Despite hiding his face, Yuuto could tell his boyfriend was smiling. “But today, I’ll make an expectation and take your word.

“Thanks,” the cosplayer flashed a huge smile.

“Hey, Yuuto?” Seiji asked, suddenly his voice low and serious.


“I’ve been thinking… you’re working too much… and then you still find time to come here…”

“Yeah… I know. But I don’t mind.”

“It’s not that… I… you…”

Even without seeing, Yuuto could tell his boyfriend’s face was red. What does he want?

Seiji took a deep breath.

“Let’s move in together!” he shouted, hugging the sushi bundle tighter, burying his face on Yuuto.

The teacher had no reaction.

Then he couldn’t stop smiling.

“Yes!” he said, too happy. “Yes! Let’s move in together!”

It wasn’t only him. Seiji was feeling just as happy as he was.

The silence filled the bedroom. But it wasn’t an awkward one. There was no need to words between the two men who loved each other.

“I’m still not letting you out of this,” Seiji said out of nowhere. “You haven’t been punished enough.”

Yuuto’s smile turned sly.

“You don’t have to. This is surprisingly comforting,” he said, shifting as best as he could. “And there’s still a lot I can do with just my mouth.”

The teacher felt his boyfriend freezing.

There was a moment of silence and then the artist looked up at Yuuto. The cosplayer kissed him before he could say anything.

As they kissed, Yuuto managed to change his position.

Still tied, he managed to move his lips down, kissing every part of his boyfriend he could reach with his mouth. Until he was between Seiji’s legs.

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