Please 2! Daily Life 2

Another chapter of Daily life.
As you remember, it’s a short chapter to show Yuuto and Seiji’s relationship.
And it contains mature content not recommended for minors.
You’ve been warned


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Please 2! Daily life 2

Seiji seemed like a beast.

No. He was like a beast. A beast hungry for Yuuto’s body.

They had barely started kissing but the artist showed with such passion the teacher was losing his mind.

Seiji kissed Yuuto everywhere. And each kiss made the cosplayer’s head go blank with pleasure.

Seiji has already hard. Without warning, he ripped Yuuto’s shirt, pants and boxers. The next moment, he turned the teacher around and made him bend.

With his breathing short and rapid, and a wild smile stamped on his face, Yuuto raised his hips.

Then he and Seiji became one.

When the artist was deep inside him, he moved his hips, going back and forth with a vigor Yuuto had rarely seen in the nearly shut in artist.

What’s with him today? The cosplayer wondered. Not that he disliked it. Quite the opposite. Whenever his boyfriend surprised him like that, he could barely walk the next day.

Yuuto pressed his lips and tried to think of anything else other than the man he loved thrusting behind him. Because his member was hard and reaching its limit and he wanted to the moment to go on for a long time.

But no matter how much he tried, all in his mind was Seiji,

Seiji sweating body pounding him. Seiji’s wild look whenever they made love.

I love this man!

As Yuuto tried his all to could prolong his pleasure, he felt Seiji’s seed gushing inside him. That set him over the edge. The moment he felt the liquid, he couldn’t stop his own seed from coming out.

We did it at the same time, the teacher thought, smiling. He loved when that happened. Not only our love, but our bodies are connected as well…

But despite his expression and the familiar loss of strength in his lower limbs, he wanted more. Much more. Yuuto wanted all his young boyfriend could give him.

When he turned around to sit on top of Seiji, the artist had disappeared.

But before he could look around or even worry, another Seiji appeared.

Already naked and with the same bestial expression as the first.

Under that expression full of lust and desire, Yuuto couldn’t help but get aroused.

The new Seiji walked towards him and sealed the teacher’s lips with his own.

But it wasn’t any kiss. It was a passionate kiss. One that made the second Seiji’s member become hard and poke the teacher.

There was no need for words. They only had to let their feelings and their bodies showed how much they loved each other.

Without warning, the new Seiji turned Yuuto around and pushed him against the floor. He raised the teacher’s hips, spread apart the butt cheeks and put his manhood between them.

Yuuto barely managed to restrain his moans. But as Seiji moved in and out of him, as he felt the member with his muscles. The teacher could no longer contain his voice.

“Harder!” he screamed after the moan. “Harder!”

Without a word, Seiji obeyed.

Yuuto could feel the member thrusting his pleasure spot. It felt as if the member was going through him.

They reached pleasure together once again. As Seiji’s seed filled him, Yuuto’s seed smeared on the floor.

Even so, Yuuto wasn’t satisfied. He wanted more. He knew he was being greedy. But Seiji had awakened the beast inside the teacher. And that beast wanted pleasure.

But before he could ask his boyfriend to keep the member inside him, that Seiji disappeared as well.

“What…?” he asked, more to himself.

As if answering his unfinished question, another Seiji appeared. Then another appeared before Yuuto. And then another.

Before the teacher could blink, he found himself surrounded by Seijis.

So many Seijis, with their members already hard and ready to pleasure Yuuto.

He had no reaction at first. But the next second, he showed a sly smile. If those Seijis were there to pleasure him, he would accept without any restrains.

One Seiji got behind him and thrust his member inside Yuuto’s already sensitive spot.

Another stood before the teacher and used the cosplayer’s mouth.

Two stood by his side and Yuuto had no doubt to use his hands to pleasure both at the same time.

The fifth got underneath Yuuto and put the teacher’s member in his mouth.

With the five Seijis, he lost his mind.

Panting, sweating and exhausted, Yuuto was covered in seed.

But as the Seijis stepped back, five more appeared to take their places.

With a tired smile, Yuuto got ready for more…

But suddenly everything vanished as a loud snore woke Yuuto from his dream.

The teacher blinked and looked around, completely confused. It took him a while to realize what was happening.

He was at Seiji’s apartment, sleeping next to the artist.

Ah damn… I was having one of the best dreams, Yuuto lamented as he looked at the face of the man he loved.

The next second, he realized his member was hard. Was it because of that great dream?

Using the paper tissue they left on the nightstand, Yuuto pleasured himself, still with the vivid images of the dream.

But even after he cleaned, he wasn’t satisfied and wanted more

I’m acting just like in my dream, he thought, glancing at his boyfriend who slept peacefully and unaware of the man he loved by his side.

As Yuuto looked at that cute face that could become wild like a beast, a thought crossed his mind. Then he blushed and averted his eyes.

What am I thinking? I can’t do this with him asleep… or can I? He glanced back at Seiji.

I mean, there was that one time when I woke out of nowhere in the middle of the night and he was looking at me, ready for action. He swears he didn’t awake me or anything. That it was just a good coincidence, one that we should take advantage… but I still have my doubt if he didn’t shake me…

As Yuuto stared at the man he loved, his heart thumped louder and his member throbbed.

Just once won’t hurt…Yeah, I bet he’ll love to wake with this, the teacher said to convince himself.

The next second, Yuuto pulled the blanket and slid his head under it…


Seiji hummed and tossed his head around, still half asleep.

What’s this? Why do I feel so good? Seiji wondered, still dreaming.

Even though his mind wasn’t working yet, he could feel something around his manhood.

It took him a while, but when he realized what it was, he opened his eyes. He was wide awake now.

The artist pulled the blanket and found his boyfriend between his legs.

“Yuuto…?” he asked, unsure what he saw.

Under the silk sheet, Seiji had his member inside his boyfriend’s mouth.

Holy shit! Despite his confusion, a smile appeared on his lips.

It’s the first time I’ve been woken like this!

Seiji tried to control his thought and feel the inside of his boyfriend’s mouth.

But then Yuuto realized Seiji was up. Without taking the member out, the teacher glanced up at the artist.

But it wasn’t just a glance. It was a seductive glace that made Seiji even harder.

Fuck! How can you look so sexy doing this, Yuuto?

Seiji tried to control himself. He cleared his mind and held his breath. But no matter what he did, he was almost at his limit. His boyfriend was too good at pleasuring him. Damn, I can’t

“Yuuto,” he mumbled.

A second later, he let his seed out, filling the cosplay’s mouth.

Yuuto drank it all with a greedy expression. He cleaned the seed that trickled down his chin and looked at Seiji with an empty expression. Then he flashed a sly smile.

“Sorry, Yuuto. I can’t again… not so soon in the morning…” Seiji trailed off, out of breath.

But those words didn’t change Yuuto’s expression of lust. Even with his mind not working at his full capacity, Seiji knew that Yuuto wanted more.

Without saying a word, the teacher rolled Seiji on the bed.,

The artist, without energy, could do nothing to stop the cosplayer. But that didn’t stop him from panicking.

“Wait, Yuuto… better do this later…I mean, I just woke and I’m still… wait, Yuuto! Yuuto! Teacher! Teacher! If you’re really gonna do this, use the lotion! The lotion! That’s not enough lotion! You don’t need to think about saving it! The more you use it on me, the best it’ll feel for the both of us! Wait, really massage my butt. Everywhere! That’s not enough! You really need to spread everywhere and make sure everything is…! Wait, don’t pull your fingers yet! You’re not done! Wait, at least let me prepare my heart… ah…!”

Without listening to a word from the artist, Yuuto put his member inside his boyfriend and thrust in and out of Seiji.

Seiji bit the pillow to stop his moans, his face completely red. Even though he was rarely on the bottom, that didn’t stop his member from hardening or ejaculating.

“Morning, Seiji,” Yuuto said in a bright voice when he was done.

But despite that, he kept his member inside Seiji

“Morning…” the artist, on the other hand, felt exhausted, even though he had just woke up.

“Don’t forget to clean here,” Yuuto said, moving his member a little inside Seiji. The artist moaned. He hated the fact that he didn’t dislike that. “I’ll show you how later.”


“You know something? Being like this is putting in the mood again…”

Yuuto didn’t have to say.

Seiji could feel the manhood hardening inside his butt.

Closing his eyes, Seiji prepared himself as Yuuto thrust inside him again.

“At least don’t scratch my back,” he said in a weak voice.

But despite his mood, he felt his member hardening again.

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