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Please 2! 6 – No longer a secret

“Er… Yuuto…? What are you doing?” Seiji asked when he entered the bedroom.

His boyfriend was lying on the bed, completely covered with the blanket.

“Can’t you tell that I’m hiding?” Yuuto’s muffled and annoyed voice came from under the blanket.

Seiji sat on the bed next to the lump of fabric that was his boyfriend. Then he caressed the cosplayer. “Yeah, that I can tell. But I was asking why.”

Without saying a word, Yuuto put out a hand and pointed to his laptop on the desk.

Smiling and with his curiosity growing, the painter looked between the computer and the hand. Then walked to it and touched the mouse to lit up the screen. The browser was open on Yuuno’s blog, showing a few photos from the summer comic market. There was one of Seiji as the blue pirate as well.

“What’s wrong with it?” a confused Seiji asked, turning back to the lump on the bed that was his boyfriend.

No matter how the painter looked at it, there was nothing wrong with the photos. Specially the last one, where he was carrying Yuuto as a princess. I look… cool. Even dressed in that cosplay, Seiji admitted, trying to suppress his smile. But I’ll never say that to him. He’ll make me cosplay again.

“This last one is particularly awesome, if I might say.”

“Yeah, it is. I can’t deny!” Yuuto shouted, curling himself even more. “You look so good it made me fall in love with you even more!”

Seiji couldn’t help but smile. “Then why do you sound angry?”

“Read the comments!” The lump on the bed trembled.

Holding his urge to chuckle at the situation, Seiji turned to the screen once again. He scrolled down and as he read, his smile grew thin. The last photo had more comments than the others together. And everyone was asking the same thing. Yuuno-tan, are you really a guy? Is that your boyfriend?

Seiji bit his lips. He turned slowly to the lump. “I feel like it’s my fault…”

“Yeah, it is. But I don’t blame you! The situation got out of hand! And I really loved when you carried me like a princess! The sex was too good that night. I couldn’t walk the next morning!”

Half proud, half guilty, Seiji scrolled down the comment section. I can’t tell if they’re mad or not… nor if they care more about Yuuno being a guy or have a boyfriend…

But then, after thousands of similar comments, the content changed a bit.

Even if Yuuno-chan is a guy, she’s still the cutest and the best cosplayer!

Yeah, I agree. Yuuno-tan is the best, no matter her gender.

Yuuno-tan for life! Even if she has a dick, I don’t care!

“Hey, Yuuto. Did you read all the comments?” Seiji asked.

“No! There’s no reason why! I bet it’s all the same.” Yuuto pulled the blanket closer.

“Well, then let me read a few. It’s gonna make you feel better.” Seiji unplugged the laptop and brought it to the bed, sitting next to Yuuto. “Doesn’t matter if Yuuno-chan is a guy. She’s still my idol.

The blanket stopped trembling.

“I love you, Yuuno-tan. Boy or girl, doesn’t matter. Cute is justice.”

The blanket became a bit looser.

I don’t care if Yuuno-chan is a boy. I can’t believe she has a boyfriend!

Yuuto poked his head out from the blanket and looked at Seiji with teary eyes. “Is that for real? You’re not making it up to cheer me up?”

Seiji smiled and pointed to the screen. “Yeah. You can read it for yourself.”

Slowly, Yuuto came closer and leaned next to his boyfriend. As he read the comments, his face lit with a smile. “They don’t hate me!” he exclaimed, turning to his boyfriend.

Seiji felt his heart thumping faster as he saw that smile. He pulled Yuuto for a kiss, despite the cosplayer not taking his eyes from the screen. “How could anyone hate you?”

“Hey, Seiji, read this one,” Yuuto said, pulling his boyfriend’s sleeve. “To think one of the cutest cosplayers is a guy. It makes me think that I haven’t been taking it seriously enough.”

“See? Just like with Tsukiko, you’re inspiring other cosplayers.”

Yuuto’s smile became bigger. He sat on Seiji’s lap, wrapped them both with the blanket and read more comments.

Seiji did the same. And then he found one that made the sly smile appear on his lips.

“Hey, luv, check out this one,” he said, pointing. “Yuuno-tan is cute. Doesn’t matter if she’s a boy or a girl. If there’s a hole, there’s a way”

Yuuto’s cheek became a shade of red. He tried to suppress his smile. “So there are people like that,” he said, not doing a good job to hide his happiness.

“You like that this guy only wants to put his dick in your ass?” Seiji asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Well… I don’t like it, but this is normal… it’s not like I haven’t done this with a cosplayer myself…” Yuuto became redder as he averted his eyes.

Seiji narrowed his eyes.

“Which cosplayer?”

“Why do you care?” Yuuto asked with an innocent expression. “And you don’t know anyone besides me, anyway.”

“At least tell me if you masturbated to a girl or a guy.”

Yuuto’s face became an alarming shade of red. “Why would ask that? Why would you want to know that?”

“I’m just curious if my boyfriend ever masturbated thinking about another guy,” Seiji said, shrugging.

“I won’t say anything!”

“C’mon. Tell me,” Seiji insisted, hugging Yuuto from behind. “I wanna know…”

Yuuto pressed his lips. “I never masturbated to any guy but you!” he said, covering his face with both hands.

Seiji beamed and kissed his boyfriend on the neck. Then the urge to tease Yuuto grew too much. With the teacher still on his lap, he reached out for the keyboard.

“What are you doing?” the cosplayer asked when he saw Seiji typing.

“Just answering that comment,” he said in a serious face.

“Sorry, dude, but I’m the one who’s filling that hole every night— You can’t write that!” Yuuto grabbed Seiji’s hand and pulled them away from the keyboard.

“What’s wrong? I’m just telling the truth,” Seiji said, shrugging.

There was a moment of pause when they looked at each other…

They struggled for the laptop.

“Let me press enter!” Seiji grunted as Yuuto pushed his hand away from the computer.

“No! I won’t you let tarnish Yuuno’s reputation anymore.”

“More than already is?”

They kept fighting for the computer but somehow ended up kissing.

Seiji put the laptop on the nightstand. With that out of the way, he kissed Yuuto’s neck as the cosplayer wrapped the leg around his body.

But before the artist could undress his boyfriend, the phone ring.

“Are you really gonna answer that now?” Seiji complained as Yuuto rolled in bed to get closer to his phone.

“Sorry,” Yuuto said as he checked the screen. His smile vanished and his red cheeks returned to its normal color. He faced Seiji with a petrified expression. “It’s an email address to Yuuno… and the subject is… to the crossplayer…”

Gulping, he read it all in silence.

“What is it?” Seiji asked, observing Yuuto’s expression. His excitement had given room to his curiosity.

“It’s a famous magazine for cosplayers… They have a bunch of tip about make-ups, sewing tutorial, interviews and more things aimed towards cosplayers,” Yuuto said, his mind absente as he read the email again.

“Okay… and what they want with you? I mean, Yuuno?”

“They… they want me to do a photo shooting and an interview… They’re asking if I’m really a guy. They say that Otokonoko, cross-dressing boys, will be an important trait of the industry in the next year and want me to give my view as one…”

“That’s… amazing!” Seiji beamed. “You might set a trend in the otaku industry.”

“Yeah, I guess…” Yuuto stared at the screen of his phone, rereading the email.

“Why don’t you look so happy?”

“I don’t know…”

The painter took the phone from the cosplayer’s hand and made the teacher look him in the eyes.

“This is something amazing for Yuuno. Cosplay is part of you, and that part is receiving the attention you deserve after all your hard work. You should be happy.”

Yuuto blushed as he heard his boyfriend’s words. “You’re right. Thanks for saying that.”

“I’m just telling the truth.” Seiji smiled and then kissed Yuuto on the lips. But once again before he could undress the cosplayer, the phone ringing broke the mood. “Now what do they want?”

With an apologetic smile, Yuuto took the phone from Seiji’s hands. “Another email… It’s not from the magazine this time…” Yuuto’s eyes widened as he read it.

“What…?” Seiji sat on the bed and stared at the teacher. “Who’s interrupting us now?”

“It’s… do you remember my first photo shooting…?” Yuuto asked, his cheeks a shade of red.

“You mean that sensual one with those two hot guys that kept touching you all the time? Yeah, I remember about that,” Seiji said in a dry voice.

“They got thousands of requests for that photo book after Yuuno’s secret was discovered. They’ll send my part of the money soon and are asking me if I don’t wanna do another photo shooting next week…”

“Sons of a bitch!” Seiji exclaimed out of nowhere.

Yuuto blinked at the sudden burst. “Why are you mad…?”

“I had to buy that photo book in an auction. It was damn expensive. And now they’re gonna reprint it? Bastards.”

Yuuto blushed. “So you bought that too?”

Seiji looked at him with a puzzled face. “My boyfriend has a book filled with sensual and near erotic photos with other guys. Did you really think I wouldn’t look for it?” he said, his tone suggesting as if it should be obvious.

Yuuto blushed even more. “Are you jealous?” he asked in a low voice, looking at Seiji through the corner of his eyes.

Seiji blushed too. “Of course, I am. I’m the only one who should do lewd things to you,” he mumbled.

There was a long silence as the sexual tension filled the air.

“Let me see how much they’ll give you for the session,” Seiji said out of the blue. He pulled the phone from Yuuto’s hand. Suddenly his embarrassed expression vanished. “This much? For real? They’ll pay you this much money as your percentage on that sexy book? Is that book a hidden best-seller or something?”

“Why are you acting like this? This money is nowhere near how much they’re making. They covered all the cost themselves, including my cosplay,” Yuuto said, unfazed. “I think that amount is around thirty percent.”

Seiji widened his eyes. “That much money is only thirty percent? It’s more than I paid!”

“Yeah. It’s nowhere near what I make on my own photo books though.” Yuuto laughed at Seiji’s incredulous expression. “Hey, now that I think about it, maybe I can reprint my books too. If they received requests, maybe I did too. I’m gonna make a ton of money.”

“Erh… Yuuto… how much money do you make cosplaying?” Seiji asked in a calm and unnatural voice.

“How much…?” Yuuto put a finger on his lips. “I earn a good amount, but it’s nothing comparing to the famous full-time cosplayers. I guess around twenty, thirty times what those guys are offering me in a good year…”

“Thirty…” Seiji ran a hand over his face. “How can a cosplayer make so much money? It can’t be the otakus, I’m sure.”

“Most money is made by selling photo books on conventions and events. But we also hired when anime and manga companies want to advertise a product or an event. It’s a lot like a professional model’s work. But since I don’t have the time, I don’t make as much as the professional cosplayers.”

“That’s… wow…” Seiji blinked a couple times, his shocked expression getting stronger.

“Why are you so shocked? That much money shouldn’t be nowhere near to shock a rich boy like you,” Yuuto couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yeah… well…” Seiji blushed and averted his eyes. “It’s shocking… A big part of my appeal is that I’m the rich, sexy young man. But now…”

“Are you upset ‘cause now you know I make some money?” Yuuto couldn’t help but tease his boyfriend.

“I don’t know…” he mumbled. “Maybe…”

“Shouldn’t you be happy to know that I’m not with you because of your money?”

“Yeah, I’m happy… but I knew that already… does that mean you like me for who I am?” Seiji turned to Yuuto with a surprised expression. “What’s wrong with you?”

Yuuto laughed. “Right now, the only thing wrong is that my boyfriend is being a cute idiot,” he said and then pushed Seiji on the bed with a kiss.

But before the teacher’s hand could go all the way down to the bulge between Seiji’s legs, the phone rang, ruining the mood again.

“What now?” Seiji exclaimed.

“I’ll put it on mute. It’s like there’s a force preventing us from doing it…”

Even Yuuto was getting annoyed with that noise. But when he picked up the phone, he couldn’t resist reading the latest mail.

“Who is it this time?”

“It’s from KiKi and MiMi… a cosplaying duo,” Yuuto added before Seiji could ask. “We’ve known each other for years… they’re asking me if I don’t wanna do a photo shoot with them…”

“Looks like Yuuno’s gonna be too busy for the next weeks…” Seiji said, chewing his tongue.

“I guess…” Despite Yuuto’s word, he smiled. No one’s rejecting Yuuno after finding out that she’s a boy… No one’s rejecting me…

“Yeah… That’s good and all, but…” Seiji took the phone from Yuuto’ hand and turned it off. “We have other things more important right now.”

Yuuto chuckled, smiled, and kissed the man he loved.

This time they weren’t interrupted.

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