Swimmer 32

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Ah, this chapter contains some mature scenes.
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The Swimmer and The Manager 32

“W-welcome back, Nelson,” Cris yawned and greeted the swimmer when he opened the door to his room.

The manager still had a sleepy face, but he showed a huge smiled when he saw Nelson.

“H-hey, Cris…” I thought I could talk to him normally, but all I can think now it’s what he did to me this morning… How do I greet him in this situation?

“Good morn… how are… hey…”

“Hey again…” Cris chuckled and his smile widened as he rubbed his eyes. “Say, you really have a fixation for bananas, don’t you?”

Nelson realized he was still holding an uneaten banana from breakfast. He blushed and pressed his lips. “I… I… brought it for you,” he said the moment he thought of the excuse, tossing the fruit to his manager. There’s no way he can find a way to make fun of me for that, can he?

“Sure, sure,” Cris said, catching in midair. “Thanks. But now I’m thinking that you like to feed me all kinds of bananas.”

Nelson tried to stop his smile as he covered his mouth and watched as his manager ate the fruit. Hey, Cris, do you really need to eat that banana slowly while staring at me? And you don’t need to eat that erotic! I’ve never seen anyone licking a banana before eating it!

He wanted to say. But he kept quiet. Despite what was in his head, the swimmer kept watching the sight. Damn it… I can’t take my eyes from him…

“What’s the matter, Nelson? Cris asked in his fake innocent voice.

“What…? I mean, nothing…”

“You look a bit red… You’re not getting sick, are you?” His voice filled was filled with worry.

The manager got out of bed, close the distance between them and placed a hand on Nelson’s forehead.

The swimmer gulped and averted his eyes. You don’t need to get this close to check my temperature, do you? Nelson’s cheek became a bit red as his heart thumped louder.

Close… we’re so close… it’s not the first time, and not even close to what we’ve done, but after everything… I can’t look him in the eyes without my heart exploding… I really fell in love with him…

After what seemed like a long time, Cris pulled his hand back. He pressed a finger against his lips and hummed.

“You don’t seem hotter than usual… I wonder what’s making you this red…”

Like you don’t know, Nelson thought, still avoiding meeting his manager in the eyes. And stop using that cute and completely fake innocent voice! You know I can’t resist it!

Nelson caved and glanced back at Cris. For an instant, their eyes met. The swimmer felt his heart thumping faster. He lingered for a moment, and then his gaze lowered to the manager’s lips. Those cute and small lips that could either show one of the cutest smile in the world or the slyest. Say the words Nelson needed to hear the most or one of the lewdest comment.

I wanna kiss him…

Before the swimmer could stop himself, Nelson bent down slowly.

Cris noticed. The joy from his face turning into surprise, and then embarrassment. But he didn’t pull away. The manager closed his eyes and leaned forward.

Nelson closed his eyes as well. And then their lips met.

At first, it was a light kiss. Of two people kissing for the first time.

I can’t believe I’m kissing Cris, Nelson thought, all his happiness exploding inside him. He wanted to stop the kiss and shout all his happiness. But at the same time, he never wanted to part his lips from his cute manager.

Before Nelson realized, he placed both hands on Cris. One at his manager’s back, the other on the back of the head, kissing the other man with a fraction of the feelings burning inside him.

Cris dropped the banana peel on the floor and wrapped his arms around Nelson. He grabbed some of the athlete’s hair out of passion.

Blinded by the excitement, the swimmer led the manager to his bed. Without parting their lips, he pushed the other man on the mattress. He was on top of Cris, but in the next moment, the manager was on top.

Nelson pulled the other man closer. He never wanted to let Cris go. There was nothing on his mind anymore, except for Cris. There was no swimming. There was no pool. There was no tournament. There was no medal. Bronze, silver or gold.

There was only the manager that he had fallen in love with. I’m an idiot for not falling for him sooner! We wasted so much time together… we could’ve done a lot… But not anymore! I won’t waste a second with this man!

With a wild expression, he took off the manager’s shirt. As Nelson saw that bare and petite body, he wanted to lick and kiss every inch his lips could reach.

Nelson’s passion took over. He kissed Cris’ neck. Then he moved down. He kissed and sucked one nipple and pinched the other.

“Ah!” Cris moaned. He tried to hide it by pressing his lips, but it was too late.

Nelson stopped for a moment to look at the face of the man he looked. Those red cheeks and that embarrassed expression was too much. He kissed Cris’ belly and grabbed the manager’s slim thigh.

Cris was always good at hiding most of his reactions. But as he kissed Nelson, he couldn’t. His body betrayed him.

When Nelson noticed the bulge pressed against him, he slid his hand to between the legs.

But before he got there, the manager grabbed his wrist and sat up on top of the swimmer.

Panting, and sweating a bit despite the cold room, and with his face red, Cris smiled. “Wait… we can’t…”

Nelson felt his heart beating painfully. His own member was becoming less hard with those words. “We can’t…?”

“Don’t make that face… We can’t right now…” The manager showed a sheepish smile. “Believe me, I want you more than anything. I’ve been waiting for this for so long I just wanna lock this door and pretend the world is just you and me.”

Cris leaned to kiss Nelson.

The swimmer reciprocated, and the kiss became more intense. But then they parted their lips. “I feel the same,” Nelson said, smiling. “We wasted so much time because I was stupid and didn’t notice my feelings before… I just want you all for myself right now—”

Cris put a finger on the swimmer’s lips. “Not today. I mean, later. Aren’t you forget there’s something important today?”

“There’s nothing more important than you,” Nelson said, pulling Cris closer to kiss him.

The manager touched his lips lightly, but then pulled away. His cheeks were a shade of red. “You do know how to embarrass a boy…”

“I learned from the best,” Nelson said, smiling.

Cris chuckled. “You have no idea how much happy I’m to hear you say that. But you have your tournament today. For you, for your goal, for your future, it’s too important. If I don’t stop this… if we get together right now, it’s gonna get in the way… I don’t want that…”

“I don’t care about that, I—”

“You do care. Believe me, I know how much you care about swimming. And you’re not the only one. I want to see you swimming today. No matter how much I crave you right now, I don’t wanna see you throwing everything out the window…”

“Even if it’s for you?” Nelson asked in a low voice, his blood getting back to where it should be slowly.

“Yes…even if it’s for me. If it was anyone else, I’d not care. But not you. I’ve been by your side so long. I’ve been working hard together with you, I’d feel too guilty if you ruined everything because of me…”

Nelson remembered widened his eyes a bit when he remembered.

“I’d never blame you… you know that, right? I’m not that swimmer you managed before.”

“You don’t need to tell me what I already know.” Cris gave him a light kiss and smiled. “I’m beginning to wonder if you think I’m in love with you because of your looks.”

“You didn’t?” Nelson flashed a grin. But it soon vanished, his face flushing. “Wait, you love me?”

Cris became an alarming shade of red and looked down. “You didn’t notice that? I knew you were slow, but this is too much,” he mumbled.

The manager took a deep breath and looked into the swimmer’s eyes. “I love you,” he said, pronouncing every word.

Then he lied on top Nelson’s, wrapped his arms around the athlete and buried his face in the chest to hide his red cheeks.

Nelson put his arms around that petite body and Cris hugged as tight as he could.

“How about if we celebrate your victory just the two of us after the tournament?” the manager suggested in a low voice after a while. “We can even spend the rest of the day here”

“Sounds perfect,” Nelson said, smiling from the bottom of his heart.

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