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Please 2! 5 – Summer is the season of that

Seiji let out a long and heavy sigh, as if he was dying.

“Long…” he said in a dragged voice. Without trying to be discreet, he turned his head to both sides of the line. “Hey, Yuuto. Are you sure this is the right line? Isn’t it too long?”

Yuuto covered his mouth but couldn’t hide his snort. He looked at his boyfriend with pity in his eyes. I really love him… but he has no idea what he got himself into when he agreed to cosplay with me, the cosplayer thought.

“If you’re saying this, wait until you see the visitors’ line,” he said, patting the artist on the arm.

“You’re telling me it’s bigger than ours? No way. I don’t believe it…”

“Seiji, can you do me a favor?” Yuuto’s sister, Yuuka, asked from the portable chair she was sitting.


“Please, shut up,” she said in a low and menacing voice.

Seiji could and moved enough to stand behind Yuuto. “I’ve never seen Yuuka-nee so angry,” he whispered in his boyfriend’s ear. “Did something happen?”

The teacher let out a weak and hollow chuckled. He covered his mouth

“She’s upset ‘cause a certain author refused to let her do the manga version of her light novel because she didn’t want a ‘porn artist’ involved,” he whispered.

But Yuuka heard.

“Yeah, that bitch. Just because I drew erotic doujinshi, she rejected my work with such all mighty aura. ‘My book is a work of art. How could I let a porn artist draw the manga adaptation? My colleagues would make fun of me.’” Yuuka dish out her anger, having trouble breathing. “Just wait. I’ll make a bunch of doujinshis about her and how her characters will NTR her. I’ll keep just enough inside the law so she won’t be able to process me.”

She let out a mean laugh and kept mumbling things Yuuto didn’t want to hear

“Yeah, sis. Do that. I’ll help you.”

“Thanks, future little brother-in-law. I appreciate your help,” she said, raising her arm so Seiji could slap her hand.

“Seiji, don’t encourage this behavior. Sis, don’t worry. That author might’ve rejected you, but I know your manga will be approved by the editor.”

Yuuto’s words made the woman’s cheeks reddened a bit and the woman calm down.

Seiji smiled and wrapped his arms around Yuuto. Then he stared at the end of the line again. “But anyway, this line is so long…”

Despite taking the first train and arriving there early, they were still far from the entrance.

“Seiji, just shut up,” Yuuka said it again, rolling her eyes. “If you’re gonna keep complaining like this, you won’t make it until the end of the day.”

“You’re exaggerating, sis,” Seiji said what smile.

She let out a loud and dry laugh. “You’re the one underestimating the comic market. But that’s expected. You’re a virgin. You’re a comic market virgin. So, as a virgin, shut up and wait. You virgin.”

The mention of the word virgin several times made the people around blush and look at them. But neither Yuuka or Seiji seemed to notice.

Yuuto pressed his lips to stop his smile. Then he turned to his boyfriend and nodded his head with a serious expression. “Believe in her, Seiji. You’re underestimating the comic market.”

“You two are exaggerating. It can’t be this bad all the time… can it…?”

Before Yuuto could reply, the line began to move slowly.

“Finally,” the artist said, not hiding his relief as he picked up their bags.

“Alright,” Yuuto said, also picking up his backpack. His heart began to thump louder as the line moved closer to the entrance. My boyfriend’s first event… My first event cosplaying with my boyfriend, he thought, trying to stop his urge to grin. But it was too hard. “Hey, Seiji. You do remember the plan, right?”

“Since I haven’t ran into against a wall in the last few hours, I haven’t forgotten what you said yesterday. And today at the train. And when he entered the line. But even if I say that, you’re gonna repeat the plan again anyway,” Seiji muttered the last part. Despite his words, he too had a smile.

“Yeah, Yuuto. Give it a rest, for crying out loud. Even the people around here knows our plans.” Yuuka didn’t bother to keep her voice down as she packed her stuff.

The teacher blushed slightly as he glanced around. There were some people smiling at their conversation, but he ignored them.

“I’ll say it again anyway.” Yuuka and Seiji exchanged looks and sighed together. “Once we get in, Seiji and I will race to the changing rooms and put on our cosplays. In the meantime, Sis will set up her booth. We’ll stay with her until she has enough customers. After that, we’ll walk around the place and make time until the cosplay contest. Got it?”

 “Yes, dear, I got it. For like the thousandth time.” Seiji rolled his eyes, though he could stop smiling now. “Hey, I didn’t ask before ‘cause I’m kinda used to and tired from standing in line for so, so long, but why are you already cross-dressing?” he glanced around and asked in a whisper.

Only now the artist looked Yuuto from top to bottom. Despite not wearing one of his wigs, the cosplayer was already with a light make-up and wore a short skirt with a loose and plain yellow T-shirt. No matter how you looked at him, he seemed a sloppily dress girl.

“So you did hit ran into a wall,” Yuuto said with a sheepish smile. Then he beckoned his boyfriend to lean closer. “I don’t wanna risk anyone seeing me transforming into Yuuno,” he whispered.

Seiji smiled and seemed to remember. The teacher had explained it to him once. Every event or contest, Yuuto would go already as a girl, or, depending if the cosplay wasn’t embarrassing enough for him to wear it on the subway, already in character.

He did that so there wouldn’t be any risk of people seeing the famous cosplayer, Yuuno, coming out from the man’s changing room. I can’t even imagine the scandal it would be, he thought, quivering.

“You make it sound as if Yuuno is an idol or a magical girl who can’t be seeing transforming,” Seiji said in a low voice, rolling his eyes.

Yuuto opened his mouth to say Yuuno was similar to an Idol. His fans wouldn’t like to find out that ‘she’ had a boyfriend. But before the cosplayer could say anything, the artist leaned down to kiss him.

Seiji knew Yuuto always avoided kissing or showing any display of affection in public. Anything more than hugging or holding hands was forbidden. Not because he didn’t like it. He was always afraid of being recognized and ruining Yuuno’s reputation.

Guess today’s okay, Yuuto thought, kissing him back, making the people around them even more embarrassed. I’m dressed as a girl anyway. There’s no chance of anyone finding out I’m a man.

“Will you two stop sucking each other’s face and help me with this?” Yuuka asked but shoved one of her bags to Seiji before he answered.

The couple exchanged looks and trailed after the woman pushing a foldable trolley with the boxes of doujinshi. After they got in, Seiji and Yuuto helped set up the booth.

“Hey, Seiji, check it out,” Yuuka said in a low voice, gesturing her head towards another table. “There’re already some women looking at you. When they realize we’re selling BL with a hot guy, it’s gonna triplicate our sales! You’re the best free marketing I could ever hope.”

“Stop trying to use my boyfriend as a selling point,” Yuuto said in a hushed voice.

“Why not? Whether you like it or not, you two are part of the BL world,” his sister said, not bothering to lower her voice.

More and more people were looking at them now. The women, with interest. The men, with suspicious.

“They should be opening to the public soon. Let’s go, Seiji,” Yuuto whispered, pushing Seiji away from the booth, his face red.

“Hey, I’ll wait for you here,” Seiji said as they got closer to the changing rooms. He was still smiling from the attention he was receiving.

“Better you go back to the booth. My cosplay takes more time to put up… if you stand here, it’s gonna attract a lot of attention…”

Seiji smiled and leaned down to kiss him again. Yuuto placed a hand on his boyfriend’s mouth.

“The last time for now. Yuuto can’t have a boyfriend, remember?” Then they kissed and went to their respective changing rooms.

Seiji has no restrains… he can’t hold back even here, the cosplayer thought, his cheeks a slight shade of red as he took his cosplay from the bag. Ah, well… I’m also guilty of that… I can’t resist him at all…

As more and more girls kept coming in, Yuuto went to a corner and began transforming into Yuuno. It’s not time to be thinking of my boyfriend. From this moment until the end of the day, I’m Yuuno.

“Hey, did you see that hot guy outside?” one girl said.

“I saw! Do you think he’s a cosplayer? If he is, we need to take a pic with him,” another girl answered, giggling.

Yuuto blushed and tried to ignore them. He’s mine, he thought with a sheepish smile.

Taking more time than he should to get ready thanks to the girls talking about his boyfriend, the cosplayer got out of the changing room. In cosplay, the event felt different. He wasn’t there to buy doujinshi. He wasn’t there to sell this time either. He was there to put a smile on people’s face.

Before he had taken the first step back to his sister’s booth, a woman approached him.

“Excuse me,” she said in a delicate voice. “Is that by any chance a My Guardian Persona cosplay?”

“Ah, yes.”

Th woman’s face lit with a smile. “I knew it! It looks so good! I didn’t think anyone would have this cosplay so soon. Could I take a photo, please?” she asked, raising her camera, her eyes full of hope.

Beaming, Yuuto nodded and raised the plastic bouquet before him.

“Thanks,” she said, taking a few photos.

“If you want, come to our booth. My… friend is cosplaying a character from My Guardian Persona too. And we’ll be participating in the c-couples contest,” Yuuto said, his cheeks a slight shade of red.

After he pointed his booth on the woman’s map, she left. Yuuto watched her mingle with the crowd before going back to his sister and boyfriend.

I can’t believe… He… he looks much better than I could even imagine, Yuuto thought, watching his boyfriend in the cosplay. Even though the teacher had finished the cosplay a few weeks ago, he couldn’t convince Seiji to wear it. Not even with a few new ideas he had looked it up on the internet.

Despite complaining about ‘dressing up’ as a ‘blue pirate’, Seiji seemed perfect in cosplay. The cape trailed after him, giving the artist an imponent presence. The eye patch, along with the hat and the sword on his waist, gave him a somewhat dangerous air. But with his smile, he seemed more like a thief who would steal your heart.

Now I kinda get it why women like the dangerous type, Yuuto thought, trying to make his heart stop beating so fast.

There was already a little line, made by mostly women, to by Yuuka’s doujinshi. Yuuto noticed most of the buyers wanted to buy from Seiji. Some even asked if he had help in the manga in any way.

Yuuto felt the urge, but before he could stop himself, he raced and clung to his boyfriend’s arm. “Sorry I’m late.”

“What took you so long…” Seiji lost words when he looked at Yuuto in cosplay. He opened and closed his mouth a few times. “You look so… wow…”

The teacher blushed, let go of his boyfriend and took a step back. Even in the cramped space they had for the booth, he twirled around, making the hem of the white dress trail after him. “If you have that reaction, I’m way more confident in this cosplay,” he said, beaming.

“Yeah, you should be.” Seiji couldn’t stop blushing and smiling.

“You look amazing in that cosplay. Given my skills, that’s expected, but the model isn’t half bad,” Yuuto said, walking around Seiji.

“Since I can’t disagree, I’ll let you brag about today,” Seiji said, drawing his sword.

Yuuto beamed and clapped. “I don’t know why you refused to wear it for me though.”

“Yeah, well, I wanted to avoid that reaction.”

“Cosplayers don’t get embarrassed,” Yuuto said.

Seiji let out a laugh. “You got embarrassed all the time during our sessions,” he reminded his boyfriend.

“Yeah, well… that was because you kept embarrassing me?”

“How? By painting you?”

“Stop flirting, you two, and help me with this,” Yuuka snapped, bringing the couple back to the event.

With a sheepish smile and blushing, Yuuto and Seiji sat down to help. Under Yuuto’s sister’s bossy command, they managed to clear the line.

“Alright. Yuuno, stay with the sign near the hallway to bring more customers. Seiji, you stay with me.”

“Wait. You’re splitting us?” Seiji had a dejected look on his face. “That wasn’t part of the plan. And I was forced to listen to that like a hundred times!”

“Yeah, I know. But I can’t have you two flirting all day. It’s gonna drive away the customers seeing a ‘straight’ couple flirting while selling BL. Believe me, no fujoshi wants to see that. Oh, don’t give me that look, Seiji. We’ll probably sell almost everything before noon. Then you can join Yuuno.”

“Don’t worry, Seiji. Sis’s work is popular. I doubt it’ll take long to sell. After that, I’ll show you around,” Yuuto said, patting the artist on the back.

The cosplayer himself had no plans to spend the day apart from his boyfriend. It’s his first comic market. I wanna him to have fun as I show this part of me, he thought, kissing Seiji on the cheek before walking away from the booth with the sign advertising Yuuka’s doujinshi.

The flow of people was amazing. The doors had been open for a while, but even so, the visitors were still coming in.

I come every year, and still can’t get used to this crowd, he thought, chuckling. Yuuto stood near a pillar, asking people to check out his sister’s booth. As always, many visitors stopped to take a photo with the cosplayer.

Can’t believe that I’m still doing the same thing. Years ago, his first cosplay experience was a comic event. Also helping advertise his sister’s work. The same thing, but it feels so different… Back then, I’d never think I’d fall in love with the art of cosplay… nor that I’d fall in love with a man…

The event went as usual. Then, about an hour after he started walking around, his fan club appear.

“Yuuno-chan!” the leader screamed when he recognized the cosplayer. He raced to Yuuto with a few men behind him. “Oh! You look amazingly cute in that cosplay. A perfect waifu.”

“Yes! Perfect!” another member said.

“Marry me!”

Yuuto laughed. “Sorry. I can’t,” he said.

“No,” the guy reacted exaggeratedly. “Do you have someone already?”

“That’s a secret,” Yuuto said, raising a finger to his lips with a sly smile.

“No!” they said in unison.

“Hey, Yuuno-chan. Is that Yamamori-chi from My Guardian Persona?” the leader asked.

“Yes,” Yuuto answered with a smile, waving at his white dress. “I didn’t think many would notice. What do you think?”

“Cute!” the fan club screamed together and Yuuto laughed. “Please, can we take a photo with you?”

“Of course!”

The cosplayer put down the sign and took a photo with one by one. After all the men took their individual photo, they did a group one, with Yuuno in the middle. But before they left, three of them pulled out a photo book Yuuno had done a few years ago.

“Y-you managed to find them…?” he asked, his face red. “I thought it was impossible to find.”

“Yes. Someone’s been buying all your rare photo books. But we got these before they did. Please, sign it! It’s a treasure we’ll never sell!”

With his face red, Yuuno signed the photo books. I thought I’d never see those again. I was such a noob back them. My cosplays looked so slobs. And here I was thinking only the newest photo books would appear…

“Thank you so much for this, Yuuno-chan,” they screamed together. “We’ll come back later!”

Yuuto smiled as he waved goodbye to them. They might be a little overboard, but they’re good guys.

“Were those guys from your fan club?”

“Yes… they’ve been there since my first event. Supporting me every time.”

“Eh… I didn’t know that… Now I see why you treat Yuuno as if an Idol,” a familiar voice said behind Yuuto.

Only then he realized and turned around. “Seiji? Did you sneak out? My sister is gonna kill you.”

“It’s amazing the level of fear you have of your sister.”

“Ah, well… it’s the same as you and Seika.”

Both little brothers looked at each other and then laughed.

“So my sister really let you go?”

“Yeah. She said, for some reason, there were lot more female customers this year.” Seiji said, shrugging as he showed his cocky smile.

Yuuto knew the reason but kept quiet. He knows, but there’s no way I’m gonna say. He doesn’t need this kind of ego boost, the teacher thought, the jealous feeling growing in him again.

“The women kept glancing at me for some reason. Asking me if I had inspired the doujinshi and stuff,” Seiji went on, as if giving the cue to Yuuto.

“Technically, you did. My sister used you for the seme for this year’s doujinshi.”

“Now I’m sure you didn’t read sis manga. Because use you as the uke. In fact, did you know she’s been using you for her BL manga for a long time now?”

“I’m not listening,” Yuuto said, turning around and jabbing both ears with a finger.

Yuuto knew. Many times, when Yuuka forced him to help finish her manga, he noticed the character that usually got savaged by tentacles, a guy, or a group of men, looked a lot like a somewhat masculine version of Yuuno. Out of fear of the truth, he always had avoided asking.

He liked living in denial. But ever since one of the girls his my fan club asked if the uke in the doujinshi was inspired by him, he knew. I shouldn’t care now that I’m in a relationship that she can be inspired without any help… but it feels weird having Seiji rubbing in my face.

“What’s the matter? It’s not like now that’s not true. You can actually star Yuuka’s manga. I mean, we can,” Seiji said with the sly smile.

“I’m not listening,” Yuuto said, so loud some people looked at him.

With his cheeks a bit red, he pulled his fingers from his ears.

Seiji chuckled. “Hey, aren’t you gonna show me the event and part of your world?”

“Yes!” Yuuto beamed. “Let me guide you to your first comic market event.”

“Before that, was that guy Yuyunono?”

“You know the leader of my fan club?”

“Of course. There’s no way a member could get in without the leader’s approval,” Seiji said, still looking at where the fan club had mingled with the crowd.

“Wait, you’re a member? Of my fan club?” Yuuto didn’t even try to hide his surprise.

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m member 625269,” he said, smiling at the cosplayer’s reaction.

Yuuto blushed but smiled too. “You never told me…”

I had no idea… wait, does that mean Seiji saw the pics I took for the fan club only…? His face became an alarming shade of red with the thought.

“I didn’t think it was necessary. I mean, I am Yuuno’s closest fan… I doubt those guys know how much you beg for me or how much you moan in bed. Or how good you are at sucking my—”

Yuuto widened his eyes and reached out to block Seiji’s mouth. But he forgot he was holding the bouquet and pushed the plastic flowers on his boyfriend’s mouth.

Seiji smiled and took the bouquet from his hands. “Thanks for the flowers, luv,” he said in a low voice.

After Yuuto made sure no one had heard, he turned back to Seiji. “When did you join the fan club?” he asked in a low voice.

“I became a member the next day after my sister’s wedding. After you gave me your artist’s name, there was no way I wouldn’t look it up on the net. When I saw there was a Yuuno-chan’ fan club, of course I joined. There was an open invitation to come today and talk to you, but I had to refuse. You know, since I was already coming with someone else. Do you have any idea how much jealous those guys would be if they knew the truth?”

“Wait, y-you didn’t tell them about us, did you?”

Yuuto had his mouth hanging open. Seiji kept quiet for a second, looking into the cosplayer’s eyes. Then the artist smiled.

“There’s no way I’d do that to you, Yuut… Yuuno. Besides, there’s no way they’d believe some random guy from the fan club they hadn’t even said he was Yuuno’s boyfriend.”

Yuuto breathed out in relief. But then he noticed something. “You didn’t say you never told them,” he pointed out, narrowing his eyes.

Seiji smiled and looked around.

“I’m not letting you off the hook. Wait, were you the one buying my old photo books?

“C’mon. Show me the otaku event,” Seiji said, before walking away.

“Wait! Answer me!”

Yuuto raced to get ahead of Seiji. Blushing, he grabbed his boyfriend’s hand and led him.

Seiji laughed and squeezed Yuuto’s hand. The teacher didn’t turn around to see. At least he’s having fun, he thought with a smile of his own.

“Hey… Yuu…no…did you… bring me… to carry all this?”

Seiji struggled to raise his arms. The weight of Yuuto’s bags, full of doujinshi, figures, posters and other anime and manga related merchandise.

The cosplayer turned around to face the artist. For a moment, he showed no expression. Then he hummed and smiled.

“What…? Isn’t that what a boyfriend supposed to do? Carry their girlfriend’s bags when shopping?” asked Yuuto in a strange mocking voice. “Besides, you offered to carry. You have no idea how much happy I am to see my strong boyfriend carrying everything with those big and strong arms.”

Seiji blushed and averted his eyes.

“Yeah, well, you’re not my girlfriend,” he said through his teeth, emphasizing the last word.

Yuuto’s grin widened as he touched Seiji’s chin and forced the man to look at him. “Today I’m Yuuno, a cute and popular female cosplayer. So I am your girlfriend.”

“Don’t come with that lame excuse. And besides, Yuuno isn’t supposed to have a boyfriend. If your fan club finds out, they might… I don’t know, annoy me a lot or something.”

Yuuto laughed. “It’s a risk I’m willing to take to let you be a dreamy boyfriend and carry my stuff.”

Seiji opened his mouth to reply, but the effort to carry everything seemed too much for him. Yuuto showed a gentle smile. “Let’s leave this with sis.”

The relief was plain in Seiji’s face.

After they left the many bags with Yuuka. Seiji rubbed his shoulders in an exaggerated manner.

“There’s no need for all that,” the cosplayer said, holding back his urge to laugh.

“You didn’t carry, so you have no opinion.”

Without a word, Yuuto offered his hand. Smiling, Seiji took it.

They walked around the hall, but this time, they didn’t buy anything. Most people had bought what they came for, so now was time for the photos. Whenever anyone asked, Seiji and Yuuto made a pose or took a photo with the person.

“This is more tiresome than it looks,” Seiji said after a girl walked. She was smiling too much as she joined her friends. “I thought this part of a cosplayer’s work would be the easy one.”

“Wrong. So wrong,” Yuuto said in his most condescending voice, shaking his head at the same time. “Next time, you’ll know better.”

“Yes, yes. I promise I’ll never underestimate a cosplayer’s work.”

“I doubt that,” Yuuto said and they smiled.

“Hey, I noticed mostly guys wanted to take a photo with you.” Seiji raised an eyebrow, forcing his voice to be casual.

“And how many women wanted to take a photo with you? Guess we’re even.”

“Not really. There’s no chance of a women stealing me from you. But a guy so close to you…”

“Are you jealous?” Yuuto tried, but he couldn’t stop grinning.

Seiji blushed and averted his eyes. Yuuto reached out and poked his boyfriend on the cheek until the artist smiled.

“Master!” a familiar voice called him. “I finally found you.”

Yuuto turned and saw a girl coming towards him.

Tsukiko-chan smiled and waved her hand energetically to the teacher. Next to her was a middle school boy with his face red.

Taiyou-kun is just like Seiji… too embarrassed to be here, Yuuto thought as he waved back.

“Master, I’m so glad to see you here!” The girl said, grabbing both the teacher’s hands. “You look amazing! That dress is incredible! Did you sew it by yourself?”

Yuuto was taken aback by the round of questions. But the next moment, he smiled and chuckled. “I had help from my grandma. This dress was… for a special occasion,” he answered, glancing back at Seiji with a nostalgic smile.

The painter widened his eyes, blushed and averted his eyes, smiling.

“It looks great!”

“You too, Tsukiko-chan.”

The girl wore a two-piece pink cheerleader uniform with a matching vizor with a big heart on the side. Along with the pink loose socks, her usual pink hair and the pompons, she was a perfect cosplay of the main character of My Guardian Persona.

Taiyou-kun wore a short bluish black tank top, pants and sleeves of the same color. With the cat ears, tails and claw accessories, Yuuto’s inner cosplayer approved of the couple.

With me and Seiji cosplaying the characters final form, we look great… we could even participate in the group event… His eyes shone with the idea.

“Since we’re all cosplaying from the same show, how about if we take a group photo?” the girl suggested, her voice too eager.

“You don’t even need to ask.”

They asked a help from a visitor and took many photos.

“I’ll treasure this forever,” Tsukiko said, smiling.

“Me too,” Yuuto said, grinning as he looked the photo on his phone.

“Excuse me,” a visitor came to the group timidly. “You’re Yuuno-tan, aren’t you? Can we take a photo of you four?”

The group as too busy to notice, but their matching cosplay had attracted a crowd. After they said yes, the crowd got bigger. And it didn’t stop growing.

“Aren’t this a little too much?” Seiji complained after they were surrounded by people taking photos at the same time. The flashes were so constant he blinked.

“It happens,” Yuuto said, forcing himself to not blink as he looked around. But even for him, the unstopping wave of flashes were hurting his eyes. “Especially when the cosplayer and the cosplay are high level.”

“Hey! That guy’s trying to take a picture under your skirt!” Seiji exclaimed, pointing at someone.

He couldn’t keep his anger when he saw a man lying on the floor with his camera up, taking a photo from a too low angle.

Yuuto let out an awkward laugh and pressed his clothes closer to himself. “Unfortunately, this happens too,” he said, scratching his cheek.

“Are you okay with this?” Seiji asked, his voice louder due to the growing murmur and flashes.

“More like I’m used to this.” But even for me, this is a bit too much… guess they’re excited with the group cosplay…

“Well, I’m not.”

Despite his words and annoyed expression, Seiji didn’t do anything else. He put it up with it for his boyfriend.

“Yuuno-tan, look here.” A faceless voice asked from somewhere on the cosplayer’s left.

He listened and turned to that direction. But his smile was too strained now.

“Yuuno-chan, no, look here too!” someone else said

“Is this normal?” Taiyou-kun asked in a low voice.

“No… they’re getting too excited,” Tsukiko-chan answered.

Yuuto moved to stay a step before the young couple. She’s my student. Even here, I need to help here, he thought.

But despite his efforts, the crowd closed in around the four of them even more. And things only got rowdier when the Yuuno fan club arrived.

“Let’s finish the day with more pics of Yuuno-tan!” the leader screamed, trying to get ahead of the others.

The visitors stated pushing to get closer. Soon, they were inches away from touching the cosplayers.

“This is too much!” Seiji shouted.

“Yeah, I agree!”

“Yuuno-tan, please shake my hand.”

“No, shake mine!”

One person stretched out his arm. Yuuto shook it briefly. But then another arm appeared among the crowd. Then another. Then there were so many hands the cosplayer wondered if he had stepped into a haunted house at some point.

The group took a step back, but they something blocked their path. They were trapped between a pillar and the crowd.

Yuuto tried to find a way out but there wasn’t. The crowd had surrounded them, all screaming for them, for him. Screaming Yuuno, Yuuno. Oh, shit! They lost their minds!

The crowd was almost reaching him when suddenly Yuuto felt his feet leaving the ground.

It took him a moment to realized what had happened. Seiji had drawn his plastic sword and was carrying him in the princess style.

“Take your hands off my boyfriend,” Seiji said in a determined expression, waving the sword at the closest hand without hitting anyone.

Yuuto widened his eyes and his face became an alarming shade of red. With a grin that forced itself on his lips, he put his arms around Seiji’s neck and rested his head on his boyfriend’s chest.

There was a moment of pause. And then Yuuto heard countless the flashes and a growing murmur but didn’t care.

He was too happy for that.

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