The Swimmer and the Manager 30

After so long (more than I had planned) here’s the 30th chapter of The swimmer and the manager.
I can’t believe it’s already been 30 chapters.
It feels like yesterday that I started writing this web novel…
Hope you enjoy this chapter.
Ah, it contains a few moments that aren’t recommended to minors.

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The Swimmer and The Manager 30

Cris felt happy. He had no idea why though.

When he came to himself, he just felt happy and couldn’t stop smiling as his mind woke up.

His back felt cold. But on his front, there was a pleasant warmth. The manager grunted and curled up to get closer to the heat source.

Even without opening his eyes, Cris knew the source of that heat was the reason for his happiness.

In the center of that warmth, the manager could heart a faint rhythmic sound, pulsing. That sound made his smile widened. When Cris realized it was a heart beating, he felt even warmer. It’s Nelson’s, he knew even without opening his eyes.

Cris never wanted to wake up, to get out of that bed. Just being there, hearing Nelson’s heart pulsing and embracing in the warm from the guy he liked was perfect.

But then he remembered Marcelo’s word. He said that Nelson lost the bet and paid him… The bet about if Nelson would fall for his new manager… Cris couldn’t stop himself from wrapping his arms around that warmth.

Nelson fell for me… Nelson fell for me… Just the thought of the guy he liked falling in love with him made Cris want to shout to the world. To shove those feelings to anyone and make people jealous.

Even in his dreams was like that. Normally, Cris barely remembered his dreams, but this one was still too vivid. He never wanted to forget.

He and Nelson were on the beach during the sunset completely alone. The swimmer teased the manager, poking him on the nose, ear, and cheek. With the sand, Cris was so ticklish he couldn’t stop scratching those places.

Then, to tease Nelson back, he climbed on top of the swimmer and pulled the trunks down. He wanted to play with that manhood enough to make Nelson beg for his mouth. But the plan backfired. When the manager saw it hardening as he stroked, he couldn’t help but get aroused himself.

Before Cris could stop himself, not that he would have, he put the manhood in his mouth.

The reaction was instantaneous.

The swimmer quivered in pleasure. His face became red and he closed his eyes. But despite that reaction, he did nothing to stop his manager.

With a sly smile, Cris played with the tip, only sucking. But then the manhood vanished.

Cris blinked and looked at the swimmer. Nelson had vanished as well.

Looking around, he saw the swimmer standing a few meters from him. The athlete was saying something, but Cris was too far away to hear.

However, as he got closer, he understood the words, and they made his cheeks an alarming shade of red.

“I lost the bet against Marcelo. I betted I wouldn’t fall in love with my next manager. But I lost,” Nelson was saying, with a defeated smile.

Even from that distance, Cris could tell that smile was hiding the swimmer’s true feeling; he was glad that he lost.

Cris beamed and raced to the man. When he was close enough, he jumped and wrapped his arms around Nelson.

“I love you, Cris,” the swimmer said, making the manager’s heart thump faster.

Cris was too happy. But even so, he wanted more.

He wanted to hear those words outside this wonderful dream, while he was awake. And he knew he would. Someday. Maybe soon.

Even so, the manager knew he couldn’t push the swimmer too much. Otherwise, it might affect Nelson’s performance as an athlete. Despite his yearn to be more than just swimmer and manager, to be more than friends, Cris would never do something that might get in the way of Nelson’s dream.

For now, just hugging him in the dream was enough. One day we’ll be together, Cris simply knew.

Then the dream vanished into nothing.

Cris was awake and couldn’t go back to sleep. Not even while hugging that pleasant warmth.

With difficulty and mostly against his will, he opened his eyes.

It took some time, but when he realized he had fallen asleep on top of Nelson’s chest, he wanted to laugh.

But then he noticed the swimmer was awake and watching him, Cris widened his eyes and his face went a wild shade of red.

Their eyes met, and the manager felt the urge to burst into laugh nervously again. He pressed his lips and managed to control himself, only letting out a strange squeak of a voice.

The next second, he realized Nelson felt the same, though the swimmer was even more embarrassed for the situation. There’s something else… he’s feeling guilty of something…

“H-hey,” Cris said, trying to keep his voice as normal as he could. Even though, on the inside, he was dying to tease his swimmer and see the blushing face he grew to love over the past few months.

“M-morning…” Nelson tried to keep his voice normal too but failed; he was too embarrassed to act anywhere near normal.

Despite his embarrassment, Nelson never averted his eyes.

He has cute eyes, Cris thought, a different smile crossing his lips. The eyes of someone with a goal and determined to reach it… There was no way I wouldn’t fall for him…

“Erh… I guess you’re wondering how we got into this situation… Before I explain, I’ve got to say that I’m actually innocent in this situation. Not that I’m complaining or anything,” the manager said, this time not keeping the teasing out of his voice. There’s no way I’d let this chance go by without doing nothing.

Nelson opened his mouth to reply, but he pressed his lips, nodding. That made Cris smile even more. He’s so embarrassed he’s afraid to say something… Damn… that’s too cute… If I could I’d spend the entire day just in bed with him…

“Good. Well, then, after Marcelo left, I realized that you had kicked your sheet. I was gonna cover you and then leave. But when I was doing that, you grabbed my hand and pulled me. Before I could do anything, I was lying on your chest and you were hugging me so tight I couldn’t leave. I waited for you to release me, but you never did, so I ended up falling asleep in that position. That’s how we woke up like that.”

Just as Cris expected, Nelson became even redder. The swimmer’s eyes widened, and the corner of his lips twitched.

Ah, he’s trying to stop his smile… he doesn’t know if he should get embarrassed or happy, the manager noticed, a sly smile of his own pushing its way to his face.

“Sorry… for what I did,” Nelson managed to mumble, averting his gaze for the first time. But he still looked at Cris through the corner of his eyes.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t hate or anything. In fact, I loved waking up like this. I’ve told you I don’t mind forceful guys. Especially on the bed. I mean, it depends on the guy. But you are on that list, so don’t need to worry,” Cris teased him, watching the swimmer’s every reaction.

Actually, you’re the only one on that list right now. The manager kept that for himself though. It’d be too much for Nelson to hear this, he thought, trying to suppress his urge to tease the guy he liked. But even if he did that, the desire was too strong. The next second, he couldn’t stop himself from running a hand over Nelson’s chest, circling the nipple through the shirt.

Once again the reaction was instantaneous. Nelson blushed and pressed his lips. But he never complained or told Cris to stop.

Damn it… He’s too cute! I want this man to fuck me right now… I want him to get behind me and do whatever he wants!

When he realized what he was thinking, Cris chuckled. So even in love, I’m still like this… Guess love only brings out the best of me… Too bad there’s a guy who loves sex in me.

“I-I… I think I should be going… the competition, I mean,” Nelson said, bringing Cris’ attention back to the bed both men shared.

The manager pulled his phone from the pocket. Smiling, he put the phone back. “Even for you, arriving there 2 and a half hours earlier is too much.”

Nelson gulped. “Yeah… but… you know…”

Cris suppressed his smile and stared the swimmer in the eyes with the most innocent expression he had. “Know what?”

“You know… I mean… I… need to eat and… and prepare my stuff! Yeah!” Nelson exclaimed suddenly.

Cris once again held his urge to laugh. He’s so cute when he’s like this, thinking of something out of the blue, he thought, staring at that nervous face. It’s not fair for a guy to be this cute and hot. If he wasn’t my swimmer, I’d probably had sex with him a long time ago… but then if he wasn’t my swimmer, I might not have fallen in love with him.

“I’ll take care of your stuff. I already know what you usually bring to the competition. But there’s one thing I wanna give you as present.”

Nelson could tell it was something that would make him embarrassed. It was plain on his face. But so was his curiosity. “What?”

“This.” Cris blushed, leaned closer and kissed Nelson on the cheek.

The swimmer’s face became an alarming shade of red. He put a hand on the kissed cheek and opened and closed his mouth, trying to find words.

The manager laughed and answered the question Nelson couldn’t form at the moment. “A good luck kiss,” he said, getting more embarrassed than he imagined. It was just a kiss on the cheek…

“I… ah… I… really should eat something,” Nelson managed to mumble in a weak voice, his hand still on the kissed cheek.

“Oh yeah… I forgot you athletes wake up early and manage to eat something in the morning,” he said in a mildly surprised voice. Damn… I’m not satisfied yet, Cris thought when he realized the urge to tease was bigger than himself. “The only thing I could eat right now is a banana,” he added, sliding his hand down to between Nelson’s legs.

Ever since he had awakened, Cris could feel something pressing against his thigh. But after the kiss, that something started to grow and get harder. This isn’t just morning wood, the manager knew.

Nelson was around by him, by the kiss, and by the alluring idea of a guy as cute as a girl kissing his cheek.

I’m so weak to this, Cris thought, wrapping his hand around the manhood. It twitched when his cold fingers touched it. Nelson did the same. Damn it… I shouldn’t be doing this, I shouldn’t be doing this. Not today, when it’s his first competition in months…

Despite his thoughts, a sly smile crept in his lips. “Do you want a special good luck kiss?” he asked in a teasing voice.


To Cris’ surprise, Nelson didn’t hesitate at all. He stared at the manager without blinking.

The manager was the one surprised by such reaction. But on the next second, his widen eyes narrowed. With a sly smile, he got under the covers, pulled Nelson’s shirt up and pants down. The manhood stood before his face, just like in his dream. And Cris wanted nothing more than to have that inside him.

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