Please Call Me Teacher 2!

Happy mother’s day.
And though there’s nothing to do with it, here’s a chapter of Please Call Me Teacher 2!
This chapter is a bit especial. It’s about Seiji and Yuuto as boyfriends.
Hope you like
Warning: this chapter contains mature content


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Please 2! – Daily life 1

“Hey, little brother,” Yuuka said the moment Yuuto entered their apartment. She walked towards and observed him closely. “Why are you so spaced out?”

“What? I’m not… spaced out,” he answered, his voice trailing off. The moment he avoided meeting his sister’s eyes, Yuuto realized his mistake. Damn it… Now she’s definitely not letting this go by without prying into…

Yuuka lowered her head to be on the same height as him. “What are you hiding from me, little brother?”

“N-nothing…” His face became red as he forced himself to look into her eyes. It was hard to keep anything from his sister. I never could… ever since we were kids…

“Fine. If you’re gonna hide something from me, I might as well to your boyfriend. I’m sure he knows,” Yuuka said, pulling her phone from the pocket of the sweatpants.

“Wait!” Yuuto reached out to grab the phone, but his sister raised her arm, keeping the device out of his reach. Damn it! Why is everyone around so tall? “Fine. I’ll tell you!”

“C’mon, little brother. Spill everything.”

As Yuuto recovered himself, Yuuka’s face shone with interest. With a heavy sigh and his face even redder, the cosplayer told his sister what was bothering him.

“What?” a voice came from somewhere inside the living room. A second later, Seika, Seiji’s sister, appeared from behind the couch. “You’ve never had sex with Seiji while cosplaying?”

Yuuka and Seika exchanged looks and then they turned back to the teacher with huge grins.

“Seika-san… I didn’t know you were here,” Yuuto said in a low voice, his cheeks an alarming shade of red. He sunk his face into both hands. Damn it. I should’ve realized my sister was planning something…

“Yep, I’m here, future brother-in-law. But it doesn’t matter. I can’t believe that you, a famous cosplayer, never had sex with my little brother while cosplaying…” She shook her head, as if completely shocked.

“I agree. That doesn’t sound right. At all,” Yuuka added, crossing her arms and nodding. “Our little brothers aren’t doing BL in the right way.”

“It’s so sad, especially with someone as knowledgeable as you so close,” Seika said, closing her eyes.

“Will you two stop talking about this?” Yuuto managed to speak despite his rage and the embarrassment in his voice.

“You’ve never tried, little brother?” Yuuka asked, ignoring the teacher.

He let out another heavy sigh and shook his head. “I shouldn’t have said anything…”

Yuuka dragged him to the couch.

“You’re right, you shouldn’t have. But now that the cat’s out of the bag, there’s no way we’ll let you get away. Come, sit here and tell the big sisters here everything,” his sister said, tapping on the couch.

With his face burning, the teacher resigned to his fate and sat between his sister and Seiji’s, mortified.

“Now Yuuto,” Yuuka said in a soothing voice, as if she was a shrink and Yuuto her patient. “Why haven’t you done the deed or, as you prefer, made love with your young and lovely boyfriend while cosplaying? Is it because you don’t want to?”

Yuuto pressed his lips. He could feel the pressure coming from both women at his sides. On the next second, he gave up. It has been bothering me a lot lately anyway, the teacher thought before speaking.

“I want to… I’ve tried a couple times, but Seiji… somehow we end up… making love first before I had the chance to change into a cosplay…”

Even though I’ve decided to tell everything, it doesn’t make this less embarrassing!

“Do you think he’s avoiding sleeping with you while you cosplay on purpose?”


“Don’t be like that, Yuuto. Don’t let this little thing put you down.”

“I know it’s silly. I’m so happy to be with Seiji… It’s just that… I don’t know…”

“Maybe my little brother doesn’t want to have sex with you cosplaying because he doesn’t want you thinking he’s with you because you look like a girl.”

“I… had thought about it,” Yuuto admitted in a low voice. “But he knows I’d never think that. I mean, when we went to the cemetery, I said I should dress like a girl, to make it easier. But he was against it and made sure I dressed as a man. There’s no way I’d think he’s with me ‘cause I look like a girl. I know he loves me.”

As Yuuto became red, the women exchanged looks again and smiled at the same time.

“Then maybe he doesn’t want to fool around with your art and make you think he’s not treating right,” Yuuka said, putting her arm around her little brother.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, Seiji knows cosplaying is more than just your art. It’s part of you. So maybe my little brother doesn’t wanna you thinking he doesn’t treat cosplaying with the right way,” Seika said, her expression as if that was the undeniable truth.

“Exactly. My disciple is right. So, instead of cosplay, how about some naughty role-playing, little brother?” Yuuka suggested, her eyes sparkling. “In fact, I think I have the perfect idea for you…”

Seika’s eyes sparkled as well.

“Good idea, master. I even have some props…”

Then, the woman who loved BL, started dashing out ideas for sexy role-playing that Yuuto and Seiji could do. The teacher was completely red and had no opportunity to say anything. All he did was listen, but he didn’t dislike some of their ideas. Seiji might like this

I am really doing this… I’m really doing this, Yuuto said to himself. He took a deep breath and pulled the trench coat closer to make sure no one could see what he wore underneath it. I can’t believe I’m dressed like this and going to Seiji’s apartment right now…

With his heart thumping so loud he was afraid people might hear him, the cosplayer left the subway. Walking as fast as he could on top of those high heels, Yuuto headed to his boyfriend’s apartment. Come on, Seiji. Open the door, he thought, knocking and ringing the bell at the same time.

But, despite his hurry, Seiji only opened after many knocks. He was shirtless, and his hair was a mess. Did he just wake up?

“Hey, Yuuto,” his boyfriend said with a big yawn. He rubbed his face and blinked a couple times. Then he leaned down to give the teacher a quick kiss. “Did we have any plans today? I thought you had something in school today. Sorry I’m like this, I was sleeping and… what are you wearing?”

His face lost all traces of drowsiness and the painter became wide awake when he saw Yuuto dressed in the long trench coat. But the artist soon noticed the black pantyhose and the black high heels and smiled.

“There’s something we need to talk. Inside,” Yuuto said, pushing Seiji. He entered the apartment without taking off the heels. He passed by his boyfriend, went to the living room and pulled the stool the painter used to many times. “Sit.”

“Okay…” Seiji had a confused and excited expression, but still listened to his former teacher.

The teacher took a deep breath, his face an alarming shade of red. Okay…I’m doing this… I’m really gonna do this, he said to himself, pulling a thin rope from one of the many pockets of the trench coat. “P-put out… your hands,” he said, his voice failing. Damn…

Seiji narrowed his eyes, but still obeyed. Yuuto grabbed the artist’s hand and put them behind his back. With the thin rope, he tied them together. There’s no way I’m asking why my sister has this. Nor this… He pulled a small foam black pointer from another pocket of the trench coat. With another deep breath, he put on his fake glasses and walked around to stand before Seiji.

The artist’s eyes widened when he saw the pinter. Pressing his lips to hide his smile, Seiji stared eagerly at his boyfriend. “What kind of play is this?”

“S-silence! Y-you c-can only talk if I a-allow you!”

Damn it! I can’t stutter if I wanna do this right! His face went a wild shade of red, but he still forced himself to say the rest.

“Seiji… y-you’ve been a b-b-bad boy. S-so you n-need to be punished. No one better than a t-teacher to punish b-bad kids who d-don’t behave.”

Yuuto pulled undid the knot and took off the trench coat, revealing the clothes that were making him die of embarrassment.

Seiji widened his eyes. Even the artist, who usually hid his emotions so well from his boyfriend, couldn’t hide the surprise plain on his face now.

The cosplayer wore a tight black leather skirt and a button white blouse. It was so thin his boyfriend could see the black silk lingerie he had put on. I’m also never asking how Seika-san could give me this on such short notice. The teacher blushed even more, feeling his cheeks burn.

Seiji hung his mouth opened. After a few seconds, he smiled. “Yuuto, what are you—”

Yuuto smacked him with the foam pointer. Hope it doesn’t hurt him… The teacher had tested on himself earlier. Even with his full force, it didn’t hurt much. Even so, he held back his strength. “I-if you wanna talk, raise your hand… I-I’ll decide if you can…”

“How am I supposed to do that if I’m tied—”

Yuuto swung the pointer across Seiji’s face. “No talking unless I give you permission!” he said in a stronger voice

“Yes, ma’am!” Seiji said, a strange smile on his face.

“Ma’am?” Yuuto hit him across the cheek again. “I’m a man.”

“Yes, sir!”

“No talking!” Yuuto smacked him in the same place. “Am I making myself clear?”

Without opening his mouth, Seiji nodded a couple times. Despite the red mark on his cheek, the artist smiled.

“Good boy,” Yuuto said, showing a sly smile.

He leaned down and lick the red mark on the cheek. Then he kissed it, leaving his red lipstick on Seiji’s face.

The artist looked at him with eager and wild eyes. He’s liking this… good… at least this embarrassing outfit will serve its purpose, the teacher thought, walking around his boyfriend while smacking the pointer on his hand as loud as he could. Yuuto stopped behind Seiji and leaned closer to whisper.

“Good boys deserve a treat,” he said in the slyest voice he had. “But since you’ve been a bad boy for so long, you also deserve a punishment.”

Seiji breathed slower now, his face filled with interest. When Yuuto walked to stand before him, the teacher noticed the bulge in the artist pants. I have a great idea…

“I’ve decided. This is your treat,” Yuuto said, unzipping his skirt just enough to pull out his member. “You can drink some milk but, as punishment, you must have it without using your hands.”

Seiji looked at Yuuto’s face for a long time. Then he lowered his head to stared at the hardening manhood at his eyes level. The artist smiled before leaning down and putting it in his mouth, licking and sucking it.

Damn… he’s too good at this… I’m almost at my limit already thanks to that thing in me, Yuuto thought after a few moments. Then he couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Drink it all. Don’t waste a drop. Good boy,” Yuuto said, panting, when Seiji drank.

The teacher patted his former student on the head, but then he noticed a trickle of his seed running down on Seiji’s chin. The cosplayer whipped it with his thumb and then put the finger inside the artist’s mouth.

“You spilled a little… I told you not to waste a single drop… What a bad boy. Once again you deserve both a treat and a punishment.” The teacher smacked the pointer on his hand loudly again to gain some time. “Kneel on the floor and raise your ass.”

Seiji looked up at Yuuto with wide eyes and opened his mouth. But then he closed it and pressed his lips.

He wants, no, needs permission to speak… my permission, Yuuto realized, his smile too sly. The teacher kept quiet, letting his boyfriend in the limbo for a moment. This is bad… I might get addicted to this feeling. Then he nodded once.


“How can I kneel without my hands?”

Yuuto let out a single chuckle.

“Silly boy. That’s too simple. Just use your face.”


Yuuto hit the pointer on Seiji’s face. Then he leaned closer.

“Put your face on the floor. Now,” he whispered, trying to sound menacing.

The artist stared at his boyfriend. Then, with a gulp and an even stranger expression, Seiji did as ordered. Slowly, he knelt and lowered his head until his cheek was touching the floor.

“Good boy. You deserve a special reward. Let’s see… ah… I know.”

With his free hand, Yuuto reached inside his skirt and pulled from inside his butt a little pink object in the shape of an egg. It was connected by a wire to a little control remote. He bent over and swung the object by the wire near Seiji’s face, making sure the artist saw it.

“Do you remember this? You bought it for me, saying they somehow sent the wrong product. And yet you refused to send it back for some reason. If I recall, you knew how to use it, despite being your first time, according to you.”

With his head on the floor, Seiji shook it, his eyes fixed on the rotor.

“Too bad you don’t remember. Guess I’ll have to teach you,” Yuuto said before pulling down Seiji’s pants and underwear, exposing the butt.

The artist’s muscles contracted right away as he clenched his buttocks. But he still remained where he was.

That made Yuuto grin. He slapped the butt with his pointer, making his boyfriend quiver. For a moment he thought he might have hurt Seiji, but then he saw the manhood hardening.

“Look at this. I barely use this hole. Because of that, it’s so tight compared to mine, don’t you think? We need to change this.”

Seiji opened his mouth, but then clenched his teeth.

“Good boy. I didn’t give you permission to speak,” Yuuto said before introducing the rotor into Seiji.

The artist was squirming all the time, but didn’t utter a word. When it was all the way inside him, Yuuto turned the device on. It was on the weak setting at the first. But soon the cosplayer turned it to the medium setting before making his boyfriend sit, still with his hands behind his back.

“How does it feel to have something in there?”

“W-weird…” he admitted, his face red, his buttocks trembling so much it looked as if someone was using it was drums.

“Not yet.” Yuuto switched the rotor to the second strongest setting. Seiji bit his lips, but he couldn’t hide his smile from the teacher. “Now it’s weird. For you. This is how I feel like this most of the time, though I like it. How about if we turned up a notch?”

A moan escaped Seiji’s lips. Yuuto’s grin became slyer, matching his expression. Despite not being used to having things done to his butt, Seiji’s hard and almost on his limit. Just look how he’s trying to keep his expression neutral.

“It’s already about to burst,” Yuuto said, sliding a finger on the member. Seiji quivered in response. “Guess since we haven’t switched in a while, you’re oversensitive, hum?”

Seiji pressed his lips and averted his eyes.

“Trying to resist, huh? Good. I like bad boys who refuse to be honest.”

Yuuto ripped a hole on his pantyhose and pulled his underwear aside. Turning to his boyfriend, he showed his butt to Seiji.

“Let’s see if you can resist this.”

Yuuto sat on the manhood. Since he had prepared himself before coming, there was no need to put any lotion. The member entered him as if it was meant to fill him. Seiji quivered and moaned even more. Yuuto smiled at that reaction. But he wanted more, and started moving up and down.

But even he couldn’t resist the pleasure, and began moaning with his boyfriend.

Seiji couldn’t hold it anymore and his seed gushed inside Yuuto.

Yuuto lost strength on his legs and kept sitting on his boyfriend. Seiji, on the other hand, fell backward, both exhausted.

“Bad… boy… I never… told you to… feel pleasure… yet…” Yuuto turned around and grabbed Seiji’s chin, forcing the man he loved to look at him. “You need more punishment…”

Seiji showed a wild expression. Before Yuuto could say anything, the artist tore the thin rope around his wrists, wrapped his arms around the teacher and kissed him, his member already hard again.

Yuuto laughed and couldn’t be happier.

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