Swimmer 29

A lot later than usual, but here’s chapter 29 of Nelson and Cris, I mean, the Swimmer and the Manager.
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The Swimmer and The Manager 29

Heavy… my body feels… heavy, it was the first thing Nelson thought when he woke.

He winced and struggled for a few seconds to keep his consciousness before opening his eyes, but the next moment, he gave up. The swimmer was feeling too heavy to do something so trivial as opening his eyes.

Even so, Nelson tried to toss around the bed to get rid of that extra weight. Only to find out that he couldn’t. Then he realized that heavy sensation wasn’t coming from him.

It was coming from something lying on top of him. And that something had a little heart beating. It was faint at first, but now that Nelson was aware of it, he couldn’t stop hearing it.

And it wasn’t just the rhythmic pulse. There was a warmth embrace coming from that heart, from that extra weight lying on top of him. Even without seeing what it was, it was so pleasant it made Nelson smile for some reason.

With his mind more awaken, the swimmer managed to fight his drowsiness and forced his eyes to open… only to find himself staring at a mass of black hair a few inches from his face. It took longer than he should, but he finally recognized what it was. Cris?

All the drowsiness left him and Nelson became alert at once. Why is he here? Why is he sleeping on top of me? How did we end up like this? Did we… No… I’d remember… right? He shook his head to stop imagining how both men could have ended up on the bed together

But that shaking made his manager grunt and winced a little. The swimmer stopped moving at once. I have no idea how we ended up like this, but can’t wake him…  look at that cute peaceful face… it’s probably a crime to disturb something so cute like this.

Cris slept with his mouth open slightly. And somehow it looked as if he was smiling in his sleep. There was a little stain on the corner of the bottom lip.

He drools in his sleep… I’m definitely teasing him about that, Nelson thought, smiling before he realized. Wait! If I do that, he’s gonna tease something about us “sleeping together” in each other’s arms… and a lot… I’m sure he will… otherwise, he wouldn’t be the Cris I know and care and… fell in love with…

The swimmer widened his eyes and blushed. It’s the first time I’m admitting this… even to myself… I just threw the money at Marcelo and made him promise he wouldn’t say anything… even then, I tried to not admit my feelings so openly… But there’s nothing I can do. I fell in love with Cris…

Suddenly Nelson felt the urge to hug his manager. He raised his hands but then hesitated for a heartbeat. Would it be alright? I mean, it’s not like we haven’t hugged each other… Convincing himself, he wrapped his arms around Cris.

In the cold room, that warmth coming from that petite body felt more than welcome. I never thought a hug could make me this happy. Nelson smiled and closed his eyes, feeling his heart thumping so loud he was afraid it would wake the adorable man he was hugging.

What happened yesterday? I remember I was watching Cris and Marcelo playing video games until late, and then… I vaguely remember them putting me on the bed… and then they left… right?

So how come I end up waking up with my manager on top of me?

No matter how much he tried to remember, Nelson had no idea how he and Cris ended up sleeping in that situation. But I know nothing happened between us yet… there’s no way I’d forgot something so important like being together with Cris…

Before he knew what he was doing, Nelson caressed the man he was fell in love with. Only after a long time, he awakened from the dream-like situation.

Careful to not stir too much and awake his manager, Nelson took one arm off the man and picked up his phone on the nightstand. Seven a.m. huh? A lot later than what I’m used to… But since the coach explicitly forbade me from doing my morning jog or sneaking in a little practice before the competition, it’s okay.

The competition starts at 9:30, so there’s a lot of time to get there. But I need to get ready and pack my stuff. Speedo, swimming cap, goggles, towel, and… what else?

He stopped to think, but when his eyes ended up on Cris’ peaceful face, he chuckled. I’m sure the best manager in the world will remember for me…

Speaking of which… will he come to see me? My previous managers did come to my competition, but that was after we started dating. Before that, they barely came at all… only to the big ones… Well… that wasn’t surprising. It was a normal swimmer manager relationship, like most you see around here…

But Cris will definitely come to see me. I bet he’s gonna do something or say to take my mind off the tournament, probably making me too embarrassed in the process. Then he’s gonna encourage with that unfairly cute smile of his.

Damn it… why is this guy so cute and cool? It should be against law to be both.

As he rambled in his head, Nelson’s eyes ended at Cris’ cute and peaceful sleeping face once again. Damn… so unfairly cute… He blushed and pressed his lips to stop the smile that insisted on coming.

Cris had no idea of all the commotion he was making Nelson go through. All the manager did was sleep and snore slightly, going up and down along with the swimmer’s chest as he breathed soundly.

This guy appeared out of nowhere in my life one day… just because the club decided to pair two people they had little hopes for… and now I can’t imagine spending a day without talking to him…

Damn you, Cris. How did you manage to become so much important to me? How did you manage to make me fall for a guy? Nelson pinched his manager’s cheek slightly.

Cris mumbled something unintelligible and pulled his head to get rid of the hand pinching his cheek. But Nelson didn’t stop. Without waking up, the manager winced and brought his hand to his face and tried to shoo the swimmer away.

Nelson widened his eyes and pulled his hand to cover his completely red face. So freaking cute! Damn it! It’s unfair! How could anyone not fall in love with him?

Before he could stop himself, Nelson tickled Cris on the nose delicately for a few seconds before pulling his hand back. As he expected, the manager winced again and rubbed the spot where he was touched.

The swimmer couldn’t stop smiling as he saw the scene. This is too cute! And fun! Now I know why he likes to tease me so much. Just look at his reactions!

Nelson continued testing Cris sleeping reaction. First, he touched the manager’s earlobe. Then he scratched the right eyebrow gently. Then the nose again.

Every time, Cris winced, moaned and tried to shoo Nelson away. Always on the verge of waking up, but never actually awakening.

All the time, the swimmer couldn’t stop smiling. It was hard to fight the urge to hug that petit man tightly. But he wanted to tease the sleeping manager a bit more. Then he touched Cris’ bottom lip with the index finger.

To his utter surprise, the manager didn’t try to get rid of Nelson this time. Instead, Cris moved his head and before the swimmer could do anything, the finger was inside his mouth.

Before Nelson could think about pulling his finger, Cris started sucking it.

The swimmer became an alarming shade of red. Holy shit! I can’t believe he does that without thinking!

Nelson had no idea what to do. On one hand, he wanted to pull his hand. But on the other, there was something inside him stopping him.

With his face red and eyes wide, he gulped and watched as Cris sucked his finger. To add to his surprise, the manager seemed happy as he did that.

Oh, God! He looks so happy sucking on something… The thought made Nelson smiled and become even redder. Then he had an idea.

With his heart thumping widely, he picked up his phone and took a photo of Cris sucking his finger.

Pressing his lips, he stared at the photo. What will he do when he finds out about this? No, wait. There’s no way I can tell him about this. Look what I’m doing to him. I mean, I’m not doing anything wrong or illegal, I think, but still… it feels wrong somehow… it feels… naughty… and yet… it feels good…

Despite knowing it wasn’t a good idea, Nelson kept the finger where it was. He looks so peaceful doing that… All I want is to see that face for a bit longer, the swimmer tried to convince himself.

Nelson pressed his lips to hide his smile and averted his eyes. The guy who gets to wake up next to him every day will be the luckiest in the world.

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