Swimmer 24

Chapter 24 of Cris and Nelson
After so long, Nelson is finally back to the pools. But will that change his and Cris’ relationship?
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The Swimmer and The Manager 24

After he changed into his swimsuit, Nelson closed his eyes. Breathing deep, he opened them and stared at his reflection.

Yes, this feels right… I look my best in this type of swimsuit, he thought, trying to stop his smile. But it was too hard. No matter how much he pressed the lips, the smile kept coming back. How long has it been since I wore this?

“Hey, Nelson, are you done? Or do you still need time to admire yourself half-naked?” Cris shouted from outside the locker room. “I totally get it. I’d be admiring myself if I had a hot body like yours too. Actually, I do pretty well the way I am, but if I had a body like yours, I’d be using to hook up with other hot guys.”

Nelson didn’t even try to stop his urge to laugh. “Why are you rambling more than usual today?”

“‘Cause you’ve been in there forever. C’mon, I wanna check you, I mean, we don’t have all day. Let’s go already.”

With one last look at his reflection, the swimmer left the locker room, ready for his first training in months.

The manager was waiting on the other side of the door. He was wearing the jacket that was too big and prevented people from seeing if he wore something underneath it or not.

“Finally. I was starting to think you had become shy or something,” Cris said the moment Nelson appeared. He circled the swimmer, nodding and humming in approval. “Nice body. Is that your way of treating me for suggesting the scrum system?”

Nelson chuckled. “Maybe. But I remember that you’re not just satisfied with a hot shirtless guy.”

Cris smiled and blushed. “You’re right about that. It’ not enough just to look at you,” he mumbled the last part. They stayed in silence for a moment and then the manager noticed the swimmer glancing at his jacket. At once the embarrassed expression changed into the sly smile. “Are you interested in what’s underneath my jacket?”

Nelson widened his eyes and averted his eyes, his cheeks red. “I’m not falling for that…not again,” he muttered. “I bet you’re just wearing the same Japanese school swimsuit, aren’t you?”

Those words only made Cris’ sly grin widen. “You say you’re not falling for the same trick twice, but all I hear is that you’re interested in what I’m wearing. Good, good. It might lead to you become interested in taking my clothes off.”

“No comments,” Nelson replied still not looking at his manager directly, his cheeks even redder.

Cris chuckled and walked to stand before the swimmer.

“Too bad you’re not interested,” he said, pulling the zipper down and opening his jacket.

Underneath it, Cris wore a green polka dots bikini full of frills. On the lower part, there was a little skirt that managed to hide the manhood. But on the back, it was too short, and it hid nothing of Cris’ shaped and firm butt.

At once the swimmer reacted. His face became an alarming shade of red and he looked at anywhere but his manager.

“You’re gonna hurt your neck if you keep moving like that,” Cris said, not bothering to hide his enjoyment.

“You’re not wearing that Japanese school swimsuit?” Nelson said in a fast and high-pitched voice, looking at his manager through the corner of the eyes.

Cris sighed and shook his head. “Even though this cute bikini shows more skin, you prefer the school swimsuit,” Cris said in a know it all voice. “I just can’t believe you’re more pervert than I thought, though I don’t mind at all. Can’t say you’re the first who prefer me wearing the swimsuit. But just so you know, lots of straight guys prefer me wearing this?”

“I never said that,” Nelson said in a hurry. “I’m not interested in your swimsuit!”

“Oh, is that so?” Cris came even closer to the swimmer, standing inches away from the swimmer. “Then why won’t you look me in the eyes and say that?”

With his face still red, Nelson couldn’t look away anymore and turned to his manager. The frills on the skirt managed to hide the bulge on the crotch, and on the top, it created the illusion of a small breast. If the swimmer didn’t know his manager was a guy, he would certainly think he was a girl. And a really cute one!

“So? What do you think?” Cris asked, taking a step back to twirl around once. “Which do you prefer?”

“I really don’t prefer neither one,” the swimmer mumbled, averting his eyes again.

“Is that so?” Cris pouted. “Then I prefer not to tell you what the coach planned for your first training.”

“What? That’s not fair!”

“Then tell me which you prefer. The bikini or the Japanese school swimsuit,” Cris said in a low voice, smiling in triumph.

Nelson bit his lips. I really can’t resist him at all, he thought.

“C’mon. All you have to do is say which swimsuit you prefer. Me wearing this bikini, or me wearing the school swimsuit.”

Cris was so close Nelson could feel the warmth from the manager. That smile that could be either gentle or sly was eager now, waiting for the answer of the blushing swimmer.

Nelson gulped and took a step back, but the manager didn’t let him get away. The swimmer’s cheeks became even redder. He sweated a little as he got cornered between Cris and a wall.

“Come on. Just one word,” Cris whispered, taking another step. He pressed his slim body against Nelson, running a finger on the firm abs he liked to mention whenever he could.

Nelson felt a jolt from that finger. It made him tickle a bit and his heart thumped faster. But it was nothing compared to what it made to his blood, rushing where it shouldn’t. In that swimsuit and so close to each other, Cris would notice any reaction down there right away.

“The Japanese school swimsuit!” Nelson shouted before that happened.

“Good boy.” Cris took a step back and grinned at the swimmer, patting him on the head.

Nelson couldn’t tell if that was the gentle or the sly smile. Probably both, he thought, his heart still beating faster, but the blood was coming back to its right place. Thank goodness he didn’t notice my erection. If Cris… did that again, there’s no way I could concentrate today. Or tomorrow…

But before everything settled for good, the manager pulled the swimmer by the shoulder. “I’ll you’re your preferences in mind whenever I wanna cheer you,” he whispered into Nelson’s ear.

The swimmer’s face went an alarming shade of red again, his heart pounding louder once more. He placed a hand on the ear and looked at Cris, trying to say something. But no words came from him.

“Why are you teasing me like this?” he managed to mumble to take the attention away from him.

“To help you take your mind off the fact that today’s your first real training after so long,” he announced with a huge smile.

Nelson looked away. “Still, that’s not an excuse,” he mumbled, trying to suppress his smile.

Cris chuckled and took the swimmer by the hand. He led Nelson to the edge of the pool. “Did it work?”

Nelson stared at that smile for a while and closed his eye before facing the pool. With a deep breath, he opened them and looked at the blue and still waters, seeing part of the ceiling reflected on it. At once he realized he should be feeling overwhelmed to get back, or at least something similar. But now, as it happened many times in the past few weeks, all he could think was Cris by his side.

“Well?” the manager asked in an eager voice.

“A little,” Nelson mumbled, his cheeks a slight shade of red. Cris grinned, but before he could say anything, the swimmer jumped into the water.

Nelson swam around a little in a straight line, feeling the weight of the water whenever he swung his arms. The familiar sensation was too good. I missed this, he thought, smiling.

“Hey Nelson, I hate to stop your fun, but how about if we start the real training?” Cris shouted from the other edge. “Or do you just wanna swim around aimless like this?”

“Can’t I just fool around a little more?” he asked, swimming back to his manager.

Cris showed a gentle smile as he chuckled. “You’ve been doing this for fifteen minutes.”

Nelson blinked and cleaned the water off his face.

“I… have…?” The manager nodded without a word. “I… didn’t even notice the time passing…”

“I get it, I get it. If you wanna keep swimming around like this, I can make sure the coach never finds out.”

Nelson opened his mouth, but instead of words, he smiled. “Is that something my manager should be saying?”

“It’ll be our little secret.” Cris showed another smiled. A different one, one that made Nelson’s heart thump faster.

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