The Swimmer and the Manager 22

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The Swimmer and The Manager 22

“Are you really gonna do that?” Nelson asked, stopping the fork midway to his mouth.

“Yes!” Cris answered with a bright smile.

“Join me on my session?”

“Yep!” He nodded.

Nelson’s expression of disbelief only grew. “Just to keep an eye on me?”

“That’s right!”

“Even though you know the professional will be there by my side all the time so there’s no chance of me… getting all worked up again?”


“You know it’ll be boring for you?”


All this time, the smile hadn’t left Cris’ face. Nelson opened his mouth to say something else, but then he gave up, blushed, and averted his eyes.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, focusing on his breakfast again. But through the corner of his eyes, he saw his manager’s smile growing.

“You’re welcome!” he exclaimed in an energetic voice despite how tired he looked.

 Those are some dark circle under his eyes, Nelson thought, a feeling of guilty stabbing him. If I had freaked out ‘cause of my lap yesterday, he wouldn’t be worried and woke early today… I really rely on him too much…

“Thanks… for everything… and sorry for before,” he mumbled again, staring at his food as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

But even so, his curiosity on his manager was too much. Soon he was looking at Cris.

The manager had stopped smiling and was tilting his head with an intrigued expression.

“You’re sorry for what?”

Damn it, Nelson thought, pressing his lips to stop his smile. He knows what I’m talking, but he’s gonna make me say it anyway… “For freaking out on the tracks earlier…”

Cris’ intrigued expression turned into a grin.

“No problem. Just doing my job. My it’s hard to call it a job when I get to sit on top of you,” he said, the grin turning sly.

Nelson couldn’t help but smile too. But soon he stopped. No, Cris… you’re not just doing your job… you’re doing much more. He wanted to say that to his manager but kept quiet.

I’ve never seen a manager care so much for the athlete… It’s rare for a manager to have this much contact with the athlete actually… normally the relationship is restrained to informing the schedule, answer calls regarding publicity, which is passed to the club, and organizing the materials during competition…

But for me, Cris… Cris is much more than just my manager… he’s… what is he to me…?  Nelson shook his head, not wanting to think about that at the moment.

“Yeah, I needed some tough love, but there was no need to throw me down like that,” he complained, rubbing his back where Cris had sat. Then his fingers ended up where he felt a growing bulge and pulled his hand right away.

“Oh, no, no. That’s where you’re wrong, my dear athlete. That was totally necessary, not just fun.” The manager chuckled and smiled with a condescending expression. “Every time you do something stupid or go off the right path, I’ll be there to put you on your back and climb on top of you.”

“Don’t say in the worst way possible!” Nelson said in a hushed voice, looking around to make sure no one had heard his manager.

That made Cris laugh.

“You’re still worried about your reputation just because you’re hanging around with a gay guy? Then let me give you a piece of advice.”

He leaned closer and call Nelson to do the same with a finger. With suspicion and another glance around, the swimmer leaned forward over his food.

“If you really worried about that, you shouldn’t eat so many bananas so early in the morning. People will think you like to put a banana into your mouth more than me,” he whispered, eyeing Nelson’s food.

The swimmer leaned back in his seat right away, his face red.

“This is for my body! Bananas are a great source of potassium and, and… good for your body,” he said defensively.

“I completely agree with you.” Cris flashed the sly smile. “But I must say, I had a lot of bananas in my life. I don’t remember them tasting of potassium. Not even yours.”

Nelson blushed and tried to stop his urge to laugh. He failed and had to cover his mouth to muffle his laughter.

“You really are like your cousin. Enjoy too much making people uncomfortable,” he added under Cris’ confused expression. That made the manager stop smiling.

“I’m just saying I like to eat bananas too. Though a little different from you. But I’ve never taken a bite of one. Actually, I did, but it was only once. The guy became too arrogant after I started, so it’s not my fault per say.” He shrugged and laughed at Nelson’s expression of disbelief. “Don’t worry. I’d never bite yours. It would be a shame to do that,” he added in a sly whisper and licking his lips.

The swimmer widened his eyes and without realizing, he closed his legs a bit.

“When… when you’ll stop talking about… that night?” he asked in a low voice, but not before looking around to check if anyone was listening to their conversation once again.

“Maybe when it stops being so fun,” Cris said, not bothering to hide his grin. “Oh, c’mon. It’s not my fault if your reactions are like this. If it stops being so fun to tease, I might stop.”

“Yeah, well… that isn’t something that happens every day to me. So I can’t help it to react like this,” Nelson said.

Cris chuckled and smiled. “Well, then. There’s only two options to fix that problem. The first is for you to stop thinking of me bending my knees as something special. Just treat it like a friendly help with my mouth. Or better yet, treat it like a manager really helping his athlete.”

Nelson stared at him with a blank expression. “Yeah… What’s the other option?”

Cris’ smile turned sly so fast Nelson didn’t have time to regret.

“So you’re interested in the fun option, huh? I had a hunch.”

Nelson raised his eyebrows. The manager leaned forward, asking silently for the swimmer’s ear. I’m gonna regret this, he knew. And yet he pressed his lips, looked around and obeyed.

“The fun option is for me to suck you dry every day until you get used to it. Then you’ll stop reacting like you’re about to do now,” he whispered.

Nelson leaned back to his seat so fast he almost fell backwards. He rubbed the ear his manager was just whispering inches away. Before he could stop himself, the memories of that night, of what happened at the pool came back to him. At once his face became an alarming shade of red and the blood flowed somewhere it should.

“I take it that you’re considering my offer?” The manager asked, trying and failing to suppress his enjoyment. When the swimmer opened and closed his mouth several times but with no sound came from him, Cris burst into laughter.

“See? Your reactions are the best.”

Nelson was about to reply, but before he could, his manager yawned and lied on his arms.

“Wake me up when you finish your breakfast,” he said in a sleepy voice. “Don’t try to ditch me here… I know where you live…”

“You’re not eating anything?”

“I don’t usually eat breakfast. I’m not up so early.” It was the last thing he said before falling asleep.

Nelson’s anger and embarrassment vanished from him right away.

There’s no way I can get mad at him… not when I look at his face. Especially when he’s sleeping so peaceful like that… How can so many lewd things come from such cute face?

When he realized what he was thinking, the swimmer focused on his food. But no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t stop himself from watching Cris’ sleeping face, his heart pounding faster.

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