Swimmer 17

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The Swimmer and The Manager 17

I can’t believe I finally did that, Cris thought the moment he closed the door of his bedroom. Until then, he only smiled, his head a bliss as he made his way back to his home.

But as the happiness faded, the guilt filling him. I shouldn’t have done that… I had promised myself I’d not do that to him… even though it was so good … I can still taste him in my mouth… stop thinking about it! Otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep!

Shaking his head to disperse the thoughts, Cris took off his clothes and jumped on the bed. Despite trying to keep his mind blank and away from what happened in the locker room less than a half an hour ago, he couldn’t. All he could do was smile nonstop.

His face was too cute when he realized I was serious… He looked like he couldn’t believe it was happening… And since Nelson barely managed to form a sentence before, during and afterward, I know he loved it. I told him the taste of my mouth was unbelievable and unforgettable, but to think he’d feel so good he’d hold my head without realizing. A guy does that when he loses himself and can’t resist coming back for more… I hope Nelson will be like the others…

No! Cris shook his head again. Nelson isn’t like the others. It was only this time, he told himself. I can’t go around tempting him with an oral again. It’s gonna get in the way of his practice, of his dream. That’s the last thing I want. From now on, I’ll be only his friend and manage and stop with the sexual jokes.

But if he asks me for another oral… Well, I can’t deny him… I mean, if he wants my mouth again, it might even help him relax… yes… I’ll help him relax whenever he needs… if he wants, I mean…

What kind of face he’ll make when we see each other tomorrow? Knowing him, I’ll bet he’s gonna get all red. Whenever I mention something close the topic of oral sex, he’s gonna get all embarrassed. He won’t say anything, but in his mind, it’ll be the only thing he’ll be thinking.

The idea put a smile on Cris’ lips, but soon the smile faded. Even though it’s fun to tease him, and I like the thought of him thinking of me, I don’t want it getting in the way. He’s just about to go back to the pools… he should be focusing swimming, not his gay manager…

Cris exhaled and waited until his body needed air. Then he breathed deep. He repeated this until he had control over his mind. Who was the one who taught me this? I bet it was a swimmer, he thought, smiling.

Ok! From now on, I’ll be the best manager I can be to help him, he had made his decision. With his determination firm, he picked up his phone. What was that thing dad was talking about? Scrum method or something like that?

He searched it, nodding his head as he read the pages. Wonder if I apply this for Nelson, it will help him in any way?

Doesn’t hurt to try, he told himself before sending the messages. After he was done, he put his phone down, getting ready to sleep. But even after some time, there was a part of him that still couldn’t forget the taste of Nelson left in his mouth.

But before he closed his eyes, the phone ringed and vibrated on the nightstand. Cris knew who it was calling even before he picked up. At that time, it could only be one person. With a deep breath, he reached out for the device. I knew it…

“Hey, little cousin,” Mari said in her usual energetic tone.

“Hey, Mari,” Cris said in a low tone, trying to keep his feelings out of his voice. I already know what she’ll say if she finds out.

“You sound tired, Cristiano. I wonder what you did you do to cheer up Nelson that made you so tired.” Mari hummed loudly enough for the manager to hear over the phone.

Cris widened his eyes. Calm down… even though she just called me by my name, there’s no way she knows I gave Nelson an oral… He covered the phone and took a deep breath before answering.

“We just swam a little in the pool. Even if it wasn’t to practice, he seemed happy to get back in the water… It was fun.” Cris smiled when he remembered Nelson’s face as the swimmer went after him. It was like he belonged in the water.

“Oh, really? You two only swum a little? So after that interview that touched on sensitive topics for him and that he even cried, you only took him for a little swim to cheer him up?”

 “Yes,” Cris said after a second of silence. His voice was firmer than he would like.

She’s gonna noticed something, he feared. She always does… If the last thing the manager wanted was to get in the way of Nelson, the second thing was for his cousin to find out what had happened between them. I love her, but she’ll only add to the confusion.

“Hm… that’s strange… very strange…” Mari’s voice seemed too forced. Like she knows something and it’s waiting for me to slip. Cris doubled his attention. “I just saw Nelson a little while back and he looked… well, I could swear that was the face of a straight guy who just had sex with another guy. And by the way he was walking, it looked like he was the passive one. By any chance did you decide to become the top with—”

“We didn’t get that far!” Cris couldn’t keep his mouth shut and interrupted Mari. The next second, he closed his eyes. Fuck! I fell for that trick… again…

“Oh? You didn’t get that far, huh?” Mari kept her forced tone of voice, but her cousin could tell she was too eager for information. “So what did you do to cheer up your swimmer after such heartfelt interview that made him walk around with a face like that? Besides swimming around, I mean.

I have to tell her, Cris knew at once, closing his eyes. If he didn’t tell his cousin, he knew Mari would persist him until he blabbed. If somehow the manager managed to keep his mouth shut, the make-up artist would only get more and more curious. And to satisfy that curiosity, she would go to the only other person who knew what had happened between the two men.

I can’t let her bother Nelson… Imagine how he’d react if my cousin, whom he just met, asked about ‘the thing that happened between them’… Knowing him, he’d slip up under Mari and tell her everything… And he’d die of embarrassment…

Dropping his shoulders and with a sigh of defeat, Cris told Mari all that had happened between the two men after the interview was over.

“Little cousin… I know you won’t like me saying it again, but I think you’re falling for Nelson,” Mari said in a serious tone, all the excitement out of her voice.

For some reason, Cris thought that was worse than if she just teased him. “You know that’s not it… I…”

“I know you don’t just go around giving BJ to any guy like that. And I also know that, even though you always go through a lot to help your swimmers, you wouldn’t care so much so fast if you weren’t falling for Nelson…”

“I…” Cris tried to speak, but he couldn’t think of anything to say. He stayed in silence for a long time.

“Cris, I’ll say this again. It’s okay for you to fall in love with a swimmer again,” she said in a gentle voice. “There’s nothing wrong. As long as it doesn’t affect his performance, the club won’t complain. You know that.”

Even after they had said goodbyes, her cousin’s words were stuck in his head. I know it’s okay to… fall in love with a swimmer again… but I… Nelson…

He closed his eyes and thought of all the time they spent together. It was hard to find a memory that didn’t make Cris smile or his heart thump faster. When the manager realized the meaning, his face flushed and he couldn’t stop smiling.

I’m not falling for Nelson… I already did…

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