My eyes can see – Epilogue

Hi everyone. Starting the December’s chapter with the epilogue of My eyes can see.
Hope you like the chapter

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My Eyes Can See Epilogue

Eliza was lying on Bianca’s lap, covering her face with both hands. “I can’t believe we got caught…” She sighed.

“Well… we can safely say that was one of telling your parents you’re into girls,” Bianca said, doing her best to hold her laugh. Redhead stroked Eliza’s hair gently, as if that made her the happiest girl in the world. “But these slightly embarrassing things happen. What’s done is done. Let’s just be happy that they know now.”

Slightly embarrassing? You call what happened slightly embarrassing?” Eliza bit her lips, closed her firsts, took a deep breath and pressed her temples. “Let me explain the level of embarrassment. Get caught by your parents or friends flirting with the person you like is slightly embarrassing. Get caught making out with the person is more embarrassing. Get caught masturbating is almost dying of embarrassment. Get caught having sex with your lesbian girlfriend that your parents had no idea you had, is beyond that.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, the memories filled her mind, not letting her forget. Eliza shook her head, doing her best not to relive the scene. Again. But no matter how much she tried to ignore, she had been caught with her girlfriend naked in bed.

Thank the goodness we were in the hospital. Mom wouldn’t make a scene where she works. But why did she had to bring the priest at that precise time? He’s so airheaded he might tell everyone in the church, Eliza thought, letting out a frustrated groan. Just the idea of people knowing that she was a lesbian before she was ready to tell made her head hurt. If they know, it’s safe to assume everyone else knows. I’ve never seen a group more interested in other people’s lives than the church’s guys.

“Wait a minute. Your parents caught you masturbating?” The Redhead couldn’t hold the laugh this time. “You never told me that. When did it happen?”

“Will you stop saying nonsense for once in your life?” Eliza tried to display all her anger without screaming. “Ah, damn it. All my plan wasted!”

“What plan?”

“I was planning to make you a bigger presence at my house. Like hanging out there, studying with me, having dinner with my family. This kind of stuff. Then I’d come out to my parents. Something like ‘mom, dad, I’m in love with Bianca’.”

“You’re in love with me?” Bianca interrupted, a huge smile on her lips and her cheeks red.

“I had all figured out,” Eliza went on as if not interrupted. “But no. What I got instead? ‘Hey, mom and dad, do you see this hot and naked redhead with her head between my legs? She’s my lesbian girlfriend. I’m a lesbian too and we do lesbian stuff together.’” She let out another frustrated groan.

Bianca’s smile broadened. “You think I’m hot?”

Even though Eliza vision was slowly getting back to normal, she was still seeing everything blurred. But even so, she couldn’t stand Bianca’s smile and eager eyes. The girl couldn’t that expression anymore and covered the redhead’s face with her hands.

“Stop looking at me like that.”

“Can’t help it. And you still haven’t told me about the getting caught masturbating thing.”

“There’s no way I’ll tell you about. It took me a long while to suppress that memory!” Bianca struggled to grab Eliza’s hand. “And why are you so carefree about all this? It was your fault we got caught. Instead of laughing, you should be apologizing to me.”

“Me?” Bianca bit her lips, but it wasn’t enough to stop her laugher. “It takes two for that. So why should I be the one apologizing?”

“Because you were the one who couldn’t wait until I got released. No, you simply had to get naked and under the—” Eliza blushed when she remembered they weren’t alone on the patio. Under the redhead’s sly smile, the girl averted her eyes.

“That’s not quite right,” Bianca whispered in a sweet voice, touching Eliza’s lips delicately. “Yes, I was the one who got naked and under the blankets. But I don’t remember you complaining or telling me to stop. In fact, all I remember were your moans and how you wrapped your legs around me. For a moment I thought you wouldn’t let me go.”

“We… remember things differently… other points of view, or something…”

Actually, I can barely remember, Eliza thought, feeling her face grow hot. Despite wanting to forget and pretend getting caught never happened, no matter how much Eliza tried, she couldn’t remember exactly what happened after Bianca’s head went between her legs. She did remember, however, the feeling of ecstasy she felt for finally be together with her after so long.

What she could remember perfectly was her mother’s face when she opened the door and saw Bianca embracing Eliza naked. I’ve never seen her so shocked, the girl thought, sighing. She could barely form a sentence. And whenever she comes to check on me now, she knocks on the door loudly waits before opening. At least she hasn’t mentioned anything ever since… only the thing about the dinner…

“Sure… different points of view. Let’s go with that.” Bianca stroke Eliza’s hair again with a broad smile. “Fine, for argument’s sake, let’s say getting caught like that was more than slightly embarrassing. I still don’t get why you’re so agitated. Everything ended so well.”

Eliza opened her mouth to reply, but bit her lips and held her words with some effort. Then she let out a huge sigh and stared at the blue sky. “I give up. I won’t get mad at this anymore. What’s done is done.”

“Yay!” Bianca showed a huge smile like a kid. Then she tilted her head, put a finger to her lips and showed her fake innocent expression. “But instead of saying you give up, shouldn’t you say that I’m right?”

“There’s no way I’d say that. Your ego is already big enough,” Eliza muttered the last part with a smile and getting a laugh out of Bianca.

“Hey, are you gonna tell me why you postponed your release?” Bianca asked, poking Eliza on the cheek. The girl showed a yellow smile. But before her girlfriend answered, the redhead spoke again. “You’re afraid to be alone with your mother at home, aren’t you?”

“If you know, why do you ask?”

“To see your struggling face,” Bianca answered shamelessly.

Eliza tried to get mad, but under that expression, all she could do was a tiny smile. “Could you stop looking so cute? It’s hard to get angry at you when you look like that.”

“Yay! Then you won’t get mad about what happened at school today.” Bianca’s smile broadened as she hummed.

“What did you do?” Eliza had a bad feeling, but did her best to ignore it.

“It wasn’t my fault.”

“Just say it. I promise won’t get mad.”

“Everyone’s been saying about how they always knew that my dad was innocent and how they were worried about me…”

“Yeah, as I expected.”

“Yes, but they were also saying that I should watch out for the coke addict lesbian that was trying to get dirty on me to blackmail.

“Me? I knew they’d add lesbian to my rumors after I screamed those things.” Eliza widened her eyes and chuckled. “And then what did you do? Wait, scratch that. I already have an idea.”

“I got mad and told them that you weren’t a drug addict and that I was the one chasing you for weeks until you finally fell in love for me,” Bianca said with a proud smile.

Eliza opened her mouth, but instead of words, she let out a laugh. “That’s what I expected.”

“You’re not mad?” Bianca seemed surprised.

“I told you I wouldn’t get mad. Besides, I don’t care about people at school at all. I only wanted to keep the secret so that the rumors wouldn’t reach my parents.”

“Now that all our friends and family already know, that means we don’t have to hide our relationship anymore?” Bianca beamed with a smile.

“Yes, it means that.” Eliza couldn’t help but smile too.

So everyone knows now, huh? She closed her eyes and enjoyed the breeze as Bianca stoked her hair again. I wished I had told Amanda first, but that’s not possible now… I’ll talk to her once I get released.

“To be fair, my parents were way more comprehensive than I had imagined,” Eliza said after a while. “Though I do believe it was because we’re in the hospital and my mom wouldn’t make a scene where she works, I had pictured it going in another way when they found out.”

“I always said you liked to exaggerate everything. You should give your parents the benefit of the doubt.

“You’re mistaking my parents for yours.”

“There you go again. Are you saying that you weren’t surprised when your mother invited me to dinner on Sunday?

Eliza mumbled something unintelligible and averted her eyes. Bianca shook her head and then sighed.

“I was so happy when she invited me, but to be honest, now I’m super nervous. It’s not the first time I meet my girlfriend’s parent, but it doesn’t make any better.”

“Good. I want you to be nervous. I doubt it’ anything near what I’m feeling though.”

Bianca took a deep breath and was suddenly serious. “Hope they don’t ask me about college and my plans for the future. ‘Cause I’m not ready to face that at all,” she said, shaking her head with a dejected expression.

“To make you a little less nervous, though you don’t deserve at all, I’ll tell you this. I doubt my parents will touch the college topic.”

“Why?” Bianca tilted her head for a moment and then her face lit when she realized. “It’s because you haven’t decided, and they don’t wanna bring the topic.”

“Yes… you’re right,” Eliza said grudgingly. “Don’t make that ‘praise me’ face. The topic’s kinda taboo these days at my house. With the rehab and all, we haven’t had a real conversation about it. I’m glad for that, since I’m not ready too, but it doesn’t mean I can handle this kind of conversation once and while.”

Bianca narrowed her eyes. “You’re hiding something.” It wasn’t a question.

Eliza opened her mouth and then closed it, moving her tongue around her teeth. The girl breathed out through her nose.  “I… ah… well… To be honest, even though I was pushing myself way over the limit, and all I could think was helping you and your father…despite the pain… part of me felt excited finding out the dirt of this town…” she trailed off, avoiding looking Bianca in the eyes.

“Hey…” Bianca poked the girl on the cheek again. Without facing her, Eliza looked at the redhead through the corner of her eyes. “I think journalism would suit you perfectly,” she said with a gentle smile.

“You know exactly what I was thinking…” Eliza sighed and then smiled too, though hers was an eager one. “Don’t you think it’s perfect for someone with my special skill? Imagine what I could, I mean, what my eyes can see could bring to light?”

Eliza raised her hand towards the sky. Breathing slowly, she cleared her mind and focused on the back of the hand. It wasn’t as fast and as far as before, the skin, muscles, vessels, and bones became transparent and she looked at the sky through her hand.

It’ll come back, Eliza thought with a confident smile. She was sure of that. As he eyesight got less blurred, her powers came back little by little. It’s just a matter of time. And then I can make a difference with my power.

“It will come back. I’m sure,” Bianca said and Eliza turned to her.

“What makes you so sure?”

“You forgot you have the smartest girlfriend in the world?”

Eliza had a blank expression for a second and then smiled when she remembered. “Yeah, I do have the smartest girlfriend in the world.”

“Or instead of a journalist, you could be a spy!” Bianca was suddenly excited. “Yes! That would be awesome! You could use your powers to be the best Brazilian spy in the history!”

Eliza opened her mouth, but had no idea what to say. The next moment, she couldn’t help but laugh. “Spy? Our country has spies?

“You’re kidding? We have one of the best secret service in the entire world!”

“Really? I never heard of one.” Eliza shook her head in disbelief, though she couldn’t stop smiling at the idea. Only my Red to have such crazy ideas.

“Exactly. Everyone has heard of FBI or MI6, but has anyone ever heard about Brazilians spies? No!”

“Right… It sounds more like we don’t have any, but okay.”

“If we don’t have any, then you could be the first.” Bianca showed the smile Eliza grew to love.

Eliza sighed and looked at smile. “That might be fun. But only if I have you by my side,” she said, and then moved closer to kiss her girlfriend.

The end

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Thank you so much for reading.
Hope you liked My eyes can see.
Before anything, this is the end of the first volume
I still have a few ideas for Eliza and Bianca.
But it’ll take some time before that.

I can’t believe I finished the first volume. I don’t remember how I had the idea, but I remember the first scene I came up with was the one where Eliza uses her power to check Bianca and sees that she’s “red down there too” hahaha.
I wrote the first draft last November during the Nanowrimo. It was around 18k words in 20 days.
Now the first volume ends with a little more than 42k words.

Once again, thanks for reading.
Hope you’ll keep following my stories until Bianca and Eliza come back

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