Swimmer 9

The weekly dose of Cris and Nelson. It’s a little shorter than usual, but it’s fun. At least I had loads of fun working on this chapter.


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The Swimmer and The Manager 9

“Holy shit! How can a movie suck so hard?” Nelson complained after they left the movie theater. “I can’t believe I was forced to watch another one of these vampire werewolf stupid movies. Why the hell you make the only good thing about the entire crap be a damn vision? Whose brilliant idea was that?”

“I can’t disagree with you on that. I felt the same when the woman showed it was only a vision.” Cris shook his head. Then he widened his eyes and barely seemed to contain his smile. “Wait a minute. Did you just say you watched the others? So you’re a fan who’s trying to hide his love for the franchise?”

“Yeah… how can I say this? I can say with confidence that my accident wasn’t as painful as watching all the four movies.” Nelson pressed both hands on his face, rubbing his eyes. “Hey, now that I think about it, I have the worst luck with that franchise and my managers.”

“Huh?” Cris tilted his head, not understanding.

“My first manager made me watch the first movie,” he said with a dragged voice, as if remembering something bad. “My last manager rented the second and made me watch so she could drag me to the theater and see the third. And now you made me watch the last one…”

Cris tried to keep a straight face, but it only lasted a second as he laughed. “Isn’t that amazing? Now the circle is complete,” he said, making a circle in the air with his finger.

Nelson looked at him in disbelief, not sharing the laugh. “I can tell why women and gays like the franchise, but why do you managers seem to have the need to force me too? I’m not a masochist, but it looks like I attract sadists.”

Cris bit his lips to suppress the smile. It wasn’t enough to hide his enjoyment, so he covered his mouth with a hand. “How much surprised you’ll be when I say I never like those movies either and that haven’t watch anything besides the first one?”

Nelson widened his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he opened and closed his mouth several times, struggling for words. In the end, he let out a sigh full of frustration. “Then, if it’s not a problem, could you please explain why you made me watch it?” he asked in a low voice that didn’t hide his anger. “How much of a sadist are you, huh? I only watched because you won rock paper scissors. No, wait. Guess that was my mistake. It was my fault for telling a sadist that I hated the movie. The moment you heard that, your face lit up like a kid winning a prize.”

Cris listened to Nelson while doing his best to contain his laughter. When the swimmer finished rambling, the manager licked his lips. “There’s a pretty good reason for me choosing that movie. One that has nothing to do with me being a sadist you think I am,” he added quickly when Nelson seemed eager to interrupt. “But before I reveal that to you, I must tell you something very important. Just because I like it and get hard with hot shirtless guys, doesn’t mean you can throw them at my face and I’m satisfied. I mean, I won’t complain or anything, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be willing to pay for that alone.”

“And yet you made me watch it… and I was the one who paid…” Nelson grunted.

“I like my entertainment to have some quality,” Cris went on as if not interrupted, though there was a smile on his lips. “Besides, I get my quota of hot shirtless guys every day.”

Cris said nothing else. The manager just stood there, smiling as the swimmer waited.

“Fine. You need more than hot guys. Then why did you make suffer through that?”

“Ah…” Cris face lit up as if he suddenly remembered, though Nelson knew he was just pretending. “I almost forgot. Well, then, the reason I made you watch it was because a crappy movie is better than a good one for my purpose.”

“And what was your purpose? Annoy me? ‘Cause let me tell you did it.”

“No, no, no. I never considered that,” Cris said, pretending to be innocent, though the sly smile didn’t help. Then he turned the sly smile into a bright one. “All I wanted was to cheer you up!”

Nelson stood there, observing that face that really believed in his words. The swimmer tried, but it was hard to keep mad at that smile. “Wouldn’t a good movie have worked better?” he asked in a resigned voice.

“Not really. Think about it. What do you prefer? Talk about something you like or complain about something you hate?”

Nelson thought about it for a moment. Then he let out a sigh followed by a chuckle. “Yeah… I’ll admit you’re right.”

“I know, I know,” Cris said in a conceited voice. “So, let’s complain until we’re satisfied.

Nelson stayed in silence for a while, remembering the things he hated about the movie. “That scene in the tent. How can any guy say they’re glad there’s another man hugging his wife? What the hell. And how could anyone think that creepy baby would be a good idea? That doll looks like it could’ve audition to be the bride of Chucky. Ah, shit. Now that I thought about it, I’m gonna have nightmares for weeks now.”

“Good, good,” Cris said, laughing. “Let the hate flow through you.”

They spent almost an hour complaining about the movie.

“You know what?” Nelson leaned back on the bench and stretched his arms. “I actually feel better.”

“You’re welcome.” Cris’ smile was more out of true happiness than gloating as far as Nelson could tell.

Nelson pulled his phone to check the time. “What else do you have planned for us?”

“Hm… there’s still some time before dinner,” Cris said, pulling Nelson’s hand to check the phone too. He closed his eyes and crossed his arms. Then he opened his eyes and turned to the swimmer with a bright smile. “I know. How about the game station?”

As the words reached him, Nelson’s eyes shone with interest. “Oh, man. It’s been ages since I went. I used to go there every year during one of my cousin’s birthday. It was so fun,” he said, the memories flooding back at once, his smile growing.

“Then let’s go!” Cris stood up and pulled Nelson by the hand.

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