My eyes 10

Hi everyone. This Sunday’s chapter is My Eyes Can See 10.
I liked the last chapter, but I prefer writing Eliza and Bianca interacting. It’s much more fun.
Hope you like the chapter

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My Eyes Can See 10

Eliza felt awful when she woke. Her head was heavy and her body slow. She took deep breaths, trying to gather some energy. With great effort, she managed to open her eyes. Everything was blurred, and no matter how many times she blinked, her vision remained the same.

An unknown ceiling, she thought through her groggy mind, remembering one of the movies Bianca had made her watch. Despite how she felt, she chuckled. Eliza rubbed both eyes, but it made no difference. The thought of using her powers crossed her mind, but she gave up right away. There’s no chance of me trying it right now.

Her vision came a little into focus and she looked around. Even blurred, she didn’t recognize anything. Oh yeah… mom brought me to the hospital. Eliza had a vague memory of what had happened. After she fainted in the bathroom, her mind came in and out of consciousness. She remembered her mother screaming when she found the girl unconscious with all the painkillers spread around. She remembered the ambulance, the loud siren, and the crying and praying.

The girl shuddered with the next memory; her mother talking with a shrink about Eliza trying to kill herself. At least this served for something, she thought, rubbing her belly gently. When she regained her consciousness again, she was in the ER, about to have her stomach pumped.

Thank god I fainted before that. I thought I’d vomit the last time. She let out a heavy sigh. Never imagined I’d have to go through that again. At least they stopped with the suicidal talk when they saw I hadn’t taken any painkiller. Too bad now I have to come up with some excuse for why there were painkillers on the floor around me. If just I hadn’t dropped the bottle… Ah, fuck it. What’s done is done, she said to herself, closing her eyes and drifting into sleep.

Eliza woke a few hours later. Ah, damn it. I need to pee, she thought, getting out of bed with all the strength she could gather. Everything was still blurred, so she walked to the bathroom slowly, dragging the stand for the saline solution. I wished I didn’t need this… After they had taken the content of her stomach, Eliza had tried to eat, but her belly refused to accept solid food. I’m so hungry…

After Eliza washed her hands, she looked herself in the mirror. Even blurred, she could see how terrible her appearance was. I didn’t think I’d feel this bad just for overusing my powers…  And I was lucky, somehow… According to the doctor, the eye pressure on her eyes was too high. They even thought I had glaucoma or something. If I had used my powers a bit more, I think might’ve lost my eyesight.

Concentrating, she closed one eye and focused the other, but nothing happened. No change at all. The fact that she couldn’t use her powers, or that her eyesight wasn’t getting any better didn’t worry the girl much. Hope it’s just like exercising too much. The fatigue will go away with time and everything will be back to normal. Otherwise… I might go back to be a normal girl without any supernatural power. Maybe with glasses.

The idea of wearing glasses put a smile in Eliza. I bet Bianca would like it. Knowing her, she must have some fetish about girls with glasses. Now that I think about it, she’d look too cute. She entertained herself for a while, but soon stopped smiling.

The thought of losing her powers had lingered in her mind during the long hours alone in the dead of the night. Would be that bad? I mean, I’d lose the thing that almost ruined my life. But it’s also thanks to it that I’m with Bianca. If not for my eyes, we might never have gotten together. And I’d never have found the evidence that helped the chief. Guess even if I never use it again, I still want my powers…

Eliza splashed water on her face. Since I don’t have the power to see the future, I’m just wasting my time worrying about it now. All I can do is wait, she thought, dragging herself back to the bed.

Through the curtains, she could see the sun rising and the sky turning from grey to blue. Mom will probably show up before her shift. With any hope, I can be released today… I wanna see Bianca… If I at least had my phone to talk with her… With her girlfriend in mind, Eliza lied on the bed and went back to sleep, her stomach rumbling despite not taking in any solid food.


The girl woke in confusion when someone screamed her name, but before she could open her eyes, she felt two arms wrapping around her hard.

Even with everything still blurred, there was no chance of Eliza mistaking the red colored hair when she focused her vision. With a huge smile and her heart thumping faster just from those arms around her, the girl raised her hand to caress her girlfriend’s head.

“Hey, Red,” she said in a meek voice, dying to see that smile she grew to love. “You have no idea how much happy I’m to—”

“You idiot,” Bianca interrupted her. When the Redhead raised her head, even blurred, Eliza could she there was something strange.

Is she so happy to see that she’s crying? That was the first thought that crossed Eliza’s groggy mind.

Without any warning, the Redhead flicked Eliza on the forehead hard. Ouch! That hurt! The girl winced and rubbed the spot, but then Bianca pulled her hand aside and kissed her before she could ask the reason.

The flick had made the room spin. When the pain seized, Eliza blinked and tried to focus on Bianca. She looked into those blurred green eyes. “Why would you strike your bedridden girlfriend?”

“That was for making me worry so much,” Bianca whispered and hugged her again, crying. Even though the Redhead made sure her voice was low, she couldn’t hide her feelings. “These last few days without hearing anything from you… I thought something had happened…”

That’s right… I wasn’t the only… I’m an idiot… Without my phone, there was no way she could’ve known I was in the hospital. After so long without seeing each other, not getting any news… If it were me…

“I’m sorry for worrying you.” Eliza kissed the top of Bianca’s head, caressing her. The Redhead softened the strength of her hug a bit. “Hey, I love when you touch me, but please, could you let go of me for a bit? I might die if you keep this up,” she joked hoping to hear Bianca’s laugh.

“Idiot! Don’t say that!” In response, Bianca put more strength into her arms.

Eliza chuckled and smiled, but when she realized her girlfriend was crying, she stopped and hugged Bianca back. “You’re right. I’m an idiot.”

It took a while for Bianca to finish crying. Eliza didn’t stop hugging her though.

Bianca cleaned her tears, climbed on the bed and leaned her head against Eliza’s chest. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I’ve been struck by a truck but haven’t reincarnated in another world,” she told the truth and joked at the same time. How many of those cartoons, I mean, anime she made me watch had this premise? “My head hurts, my eyes sting and my stomach feels like it’s been punched by the inside.”

Bianca hugged her again but this time, listening to Eliza, was gentler. “Did you…” The Redhead trailed off.

Eliza didn’t need to hear the rest to know what her girlfriend was asking. “I didn’t take any painkillers. I… was about to take it. The pain… was too much,” she admitted after a while, remembering everything against her will. She looked at her girlfriend and pulled her a bit closer. “But then I thought about you. The idea of going back to that place… It didn’t scare me as much as losing you.”

“That’s not fair,” Bianca mumbled. “It’s hard to keep mad at you if you say stuff like that…”

“Good.” Eliza showed a smile. “Though you’re too cute when you’re mad.”

“Shut up. Stop looking at me.” Bianca placed a hand on Eliza’s eyes to hide her red cheeks.

“Don’t do that,” she said, taking the hand off her face. “Let me see your smile. Even blurred, it’s cute.”


Eliza hesitated for a moment. There’s no reason to hide from her. “Yeah… I… my eyesight’s all blurred,” she admitted. Bianca observed the girl’s face, then waved her hand a few inches away from the nose. “I’m not blind, you know?”

“What about your powers?” Bianca lowered her voice to ask.

“Can’t use it. It’s just temporary,” she added when she sensed Bianca worrying. “I think it’ll probably come back with my eyesight. I’m hoping it’s like fatigue from overuse.”

“Hope so.” Bianca leaned her head on Eliza’s chest again. “But I wouldn’t mind seeing you wearing glasses. You’d look hot,” she added in a whisper. Eliza could sense the Redhead’s smiled.

“I knew you’d say that,” she said, smiling too. “But don’t worry Even without powers, I can still see where to touch you.”

The little blurred part of Bianca’s face that Eliza could see blushed almost as much as the hair. “You’re really a sweet talker, aren’t you?”

“That’s why you fell for me.” Eliza saw Bianca press her lips to hide her smile.

Bianca turned and put the hand on her girlfriend’s face again. Smiling, the girl grabbed the Redhead’s hand and kissed the fingers. “More,” Bianca mumbled.

Eliza listened to Bianca, kissing and caressing the hand for a while, sensing her girlfriend’s heartbeat through the ring finger. Maybe someday I’ll put a ring here, she thought, how would it be to live with her girlfriend. The idea made Eliza smile.

“What kind of name is My eyes can see?” Bianca asked.Did you really think I’d not realize the anonymous informant was you?”

“You picked up on that, huh?” Eliza showed an awkward smile and averted her eyes. I knew she’d notice.

“After seeing the news and finding out it was your dad who’d searched the mayor’s house, I knew it had your finger. How could I not know? It sounds like you doubt my intelligence.” She puffed and turned her face.

Even mad she’s cute. “I’d never doubt your intelligence. I know my girlfriend is the smartest in the world.”

“Don’t try to flatter me,” she said, though Eliza could tell Bianca was suppressing a smile. “I was so happy you did all that for me. But when I realized you probably had overused your eyes, I wanted to talk to you right away. But no matter how much I tried, you didn’t answer, so I called your home…”

Bianca started crying, and Eliza knew the reason right away.

“When your brother told me you were into the ER because you almost OD again, I… ”

Eliza opened her mouth, but closed it. There’s no way I could handle that if I was in her place, she thought, kissing Bianca gently on the top of the head. “I’m sorry I put you through that…”

“Don’t get me wrong! If not for you, dad would probably end in jail. There’s no way I can thank you enough, but you better be sorry for what you put me through!” she almost screamed, wrapping her arms around Eliza again.

“I promise I’ll never do something like that again. Unless someone close needs a pair of extra eyes,” she said with a faint laugh. Bianca let go one arm, cleaned the tears and hugged Eliza again. “Was the name really that obvious? I thought it sounded kinda cool.”

“Only you’d think that,” Bianca muttered. “But come on. The hidden places, those note with secret conversations, the banknote numbers. How could the anonymous source, my eyes can see, know all that if not for your power?”

“I have nothing to say. At least only you can figure it out.” Eliza sighed. “Hey, my arm’s starting to numb. Could you—”

“No!” Bianca interrupted and pinched Eliza’s cheek. “When I heard you were here… I thought… something had happened…”

Eliza lost her reaction and just patted Bianca on the head. “I just wanted to help…”

“And you did!” Bianca buried her face on Eliza’s chest. “All the charges were dropped and dad was reinstated. I can’t thank you enough!”

Eliza chuckled. “You need to decide if you’re gonna be happy or mad,” she joked.

“I can be both!” Even though the anger leaked out of her voice, Bianca managed to keep it down.

“Ouch… please be gentler to the hospitalized girl.”

Without a word, Bianca listened to her girlfriend, loosing the hug a little.

Eliza closed her eyes, feeling the warmth from the Redhead’s hand. This is nice, she thought. It’s better than any painkiller.

“Thanks for being in my life,” Bianca whispered after some time. She looked into Eliza’s eyes with a smile. “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Damn… I want to see that smile in high definition. “And I’m glad you’re with me here,” Eliza said, cleaning a tear from Bianca’s eyes with the thumb.

“Hey… are you really in that much pain?”

“Yeah… I can barely move…”

“So… we can’t… you know?” Even blurred, Eliza knew Bianca was blushing.

It took Eliza one second to understand. “I am here bedridden and all you can think of is sex?” the girl asked, half-joking.

“It’s not my fault! We haven’t seen each other for so long… I haven’t touched you for so long,” she said, her finger circling around Eliza’s bellybutton. “Do you have any idea how I was? I was worried about dad, but since I couldn’t help… All I could think was you… wish you were by my side… You should take responsibility!”

Eliza couldn’t help but laugh. “You wanna know something?” she said and then leaned closer to Bianca’s ear to whisper. “Me too.”

The Redhead’s cheeks went almost as red as her hair. The surprise in her face lasted a moment. Then turned into a sly smile when she moved closer and their lips met.

Eliza forgot about her pain, about her exhaustion, about everything. All the girl cared right now was Bianca, those lips, to feel her warmth.

Still kissing, Bianca’s hand moved between Eliza’s breasts. The girl’s breathing became faster. How can she make me feel like this with just a kiss and a touch? Eliza managed to think before her mind went blank…

“Holy shit… that… was… much better… than I… remember…” Eliza managed to say through her short breath when Bianca’s head resurfaced from under the blanket, smiling despite being just as breathless

The Redhead wasn’t satisfied with just once. Bianca made Eliza lose her mind four times before she became exhausted herself. They laid on the hospital bed, with Bianca naked under the blanket hugging the girl.

Hope no one asks why the bed is wet, Eliza thought.

“Hey… what happened after I went out?” she managed to ask.

“You don’t know? From what I heard, your dad went to that dirty cop’s house and found the money. After that, he led a group to mayor’s mansion and found the evidence exactly where you, I mean, where my eyes can see said. At the same time, Raisa’s mom forced the TV to broadcast your information as breaking news.” Bianca said after she recovered some air, though she still sounded exhausted.

Then everything worked as planned, Eliza thought, surprised how well things went. “What happened next?”

“Your dad brought the mayor and his family to the police station. The governor stepped in and reinstated my dad, who got back on the investigation right away. The media circus in my house stayed, but most left. They were pissed they’d lost the scoop.” Bianca smiled and laughed. Then it disappeared. “That was when I tried calling you…”

“I could swear my brother wouldn’t say anything,” Eliza complained, though she wasn’t mad. “But I’m glad he told you.”

“I think… It seemed he knew about us,” Bianca said, watching Eliza’s reaction.

“Well… if he heard the rumors at school, he might have figured out. But if he knows, he hasn’t told mom and dad. And I’m glad, ‘cause that’s something I need to do myself.”

As soon as Eliza finished speaking, she knew what was coming. I had to bring that up… Ever since Bianca had introduced Eliza to Raisa, the Redhead had been dropping not subtle hints about Eliza coming out of the closet to her parents.

“And when will that be?” Bianca raised her eyes.

I knew it, she thought with a yellow smile. “Soon… I promise. Let the situation cool down a bit. I mean, they thought I’d tried to kill myself. I even heard them talked about getting me back to rehab. They dropped the idea after they pumped my stomach and found no painkillers,” Eliza added quickly when she saw Bianca’s worried face. “But I think they’ll push a shrink. Or at least many conversations with the priest. If I tell them now that I’m dating a girl, mom will definitely freak out.”

“You always say that,” Bianca mumbled.

“You’ve met my mom. She might seem acceptable and all, but she’s really religious.”

“That’s just an excuse. Telling your parents you’re lesbian is like ripping a Band-Aid. Just one painful pull and that’s it.”

“That’s easy for you to say. Your parents already knew when you came out to them.”

Before the Redhead replied, there was a loud knock on the door. “Eliza, look who came to visit you,” a familiar voice spoke.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as both girls turned to the voice. Eliza could do nothing as her mother opened the door.

Even blurred, Eliza could tell her mother wasn’t alone. Dad and the priest… oh shit… As the nurse turned her head, the girl gulped.


“Mom, dad, priest…” Eliza thanked the fact she couldn’t see straight at the moment. I can’t imagine what kind of face mom’s making right now. She looked between the three people at the door and Bianca and gave up. “Have you met my girlfriend?”

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