Today I do not bring a new chapter. I’m gonna use the last day of August to talk about my plans for the rest of the year and the beginning of the next.

I think I said before, but I’ll be taking a little break next month due to exams. Samurai NOT will be the only story I’ll bring, and that’ll be one chapter. With much luck, maybe two.
My eyes can see and Tsukiko-chan and Taiyou-kun are reaching their final chapters. Though I can’t say if it’s gonna end this year, but soon.
I have a new story coming up. It’s gonna be a little different than the others. I’ll keep the chapters short and quick with weekly chapters. The (tentative) name is The Swimmer. Ah, and it’s gonna be a BL, so if anyone was wondering if I’d write another, there’s your answer.
Speaking of BL, I have news about Please call me teacher!!
I’m still rewriting. I overestimated my ability to handle many stories, but I’ll tell you I haven’t forgotten Seiji and Yuuto.
But that’s not the news. My plan was to rewrite and make the print version with extras. However, those extras have grown so much I’ll write a second volume.
Yes, that’s right. Please call me teacher!! 2 is coming. I hope to bring the first chapter by Christmas and keep a monthly release.
I’m also working on a few other series, so expect a lot for the future.

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About phmmoura

Just an amateur writer who wishes to share the world inside his head.
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