My eyes 8

Hi everyone. What better way to start August’s release than with the latest chapter of My eyes can see? I can’t think of one.
Quick note. This chapter contain some mature content. You’ve been warned.

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My Eyes Can See 8

“Is this for real?” Eliza asked her father again, still not believing. Her breakfast remained untouched as she stared the newspaper, reading the headline for the fourth time.

“I can’t believe it either,” her father said in a weary voice, eating a piece of toaster. He rubbed his eyes and blinked a couple times. “My phone’s been ringing all morning. Fabio says the department is packed. Never seen so many reporters. He says they’re interviewing anyone. They wanted even me.”

The girl unfolded the newspaper so fast she almost ripped it. Her eyes checked the headline and the photo once more before reading the article. Chief of Police suspected of corruption. That alone made her insides burn with rage, but underneath those words almost made her torn up the newspaper.

Chief of Police, Djalma dos Santos Silva, is suspected of taking a bribe to lead the investigation to the mayor and the town’s council, away from himself. An anonymous tip informed the investigations ignored any leads that had could lead to the deep corruption inside the police department itself…

That’s a lie! She trembled so much she had trouble reading the rest. It’s a fucking lie! Eliza gave up and handed the newspaper back to her father; she didn’t have to read the rest to know it would only make her angry. There’s no way he’d take a bride. That mayor… Eliza remembered him from the party. Bianca said that party was a bribe party… I thought she was just joking… Bianca…

With her stomach tightening, the girl raced to the bedroom and grabbed her phone. As she heard the dial tone, she turned in the direction of the redhead’s house. She rested her hand on the wall and focused her eyes, but nothing happened.  With deep breaths, she stared at the wall. This time it became transparent, but no matter how much she tried to use her powers, she couldn’t see more than a few meters ahead.

There’s no way I can focus right now, Eliza thought, clicking her tongue. All she could think was Bianca and her family. Come on, pick up… come on, Red, pick up… But there was only the dial tone.

She ended the call and tried again. Come on, Bianca. I wanna hear your voice… Eliza never thought she would ever hate the dial tone this much. “Bianca!” she shouted when her girlfriend finally picked up.

“Hey, Eliza. Good morning,” Bianca answered. Though she spoke in a normal tone, Eliza could tell her girlfriend was forcing. Did she sleep at all? “As much as I love hearing your voice first thing in the morning, actually, scratch that. It’s the best way to start my day. But I know you know I’m not a morning person.”

“Yeah, I know that. And I know many things about you. Like, you snore. A lot,” Eliza joked to lighten the mood, a weak and thin smile on her lips.

“I keep telling it’s not me. Maybe when your eyes enhanced, your ears did too, so you keep hearing someone else,” Bianca answered in her usual playful tone. Eliza could imagine the redhead pouting, but she could tell Bianca wasn’t having her usual fun.

“That doesn’t make sense. According to all those movies you made me watch, you can only enhance the other senses when you lose one.”

“True that,” she said and they both chuckled. Soon they stopped and the silence grew. “I take it you saw the news?”

“Yeah,” Eliza said, but then added, “I know it’s not true! Your dad you’d never do something like that!”

“Thanks. You have no idea how much better I feel hearing that. And not just because it’s you.”

Eliza heard a faint chuckled on the other side. Then a sniff.  She’s been crying, she realized with a pang in her heart. The girl opened her mouth, but then closed it, biting her lips. What can I say? Is there anything I can do for her?

“Hey Eliza, I don’t have any supernatural abilities, but I know what you’re doing right now. You’re in your room, sitting on the bed, biting your lips and trying thinking of something to comfort me. Am I right?”

Eliza widened her eyes for a second and let out a chuckle, running a hand on her face. “Yeah, you’re right, as always.”

“Yay. How many points do I get?”

“Hm…” Eliza pretended to think. “Since I’m not on my bed, seven.”

“Hey, how are you grading this? I protest. That’s my lowest grade this semester,” Bianca complained and booed in the cute way Eliza grew to love. “Then for extra points, I’ll say you’re thinking of skipping school to see me.”

“So you can even tell what’s in my mind. Are you sure you don’t have any powers? If I had to say, you can read minds.”

“So you found out my secret. Yes, it’s true I can read minds. But only yours,” Bianca said, getting a weak laugh from Eliza. “I don’t know why you’re laughing. What kind of girlfriend would I be if I couldn’t read what was on your mind?”

“A normal one?”

This time Bianca laughed. Though it happier than the last ones, it was nowhere near her normal cheerful and full of joy laugh. “I’d say sorry for the fact that you’re not dating a normal girl. But in my defense, you knew that from the start,” she said and Eliza could imagine Bianca smiling.

“Yeah, I knew that. And I’m really glad for that. I doubt I’d like dating any other girl.” They both laughed again, but stopped after a moment.

“Hey, Eliza. Thanks for calling. I really needed to hear your voice. Even a strange girl like me gets happy hearing her girlfriend’s voice after the night I had.”

Eliza gulped but she had to ask. “How are things?” she asked, lowering her voice.

“Bad. Really bad.” Bianca’s tone said that was all she needed to say.

“I…” Eliza started, but lost her voice and pressed her lips. “I can’t do anything to help, but I wanna be by your side,” she admitted after a while, blushing.

“You have no idea how much that makes me happy. Just imagining you blushing right now makes me smile,” Bianca said.

Eliza could imagine. Bianca lying in her bed with the gentle smile she had, the lips Eliza loved to kiss showing a bit of tooth, her red hair loose… I wanna see her, the girl thought with a pang in her heart, holding her tears. All I can do is be there for her, and even that I can’t do.

“As much as I wanna see you, I don’t want you getting involved in this circus. My house’s surrounded by reporters right now. Besides, not only we’ll be trapped, I don’t wanna anyone going after you too… nor your dad.”

“Bianca…” Eliza wanted to both scream and rush to her girlfriend. Even in this situation, she thinks about me… But I wanna be there for you! But she knew even if she said that, it would be hard to change the redhead’s mind. I had to fall for someone so stubborn, she thought, smiling despite her feelings. “What do you mean trapped?”

“Mom’s meeting our family’s and her business’ lawyers and accountants to proof there’s nothing shady. But after that, we’ll stay at home to keep the exposure at a minimum while dad tried to sort the situation,” the redhead said and let out a huge sigh. “This sucks way more than it seems. Mom can run her business from her for a week or so, but I can’t stand being apart from you that long.”

“A week?” The words escaped before Eliza could stop.

“Yeah, I know. Too long without you,” Bianca said. “I’m glad you feel the same, ‘cause all I can think now is you touching me. If you look over my bedroom right now…”

Eliza blushed. Even without seeing, she could tell Bianca had the sly smile. “If you can say those embarrassing things, it means you’re better than I thought.”

“After everything you’ve done to me, you still say those things are embarrassing? I thought I had changed my prude girlfriend.”

“And I thought you had learned to be discreet,” Eliza complained, her cheeks somewhat red.

Bianca laughed. “It’s all just pretense. You have no idea how much I need to see you,” Bianca said in her playful tone.

Eliza could tell she meant it and bit her lips to stop herself from saying she felt the same way. It won’t do any good.

“When this is all over, let’s go to the beach again.”

“That sounds good,” Eliz said.

“I say beach, but you already know that’s just the plan to lure you. I what really want is to spend the entire day with you in the bedroom. Going to sleep with your arms around me, waking up by your side, seeing the top of your head between my legs…”

Eliza blushed and chuckled. “That sounds even better,” she said, feeling another pang in her heart. It’s almost like we won’t be seeing each other for a long time… “After that, we’ll tell my parents about us. The sneaking around is kinda fun, but I wanna tell them about you. I doubt they’ll be as understanding as yours. Actually, I think my mom will freak out and pull the religious thing. But hopefully she’ll like you more than my brother’s girlfriend.”

“Ah, don’t say that. Don’t put more pressure on me. Do you have any idea how nervous am I because of that? I’ve met your parents already, but introducing myself as your girlfriend… I’ll need to prepare my heart.”

“You, nervous? I can’t get enough of that,” Eliza said, smiling. When she imagined Bianca pouting, her smile broadened. “Besides, that a good thing. They’ll be shocked enough to find out their daughter’s a lesbian. They don’t need to take… how I can say this, your unique sense of humor in full.”

Bianca chuckled. “You say that like you don’t love it.”

“Yeah, I do,” she admitted, smiling. “But you hit on me for so long I grew used to. If it’s not dosed out, it’ll be too much. Finding out that their daughter is a lesbian and her girlfriend is my dad’s boss’ daughter will be plenty. They don’t need the extra shock.”

The redhead’s laugh still ringed in Eliza’s ear after they said goodbye. The girl pressed her lips and squeezed her phone. Red… even though Bianca joked and teased her to sound as normal as she could, Eliza could tell she was more scared than she let it show.

Eliza closed her eyes and breathed slowly. I wanna see her, I wanna see her, repeating those words in her heart, she turned in the direction of Bianca’s house and focused. It took much longer than usual, but her powers worked.

“Yes,” Eliza muttered under breath and lost her concentration, the transparent wall became solid again. Shit! I’m an idiot, she thought, cursing herself. With the image of Bianca in her head, she concentrated once more.

When the walls, trees and everything else disappeared, Eliza had to use all her willpower to keep her concentration. But when she saw Bianca’s house, she winced and almost closed her eyes.

Reporters and photographers almost blocked the house. From what Eliza could see, they questioned and took pictures of the house and anyone who go past the human wall. Even the cars had trouble getting in and out.

Even from this distance, the countless and constants flashes hurt Eliza’s eyes. No wonder she can’t leave home… and yeah, there’s no way I can get in without them taking a bunch of pictures, she thought. She winced but forced herself to keep her eyes open as she turned to the house. Where are you, Red?

Bianca was in her bedroom, laying on the bed and running a hand on her face and hair. There was a book next to her. She looked at it and picked it up, but she had barely opened it when she put it aside, running both hands on her face again. She sat up and looked around. She took another book from the bookshelf, but before she even opened it, she cast it aside as well.

Eliza watched with a pang in her heart as her girlfriend paced around with her arms crossed until she raised her head and dashed out of the room. There’s nothing I can do for her now, Eliza told herself, closing her eyes, letting her sight go back to normal. Nothing… She bit her lips and waited a long time before picking up her backpack and leaving the room.

“Where’s dad?” she asked her mother when she was back in the kitchen.

“He went to work earlier. He said he’ll gather those who support the chief,” her mother answered as she washed the dishes. “According to him, anyone who’s met the chief knows he’d never take a bribe.”

Eliza smiled and said goodbye to her mother feeling much better. Dad and the others can help the chief.

For the first time in months, the whispers didn’t follow Eliza wherever she went. But that didn’t make her any happy.  Instead, what she heard only enraged her. Even if the school had less than a fourth of its students, all they talked about was Bianca and her father.

You’re just a bunch of vultures, Eliza thought, breathing hard through her nose to control her rage. The latest rumors are just carcasses for you… No one batted an eye at her as she sat on her usual desk near the window, glad her no one wanted to sit next to her. Glad there are no sign seats right now. The only good think about my destroyed reputation is that no one wants to sit next to me if they don’t have to. Better for me. I can’t handle anyone today. Guess I have to thank the rumors about me.

“Did you see the news?” someone spoke, but Eliza didn’t bother to raise her head to see who it was.

“Yeah, mom and dad couldn’t stop talking about it,” another voice said.

“Can’t say that I’m surprised. There was no way her family would be that rich without taking some on the side,” a third person jumped in the conversation.

“I know. I bet all that charity was just to laundry the money.”

Eliza bit her lips and closed her fist so hard her hand lost its color. They’re just trash, she told herself, her breathing hard. It would just make them happy if I scream at them…

“It was about time. Mom always said there was something fishy about them.”

“Yeah, probably money laundering on that store too. I knew there was something wrong. Do you remember those dresses for the fifteen-year-old parties?”

“Yeah, there’s no way that store could be making that much money selling those dresses.”

“At least Bianca will lose some of that arrogance. I was getting annoyed at the way she walked around as if she owned the place.”

“Yeah. But I’ll bet when school returns, she’ll come back as if nothing happened.”

“Fuck you all!” Eliza had tried to ignore them. They’re just pathetic people who needed someone to bash to make themselves feel better, she thought. But now she couldn’t take it anymore. I won’t let anyone talk that way about Bianca! “What the fuck do you know about her or about her family? You’re all just trash that feels better badmouthing someone else!” She stormed out of the classroom in a dead silence.

“What’s up with her?” Eliza heard when she shut the door.

“I bet she’s angry ‘cause we’re talking about someone else for a change.”

“She really loves the attention. Didn’t she get enough with the drugs?”

“They said she’s being hanging out with Bianca a lot for a while now.”

“Yeah, maybe Eliza knew something and was blackmailing Bianca.”

“Maybe she’s a lesbian and likes Bianca.”

“Oh yeah. It makes sense.”

“That’s why she’s been after her and got all upset.”

The laughs and conversations followed Eliza. Even when she entered the bathroom, their annoying voices hadn’t faded from the girl’s ears. She grabbed the sink with all her strength. I know they’re trash, but how can they talk about Bianca like that? A week ago, they all admired and envied her. Eliza splashed water on her face and stared at her reflection. I wanna see herI wanna hug her, she thought, burying her face in her hands, letting the tears fall.

“Hey,” someone called the girl. Even if the voice was low, it echoed above Eliza’s cry in the bathroom.

She cleaned her face before raising her head. Leaning against the closed door, was Bianca’s best friend, Raisa. “Hey…”

“I heard you screaming from the corridor,” Raisa said, walking towards Eliza with her arms folded. “Everyone’s saying you’re a lesbian and into Bianca.”

Eliza widened her eyes and let out a sigh. “That might be the first time they get it right,” she said with a hollow laugh. “But that’s adding fuel to a fire… I’m an idiot.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. Bianca never tried to hide. She just doesn’t make a big thing ‘cause it’s too bothersome,” Raisa said, washing her face in the sink next to Eliza. “But I’ll say thanks for defending that idiot. I was reaching my limit too.”

“I couldn’t stand them talking about Bianca like that! They don’t know anything!”

“Agree.” Raisa turned to Eliza and then showed a wry smile. “Though I’m not much better either…”

Guess she still feels guilty for believing the rumors about me. But for her to agree with me… Not that is surprising, Eliza thought, glancing at the girl who looked just as angry as she did. Now she noticed Raisa looked exhausted and realized the reason could only be the Redhead. She might not like me, but she’s closer to Bianca than me in certain ways…

A few weeks after they started dating, Bianca had the brilliant idea of introducing Eliza to Raisa. “I want my friends to like my girlfriend, you know?” the Redhead had said at the time, happy and jabbing at Eliza at the same time. All because she had avoided the topic of telling Amanda about their relationship.

Eliza had been running out of excuses. It’s too soon. We’re just started dating. I just started talking to Amanda again. It’s too soon to drop a bomb like that on her. Is there a right time to tell your friends you’re gay? But when Bianca wanted to introduce her to Raisa, the girl had nothing to say.

It hadn’t been a disaster as Eliza expected, since Raisa already knew about them. “I’d be an idiot if I didn’t realize you liked her, Bianca,” Raisa had said. “The way you talked about her and how much you ditched me to hang out with her. But when you brought her to the party, I knew.”

But the problem started when Bianca left them alone for a while.

“I’ll be honest. I’m worried about Bianca. I believe when she said all those rumors about you weren’t true. There’s no way she could pester me that much if she wasn’t certain. But doesn’t make me less worried. We know each other since we were little, and I know how much of an idiot she can be when she falls heads over heels for a girl. Because of that, she’s been hurt before. If you do that to her…” She left the threat in the air.

“You like her,” Eliza spoke aloud before she noticed.

“I love her. She’s more than a best friend. She’s almost a sister,” Raisa said and then rolled her eyes. “But I’m not in love with her, if that’s what you mean.”

“Did you talk with Bianca today?” Raisa asked, finally breaking the silence and bringing Eliza’s mind back to the bathroom.

“Yeah. She said she’s staying in until this quiet down a bit.” But how long will that take?

“That’s what I feared.” Raisa clicked her tongue and bit her nail. “From what I heard from my mom, I don’t think it’ll be so easy.”

Eliza knew Raisa’s mother was one of the biggest journalists in the area, hosting the seven o’clock news. Her mother surely knows something. The girl felt her stomach tightening again. Bianca…

“As much as I’d like to say otherwise, she needs her girlfriend more than she needs her best friend,” Raisa said before walking towards the door. “Please, help her.”

They had talked less than half-hour ago, but all Eliza wanted now was to her the Redhead’s voice once again. She bit her lips as she waited, but all she got as the dial tone. With the frustration growing, she headed back to the classroom, ignoring the stares and whispers she received.

Eliza didn’t pay attention to any of her classes. She barely read what she copied from the whiteboard, vaguely aware the teachers spoke something important. All she did was check the time on her phone as she waited for the next break between lessons so she could try calling again. Is this thing working? Eliza asked herself when she checked the time, but no more than two minutes had passed. To be sure, she rebooted the device.

Even though she only had three subjects, they seemed as long as a full day. When school was over, Eliza wasted no time. She rushed to Bianca’s house as she tried calling, but once again all she go was the dial tone.

Shit… they still here. From afar, Eliza realized it wasn’t as chaotic as in the morning. There were still many reporters, but less than half than before. They didn’t block the entrance nor the drive way this time. Most just talked and laughed between themselves while a few others recorded something with the house in the background.

Paparazzi, Eliza thought, clicking her tongue. Even with her powers not working as usual, she saw many gossip magazines around. With her mother’s work and her charity, and her dad’s job, guess they are celebrities… But they don’t care about the truth. They just wanna show someone’s downfall… If they found out we’re dating, they won’t leave me alone… With quick search inside the house, the girl realized Bianca wasn’t inside and headed back to her house.

Eliza didn’t feel better at home. She tried eating, but had no appetite and gave up after a few bites. She spent the rest of the afternoon in her room, calling Bianca from time to time with no success. After using her powers to check if the Redhead was at home so much, her head hurt. Shit, she thought, rubbing her eyes. I’ll lie down a little before trying again

It was already night by the time she woke up. What time… She rubbed her eyes in confusion and reached for her phone. But no matter what buttons she pressed, the screen remained lifeless. Shit… stupid battery, she complained as looked for the charger.

Ignoring the prickling in her eyes, Eliza looked at the wall and used her powers without any expectation. When she saw Bianca lying on her bed, the girl jumped to her feet with a smile on her face. Red! Her hands went to the phone so fast the almost knocked it down. “Come on, turn on, fuck!” she muttered, pressing the button with all her force.

“Finally,” Bianca spoke before Eliza could say anything. “How do you think I feel after you called me all day, but don’t answer me when I call back?”

“My bad,” Eliza said, but couldn’t stop smiling for hearing that voice after all day. “Where were you by the way?”

“Talking to my accountant.”

“You have an accountant? Since when?”

“As of today,” Bianca said and Eliza bit her lips. Even without seeing, she could tell the Redhead was mad. “They’re investigating me too. All my investments and betting. Apparently it’s strange if a girl this young and beautiful has made some money on her own.”

“I wouldn’t call all that some money,” Eliza tried to light the mood. “But since everything’s legit, there should be no problem.”

“I hope so.” Bianca’s voice was tired and worried. “Hey, Eliza… can you… do me a favor?”

“Always,” Eliza said, anxious. I’ve never seen her like this…

“Can you come here… right now?”

Less than ten minutes later, Eliza headed to Bianca’s house. Won’t they give it a rest? It’s been all day like this, the girl thought as she passed by the journalist on the other side of the street. Though there were considerably less than in the afternoon, they wouldn’t miss a girl entering the house.

But Eliza didn’t try the entrance. Instead, she walked to the next house and cross the street to the neighbor. It was an impressive house, with three stores and an amazing front lawn, but next to Bianca’s mansion, it looked small and humble.

With a quick use of her powers, Eliza confirmed there was no one inside. Thank goodness they’re really on vacation, she thought, glancing to the sides to check if anyone was paying attention to her. Gulping, Eliza pushed the gate open and quickly entered. When nothing happened, she breathed out in relief. The alarm is only on the house itself. There’s nothing on the front gate, Bianca had told her. I’m not gonna ask why you know this, Red.

Eliza circled to the back yard and found what she wanted. With a blank expression, she walked towards the lonely tree, so tall the girl had to look up to see the top. At once she brought the phone to her ear. “Are you serious? This is a little tall to you?”

“Yes,” Bianca said, not hiding the happiness in her voice. “Don’t worry. I’ve done this way more times than I remember. There’s nothing to be afraid.”

“Can I ask why were you using the neighbor’s tree to sneak into your own house?”

Bianca remained in silence for a few seconds. “I have the right to remain in silence,” she said, but Eliza heard her holding a laugh. “You shouldn’t ask a girl her private business.”

She imagined her girlfriend’s face smiling right now, and it made her both annoyed and relieved. Glad she’s happy, but I wished it wasn’t something like this, she thought, glancing up at the tree again. “It’s… so tall…”

“Wait a minute… are you afraid of heights?” Suddenly Bianca sounded excited.

Eliza opened her mouth, but gave up halfway, sighing. I’m too weak against that side of her, she complained in her head, but there was a smiled forced itself on her lips. “And here I was thinking our relationship would go without you ever knowing that.”

Bianca laughed on the other side, and it was her normal, cheerful one that made Eliza smile for real. “But I wanna know everything about you,” she said, in her teasing voice. “Hurry up. I’m waiting.”

Eliza put her phone back in the pocket and focused her sight beyond the tree. Bianca was in her bedroom, wearing a black and transparent baby doll. The girl blushed and widened her eyes, but did her best not to blink and pulled her phone again. “Since when you bought that?”

“So you finally looked. What do you think?” Bianca smiled, turned in the direction of the window, where the tree was, and twirled. “I changed into this the moment you hung up. I wanted to surprise you, but you had no reaction I when you called again I knew you hadn’t looked. I bet you’re all red right now.”

Eliza pressed her lips to stop her smile from broadening. She couldn’t help blushing as she looked at Bianca. “I… ah…” she had lost her ability to speak under that sight.

“Hurry,” Bianca said with the tempting smile Eliza could barely resist.

With some effort, Eliza took her eyes from Bianca and focused on the tree. Taking deep breaths, she started climbing. Just don’t look down… don’t look down, she said to herself over and over. Her back sweated more than she believed possible. But at last she made to the top.

The girl stared at the gap between the longest branch and the window. It’s just a little jump, she says. How the hell she can consider this a little jump? If I fall, I’ll be lucky to come out with just a broken leg! Eliza forced herself to stop looking down and focused on the window. She was about to use her powers to see through the curtain when Bianca opened it.

The redhead stared between the ground and her girlfriend and showed the beautiful smile Eliza grew to love. “Come on. It’s just a little jump. I’ve done it countless times,” she said, opening her arms.

With renewed courage from that smile, Eliza looked down one more time, took a deep breath and jumped. She landed inside the room. Bianca caught her in her open arms, and they fell and rolled on the floor together.

“I never thought you’d actually do it!” Bianca said between laughs, hugging Eliza tighter and burying her head on Eliza’s breasts. “Since you’re a coward and all. Guess you really love me.”

“Only because… it’s youI’d never… do this for… anyone else…” Eliza still had trouble breathing, her heart beating widely. She wrapped her arms around Bianca and kissed the top of her head. “Just please don’t ask me to do this again. I’m not sure my heart, or my legs, can take it.”

“No!” Bianca’s arms tightened around Eliza. “I can’t make that promise. I’m gonna ask you to jump many times for a while.”

“Bianca…” Eliza caressed her on the head with one hand. No matter how much she makeup she wore, Bianca couldn’t hide the red in her eyes. She’s cried enough for a day.

The only thing she wanted was to freeze time in each other’s embrace. Eliza had no idea how much time they stayed that way, but suddenly Bianca raised her head and kissed her. “Wait, Bianca,” Eliza said when her girlfriend parted their lips. “Don’t you wanna talk?”

The Redhead rolled up Eliza’s shirt. “I spent the entire fucking day talking. I need this. I need you,” she said, unhooking her girlfriend’s bra while kissing her.

“Wait—” she tried to talk, but then realized the truth in Bianca’s words. What she needed right now is to forget the problems. And I can do that, even if only for a brief moment.

To Bianca’s surprise, Eliza kissed her back as she placed a hand behind her, switching places. Now it was the Redhead who was on the bottom. With a quick move, Eliza stripped her girlfriend of the baby doll and kissed her bare breast. As she kissed, nibbled and sucked one and pinched the other, Bianca’s nipples hardened.

She heard Bianca’s gasp and then the Redhead’s hand grabbed Eliza’s back, the fingers digging hard in her skin. Damn it, Red. Thank goodness you barely have any fingernails, Eliza thought, but didn’t stop, her free hand untying the lace of Bianca’s panties and going between those legs.

Bianca was already wet when she slipped one finger inside. Still kissing the breast, Eliza moved it gently. The Redhead’s breathing became rapid and shallow and she put the second finger inside.

She’s starting to lose her mind, she realized as Bianca’s hand started losing strength. Eliza moved down the Redhead’s belly, her hand still inside her girlfriend. She played around the belly button before finally going down between the legs.

The girl’s entire body shook in pleasure when Eliza used her tongue. Bianca moaned and then bit her lips. You can try as much as you want, Red, but I’ll hear that horny voice of yours, as always.

Every time Eliza moved her tongue, Bianca’s reactions were instant, no matter how much she tried to hide them. It’s useless, Red. I already know all your weak spots, Eliza thought, moving her tongue inside her girlfriend the way she knew the Redhead couldn’t resist.

Eliza became wet too. No, she thought. She was about slid her hand between her own legs when she stopped herself. Right now I need to focus on her.

Bianca tried her hardest to hold and prolong her pleasure. But Eliza realized she was reaching her limit and could barely resist much longer. Her moans were more audible, her gasps shallower and faster. Her body was hot and glistening with sweat. Bianca placed a hand on the back of Eliza’s head and closed her legs around the girl.

She smiled in her mind. She could never get tired of making the Redhead squirm and lose her mind.

With a loud moan, Bianca reached pleasure and let go of Eliza’s head.

As Eliza swallowed, she looked up to see Bianca with a blank expression as she panted.

“That was… that was…” She tried to find words, but had trouble just to breathe. Even so, she couldn’t stop smiling. “What I… needed,” she managed to say. With her remaining strength, she pulled Eliza closer and kissed her.

“I’m glad I can do something for you,” Eliza said when they stopped kissing. Bianca hugged her and she caressed the Redhead’s head.

“Idiot,” Bianca whispered, hugging tighter. “You know just being here is enough.”

Eliza kissed her on the top of the head gently. “How’s everything?” she asked in a low voice.

Bianca breathing wasn’t back to normal, but she stayed still. The silence prolonged, but Eliza didn’t press further. She knew there was no need to pressure her.

“Bad,” Bianca finally said. “There’s a bunch of evidence appearing out of nowhere, and they all tied to dad.”

Eliza felt her stomach tightening. “Who do think is behind this?”

“Probably the mayor. Dad said he was investigating him since he was secretary of the last mayor. But ever since he got elected, he’s been trying to mess the investigations.” Bianca let out the some of her anger. Then she cried. “And the worst is that all the evidence dad acquired so far is been questioned by the lawyers and now everything is a mess.”

Eliza had no idea what to say. There’s nothing I can say, she knew, so she simply kept hugging her girlfriend. “Everything’s gonna be okay,” she said, even if she had no idea.

“Liar,” Bianca said, sniffing. “But I’ll forgive you if you come again.”

“You’ll stay in like this?”

“Mom didn’t forbid, but she said is best to stay home and avoid the media. You saw how they are outside.” Bianca let out a frustrated sigh. “I’d never care, but if they went after you…”

Eliza gulped. Even now, she thinks of me…“For how long?”

“I don’t know. Maybe two, three weeks. At least until that circus leave.”

“That’s… a long time…” Eliza managed to change her words in mid-sentence. That’s too much for me, she meant to say. But it won’t do any good to say that aloud. “You’ll miss the beginning of the second semester.”

“Like I cared. It’s a long time. But without going out? No. Without you? Too much to bear,” Bianca said in a low voice. “That’s why I’ll forgive you if you come again.”

The memory of the tree popped into Eliza’s mind and she winced. But the thought of not seeing Bianca, of not touching her, not feeling her warm, the softness of her lips and skin, the firmness of her breasts, of not hearing that voice nor seeing that smile from close, of not just spend time with her, everything made the image vanished from the girl’s mind.

“Yeah… I’ll… jump” she finally said, thought she meant to say without her voice faltering nor her smile so thin.

“Wah, that inspires zero confidence,” Bianca joked and smiled.

“I’m finally seeing your smile up close after so long,” Eliza said, cleaning the single tear in the corner of her girlfriend’s eye with a thumb. “I had no idea I’d miss this much.”

“Then you better come every day!”

“For you, I can jump that huge distance,” Eliza said and then kissed Bianca. The girl kissed her back.

“It’s just a little jump,” she said.

“For Olympic athletes, maybe,” Eliza answered and they both laughed.

When everything was quiet again, Bianca looked at her. “Can you stay with me tonight?”

“You don’t have to ask.”

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