My eyes 5

As promised here’s the second chapter of My eyes in April.
It still counts if it’s the last day of the month, right?

Well, it doesn’t matter. Hope you like this chapter. There’s a bit of mature content, so don’t say I didn’t warn you, okay?

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My Eyes Can See 5

“I’m not sure about this…” Eliza trailed off, avoiding Bianca’s eyes.

“But I’m. It’s a great idea. Another one, I might add,” the redhead said with a smug. She looked at Eliza with her eyebrows raised. When the girl sighed in defeat, Bianca pulled the phone from the pocket. “Is he still in his classroom?”

Eliza focused her eyes and saw the boy talking with his friends in his classroom. “Yeah, he’s still there,” she said, pressing her lips. The redhead’s smile brightened. “Hey, let’s not do this now. I don’t think I’m ready yet.”

Bianca took her eyes from her phone and turned to Eliza. She came closer and sat on the chair next to Eliza’s. “Why are you so against this?”

“It’s… invading people’s privacy more than I’d like,” she said, avoiding Bianca’s eyes again. “I… I feel like I’d be walking into pervert territory…”

Bianca laughed. “You’re saying this now? After all you’ve seen already?” Eliza blushed and kept her mouth shut; she could not think of a reply. The redhead placed a hand on her cheek and sighed. “But it makes me sad. You’re lying to me right now.”

“No, I’m… I’m…” Eliza bit her lips.

“I know, I know. You’re afraid of letting the great me down, aren’t you?”

The smile on her lips annoyed Eliza. “Like I’d care about that.”

“There’s nothing to worry! You’ve been working hard all week for today.” The redhead ignored Eliza, staring the girl in the eyes. “We could practice a bit more, but you said you don’t wanna do it with me anymore…” Bianca hugged herself and averted her gaze, her cheeks red.

“That’s because you kept saying weird things!” As Eliza blushed, Bianca made no effort to hide her laugh. One day I’ll get her back for all her teasing. Then we’ll see who’ll be laughing, she thought. As she watched the redhead, the memories flooded back to the girl’s mind, despite her efforts to forget.

One day when they were hanging out after school, Bianca came up with the idea of training Eliza. According to her, the eyes alone were already useful, but if the girl improved in some places, she could use her power in a much more interesting, in the redhead’s words.

“Improve how?” Eliza had asked, putting the book Bianca had recommended down and turning to her.

The redhead had a sly smile on her lips when she said what was in her mind. After a moment of consideration, Eliza nodded, smiling too.

However, learning how to read lips was far more difficult than they had imagined. Even though Eliza had been working hard, the progress wasn’t promising. After reading articles and seeing videos on the internet, she tried with random people, but it was hard to confirm what she read was what they said.

After many frustrated attempts, Eliza gave up and agreed with Bianca suggestion to practice with her. To the redhead’s irritation, the girl had avoided that since the beginning for two reasons. Even if they practiced, since they knew each other, it was rather easier to know what the other mouthed and would not be of much use. The other reason, however, was because Eliza firmly believed Bianca would find a way to tease her. After the first practice, she was right.

At first, there was nothing wrong. Bianca did her job, mouthing things slowly and using her hand to cover her mouth so Eliza could try to read. But, as usual, the redhead had too much fun and started teasing her. Mouthing those embarrassing things.

‘How old are you?’, ‘where do you live?’, ‘what’s my name?’ and other questions like that. After Eliza voiced it all correctly, Bianca started mouthing ‘have you ever kissed a girl?’, ‘what do you use to pleasure yourself?’, ‘have you ever touched yourself thinking about me?’, ‘Did you watch me masturbate that night?’, ‘I was thinking of you, you know?’, ‘Am I red down there too?’ and other questions like that.

With her cheeks burning, Eliza tried suppressing her embarrassment and repeating the questions. Though her voice failed a couple times, she managed to say everything, to Bianca’s disappointment. I knew she’d do that. I knew… If I show any reactions, I’ll be playing right into her hands, Eliza said to herself.

But as the questions got more and more embarrassing, the girl was reaching her limit. When Bianca wanted answers for her questions, it was too much for her. “There’s no way I’d answer,” Eliza screamed, avoiding the redhead, who could no longer hold the laugh.

The girl shook her head to dismiss the memories. Bianca placed a hand on her chin and forced Eliza to look her in the eyes. “Jokes aside, you need to have more confidence in yourself. If it’s too hard, then believe in me who believes in you.”

There was a smile on her lips, with no malice or hidden meaning behind it. “Fine,” she said, averting her eyes, her cheeks a shade of red. It was hard to deal with the teasing Bianca, but it was harder to deal with the honest one. “I’ll try.”

“There’s no try,” Bianca said, suddenly beaming with wide eyes. Eliza’s lack of reaction made the redhead’s smile grow thinner, but as she shook her head, she was back to her usual self the next second. “Are you ready?”

“No.” Despite her words, Eliza closed her eyes and breathed deep. When her body relaxed, she opened them and focused. The walls, stairs, windows and trees went away, and all there was in the girl’s vision was the tall boy standing inside a classroom with his friends. “I got my eyes on him.”

Bianca pressed the screen and brought the cellphone closer to her ear. “Hey little cousin,” she said, turning to Eliza. The girl sighed and nodded her head, focusing on the boy’s mouth as he moved it. “How was the game yesterday?”

The cousin started waving his arms around, his nostrils flaring. Wow, he seems mad. I’m sure talking with Bianca won’t help. Though she couldn’t hear his voice, Eliza trying reading his lips and wrote down the best she could. I had no idea it was this tiresome concentrating on my eyes and writing down at the same time, she thought, trying her best not to blink.

“So that’s why you were so upset this morning,” Bianca said. Though she wasn’t paying attention to the redhead, Eliza sensed the mocking tone. The boy spoke faster, but she kept up with all the cursing he said. “Come on, don’t be like that. I’m one of your precious cousins.”

The moment Eliza saw the boy ending the call, she breathed and closed her eyes, the tension leaving her body. “Did you really had to tease him like that?” she said, half between laughing and sighing as she rubbed her eyes. “He seemed mad.”

“I barely spoke. It’s not my fault his team sucks,” Bianca defended herself, pretending to be offended, though her smile didn’t help.

“It’s your voice, you know? It has the power to annoy people with just a few words.”

“My lovely voice that some people have said to be the voice of an angel?” Eliza tried thinking of a comeback, but only blink in response. “Does it hurt you?”

“Not that much,” Eliza mumbled, averting her eyes.

Bianca laughed and stopped pretending to be mad, hugging the girl with her eyes shining. “So, how much did you get?”

Eliza pulled closer the little notebook on her hands out of reflex. Bianca’s expression softened as she waited, not once trying to get it the notebook. Under those green eyes, the girl sighed opened her hands. “Not everything. It’s hard to concentrate on both things at once, you know?” she complained as Bianca took the notebook

“Wow…” the redhead’s eyes ran through the page, her mouth hanging slightly open. Suddenly Eliza felt nervous and realized she held her breath. “Your handwriting sucks.” It was the redhead first words after a while.

Eliza blinked and then laughed, despite herself. “Shut up.”

“I have to be honest, you know?” she said, chuckling. “Let’s see… couch sucks, referee son of a bitch, should die… the game was a steal, the president should leave now.” Bianca read everything aloud and then turned to Eliza with a huge smile. “Yep, you got almost everything.”

Eliza blushed and looked away. “I don’t feel happy about that,” she lied. At least I don’t want you knowing that, she said to herself. “I don’t like prying into people’s business.”

Bianca hummed and her smile turned sly in the blink of an eye. She sat on the chair next to Eliza again and leaned closer. “Are you saying you never spied on our classmates or anyone else?”

Eliza did her best to keep her face straight. She doesn’t know, she said to herself. She’s just testing me to see if she gets any reaction. She did it before. They hadn’t hung out for long, but the girl had already realized how the redhead worked. She also knew Bianca had good intuition, and could pick up any lies at an incredible rate. “I think people’s privacy are important and I try to respect as much as I can,” Eliza said, staring the girl in the eyes.

Bianca leaned closer, so close just a bit more and their noses would meet. Eliza didn’t move back. “Weren’t you watching me the other day? My privacy was broken when you saw me naked and about to masturbate,” she reminded Eliza with a whisper. “I told I could only think of you after the call, but that was a lie.”

Eliza’s cheek became hot as she struggled for words. “Wha… why…I… ah…”

“Even before the call I was already thinking about you. The entire afternoon I was thinking how would your hand feel. How would be to touch you. What was the taste of your lips… I could barely help mom ‘cause you filled my head.” She jumped on Eliza’s lap and wrapped her arms around the girl’s neck, her mouth closer than ever. “How will you take responsibility?”

Eliza’s face was an alarming shade of red now, her heart beating faster and faster, so loud she was sure Bianca could hear.

“I’ll let you off today if you answer me. I know you saw everything. So, am I red down there or not?” Bianca gently pulled Eliza’s hand and slid down her own belly, towards her skirt. “If you don’t answer, I’ll have you check for yourself.”

Before Eliza realized it, her eyes went down, watching her hand almost inside Bianca’s skirt. Suddenly her power activated on its own, and she saw through the fabric, panties and under it at the same time. Her sight became blurry and her head dizzy.

“Yes!” she screamed as she shut her eyes. “It’s darker than your hair, but it’s red!” Eliza turned her head away, her breathing short and irregular.

“I knew you’re looking at me,” she said, happier than ever. When Eliza opened her eyes, she saw the redhead’s smile grew sly. “Don’t want to check it for yourself?”

Eliza realized her hand was still on Bianca’s belly. If she slid down a bit more, her fingers would go between the skirt and her belly. Her head went blank with the thought. Her breathing slowed down. She raised her head. All she saw were the redhead eyes, the green and alluring eyes.

Suddenly Eliza wanted to see more. More of the redhead and the expressions she hadn’t seen. What kind of face she’d make if I take one of her teasing? She’s always teasing, but I doubt she ever expect me to go through. The thought crossed her head, and before she realized it, she slid her hand on her own, never taking her eyes from the redhead.

Bianca widened her eyes, but never tried to pull the girl’s hand. Eliza’s fingers found what they were looking for and she teased the redhead, moving her fingers around, but didn’t slide them in. Bianca bit her lips and held her breath. Her cheeks reddened and her body quivered, but she never said a word.

That’s too erotic. Guess she’s better when she’s not talking, Eliza thought, sliding one finger in, moving slowly. Bianca’s breathing became shorter, and her mouth hanged opened. Suddenly Eliza couldn’t control herself. She wanted to see more expressions from the redhead, and put another finger in, moving it harder now.

“Ah!” Bianca’s voice leaked and then bit her lips.

Suddenly it was her whose breathing was short and rapid. More… I want to hear more of your lovely voice, Bianca, Eliza thought, her fingers moving faster.

At some point, no matter how much she tried, Bianca couldn’t keep her voice any longer and she let out a moan as Eliza’s thigh became wet.

With short breath and sweating, the redhead stared Eliza with unfocused eyes. “That was… much… better… than I…dreamed…” she managed to say and then leaned closer to kiss the girl.

Eliza kissed Bianca back, her tongue inside the redhead’s mouth. Only when she felt herself arousing, she realized what she was doing. She stopped the kiss and pulled her hand fast. Bianca moaned a little more.

“So rough,” she said, putting a hand on her red cheek. “But if it’s you, I don’t mind.”

“I can’t believe what we… what I…” Eliza had trouble forming sentences, had trouble thinking. She turned to the redhead, still short of breath and with her face red. “I shouldn’t have done that…”

“No… You should have…” Bianca’s face was starting to get back to its normal color. A smile formed on her lips. A tired but satisfied smile. “That and maybe more.”

Eliza’s breathing became short again as she stared those green eyes. Damn it! How can one girl be this gorgeous! Even with her urge to touch Bianca again, she forced herself to stand up. But the redhead, still sitting on her lap, didn’t let her. “Get up,” she managed to say, her voice dry.

“I will. When I can,” Bianca whispered in Eliza’s ear. “My legs are weak from your touch. You’re too good at this. Have you ever done this with another girl?”

“What? No, I’m not gay,” Eliza said, avoiding Bianca’s gaze.

“Then why are you so good?” the redhead insisted forcing Eliza to look at her.

“I… ah… that’s just how I do to myself,” Eliza said in a low voice, blushing.

“You need to show me again. And soon, please,” Bianca whispered in the girl’s ear, wrapping her arms around Eliza’s neck.

She tried getting rid of the redhead, but she had no strength left.

“We can’t be doing this kind of thing again.”

“Why not?”

“’cause I’m not gay. And neither are you.”  As Eliza felt Bianca’s breath on her neck, she realized the room was too hot. Was this hot all the time?

“You say that even after all I’ve said and done?” Bianca leaned on and whispered, then nibbled on Eliza’s ear.

Eliza’s mind became blank again. I need time to sort my head, she thought. “Y-y-you have to… stop teasing me like that… otherwise I’ll stop hanging out with you, even if you blackmail me about the power,” she lied.

Bianca trembled. It was just a small quiver, but Eliza felt it. The redhead leaned back and looked into the girl’s eyes. “I told you I’ll never do that. I won’t betray someone precious to me… But I can’t stop teasing you. I just love seeing your expressions too much. It’s all I can see in my dreams.


“I know you won’t stop hanging out with me.”

Eliza felt a relief with those words, but she never let her feelings show. “How come you’re so confident about this?”

“Because the days hanging out with me are more fun and interesting than those days when you were alone. You said it yourself,” she answered.

Eliza opened her mouth, but when no sound came from it, she closed it and looked away. Damn it… she knows, she realized.

“But if you insist, I’ll dial down a bit. I don’t wanna make you that much uncomfortable,” Bianca said, beaming. “For now.”

Eliza sighed and turned to her with a tired smile. “Until when then?”

“Until you’re all mine,” she whispered in the girl’s ear.

While Eliza gulped, Bianca laughed.

Damn it… I’m gonna end up falling in love with this girl, Eliza thought, trying to suppress her smile.

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