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“Let me get this straight,” Eliza said, resting her head on the wall. “Those guys ambushed you ‘cause you humiliated one of them?”

“Kinda…” Bianca scratched her chin and showed an awkward smile.

Eliza picked up at the same time. “What did you do?”

“Well… To be more precise, if you really need, I beat the crap out of him in front of his friends and family during his belt graduation.” Eliza noticed the redhead had no regret in her voice at all.

The girl imagined Bianca fighting one of those faceless guys in the middle of a crowd cheering for him. Though she knew nothing about her, Eliza could see the redhead doing that with a smile on her face. But there’s something off, she knew. “And why you did that?”

“He cheated on my friend.” The smile was gone from her lips. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “And that wasn’t all. He also cheated on a lot of girls. That idiot pissed me off so I regret nothing.” She laughed, the anger gone from her face, and spun on the wheelchair on Eliza’s bedroom, happy as a kid proud of her accomplishments.

After they agreed to talk, Bianca suggested a coffee shop or a restaurant nearby, but Eliza rejected the idea. She doubted the conversation who reach around her powers, and even though she would hardly say anything, the girl would rather not talk in public. Besides, she also didn’t want people seeing her together with the most popular girl in school. I won’t change anything, but I’d rather avoid the headache, she thought at the time.

In the end, Eliza suggested her bedroom, where she felt safer and would have a sort of advantage. For some reason, when she said that, Bianca giggled and blushed, but agreed right away, mumbling too soon, but if it’s you, I don’t mind get to know you better there.

“I bet you never thought I did that kind of thing, right?” Bianca asked, dragging the chair closer to the bed, staring Eliza with wide and sparkling eyes. “It sort of deviates a little from my reputation.”

The girl couldn’t help but laugh. It had been so long since she laughed like that it was strange, but Eliza felt lighter when she stopped. “Yeah, let’s say a little. But aren’t you worried? I mean, with your parents, that’s kinda…”

Bianca closed her eyes, pressed her lips and shook her head, moving the index finger from side to side at the same time. “No, no, no. It’s my turn now.”

They arrived at Eliza’s house and went to the bedroom. After a moment of Bianca observing the room and making little comments here and there, the girl began questioning with no ceremony.

The redhead answered the first question with no problem, but when Eliza pressed for the second answer, Bianca refused to answer, saying it was her turn to ask.

“Then ask,” Eliza said, sighing in annoyance.

“Tell me,” Bianca said, suddenly serious. “How did you see the guy with the bat?”

So she’s finally asking, Eliza thought, pressing her lips. The redhead’s questions so far were nothing but meaningless stuff. Thing like what Eliza liked, how her relationship with her parents was, if she had a boyfriend or someone she liked. Because she saw no reason to lie, Eliza answered honestly, but it was so strange she used a question to know why Bianca was interested in that.

The redhead said that it was the beginning of their relationship.

Eliza moved her tongue on her teeth, thinking. “I saw one of them lurking in with it,” she said in the end, telling the truth without telling all. She didn’t want to lie to Bianca, but she had no desire to reveal her powers to the redhead. If we knew each other more… wait, why am I starting to sound like her now?

Bianca narrowed her eyes and pushed the chair away, humming. “You’re not lying, but there’s something you’re hiding from me.”

Eliza had trouble suppressing the reflex to click her tongue. She has good instincts, she thought, chuckling.

“But you answered anyway, so I’ll answer your previous question. I care about my parents’ reputation, and my, to some degree, but if I let that guide the way I live my life, I’d be denying myself and living a lie.” Bianca looked Eliza in the eyes, the traces of the smile or teasing gone from her face.

Eliza stared the redhead’s green eyes, and couldn’t say anything. She’s… amazing, the girl realized, lowering her head. I can’t believe the girl I considered boring was much more mature than me. I wish… I could be like that…

“Now it’s my turn again.” Suddenly Bianca dragged the chair closer, bringing their faces so close they were inches from each other. The smile she showed caught Eliza off guard, making the girl blush.

“S-sure. Go ahead,” she managed to say, scratching her head and looking away.

“You say you saw the guy lurking with the bat, and I believe that. But there’s one thing bothering me. There was no one else in that alley beside us,” she said, lowering her head to look Eliza in the eyes. The girl averted her gaze. In a heartbeat, Bianca’s smile disappeared and she was serious again. The redhead placed one finger on Eliza’s chin, forced the girl to look her in the eyes, and whispered, “And the most important, your lovely voice came from the park, through that huge fence and trees.”

Eliza looked Bianca in the eyes, her face blank. So she knew from the start I was in the parkWas she just testing if I’d answer for real until now? For a moment, the thought of telling the redhead about her powers crossed her mind. It’s not like she can harm me if she knows, Eliza said to herself, going through the scenarios. What would she do? If she tells anyone, that would make her sound crazy. And there’s no way she can blackmail me with the knowledge. I mean, there’s nothing to blackmail me for…

Besides, Bianca has answered everything I asked honestly, as far as I can tell, Eliza told herself. But there was something else. The girl wanted to tell, to talk about that power which changed her life and now was part of her. I don’t have the courage to tell my parents or Amanda, but I’m gonna tell to this girl, almost a stranger, she thought, sneering at herself. She turned to Bianca and took a deep breath, touching her eyelid, the finger gently circulating the eye.

“I… I have a… special ability,” Eliza finally spoke, taking her hand from the eye and staring Bianca. “I can see through stuff.”

Bianca showed no reaction as she stared Eliza, the silence filling the room. The girl blushed and suddenly couldn’t look the redhead in the eyes anymore. Why does it sound so stupid now? There’s no way she’ll believe me. I look like a crazy person now, she thought, holding the urge to cover herself with the sheets. Stop looking at me with those eyes. Say something!

“So you’re saying you have a special ability…” Bianca’s voice had no emotion. The girl forced herself to raise her eyes. The redhead stared Eliza with no smile nor expression on the face. Even the eyes seemed cold and empty. “Though I find hard to believe, you’re telling the truth. Show it to me.”

Before Eliza could hold it, a soft laugh escaped her lips. She’s crazier than she looks, the girl thought with a smile. The idea that someone who just heard you have a sort of x-ray vision didn’t think you’re out flat lying was amusing. Especially if it’s someone like Bianca. “It’s my turn now, isn’t it?” Eliza said.

“That wasn’t a question,”

Eliza opened her mouth and then closed it. “You’re right.”

“Yes I am,” she said, smiling.

“So? How can I prove it to you?”

Bianca closed her eyes and crossed her arms. A second later, her eyes widened as she pulled her phone from the pocket. She touched it for a few seconds, brought the device to her chest and the chair half around. “Tell me what’s on the screen,” she said, watching Eliza’s reaction, barely hiding the smile on her lips.

Eliza closed her eyes and breathed in and out slowly, relaxing. When she felt her body lighter, she looked at Bianca, focusing on her back. Even with the redhead’s distracting smile, it took only a few seconds for her to see through the clothes, skin, muscles and bone. When the screen was completely visible to her, Eliza blushed and averted her eyes.

“Why the hell you have pictures of your boobs on your phone?”

Bianca busted into a laugh. “So it is true! I can’t believe it!” She could barely keep her voice down due to the happiness. When she calmed down, the redhead came closer to Eliza again. “But how do you know they are mine?”

The girl widened her eyes. Shit! I said too much! “I… I… ah…” Come on, think, damn it! “I…ah… it’s my turn to ask…”Nice one, Eliza!

“I have the pic ‘cause I lost a bet. Now, tell me how you knew it was my boobs,” Bianca said, showing a playful smile. “Now it’s my turn again.” The redhead stared Eliza, her eyes shining with anticipation.

“I… recognized… them…” Eliza mumbled, her face bright red. Shit! I should’ve realized she would ask that!

“So you used your power on me…” Bianca whispered to herself, her cheeks a shade of pink. The playful expression was gone from her face and she averted her gaze. For some reason, that made Eliza more embarrassed. “Can you see through anything?”

“Probably. There’s a distance limit, but nothing has stopped me so far.”

“Not even lead?” Bianca emphasized the last word, suddenly suppressing her smile.

Eliza tilted her head, but answered anyway. “Never tried.” Though it was her turn to ask, she didn’t mind. Guess I wanted to talk to someone about this…

For some reason, Bianca seemed a bit let down, but shook her head and smiled again. “Today you were looking under my skirt. What were you trying to see?”

Eliza coughed with the sudden question. “That was… I was…” The girl tried thinking, but her mind was too embarrassed. I hate that she can make me lose my calm so easily, she thought, glancing at Bianca. Only now she noticed the redhead still had her phone out, the photo of her boobs causing no shame to her. “For now, could you put your phone away?”

Bianca looked at her hand and the playful smile was back to her lips when she noticed the photo. “Why? You already saw me how I was born,” she said, flashing the screen on Eliza’s face. The girl turned her head and heard Bianca laughing before putting the phone back in the pocket of her skirt.

Eliza breathed deeply until her cheeks were back to its natural color. Her heart was still beating faster though. “I was trying to confirm if you really were the person a saw fighting yesterday.”

“And here I was thinking you were into me…” Bianca’s smile thinned. She shook her head and suddenly was just as excited as before. “How far can you see? Does everything just becomes transparent or it’s sort like a telescope zooming in?”

“It’s my turn now.” The look Bianca showed made Eliza chuckled. It’s like a kid who lost a candy. “But I guess it’s fine. I’m out of questions anyway.”

What she didn’t tell Bianca was that she wanted to talk. The redhead’s excitement was interesting to Eliza. I had it for so long it became normal to me. Even the troubles with it, she realized. But I never thought much about it…

“I think the limit’s about one kilometer. I never really measured though. In the beginning, it was only a couple meters. I guess it grew with time,” she said, suddenly realizing how much she had used and relied on her powers, despite the troubles it brought. “It used to go through everything, even my eyelids. It was hard… but after a lot of practice, I managed to control it bit by bit. And yes, it is like a telescope, zooming in.”

“Can you control it? I mean, can you choose to what becomes transparent or it goes through everything?

“I can choose what to look through now. It’s like forcing your vision to become blurry, only that it becomes transparent.”

“That’s awesome.” Bianca had a huge smile on her lips. Eliza chuckled.

“But it’s not all good. It has its downside too,” she said, lowering her eyes.

“How did you get them? When?”

“I have no idea how. At Christmas, I just kinda woke with the power. Even though I had my eyes closed, the ceiling and the sky were visible, in and out of focus. I was so dizzy I pressed my eyes to make it stop. It worked, but I felt so sick I threw up,” Eliza confessed, the words getting out of her before she realized it. I never thought I’d tell this to anyone… And she wanted to tell more to the redhead before her. “It was coming and going so much my eyes and head were in pain all the time. I had a headache so bad it felt like my head was exploding…”

“Is… is that why you almost OD?” Bianca whispered. She had stopped smiling, all her excitement gone.

Eliza closed her eyes and held her breath for a moment. “Yes…” I can’t believe Bianca became the first person I revealed this. “It hurt so bad I had to do something. The painkillers… made the pain go away… at the beginning… but at some point it wasn’t enough.”

“And now…”

“Now I can control it. But when I use it too much, my eyes hurt, I stop using the powers and rest for a couple hours,” Eliza said, a weak smile on her lips. For some reason, she didn’t like seeing Bianca worried. They barely knew each other, but the girl liked more when the redhead smiled.

“You don’t feel like using… the painkillers anymore…?”

“Sometimes. When the pain doesn’t go away fast enough…” Eliza admitted, biting her lips and closing her eyes. Before she realized it, she trembled. “But I don’t want to rely on it. I… I don’t want to go back to rehab and go through that ever again…”

Suddenly Eliza felt Bianca’s arm around her. “If you ever feel like using it, call me. I’ll help you.”

“Thanks.” Eliza doubt what the redhead could do for her, but didn’t hate the feeling. The girl how longer they hugged, but at some point Bianca sat on the chair again. “Now you know, but—”

“You don’t need to say. It’s our secret,” Bianca interrupted her and smiled again. It had passed just a few minutes, but seeing that smile again made Eliza happy.

Eliza opened her mouth and then closed it after a moment, chuckling. “Yeah. Our secret.” The girls stared at each other and laughed. Bianca’s phone ringed made them stop.

“It’s my mom,” she said, staring at the screen. Suddenly her eyes widened. “Crap! I promised I’d help with a photo shooting today.”

“You’re a model?” For some reason, Eliza wasn’t surprised.

“Sometimes.” She stood up and grabbed her bag. “I gotta go, but we’ll talk later, okay?”

The girl nodded and cleaned the tears she didn’t remember crying. She escorted Bianca to the front door and the house was silent again. Eliza looked around the living room; nothing had changed, but somehow everything felt different.

Eliza ate alone that night. Her brother sent her a text saying he would eat out with friends. Friends, huh? I remember something about him getting a girlfriend last year… Taking advantage when mom and dad are like that. Well, I can’t blame him. He covered for me too, Eliza thought, glancing their parents’ bedroom door. They got home a little before dinner, but they were too exhausted to eat and went to sleep right away. I think I never cooked this much in my life, she realized, leaving their food on the microwave.

After taking a shower, Eliza tried watching something on the TV, but nothing was good enough to distract her. When she gave up, she went to bed, even though it was too early for her to sleep. But even if it wasn’t, the girl doubted she could; her mind was too full for that.

I can’t believe I told her everything, Eliza thought, the image of the redhead smiling filling her head. I know there’s nothing she can do to harm me, but still… Tossing around, the girl sighed loudly and buried her face in the pillow. It’s already done, so I can’t change anything… but never thought I’d feel like this after telling someone, she admitted. Would it feel the same if I told Amanda?

You can’t. It’s our s-e-c-r-e-t, Eliza heard Bianca’s voice whispering in her ear. She shook her head to dismiss it and turned to her phone on the nightstand. Speaking of her, she said we’d talk later, but she doesn’t know my number… does she? I doubt we have any friend in common… actually, I don’t have any friends anymore. Eliza scratched her head. Damn it! I’m thinking about her too much…

She lives in that huge house a few streets from here, right? Is it more than one kilometer from here? Eliza wondered as she sat up and faced the wall. I don’t know why I’m doing this, she thought, but still focused her eyes.

A bit faster than usual, the bedroom’s walls became transparent and her sight went farther on. Houses, apartments, trees, cars, people and animals faded equally before her eyes. After a few moments, Eliza was staring the outside of a huge house. It’s here home, right? She watched for a while, hoping to see anything that might indicate she was right. Hope it is. I don’t wanna spy strangers. It’s crossing a line I’d rather stay away.

Eliza took a deep breath and forced her eyes, but the view didn’t change; her sight wouldn’t go any farther. Damn… it’s just a little outside my limit, she thought, regretting. The girl closed her eyes, waiting until her vision got back to normal, and lie on the bed again.

After a few seconds with her face in the pillow, Eliza sat again. Damn it! She blinked a couple times and took deep breaths, letting her eyes relax. When her body felt lighter, she opened the eyelids and focused on her vision. Clear the mind empty… don’t think of anything, she said to herself.

She found herself staring the outside of the house again, but this time, little by little, her sight moved closer. The edges of her vision blurred as the walls became closer and closer, until it was all she could see. Eliza relaxed her shoulders, took a deep breath and let it out through her nose slowly. Come on… come on… Just a little more…

Finally the walls became transparent and she could see the interior. “Yes!” she screamed and closed her fist before she realized. Her vision backed up a bit and walls were solid again. Shit… relax and clear your damn mind, Eliza…

The effort strained her eyes, but the walls faded once more. With her breathing a bit faster and hold the urge to blink, Eliza searched the inside of the house. No way… that’s the one, I can feel it, she said to herself, trying to contain her laugh.

The walls of the bedroom at the corner of the mansion were covered with 80’s martial arts movies posters, superheroes posters and even Japanese cartoons posters. I can’t believe the most beautiful and popular girl, the famous Bianca, is a nerd! Eliza hadn’t realized it, but there was a huge smile on her lips. Where is she?

Ignoring the sting in her eyes, she looked around for the redhead. The door of the room next to the nerdy one opened and Bianca came through, wearing nothing but a robe and a towel around her hair. Damn… she’s really pretty, Eliza had to admit and clicked her tongue. Did her bruises fade? It would be a shame if it left a mark, the girl wondered, but stopped the urge to check. I’m already forcing my eyes…

Bianca sat on a chair and dried her hair with a dryer. After she finished combing her hair, she opened the drawer to put the dryer away but stopped, raising her head suddenly. After a second, she turned and stared the wall.

No… her intuition can’t be that good… no way, the girl told herself, trying to deny the fact that Bianca seemed to be looking directly into her eyes. It’s impossible… Eliza knew that, but still gulped under the redhead’s intense stare.

When Bianca stopped looking the wall and picked up her phone, Eliza breathed out in relief.

Eliza’s phone ringing made the girl lose focus. She held the surprise scream in her throat and closed the eyes as her vision return to normal. She covered her face with a hand and picked up her phone with the other.

When her eyes stopped stinging, she turned her attention to the phone. Eliza chuckled. No way, she said to herself as she stared the screen, showing an unknown caller. She slid a finger and brought it to her ear.

“Were you thinking of me?” Bianca’s voice said on the other side before Eliza could say anything.

“No… I… erh…” She had nothing to say in her defense

“So you were thinking about me!” The redhead sounded too happy. “I felt a disturbance I hadn’t felt since this morning and knew it was your stare!”

“I wasn’t thinking about you! I was just—” Eliza managed to hold her tongue in time.

“Just what… looking at out?” Bianca never seemed too proud for some reason. She burst into a laugh, making Eliza blush.

“Shut up…” the girl forced herself to say something.

“I thought I was the only one thinking about you. But knowing you’re also thinking about me… I’m so happy.”

“I… invoke my right to remain silent.” It was the only thing Eliza could think at the moment.

“I can’t believe you’d admit so easily. I was just joking and you took the bait.” Bianca laughed again. “It’s like in a movie when the character says ‘you can come out now’ in an empty area and when someone appear, he’s like ‘wow, there was actually someone!’”

Why do I lose my calm so easily around her? Eliza asked herself while waiting for the laughs to stop. Who would’ve thought she was so talkative. “I was just checking if you wouldn’t tell.”

“If our relationship’s gonna work, you need to trust me,” Bianca said, almost singing. “Besides, I’d never betray the secret that brought us together.”

Eliza sighed and pressed the corners of her nose. She really gets me off guard. “Fine. I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and trust you for now.”

“Yay! Thanks, Eliza!” Bianca seemed so happy it made the girl’s cheek flush a bit. “But now we have two problems.”


“You were watching me. That’s clearly a violation of my privacy,” Bianca said, suddenly serious.

Eliza bit her lips. She had been doing it for a while and was aware it was on the shady side of morality. But to have someone pointing out obvious… “I promise I won’t use my eyes on you again.”

“No. Don’t promise that,” Bianca said quickly. “I like the idea of you watching over me. Instead, I want you to promise to pay attention only to me. I wanted to hide from you on the beginning, but you’ll find out I’m the jealous type.”

For some reason, Eliza imagined Bianca puffing her cheeks like a spoiled kid right now. That’d be cute, she thought, and before she realized, the idea made her chuckle. “Is that so? Then I’ll try keeping my eyes off others.”

“Yay!” Bianca screamed, her voice full of joy again. Eliza realized that voice didn’t annoy as before. “Then to celebrate, we’ll go shopping tomorrow, okay?”


“To celebrate our first promise,” she repeated slowly, as if to make sure Eliza got it. “Weren’t you listening?”

“Fine, fine.” Eliza felt tired. How can she be this tiresome? She asked herself, but had a smile on her lips. “Wait, you said we had to problems. What’s the other?”

“Ah,” Bianca exclaimed and then chuckled. “I’m gonna masturbate after this, but now it’ll be like I’m masturbating to you.”

Eliza’s face went a wild shade of red. “How can you say those things?” she screamed before she could stop herself. Her reaction only made Bianca laugh louder.

“I’m just telling the truth. Why are you being so prude? Are you a virgin?”

“I’m not someone who goes talking about stuff like this like it’s nothing!”

“Hahaha. So you are a prude. Don’t worry, I’ll do something about that,” Bianca said, and Eliza felt there was a sly smile on her lips.

“Could you stop messing with me?”

“But I’m serious. If you want, you can watch me. I don’t mind at all.”

“I’m tired after talking to you. I’m gonna sleep now.”

“The idea of you watching me turned me on,” she said. “Too bad. See ya tomorrow then.”

Eliza ended the call, her face burning. She turned north, towards Bianca’s house. She wouldn’t… would she? I’m sure she was just joking… I think…

She laid on the bed, her face buried on the pillow. But no matter how tired she was, the picture of Bianca masturbating filled the girl’s mind. Shit, she thought and sat up again. I’m just confirming she was messing with me. That’s all, she said to herself.

This time her sight reached the than before. When her vision was just outside the mansion, the walls disappeared without any effort. She looked for the girl in her bedroom.

Bianca was lying on the bed with a hand between her legs, her fingers moving in and out…

Eliza closed her eyes and buried her face in the pillow. But no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t take the image off her head, her face an alarming shade of red. She is red down there…

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