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The second chapter of My eyes can see!

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For the first time in a long time, Eliza didn’t want to stay in bed. After she woke, she got up, took a shower and changed ten minutes before the alarm rang. The girl went to the kitchen and didn’t see her mother. It was rare for her not seeing neither parents eating breakfast by the time she woke. Guess they came home pretty late last night, she thought, opening the fridge.

“Eliza? What are you doing up so early?”

“Hey mom,” the girl said, looking through the ingredients. “I just woke early today.”

“I’ll make breakfast,” her mother said, yawning.

“Don’t need. I’ll cook today.”

“Okay…” Even without seeing, Eliza could feel her mother’s gaze on her back. “Did something good happened?”

“Nothing much. I just… I just woke and didn’t feel like staying in bed,” Eliza said, avoiding her mother’s eyes. Though it was the truth, the girl would rather her parents didn’t know the reason behind the change in her mood. She shrouded at the thought of them finding out she liked discovering her classmates’ secrets for hobby. Since they care so much about me and what I apparently do, I have the right to spy on their lives too.

“That’s… great…”

The girl sensed the relief in her voice. Don’t look at me like that… It’s just my weird hobby, that’s all. Nothing’s changed, she thought, quickly changing the subject. “I saw the news. It must’ve been hard. What time did you guys get home?”

Her mother yawned again. “Late. Thanks,” she added when Eliza poured a cup of coffee and gave to her. She took her time drinking it and then pressed her eyes with the free hand. “It was awful. The patients just kept coming. I’ve never seen so many chemical burns in my life.”

Eliza tried her hardest to not imagine and kept cooking the eggs until her mother stopped trembling.

“From what I heard, they were the simple cases,” her mother went on after a while. “The worst ones were taken to the capital, but even they couldn’t handle all the victims.”

“Sounds terrible.” It was the only thing Eliza said.

“It was,” her father said, yawning. He looked just as tired as her mother did and when he sat on the chair, he dozed off, his head swaying slightly. Suddenly he shook his head and opened his eyes, blinking a few times. Eliza poured him a cup of coffee too and he drank half in one swallow. “Thanks. We only started working late at night. After they put out the fire, they had to decontaminate the place so we could start looking for survivors. It was… really bad there.” Her father shivered and drank another sip.

Eliza put the food on the table and started eating. “Do they have any idea what cause it?”

“We don’t know the details, but some people said it was human error,” her father said and ate his food in silence.

Eliza wanted to tell their parents to take a day off and rest, but she held the words in the mind. They can’t… we need the money because of me, she knew. If I tell them something, they’ll get mad, so the only thing I can do is not screw up. She finished her breakfast, said goodbye to her parents and went to school.

The building almost seemed deserted. Guess few people come here this early. Better for me, she thought, as she headed to her classroom. For the first time that week, Eliza didn’t hear the usual whispers that followed her. So if I don’t waste time in bed, I get a little peace in the morning? Good to know. She sat on the desk farthest from the door and turned to the window.

From here, Eliza could see the main gate and the few early birds students, but with her normal sight, there was no way she could distinguish them. For a second Eliza considered using her powers. Better to not use too much, she thought, rubbing her eyes gently. I need to save it if I’m gonna tag her.

She observed the students, the number increasing with every minute. Little by little her classmates filled the seats, though they just ignored Eliza. However, when Bianca’s friends opened the door, the girl rolled her eyes, even before the whispers started. She ignored their voices, her attention on the main gate.

Where is she? Is Red not coming? If that really was she last night, she might not come today. When there was less than ten minutes to class, Eliza finally recognized the red hair swaying, even from this distance. Guess she’s the only one with such deep color, she thought, smiling. She kept watching until Bianca disappeared behind the wall, out of her normal sight.

The girl pressed her lips and turned her attention to the door. Just a little bit will be fine, she said to herself. I can’t miss the chance to look her from the front. She relaxed her and concentrated. It took little time for her sight to cross the wood door.

Bianca was coming up the stairs and in a few seconds, she would turn around the corner and would walk in the corridor straight to the classroom. When the redhead was coming down the hall, Eliza focused her eyes on her.

It’s not fair she can be this beautiful and rich. It’s like she’s cheating on life, Eliza sullen for an instant before dismissing the thought. Wow… this is more perverted than I thought. It’s almost like I’m watching a frontal nude. Especially when she wears another lingerie, she thought when her powers made the redhead’s clothes transparent.

It looks like the girl from yesterday, Eliza considered, once again staring the porcelain skin. But it was too dark to be sure… and I can’t see her inner thighs. Hey, Red, could you spread your legs for me? The thought crossed Eliza’s mind, and the next second, she was laughing on her own.

Some classmates turned to her, but Eliza ignored. The loss of concentration made her sight return, but before she could use her powers again, Bianca opened the door. Damn… I couldn’t confirm… she thought, sighing.

It was only for a second, but their eyes met. She has such pretty eyes, Eliza thought before turning her head to the window. For some reason, the girl felt the redhead’s stare on her, but didn’t turn to confirm. It’s just my imagination, she said to herself, yawning.

When the last bell from the day rang and the teacher left, Eliza rested her head on the desk. I feel like shit. I should’ve just slept instead of trying to see Bianca’s thigh, she thought as her classmates talked and prepared to leave. I’m gonna sleep after lunch. She closed her eyes and waited until the noise ceased. The classroom became still, but before Eliza could think of going home, the girl heard steps walking towards her.

“Hey,” a voice spoke almost by her side. Eliza turned her head grudgingly, but when she saw the Bianca staring at her, she lost her sleep. “Why you were watching me the entire day?”

Did she notice? Eliza wondered as she pushed herself up and organized her material. No. She couldn’t. I doubt it. I’m not that stupid to let myself get notice. So her suspicion is based on what? Intuition?

“I don’t know what you’re talking,” Eliza said in a cold tone and pushed the redhead aside.

Bianca walked faster and blocked her path. “You were staring at me yesterday and today when I opened the door.”

Eliza kept her face empty as she stared Bianca in the eyes. “How much self-centered you can be? I know you’re one of the most popular girls here, but, as it hard as is to believe, not everyone treats you like you’re the center of the world.” Eliza walked around the redhead and pulled her earphones. But before she put it, she turned her head and couldn’t help but smile when she saw Bianca’s surprised face “Sorry to break it to you.”

Even with the earphones, Eliza heard Bianca’s snort. “I know that. But then again, you kept glancing at me the entire day. Care to tell me why?” the redhead asked, matching the girl’s speed.

She noticed that? Shit… I was too careless, Eliza realized, thinking back. She barely paid any attention to the classes; all she was interested was Bianca’s thigh and if the bruise was the same or not. She shook her head to dismiss the thought. Now isn’t the time for that, she thought, turning her attention to the girl by her side as she walked. I’d never thought the famous and popular Red wasn’t an airhead like her friends.

Bianca pulled Eliza’s earphone gently. “Did by any chance wanted to take a peek at my panties?” she whispered in the girl’s ear.

It was so sudden Eliza lost her cool and took a few steps away from the redhead, her hand going to the ear. “Why would I want to see that outrageous lingerie of yours?” The words escaped Eliza’s lips before she could stop them. Bianca’s lips curled into a smile. Shit! This girl’s messing with me, Eliza realized it and walked away faster.

Bianca matched her speed again. “So that’s it, huh? You’re interested in what’s underneath my skirt,” she teased Eliza. She covered her flushed cheek and looked away with a troubled face. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m flattered, but I don’t even know you.”

Eliza did her best to ignore the smiling girl by her side. Oh great. Just what I need. Besides addict, I need lesbo to the list of rumors. They’re gonna have a blast, she thought, thinking of Bianca’s friend and then sighing. A long time ago, in another life, I might’ve cared…

“Yeah, sure. If that makes you happy, let’s say that was what I was interested,” Eliza said, mustering all the sarcasm she could, and then walked down the stairs, leaving the redhead alone. It took few seconds, but Bianca caught up with her blocked the path again. Eliza breathed out through her nose loudly and rubbed her eyes. “You already know why I was looking at you. I was checking out your panties. You’re not satisfied with just that? What else do you want? To hear that you got a beautiful skin? Nice legs?”

Bianca looked Eliza in the eyes, all the teasing gone from her lips. “I want to thank you,” she said, serious. Then she smiled. “And to give you a reward.”

Eliza had no reaction for a moment, caught in the redhead’s green eyes. Then she tilted her head. “A reward? For what?”

Bianca climbed two steps so her head was at the same height as Eliza. The girl watched in silence as the redhead looked around and then leaned closer to her ear. “He’s got a bat,” she whispered and leaned back, waiting for Eliza’s reaction with a playful smile.

So it was her yesterday. Eliza narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth, but the words didn’t come to her. This girl… is much more interesting than I thought. As the girl considered what to say, the smile on her lips unnoticed by herself, the redhead leaned in closer again, but instead of whispering again, this time she went to Eliza’s cheek, kissing the girl.

Bianca stepped away as Eliza’s hand went to her cheek, feeling the moist from the redhead’s lips. What just…

“For now, this is all we can do.” She turned around and climbed down the stairs.

It took a second, but Eliza shook her head and before she realized it, she went after the redhead. “What was that for?”

“Didn’t I just say? It was your reward,” Bianca said, giggling when Eliza was by her side. “I know you want more, but I hope you can be happy with just that for now.”

Eliza sighed. “Thanks for the reward. I’ll treasure for the rest of my life,” she said in a monotone. “But that’s not what I asked.”

Bianca laughed. “If we’re gonna start a relationship, we need to take slow.” Her voice was brimming with happiness and it seemed to Eliza the redhead would start skipping any moment now.

“Why would I wanna be with someone who goes around kissing people for no reason?” Oh shit, I’m totally caught in her pace, she thought. But for some reason, Eliza didn’t consider walking away from her. How long it’s been since I had a stupid conversation like this?

Bianca stopped and turned, her face so close to Eliza’s the girl thought she would get another reward, and not on the cheek this time. “I don’t go around kissing people for no reason. You helped me yesterday, so it’s only fair I do something for you. I thought this would make you happy.”

“Right… now for the million prize money question. Why a kiss from you would make me happy?”

The playful smile was back on Bianca’s lips. “Because you spent the entire day interested in what’s under my skirt,” she whispered.

Eliza chuckled and bit her lips. This girl’s messing with me, she thought. “Putting your delusions aside, why do you think I helped you?” She decided to ignore Bianca’s teasing and go back to the main topic. I was so caught in her pace for a moment I forgot she just told me it was she fighting in the alley yesterday. “I didn’t even see you yesterday.”

Bianca sighed and brought a hand to her cheek. “I’m not interested in girls who don’t listen,” she said. Eliza held her stare in silence until the redhead spoke. “You screamed, all worried, to warn me about the guy with the bat.” She was smiling again.

Eliza kept her face empty as she stared the redhead. I need to think of an excuse quick. “Did you see me?”

“No,” Bianca said, averting her eyes exaggeratedly. Eliza suppressed her triumph smile. If she’s got no proof other than her intuition, I’m fine. “But I did recognize your lovely voice,” Bianca whispered on Eliza’s ear when the girl walked by her.

Eliza stopped at the bottom step and turned around. For a moment, the sunlight shining at the background behind Bianca made her look like a redhead angel. The sight left Eliza without words until she shook her head.

“Then it was you fighting after all.” Eliza decided to let got the pretenses. I got the upper hand here. I know she goes around fighting people, thought I can’t do much if that information for now. And it doesn’t matter if she knows it was me, ‘cause there’s no way she can find out about my powers. At best there’s gonna be another rumor saying I stalked her or something. “I’d never guess the school’s number one beauty, the famous Red, liked beating people so much.”

Bianca didn’t change her expression, the smile always on her lips. “It seems we’re both interested in each other. How about if we continue this conversation in a more private place?”

Eliza considered for a heartbeat. “Let us go then.”

Bianca’s smile grew and she climbed down the steps until she was on the same one was Eliza. I could’ve swear she was taller, the thought crossed Eliza’s head. “Why do you look so happy?” the words escaped her lips before she could stop herself.

“Because communication is important,” she said beaming. “Before we start our relationship, we need to know each other better.”

The girl sighed. “Could you stop saying that? I already got enough rumors about me as it is.”

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