Please Call Me Teacher!! 1

This story is mature.

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Even if he believed there was little to no chance of someone recognizing him in this moment, Amane Yuuto was wary.  If by any chance he met someone he knew, his other life would be discovered and his life as teacher, over.

He was aware of that and still dared to once again go in his art. All because of a contest where he was betting his pride and defending the title. And I won, Yuuto thought happily, clutching the prize through the bag in his hand. Even if clothes he wore left him, at the same time, protected him from the cold in some places and leaving others expose, the teacher firmly believe it was worth all the risk.

All smiles, Yuuto still was careful not to hit anyone on the subway with the baggage he had, and shifted the bag in hands. And almost at the same time, he saw his faint reflection on the subway window.

As if out of reflex, when the teacher noticed the purple hat was slightly misplaced, his hand flew to fix it right away, and then, almost naturally, Yuuto ended up checking himself. Waah… I must look weird to others… weird, but cute, the thought crossed his head and he could barely suppress the surprise he felt himself, a shy grin in the lips.

Besides the hat, Yuuto wore a long white pleated skirt with a frilly hem, purple ankle boots, a collared long-sleeved purple shirt and a light purple scarf to match. He also had red-colored contact lenses and had covered his cheeks with a just the right amount of blush, enough to make a cute contrast with the light red colored lipstick. And to top it all, he wore a white-colored wig that reached his back.

His head was a bit hot under the wig, but even with the purple overcoat, the teacher’s legs quivered from time to time due the chill of winter. Though he had taken during the contest, since it wasn’t part of the outfit, now he had black pantyhose, but it wasn’t enough to fight the cold.

I have to thank sister again, he thought with his hand on the scarf. If it wasn’t for Yuuka, Yuuto would have picked a white scarf, and then he’d make a mistake. It would’ve be tiny one, but as an artist, that was unthinkable for Yuuto. Next time I find a character to cosplay, I have to take a closer look at them, he reminded himself for the hundredth time.

Once again looking at his reflection, Yuuto couldn’t help but feel a certain sense of pride filling him. Yes, he was a man who cosplayed as female characters, and though he’d rather keep it apart from his regular world, he felt proud because he was one of the best.

The teacher went back and forth a bit when the subway stopped at the station. When the rocking stopped, the teacher made room for others to pass and then his heart almost froze. Luckily he was already in makeup, otherwise his cheeks would lose their color.

Because entering the door at the other side of the subway and looking for a place to hold almost at the door, was someone he knew. And it wasn’t just someone he knew. To make everything much worse, the person who had just entered the wagon was one of his students, Akaishi Seiji-kun.

Oh no… his eyes widened and Yuuto immediately looked away. Why, why is Akaishi-kun here? I thought he was at the hospital because of a fight. He remembered one of his colleagues mentioning this. Talking another glance at the student, Yuuto confirmed he had a kind of bandage around his hand.

That single glace almost became a huge mistake. Akaishi-kun had looked at his direction at the same time. Did he see me!? The teacher thought desperately. Averting his eyes, Yuuto tried changing his place, going the farthest he could. But in the crowded subway, it was impossible to move without bumping into anyone, giving trouble to others and making a scene. And so Yuuto was stuck there in his place, only a few meters away from what could change his life forever.

With cold sweat running down his neck the entire time, it turned into the longest and most dreadful ride he had in his entire life. The teacher knew at his core that he should do everything to not look at his student. But against his will and better judgment, Yuuto kept glancing at him. And for a long heartbeat, their eyes met.

At once, Yuuto turned his head, so fast he almost lost balance. The only reason the teacher was still standing was because there was a passenger neat him. At first, the old guy was angry because out of nowhere, someone almost fell on him. But when he saw it was a cute girl, or at least someone who looked like one, he became all smiles when Yuuto apologized bowing the head rather in a nervous way.

I’m sorry for deceiving you, mister, the teacher apologized again in his head and tried his best to become invisible, thought his purple outfit didn’t help at all. With his eyes closed, the teacher could do nothing but wait.

The ride took forever and during that time, his heart was beating so loud Yuuto could swear the passengers around him could hear. The gazes he received from a few men didn’t help it either.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the subway sound system announced his station. With a sigh of relieve, Yuuto waited while the passengers got out. And when was his turn to walk towards the exit, he risked one more glance at the student, and his eyes widened. Akaishi-kun wasn’t there anymore. Where is he!? He was there a minute ago… with a sinking feeling in his gut, the teacher thought of something. Is this his station too…? No… it can’t be… Yes, I’m sure he just found a seat, that’s all… Dismissing the bad feeling he had, Yuuto quickly stepped out of the train and… this time, his heart froze.

Because when the moment the teacher stepped out of the subway, there was a shadow blocking his path. And when he looked up, he realized, almost like a punch in the belly, the shadow standing before him was exactly the last half hour worrying about.

My life as a teacher… is over… Yuuto thought miserably while staring at the expressionless eyes of Akaishi-kun.

The last passengers got out and then others got in the subway, passing by them, too busy to notice two people staring at each other, never realizing a life was about to change.

For what felt like an eternity, student and teacher gazed at each other in complete silence, everything else in the world forgotten. It almost felt like they were alone, a place just for them. And the only thing Yuuto could think was, despite the empty façade, there was a sadness in him. Behind those eyes, there was a man, a person in pain.

Does he… recognizes me…? After a long time, or perhaps less than a minute, Yuuto woke from the mesmerizing situation. Only now he realized he was holding his breath. With cold sweat coming down his neck and his heart beating crazily, the teacher broke the gaze and walked around Akaishi-kun without a word. Please don’t recognize me… Yuuto screamed in his head and for a second he thought of running, but his trembling legs wouldn’t allow him. But for a brief second, the teacher truly believe he was safe.

But that brief second disappeared, and Yuuto knew his prayers weren’t answered. He had just passed by the student when he felt a strong and yet gentle grip on his shoulder. “Why are you dressed like this?” a voice whispered in his ear. It was so close he could even feel Akaishi-kun’ breath on his earlobe and that sent a queer tremor through his body.

 “What… what you…?” he tried speaking, but all the words the literature teacher knew seem lost to him. Before the light makeup he had prevented him from looking pale, but unfortunately now it didn’t help hiding his cheeks reddening visibly. “I don’t… know what—”

“Do not lie to me,” Akaishi-kun said in a suddenly much brisker voice, but still whispering. “I know who you are.” Yuuto turned and saw that the student still had an empty façade, but he could hide the mysterious light in his eyes.

How you’d know?! You barely came to class all year! Yuuto wanted to say, to scream, but he held his tongue.

But after a minute under the student’s thorough stare, something inside him snapped. Even if he was used to the spotlight because of the contests and conventions, it was never this close. And for some reason, the mysterious light had grew. Now it was intense, too intense, and that made Yuuto blush more. What made it worse was the fact that the teacher kept thinking he had beautiful eyes.

Yuuto opened his mouth, but the student’s finger went to the teacher’s lips. It was so sudden he simply stood there in complete silence. “Come with me now,” Akaishi-kun said and then walked by him.

For a moment the teacher stood there frozen, trying to understand what had happened. With a shake of his head, Yuuto turned and saw his student leaving the station without looking back.

Should I follow…? He had no idea what to do, but if Yuuto there were any hope to keep the student quiet and save his life as a teacher, he would have to go along with Akaishi-kun. For now at least.

After he caught up, student and teacher walked side by side. Yuuto waited for him to say something, but Akaishi-kun simply looked forward and kept quiet. More than once the teacher glanced up to see what kind of expression he had, but the student was nothing more than an empty face, but somehow it was different from earlier. Before he seemed to hide some pain; now all Yuuto could feel was some sort of determination emanating from him.

He’s handsome… Taller than Yuuto, lean but with some muscles, and striking eyes, the teacher caught himself thinking, and blushing the next second. What I’m thinking!? He’s my student! Just because he’d look perfect in cosplay… No! Stop thinking about that! Realize the trouble you’re in! But the more he tried to avoid it, the more his mind kept imaging all the cosplays Akaishi-kun would look perfect in, and then for some reason the pictures change into the two of them cosplaying together.

Completely wrapped around in his thoughts, before Yuuto noticed it, Akaishi-kun had led him to an impressive building. “You… you… live here!?” he manage to say. Why am I so surprised? His family is rich…  Even if he didn’t care much, the teacher knew his student belonged to that Akaishi family, the owner of the Red Stone corporation, one of the biggest in the country.

Akaishi-kun looked at Yuuto, but didn’t answer, the eyes suggesting it was a completely stupid question. But before the teacher could get mad, the student simply told Yuuto to go inside with his head after nodding to the doorman. In the elevator, he pressed the last floor and kept silent the whole time.

And the lack of conversation only made Yuuto’ mind explode in anxiety. This is the worst ride ever! What’s up with this extremely awkward silence!? Why won’t he say anything!? What’s is he thinking!? Is this one of those blackmail settings I read in stories? Wait… it can’t be… look where he lives… Then what does he want from me? Something about school, maybe…? No… he doesn’t care about that… What’s his aim!?

No matter how much he wrapped his head around, so much to the point where Yuuto got a bit dizzy, the teacher’ mind kept going to bad ends for him. He couldn’t think of anything good that might come out of this. The only good thing he could hope for it would be if he managed to make Akaishi-kun keep the secret.

With a ding, almost like a bell announcing Yuuto’ fate had come, the elevator’ doors opened and Akaishi-kun walked out still without a word. The teacher hanged back for a heartbeat, imaging what would happen if he simply pressed the button and just went home. But no matter if he ran now, it would eventually come to haunt him, so Yuuto could do nothing but reluctantly follow.

When they reach the last apartment on the corridor, Akaishi-kun pulled a single key from his pocket and opened the door. Yuuto almost dropped his jaw when he saw the inside. In a foreign style, the living room and the open kitchen made a huge single room with a large window on the other side.

The amazing view made Yuuto forget the situation he was in and throw his boots aside, running across the room to see. He could other buildings, houses, the park, the river in the back. “Amazing,” he said after a while.

“You think?” a soft voice came from his side. Yuuto didn’t notice, but Akaishi-kun was standing next to him, looking the view as if trying to see what his teacher saw.

Only now, after the student spoke, Yuuto realized the mistake he had made. Though Akaishi-kun didn’t seem to care one bit, the teacher went to the entrance, picked up his boots and placed them neatly on a corner facing the door, feeling ashamed for his rudeness.

Now Yuuto took a better look around the apartment. Indeed it was big, and what made that even more evident was the lack of decoration and furniture. Though the kitchen seemed to have the basic from what the teacher could see, the living room had a filled bookcase in the middle of the wall oppose to the doors, a couch for three people, an armchair, a TV and a few videogames in the corner, leaving a wide empty space in the center. The walls would be naked if it weren’t for the paintings hanging here and there.

Wow… it’s so wonderful…, Yuuto thought, checking one of the paintings. They were all beautiful, but one in particular caught his attention. A naked woman sitting on the floor with her legs closed to hide her privet areas and holding her one breast in each hand, but the face was empty except for a smile and a nose. There wasn’t anything erotic on it. In fact, Yuuto felt a sadness coming from it. “Why is this unfin…”

“It’s finished,” Akaishi-kun answered curtly before Yuuto even asked. For the second time in less then five minutes, the teacher didn’t notice the student standing next to him.

He turned and stared Akaishi-kun, trying to see any emotion behind those eyes. There was something there, buy Yuuto couldn’t read what it was. After a moment he opened his mouth, thinking the best way to ask about the painting.

Akaishi-kun noticed that and replied before any sound came out from the teacher’s lips. “Even if it was fake, the smile was the best thing about her…,” he said, his fingers lingering on the canvas, almost touching it. And for the first time, Yuuto saw some whisper of real emotion on his student; sadness. “There wasn’t any reason to paint the rest,” he added, and the emotion was gone when Akaishi-kun turned away from the painting and faced the teacher. “But we’re not here to talk about this.”

That’s right! For a moment, the teacher had forgotten about all the troubles he was in. And just now he realized he had entered his student apartment without giving a second thought and was overly aware of how embarrassing was his situation.

But all Akaishi-kun did was sit on the armchair and gesture his teacher to do the same on the couch.

With no other choice, the teacher took of his overcoat and obeyed, but then, under the student’s raised eyebrow, Yuuto realized he had his knees together like a girl, sitting the same way the character would sit. Damn it! I always play the part too much! He cursed himself and opened his legs at once, but given the way he was dressed and the way Akaishi-kun’ lip curled into a tiny smile, the teacher knew it only made him look weird.

Reddening, Yuuto gave up and simply brought his knees together. Akaishi-kun said nothing, only staring intently. After a long time in that situation, Yuuto had enough. “Akaishi-kun… what do you—”

“So how long you’ve being cross-dressing?” Akaishi-kun cut him and asked bluntly.

Even under the situation he was in, Yuuto couldn’t help but get annoyed. Breathing slowly through his nose, he managed to let almost all the anger out of his voice. “Please, don’t make me sound like a pervert. This isn’t cross-dressing, it’s cosplaying and it’s my form of art.”

Akaishi-kun raised an eyebrow again and tilted his head. “Cosplaying?”

He… doesn’t even know about that? With a sigh, the anger almost vanished from Yuuto. “It’s a combination of the words costume play. We’re artists who bring characters from books, manga, anime, video games, movies and any other media to life for a short while and bring joy to ourselves and to the fans,” Yuuto explained with a smile on his lips. It had been a while since he talked with someone who knew nothing about this. And what was most impressive was the fact that Akaishi-kun didn’t seem to judge.

“Hm… so that outfit is a representation of a character?” the student asked, the teacher nodded and then silence followed. “Is it common for males to… cosplay as females?” he finally asked after a while.

I knew it would end in that, he thought, sighing in his mind. “It’s not common, but there are many of us and…” Yuuto hesitated for a moment. But he hasn’t made fun of me this entire time. “There’s even a term for us, crossplayers,” the teacher finally added, looking down. Some part of him was afraid to see Akaishi-kun’ reaction. He could deal with laughs; he had in those few times he was found out, but disgust in the eyes hurt him much more. Was the same as reacting a big part of him.

“Cross-dressing cosplay, huh?” Akaishi-kun deducted the meaning almost right away. His voice was so soft Yuuto couldn’t tell if there was a hint of judgment or not. “Judging by common sense and the way you said it, I believe there’s a lot of downsides of crossplaying… Aren’t you afraid of someone finding out?”

Like you did today? Yuuto wanted to say, but held his tongue. It was true. “I can’t deny. When I’m in my art, there’s always part of me which fears that I might be caught. When that happens, my heart freezes and my legs tremble…,” he said, remembering the feeling right now, his hands sweating despite the cool room. With a deep breath, Yuuto closed his fists to calm down.

Out of nowhere Akaishi-kun stood up and went to fridge, only to come back a moment later with a glass of water. He handed to Yuuto, who took it wordless, before sitting down on the armchair again. The teacher drank half and rested the glass on the coaster on the table.

“Thank you,” he said.

“I’m certain you’re aware that is a rather big risk for a teacher,” he ignored Yuuto’ thanks and went on. “Why take such risks for a hobby?”

“I’m aware of my position, but it’s not just a hobby. To me, it’s my form of art, my way of expression.” So he doesn’t understand it either, Yuuto thought, a bit of frustration filling him.

“How did you start cosplaying? For how long you have been cosplaying?”

Yuuto could chose not to answer, but not only that wouldn’t help his situation; Akaishi-kun did seem to have a real interest, even if he didn’t understand the art. But there was something else; part of Yuuto wanted to talk about this which he loved more than he should. “I’ve being doing since my first year in college. It all started because of my sister. She needed help to sell her story in a convention, so she begged me to help advertising.”

“Hm…” was Akaishi-kun reaction. He stared his teacher up and down so much Yuuto reddened. He should be used to be observed like this, but always embarrassed him, especially if it was by someone who knew him. “Do you regret helping your sister?”

“No,” Yuuto said at once. “There’s nothing to regret.”

“You say this even though she opened that door for you?”

“I’m responsible for my own decisions,” Yuuto said, his voice a bit louder than he intended. “I’m not a kid who blames others for their own actions. My sister did open the door, but I was the one who crossed it!”

“You must be aware that door isn’t well seen in our society,” Akaishi-kun said, his voice also a bit louder, though still was a normal conversation tone. Yuuto noticed it wasn’t a question. “What would you do if the school found out?”

“Is that why you brought me here? To beg you to keep quiet?” Yuuto had trouble to keep sitting on the couch and breath deep. If he didn’t calm down, his anger would get the best of him. It didn’t work. “Do you want me to cosplay for you in exchange for my secret?”

“Of course not,” Akaishi-kun said so soft it managed to calm Yuuto a bit.

The teacher looked at his student. It was true Akaishi-kun didn’t seem like someone who’d blackmail for something like this. But what really comforted Yuuto was the fire coming from Akaishi-kun’ eyes. It was much more intense than before.

“What I want to know is the reason why you keep doing despite the fact that you’re a teacher,” he said looking into Yuuto’ eyes. “Aren’t you afraid of your students finding out about this?”

He says like he’s not one of my students, he thought wearily. “It’s true that terrifies me,” he admitted, grabbing his shirt. It was one of the things he feared most. To lose the respect of his students. “Sometimes that idea paralyses me. Just imagining the eyes the students might give me…” the teacher trembled, and not because of the cold. “But even like this, I can’t see me stopping.”

“Then why?”

“Why…?” even he wasn’t aware. All he knew at the moment was the fact he was tired, angry and afraid. “Even I don’t know entirely”

“Tell me,” there was a hint of desperation in Akaishi-kun’ voice and Yuuto looked up. “Tell me what drives you through that fear,” the glow in his eyes became more intense. “Tell me what makes you fight the bad voice in your head.”

“I told you. Even I’m not sure.”

“There must be something…” the desperation in his voice became more evident,

Something… Even if people already looked down on those whom shared the love of cosplaying, even if they ridiculed Yuuto for crossplaying, even if… the school found out, and the students made fun of him, would he stop?

Under Akaishi-kun’ intense stare, Yuuto’ mind went to all he had experienced because of cosplay, the good, the bad, the painful… and the answer came to his mind easily.

No. He would not stop cosplaying.

He looked up and something in the corner of his vision made the words come to him. “Would you tell a painter not to paint? To give up his brush?”

Akaishi-kun widened his eyes. “That’s not the same,” he said in a low whisper. The way he said it made Yuuto mad. “Don’t hide anything from me.”

“Hide?” the teacher tried to control the rage in his voice. It was hard. “You’re too immature if you think like that.”

“What is it!?” for the first time, Akaishi-kun had raised his voice, almost to the level of screaming. “Do you wish you were born a girl!? Do you hate your life and need to be someone else for a few measly hours!? Or do you like tricking men!?” Though he kept sitting, his presence was intimidating. “Tell me!”

Teacher and student stared at each other. Yuuto felt the rage boiling inside him and did nothing to stop, breathing hard through his nose with each second. “Don’t act so mighty. You’re just a rich kid who knows nothing about me. I don’t cosplay because I want to be a girl, nor because I like tricking men. I don’t enjoy the thrill of being found out neither. It isn’t because I want to look cute,” thought that did made him happy, there was no reason for Akaishi-kun to know. “It is simply because I love bringing characters to reality, even if it was only for a few measly hours.” Yuuto forgot about everything, became defensive and blurted out before he could keep his mouth shut. Ahh, damn it! If he’s mad, he´ll tell everyone.

Akaishi-kun became surprise by the answer, but gave no other hint of emotion. “If you feel that strongly, then why do you teach? You could chose another job, one that could allow you to do both with no worries.”

Is he making fun of me…? But even if he was, Yuuto knew he had to answer, otherwise he would fail to teach something, and that was unconceivable as well. “Teaching isn’t just a job to me. It’s my profession, one that I feel happy to wake up every morning and go to work.” Yuuto stood up and stared at his student, feeling the same emotion he felt every class he gave. He gestured to his entire cosplay. “You may laugh if you want, but this is my form of expression. Thanks to this, I met wonderful people, people with a burning passion that even inspired me. And I love teaching on the same level. I love seeing the students’ eyes when they learn something new, the same way a kid beams up when he sees me as his favorite character. Teaching is my profession, cosplay, my art. I can’t, no, I won’t give up either!” he blurted out, panting a bit at the end. He’d never said so much about this to anyone, not even those close to him.

Teacher and student stared into each other’s eyes, the second stretching into minute, or perhaps hours, Yuuto wasn’t sure. But one thing he knew. If he looked away, he’d lose something important to him.

“I won’t… no, I can’t laugh.” the student broke the silent. “How could I?” The surprise was gone from his face, and now there wasn’t just a hint of emotion. “No matter how you dress, you have a soul of a man. How could I laugh at an artist, no, at a person determination if they feel this strongly?” Akaishi-kun smiled. A true one, filled with admiration and sincerity. “I honestly envy you.”

That single smile took Yuuto off guard and made all his anger disappear. It was so beautiful it made him blush and then he simply fell back on the couch wordless. Once again student and teacher stayed in silence, but this time was slightly different.

It wasn’t because they were in a battle of will. The silence only turned awkward because Yuuto had no idea what to say. Part of him always feared he might be found out, and always had prepared himself for that, but he never did mental training for someone accepting him like that. And because of his student’s reaction, the teacher couldn’t help but smile.

“Take off your shirt,” Akaishi-kun said abruptly.

It took a moment for Yuuto’ mind to process those words. “What did you say?” Certainly the teacher had heard it wrong.

“I said take off your shirt,” Akaishi-kun said it again as if his request was a normal one.

“What…?” the teacher had heard something completely unexpected from a student.

A second later Akaishi-kun stood up, looked the teacher up and down and sneered. Yuuto immediately saw why. Out of reflex, he grabbed his shirt and half turned his body. It was a natural reaction he developed to protect himself from the more exited guests in conventions or contests. Even though he realized it was a girl’s reaction, he did it anyway, but doing in front of someone who knew him was embarrassing.

“You said it was your form of art, your form of self-expression,” Akaishi-kun got close, staring right in the teacher’s eye. “Then show me. Show me how far your actions match your words,” he leaned in near Yuuto’ ear. “I want to see how far you go,” he whispered.

Yuuto didn’t blush, nor get embarrassed. He could simply refuse and leave the apartment. Everything might implode in his face on Monday or perhaps Akaishi-kun would keep quiet even if the teacher stormed out. But Yuuto discarded the thought of leaving almost immediately. There was no way he could leave when one of the things he loved, no, when part of him was challenged. His pride was a cosplayer was at stake, so he stood up and turned around to not face Akaishi-kun.

With slow but steady fingers and his eyes closed, the teacher undid the buttons one by one, until it was entirely unbuttoned, but then his hands froze. His pride aside, it was too awkward taking the shirt off in this situation. He stayed like that, his fingers unmoving while he gathered his courage.

A second later, Yuuto felt Akaishi-kun’ hand on both shoulders. He gasped, but instead of shaking off, he was frozen from surprise. Everything seemed still and then, unlike the rather big and surprisingly cold hands suggested, the student took the teachers shirt delicately.

Contrary to his declaration, Yuuto flinched. This is too embarrassing!! And just like a girl, he again covered his chest, all because of what was beneath the shirt.

“You go so far as to wear a bra…” it wasn’t a question and there was a hint of admiration in his voice. Akaishi-kun circled Yuuto slowly, checking every inch of the teacher skin.

He stopped behind Yuuto and suddenly his hands were touching the teacher’s breast. “What are you—”

“These aren’t pads,” again, it wasn’t a question. He fondled them, but somehow it was still a gentle touch. Oh no… blaming entirely on the cold hand’s, regardless if he enjoyed or not, against his will, Yuuto’ nipples became a bit hard. And with each second Akaishi-kun felt every inch of the breast, they became harder. He’s gonna notice! But a moment later the hands were gone.

“They’re aren’t firm like a real one,” he said afterwards, almost disappointed.

“Of course not! I’m not a woman!” Yuuto picked up his shirt and covered his chest. These breasts are from my fat teen years! But he kept his mouth shut; nothing good would come out if Akaishi-kun learned about that. “Are we done?” he asked a bit angrier than he’d like, his face red.

“Raise your arms,’ Akaishi-kun ignored Yuuto completely.

Grudgingly, the teacher raised both arms to his sides. With a now surprisingly warm finger, Akaishi-kun touched under Yuuto’ right wrist, sliding one finger slowly on the entire smooth forearm. It tickles… he thought when Akaishi-kun reached the crook of the elbow, a weird warmth spreading to the rest of his body from where he was touched.  “You shave everywhere?”

“Yes…” Yuuto answered, but Akaishi-kun still checked it, his hands touching from under the arm, down his lower back. For a moment the teacher thought he’d feel the butt too so Yuuto clenched it, but Akaishi-kun’ hand went to the hip and then belly. Then he felt the other arm, this time a bit rougher, but he never harmed the teacher.

It was one of the weirdest experience he ever had, and that’s including the first time the cosplayed. At least it’s over now… Yuuto thought a mix of relieve and embarrassment filling him. But a second later, the hand was again touching his back, and with just one slide of the finger, unhooked the white and frilly bra. “What are you doing?!” Yuuto quickly raised his hands to keep the underwear on, but Akaishi-kun never tried took the rest off.

“Indeed, with this incredible level of commitment, no one can deny it’s a form of art,” he said, completely serious, and then he took a few steps back. He stood there, admiring the cosplayer with a queer shine in his eyes. “Your actions far surpass your words.”

“Thank you,” Yuuto said, still cautions, but the compliment did made him happy. Even with everything, it was the first time he heard someone normal admitting it wasn’t just a hobby.  He had no idea what do to, so the teacher simply stayed that way, holding his shirt in one hand and the bra in the other.

Akaishi-kun turned away from the teacher without any word and walked to the bookcase. Yuuto felt a shiver of cold and he was about to put on his shirt. “Don’t.” The student turned back and said suddenly. They stood in silence for second, completely frozen, and then Akaishi-kun eyes changed. “I’d like to portray your art,” he said. Almost invisible against the wall and next to the bookcase, there was a blank canvas and a support. “I want to portrait you and your art,” under Yuuto perplex eyes, he said it again with a smile.

It took the teacher too long to connect the dots. “You’re a painter!?” Akaishi-kun looked at him with a puzzled expression, and then he pointed with the brush the wall. “You painted all these…?” he was truly impressed. He never thought the student who barely went to class and was, according to the rumors, involved in fights could create such beauty. That’s why he acted weird with that paint earlier… “There’s no reason to pain me”

“You said it yourself. You would tell a painter not to paint?” Yuuto gulped. Against his own words, there was nothing he could do.

Akaishi-kun brought a stool from the kitchen. Too tired to talk back, Yuuto just obeyed, hoping it would soon be over. But a second later, the student’s hands were all over the teacher’s body again. “Put your leg like this and the hands here. And turn yourself half around.”

Despite giving the instructions, Akaishi-kun placed everything the way he said, Yuuto too tired to protest.

At least it’s a tasteful pose… I suppose, he thought when Akaishi-kun finally let go of him. Yuuto sat with one leg on the stool and rested the head on his hands above the knee. Except for the unhooked bra, his torso was naked and half-facing the window, the beautiful sunset behind him, while his face was turned towards Akaishi-kun.

With no other word, the student sat on the little chair he had and began painting, so concentrated the teacher wouldn’t dare to break the silence and ruin the moment. Even if it was one of the craziest afternoon in his life, Yuuto couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Akaishi-kun working.

And thus the story about a teacher and his student began.

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