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This story is mature.

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“It was easier than I thought,” mentioned Seiji-kun, his voice filled with satisfaction.

“What was easier?” Yuuto asked back, his voice filled with annoyance.

“Putting you on my couch wearing nothing but underwear,” Seiji-kun replied. Though his eyes focused more on the canvas than on the teacher, he watched Yuuto carefully, paying attention to the cosplayer’s reaction with a smile on his lips.

Yuuto snorted a little too loudly and opened his mouth… but when he couldn’t come up with an answer, he closed it and turned his head away.

“Don’t get mad at me and change the pose,” Seiji-kun said, his hand still holding the brush. “It’s your own fault.”

“How is this my fault?” The teacher finally mumbled something, though it was more to himself than to Seiji-kun.

Since the school year ended, Seiji-kun had asked, in his cute and demanding way, to increase their muse sessions.  The teacher didn’t give a second thought and accepted with a smile on his face.

Even though the students were on a break, Yuuto still had work, but it wasn’t a full day. The teacher had already planned to use the extra time to catch up on his reading, cosplays and perhaps visit his grandparents on the weekend. Even so, he still had more free time than he expected.

That was what Yuuto told Seiji-kun. It was true, but there was another reason behind his instant yes, a reason the teacher wouldn’t dare voicing it, not even to himself. Their somewhat different relationship had grown over the past two months, so much Yuuto believed they were more than just muse and artist, teacher and student. He truly believed there was a sort of friendship between them, perhaps more.

But in the few days before Seiji-kun’ graduation, Yuuto found himself with a pang in his heart every time he thought about his soon-to-be former student. He had a hunch the feeling was because one of their bonds was about to disappear, but he had no idea why it bothered him that much.

Part of him thought it could be he was wary about Seiji-kun’ words the day when they became muse and artist. I promise while we’re still teacher and student, I’ll won’t do anything that might displease you… Yuuto felt weird every time he relieved Seiji-kun’ voice saying that in his mind, but it didn’t changed the fact that one their bonds was about to end.

The entire graduation ceremony went by slowly, so slow Yuuto believed there was something wrong with the time, almost as if it refused to move properly. He tried looking for Seiji-kun, but among so many people, it was impossible. When it was over and many of his now former students talked to him, suddenly everything was moving twice as fast and Yuuto wished he had more time to prepare his heart.

Finally, after almost all students, graduates and parents had left and Yuuto was feeling a bit dejected, Seiji-kun showed up. Though he spoke to Yuuto in a rather normal and not teasing way, the pang in the teacher’s heart only grew deeper.

But when Seiji-kun leaned in whispered in the teacher’s ear that he wanted more time together, Yuuto accepted the proposal right away, and had trouble to keep himself from hugging his former student right there in the middle of school.

But together with their new arrangement, came an unforeseen problem. In the second week of March, Yuuto ran out of new cosplays in their last session. He blamed his bliss for not realizing this would happen. With a bit of shame for his mistake as a muse, he told Seiji-kun about the situation, avoiding the former student’s eyes the entire time.

After a few moments of silence from the former student and the teacher fiddling with the hem of his skirt, Seiji-kun gently touched Yuuto’s chin and forced the teacher to look him in the eyes. He said in a soft voice ‘don’t worry. An artist takes care of his muse.’

At the time, and even later when he remembered, Yuuto caught himself blushing. That’s not fair, he thought. Seiji-kun had the sly smile on his lips, but also had the glow in his eyes that mesmerized the teacher. It’s not fair to use both at the same time, Yuuto though, while lying in bed and stroking himself.

A week later, when the teacher worked hard on the newest cosplay to pose for Seiji-kun as soon as he could, the former student texted him to come to his apartment, with no makeup nor wig.

Why does he wants me to go? What’s he planning…? Is he… gonna take care of me? Given Seiji-kun’ personality, Yuuto already expected something that would make him embarrassed was coming. Could it be he has a cosplay for me? Or since there’s no wig and makeup, could be another party, like last time. The teacher would never admit, but he had caught himself wanting to dance with Seiji-kun again.

 Half curious, half nervous, the teacher decided to go, and twenty minutes later, he was knocking on Seiji-kun’ door.

The former student answered quicker than usual, and given the smile on his lips, the teacher knew something was up at once. Five seconds later, Seiji-kun showed what it was. Lying against the table, there were two sets of cosplay. A one-piece red Chinese dress, black pants, two round hair ornaments and a purple parasol. Next to it was a black beanie with bat wings on its side, a small red top shaped like a bat, a small sort of shorts with a devil’s tail and a pair of black and white knee socks.

Before hearing some sort of explanation, Yuuto’s cosplayer soul took over and he started examining the clothes. Both sets appeared store-bought, were rather well made and seemed a perfect representation of the characters at first glance, the colors didn’t matched the characters exactly.

“What’s wrong with them?” Seiji-kun sat on his stool and observed the teacher’s reaction. But when Yuuto circled the table thrice without saying anything, he couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

Yuuto squatted and looked at the cosplays closer, touching the fabric. “They don’t look bad, is just…” he had trouble finding words to describe. The colors weren’t the only fault.

“So you didn’t like any of them,” Seiji-kun said with a loud sigh. “I knew you’re proud and all, but never to this level. You’re nitpicking on purpose.”

“That has nothing to do with it,” the teacher replied standing up. “And besides, you know make my own cosplays, so why did you buy these? You could be patient for once and wait until I finish the next one.”

“It’s taking too long. I don’t have time to wait that much,” he said in his bossy way. Seiji-kun closed his eyes, breathed deep and then turned to the teacher. “I wanted to make a surprise for you.” The hint of honesty in his voice softened Yuuto a bit.

The teacher looked at the clothes again, trying to see past the insignificant flaws only he could see and imagine himself wearing them… “There’s nothing I can do. For my pride as a cosplayer, I’ll wear only my own,” he said, his shoulders dropping. When Seiji-kun looked at the ground, a pang crossed the teacher’s heart. After a whole week without seeing each other, Yuuto was ruining everything because of his pride. But this is for you too, Seiji-kun. I wanna be the very best muse for you, like no one ever was. “Unless you have another idea, you’ll have to wait.” If I can finish the cosplay today, we can have a session tomorrow.

“If I can find clothes that match your extremely high and unreasonable standards, will you pose right now?”

Yuuto’s instinct acted and the teacher narrowed his eyes. All this time with Seiji-kun had made him pick up the artist’s hidden words. He knew there was something behind them right now, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

He chose his answer carefully. “If the clothes representing the character has nothing that I can complain about, I’ll consider.”

Seiji-kun’ eyes suddenly shone and a smile popped on his lips. Oh no… I took the bait… Yuuto knew at once.

“Well…I do have two other options,” said the former student slowly. He stood up, walked to a room, came back with a small box, handed to the teacher and sat on the stool again. Seiji-kun watched with a smile and rubbing his hands, almost eager to see what Yuuto would do.

With no other choice, the teacher pulled the lid, looked inside… and then turned to Seiji-kun baffled.

The former student on the other hand beamed. “I know for a fact that you don’t find any fault with these clothes,” Seiji-kun said almost if he had done something amazing.

“Are you serious?” Yuuto finally managed to find words.

“Very.” The smug on Seiji-kun’ face was both cute and annoying to the teacher, but now the latter was stronger.

“I don’t remember ever saying something like that.” He tried keeping calm, but the anger was leaking out in his voice.

His smile grew. “Your exact words were ‘I do think our school female uniform is beautiful. The black and light blue and the pleated skirt are one of the best uniform I’ve seen’. And when I asked if you ever wanted to wear it, your answer was ‘I’m not a cross dresser, I’m a crossplayer. Please don’t mix them’.” Seiji-kun smile turned sly. “Which is weird, because you put on that dress to the wedding rather quickly.”

Yuuto blushed immediately and opened his mouth ready to reply… but nothing came out. He’s right, the teacher agreed unwillingly in his mind. He couldn’t just give in that easily though. “I… I… don’t remember saying that, but… if I ever did, then you already know I won’t wear it. I’m a cosplayer after all.”

“But what if I told you this is also cosplay?” He raised his eyebrows and brought the stool closer, the wheels scrapping on the floor.

“I… a… I… wouldn’t believe in you,” lied Yuuto. He knew Seiji-kun would tease and perhaps twist and hide the truth behind his words whenever it fit him, but never out lie like this. And yet the teacher said he didn’t believe his former student out of pride.

The former student didn’t seem to mind his former teacher doubted his words. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying the conversation, almost if it was going according to his plans. “What if I can prove to you the school uniform is also a cosplay? Would you wear it for me right here, right now?”

Yuuto took a few steps back, trying to find a way out of the conversation. “Why are you insisting so much on this?”

Seiji-kun widened his eyes a bit and opened his mouth a bit, only to close a second later. He closed his eyes, pondering on the question for a second. “I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about seeing you in wearing our school uniform.”

Yuuto blushed again. That honest face is not fair! “I… I’m flattered… but that’s… not a cosplay…” the teacher insisted stubbornly. He liked the idea of Seiji-kun thinking about him. Yuuto himself had lost count of how many times he caught himself thinking about his former student, what he was doing, what he’d say about the cosplay he chose, if he’d like it… and still his pride made the teacher reject the thought of wearing the Hyouzan high school uniform.

With a smug on his face and no other word, Seiji-kun took out his phone, quickly tapped the screen and turned it to the teacher.

He had planned where this conversation would turn? Yuuto thought and sighed before turning his attention towards the screen.

It was an anime screenshot, the teacher could tell right away. The scene was set at a station and filled with generic characters, apart from the clearly main character with wild red hair. But no matter how much he looked at it, Yuuto couldn’t figure what Seiji-kun wanted to show him.

The former student seemed to notice that. “You can’t see?” he asked before touching the screen with his finger and thumb and zoom in the picture.

Only when it was so close it was impossible not to notice, Yuuto saw what Seiji-kun wanted to show him. There, in the background, almost invisible in the scene due the mains characters, were a few students from another school, and their uniform looked exactly like the one Seiji-kun gave to the teacher, one exactly like the girls’ uniform from Yuuto’s school.

“How… did you find these?”

“The internet. I have to thank those pesky otaku for this,” he said shaking the phone. “I threw Hyouzan School, anime and uniform on the net and after a lot, a lot of weird stuff,” he shook his head, “I found a forum where people said our uniform was used in an anime,” he finished with an air of superiority.

Yuuto had no words. He took the phone from Seiji-kun’ hand and stared the picture again. It’s… our uniform, he admitted to himself in defeat. “But it’s not a real cosplay,” he said aloud. The teacher wasn’t going give in that easily. Thanks to Seiji-kun’ conversation, he faintly remembered talking about the girls’ uniform once or twice, but even if he had cosplayed characters in school uniforms, he never once felt the desire to wear the one from his school.

“And why is that? It’s on an anime. Even if it’s just in the background, there’s a character wearing almost the same uniform.” Seiji-kun pressed on, closing the distance between them still sitting on the stool. “You said only characters from manga, anime and videogames, didn’t you?”

“Yes…” he agreed reluctantly, avoiding Seiji-kun’ eyes. They were too intense for the teacher. But something the former student said clicked on him. “It’s not the same uniform though. This also would hurt my pride as a cosplayer,” Yuuto said triumphantly.

“Is that so?” Seiji-kun narrowed his eyes a bit. “So bringing a character to life and bringing joy to others goes so far as some minor imperfections.” It wasn’t a question. “I never thought something this trivial would be enough to hurt your pride.”

The teacher could see it plainly that Seiji-kun was trying to manipulate him, so he chose his words carefully. “Perhaps pride would be too much, but I stand on what I said. I cosplay to bring joy to others and to myself. Wearing that cosplay, wearing our school uniform would bring joy to whom?”

“To me,” Seiji-kun answered shameless with a real smile.

The teacher almost blushed. That face isn’t fair, the thought crossed his mind again. “But we’re not here to entertain each other. We are here as artists. Muse and painter.” Friends and… Yuuto wanted to say, but even he wasn’t sure, so he kept to himself.

“You’re right.” The smile grew a bit smaller, and a lot slyer. “Then please, tell me what your limit as an artist is. You bring the characters to life, but does that include doing something the characters might do?”

“Yes.” The word came out of Yuuto’s mouth before he could stop them. “If it fits the character personality, I could do it,” since he couldn’t lie to Seiji-kun anyway, he added. I did it before, Yuuto thought, but he kept that to himself.

After his third of forth event, when Yuuto decided embrace cosplaying for real, his sister asked him to cosplay for a photo session as the main character of the manga Vampire Chevalier before she was revealed as a vampire herself. Yuuto accepted at once. And after some research, he knew many cosplayers did this sort of thing, he was thrilled to do it. It was a great way to start.

What he had no idea, what his sister kept quiet from him was the fact that Yuuto wasn’t going to do the photo shooting alone. After the teacher was already in the cosplay, a black school shirt with white details, a frilly black skirt, black knee socks and a brown shoulder length wig, Yuuka casually mentioned that she had invited a couple of people to help.

The people were two male cosplayers who in fact arranged the photo shooting because they were looking for someone to cosplay as the main character.

When he tried to back off, Yuuka manipulated him, mentioning about turning into the character and living her, to bring the media into life and many other thing he couldn’t remember. In the end, he posed, and it was one of the most embarrassing things he’d ever done in his life.

Almost a week later, when he saw the photos, his face became an alarming shade of red. One of the most embarrassing one was a pose where Yuuto lied down and the other cosplayers almost embraced him, one around the waist and the other on the chest. Another photo had them half lying down on top to Yuuto, whose shirt was splashed with water. And there was also a photo of them almost biting the teacher’s neck at the same time. He didn’t remember that scene on the anime nor the manga, but he knew it was something the main character would do.

It was only once or twice, and of course he had his limit, but if he denied right now, Seiji-kun would know immediately.

Fudging, the teacher had no idea how to get out. “Fine,” Seiji-kun said suddenly. “Then I’ll let go of this uniform and ask you to bring this character right here, right now.” Once again he pressed the screen of his phone, played with it for a moment and then turned it to Yuuto.

At first, the teacher didn’t know what he was looking…  then a shiver took over him. He didn’t even see what Seiji-kun wanted to show him. He was more worried about the site. It was Yuuto’s own blog, or better yet, it was Yuuno’s blog.

“Seiji-kun… how… how did you find my… blog?” It was a stupid question, he knew once he said it.

“After you told me your name, how could I not look up?” he asked with the sly smile.

Yuuto gulped. One of the reasons he kept his artist’s name hidden was to prevent exactly this. He wasn’t ashamed of the blog or anything, but there was a few pictures there he’d rather the former student never knew. Mainly the ones where his sister had arranged.

“I must say, I never thought you’d pose like that with other men. Even I was a little embarrassed seeing those photos,” he said and avoided Yuuto’s eyes, his cheeks reddening slightly.

The teacher knew it was fake, but it didn’t stop him from blushing as well. “That was… that was…” Yuuto dropped his shoulders, “me… living the character,” he added in a low voice.

“With that in mind.” He showed the phoned again. “I’d like you to live this character.”

After a heavy sigh escaped from his lips, Yuuto turned his eyes at the screen again, and this time he immediately saw what Seiji-kun was so eager to show. It was a photo of the teacher cosplaying as Hayama Yuna. The character herself had nothing wrong, but her personality… Now the teacher regretted making that poll, asking the blog’s visitors to say what character they wanted Yuuno to bring next.

“I… I already cosplayed her for you…” He knew it wouldn’t work, but still he had to try.

“Oh, I remember, but at the time, you kept hiding about this character’s personality from me no matter how much I asked. Now that I have more information, I know why.”

Yuuto gulped again. The so-called information Seiji-kun was probably talking about was the character’s personality. Yuuto regretted making the poll because after it was decided, he looked her up. What he found was… unique. Hayama Yuna liked underwear. A lot. She wasn’t a pervert or anything, but she loved panties and bras so much she started a club to help girls realize the importance of the right underwear. But the main thing about her was the fact that she never got embarrassed when the subject came up.

“I think you know what I want, don’t you?” Seiji-kun asked in a soft voice.

Yuuto could tell what it was, but he still tried to find something to get him out of that situation. The teacher smiled. “Yes, I do know,” he said it with such confidence Seiji-kun’ smile grew smaller. “I’m a man and I do not go back on my words. If you want me to bring this character to life and pose in underwear, I will. But there’s only one problem. To become her, I’d need a wig,” he finished with a smug.

For a moment Seiji-kun had no reaction, and then his lips quivered. He bit them right away but when he covered his mouth with his hand, Yuuto knew something was up. After a while, the former student couldn’t hold it anymore and let go a laugh, his voice echoing. When he finally stopped, he gestured to the table, pointing to the box with the school uniform.

Suspicious, the teacher picked up the box and took the jacket and the shirt out. Underneath was the pleated black and blue skirt. Yuuto looked at Seiji-kun, who encouraged him to keep going. With hesitating hands, the teacher pulled out the skirt from the box… and what was under it was a twin-tail brown colored wig… the same hairstyle as the character Hayama Yuna.

Yuuto was speechless. Seiji-kun on the other hand smiled like a kid. The teacher looked around, staring the store-bought cosplay, the school uniform in his hand and the wig on the box. “You did all this just to trick me?” Yuuto had no idea if he should feel angry, but he was so weary he simply gave up. Apparently teasing him was a greater entertainment for the former than he had thought.

“Believe me, it was worthy.” He still had the smile, both on the lips and eyes.

Looking at that beaming face made the teacher sigh in defeat, and then he smiled too. “If you have time for this, you should use it to think about your future.”

“I don’t want to think about the future,” he said, his smile vanishing for a moment. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Spending time with you is what I want to do now.” When he looked at the teacher again, the smile was back, but it was smaller, and a bit sadder.

Yuuto wanted to talk more about the subject, but he knew Seiji-kun avoided the topic every time. From the beginning of the last school year, some of the faculty staff was worried because one of their most famous student, someone from that Akaishi Family, had no plans for his future. In the form, Seiji-kun wrote ‘nothing particular’ as goal. And when the teachers went to talk to him, it was the same as talking to a wall.

The last attempt was after the winter break, after Seiji-kun had found out about the cosplay. From that point, when everyone believed Yuuto was responsible for student’s comeback, the faculty insisted that he kept asking about the student’s plans.

Seiji-kun avoided the topic even with Yuuto. But as their relationship grew, the teacher realized the reason behind the student behavior. It wasn’t because he was a spoiled brat like some of the teachers kept saying. It was due Seiji-kun’ grandfather.

Little by little, session by session Yuuto found out more about Seiji-kun. His grandfather became ill last September, around the same time when he broke up with ex-girlfriend.

 But if he’s this happy, I guess his grandfather is even better. Last time the teacher heard, Seiji-kun had good news. His grandfather was out of the intensive treatment unit and was back to a private room.

Yuuto looked at his student, and an idea crossed his mind. He blushed at the thought of it, but it was worth trying. “If… if I do this,” he waved the wig, “you promise me we’ll talk about it?”

Seiji-kun was unreadable at first, and then his face softened. “Fine, fine,” he sighed. But when he opened his eyes again, he was smiling. “Then please let’s get started,” said the former student.

Tied by his own words, Yuuto went to the bathroom and came out five minutes later, wearing nothing but the wig, the black knee socks and a red-laced lingerie that was already waiting for him in the counter. “This is too much, even for the character,” he said dropping his shoulders.

Seiji-kun smiled. “I disagree. I think it suits you, I mean, the character perfectly.”

This was one of the few and rare times where Yuuto couldn’t tell if the former student’s smile was the genuine or the sly one. One thing the teacher had noticed was that both types were becoming harder to read with each day. Is it because he truly loves teasing me? But he had no time to ponder on the question, since Seiji-kun seemed impatience to start painting.

“Come on, lie down.” He gestured to the couch.

The teacher did as told, lying and waiting. After all this time, Yuuto had given up trying to pose according to Seiji-kun’ instructions. He wouldn’t end up as the former student imagined anyway, so Seiji-kun would simply put the teacher like in his head, almost like a figure doll.

Today wasn’t any different. Seiji-kun walked towards Yuuto and started placing the teacher’s hands, arms and legs the way he wanted without bothering to say anything.

Even if Yuuto was accustomed, he still felt somewhat weird. Seiji-kun’ touch always made him feel something, and despite knowing he shouldn’t, he didn’t want the touching to stop. His body reacted to this, the blood flowing where it shouldn’t.

But for some reason, today there was nothing. Seiji-kun’ touch was the same, completely focused on making Yuuto pose as in his head, and never trying to make the teacher embarrassed. Is he not that concentrated because he can’t stop thinking about his grandfather?

Finally the former student finished and sat on the stool and without a word.

Yuuto looked at the pose. Is this… really how he wants to paint me? The pose was rather simple, especially for an artist who loved making his subject blush like Seiji-kun. The teacher had one leg down and the other bend, covering the bulge made by his manhood. The arms were crossed and both hands covering the bra. It’s not tacky or anything, but… Yuuto didn’t know how to feel. To him, the poses the painter made him do were interesting, but only after the teacher saw the finish art, he realized the pose where marvelous. Perhaps it was Seiji-kun’ ability to make simple position look amazing, but the one Yuuto did right now didn’t think like it could turn out like the other.

Seiji-kun stared at Yuuto, his eyes completely immersed in concentration. The teacher gulped. That look always stirred him more than it should, especially considering the former student did it unknowingly. And it also made Yuuto blush. It was more effective than when Seiji-kun try to do it on purpose. But for some reason, he hadn’t noticed the effect.

Seiji-kun had barely picked up the brush when he rested it. “Something is missing,” he said, more to himself than to the teacher. Before Yuuto could say anything, he stood up, went to the fridge and when he walked back to the couch, he had an ice cube on his hand.

“What are you planning to do with that?” Yuuto asked, but he already had some idea.

Without a word, Seiji-kun licked the ice cube and squatted, bringing his face too close to Yuuto’s. The teacher looked away, and before he knew it, the former student was gently rubbing the ice cube on Yuuto, starting from the neck. Cold… the teacher thought, blushing.

But Seiji-kun either didn’t notice or care, and slowly came down the chest, taking his time circling around the bra. Yuuto’s nipples became hard and Seiji-kun’ hand stopped for a moment. He looked at Yuuto’s eyes raising an eyebrow. Now the teacher could tell it was the sly smile. “It’s cold,” he tried giving an excuse before the former student could say anything.

“Hum…” Seiji-kun continued to slide the cube on Yuuto’s belly, the sly smile still on his lips.

Yuuto breathed in and out slowly, trying to control his body’s impulses. But when Seiji-kun rubbed the cube down his legs, there was a stir down there he couldn’t hold. “It’s enough, don’t you think?” Yuuto blurted out, trying to take Seiji-kun’ attention away from the lower part of his body.

The former student looked at him, and then the cube was gone from Yuuto’ legs. Seiji-kun walked slowly to his stool, sat down and ate the ice while staring the teacher in the eye. Yuuto looked away and silence followed while the former student painted, but only for a little while.

“I told you, don’t change the pose just because you’re mad,” Seiji-kun repeated.

“I haven’t moved an inch,” Yuuto said in his defense. He hadn’t done anything, but still he breathed out, trying to relax. Though he wasn’t into it at the beginning, now he wanted to see what kind of paint the former student would create.

 “How far will you live the character?” Seiji-kun asked suddenly, still moving his hand. Though he kept his eyes on the canvas, Yuuto could tell his mind was absent.

 “How far?”

“I’ve been watching a few of the anime you cosplayed and I noticed some characters speak in a rather annoying way, so I was wondering if you also talk that way on conventions and contests,” his eyes left the canvas completely, looking at the teacher.

“Yes,” Yuuto answered after a while. Before conventions and events, the teacher would study the characters and practice, though trying to speak like them was harder than it seemed. “But don’t say it’s annoying. Many are cute,” he defended the characters he cosplayed, though he could understand what Seiji-kun was saying.

“Is that so?” he said, his eyes back at the canvas, the sly smile on the lips. “Then I’d like to see it now.”

“I refuse,” Yuuto said bluntly. But when the former student turned to him with a questioning look, he quickly added, “I need to practice before I can perform.” It was true, and Seiji-kun could tell. What Yuuto kept to himself was the fact that it was embarrassing. Once his sister caught him practicing, ending his sentences with a nyaa, like a cat. He didn’t want to hear that kind of laugh again.

The painter had barely moved the brush when he rested it once again. “I’ve never asked you about this, but how do you feel about having men pleasuring themselves looking at your pictures?” he asked casually.

“Why are you asking this now?” The completely sudden and embarrassing question caught the teacher off guard, and he blushed from ear to ear. He tried to calm down, but the subject always bothered him, ever since he started. His sister had advise him to let it go, that he couldn’t control what others did and that he should focus on the happiness he brought. “I do feel bad. Who wouldn’t?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” Seiji-kun interrupted him. “I’d feel flattered my looks alone could pleasure someone,” he said with a normal face.

“In my case, it’s guys.” He wanted to shake his head to dismiss the idea, but that would break the pose, and as a muse, he wouldn’t do that. “In your case, it would be mostly girls, since you’re hot and all,” he blurted out. Only a second later he realized what he said, and blushed again.

“Is that what you think?” Seiji-kun said. Yuuto tried his best avoid looking at him, but still he could sense the smile on the former student’s lips.

No matter how much he tried to calm down, the teacher felt his cheeks burning with embarrassment. He tried his best to come up with another subject, but the former student was faster.

“I read about cosplayers who met their more excited fans. Have you ever met one?”

“No comment,” said the teacher. Under their unspoken agreement, Yuuto and Seiji-kun could ask anything to each other, and they had to be honest. Rather, Yuuto had to be, since the former student always knew if the teacher lied or not. When the teacher didn’t want to answer, he could say ‘no comment’ and Seiji-kun wouldn’t insist.

The reason he chose to say nothing was Yuuto didn’t want to relive that memory, when a fan of his trapped him in the girls restroom in a convention. The man said he was loved Yuuno ever since her fist event, and that all he wanted was to shake her hand. Yuuto allowed him, afraid something else could happen if he denied. But it did anyway. The fan was so happy and lost his mind, jumping on top of the teacher, licking him. If it wasn’t for a girl who had entered the restroom at the time and call the security, Yuuto had no idea what could happen next.

At least one good thing happened from that experience. After befriending the girl who saved him, they ended up going out after a few months. Her shocked, then impressed and then somewhat jealous face from the fact that her boyfriend could be cuter than her still made Yuuto smile when he remembered.

But the teacher had to be prepared. There was thing about refusing to answer one question. Every time Yuuto did that, there was a backlash; Seiji-kun’ follow up question was much more embarrassing. It was the former student’s way of showing his annoyance for being refused. Yuuto prepared himself for that, but Seiji-kun had touched sensitive topic, so the next question might be on the same topic, but worse.

“Have you ever pleasure yourself thinking about a man?” Seiji-kun follow up with an even more embarrassing question, as the teacher expected.

“NO COMMENT!” Yuuto knew at once that he had screw up. Not only he screamed, but he also could feel his entire face burning hot.

Even though he didn’t want to relive, the memory flooded his mind.

After that Monday, when Seiji-kun was still his student and had asked the teacher to be his muse, after trying pleasuring himself with no success, after Yuuto gave up common sense, he relived the memories of what had happened earlier that same day. The way Seiji-kun touched him, his nipples, his manhood… almost at once his member hardened. And he stroked it, his seed flowing rather quickly. But it wasn’t enough to rid his body of the hot flash, so he pleasured himself trice that night, always thinking about Seiji-kun and the way his cold hand touched him… And that night wasn’t the only one he did that.

Oh no… The memory were enough to wake a stir between Yuuto’s legs. No matter how he tried to think of something else, his thoughts ended up on Seiji-kun’ touch.

“Aren’t you talking much today?” Yuuto asked, desperate to take the attention away from himself. But the moment he spoke, he realized the truth behind his words.

Though they did talk, it was never this much. Only bits and pieces, but mostly before or after the session. Yuuto liked those talks a lot. Thanks to them, they learned a lot about each other, but what the teacher kept secret from the painter was that he preferred when they didn’t talk during the session. The sight of Seiji-kun painting was mesmerizing. The way his face became still, almost frozen in concentration, his eyes glowing with some sort of energy, his hands holding and moving the brush delicately, his breathing so slow Yuuto sometimes wondered if he was breathing at all… Yuuto had grown to love watching Seiji-kun painting.

But today, the teacher saw none of that.

The former student froze for a second, and then the brush was moving again, almost as if it nothing had happened. Yuuto noticed though. No matter if it was for a half a heartbeat, Yuuto had noticed. “No comment,” Seiji-kun said in an emotionless tone.

Then Yuuto realized it.

Behind all the excessive talk, behind all those cosplays he bought, behind all the teasing, behind all the restlessness… I’m such an idiot! The teacher screamed at himself in his head. How could I be so blind?

Before he realized himself, Yuuto had jumped from the couch, closed the distance between them in a heartbeat and had his arms around Seiji-kun’ head.

“What are you doing,” Seiji-kun’ voice came out muffled. He didn’t pull back, nor try to break the hug though.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner. I’m an idiot,” Yuuto said, hugging him tighter. Behind everything, there was one thing Seiji-kun tried to hide; pain. “Your grandfather… he’s got worse, didn’t he?” the teacher asked in a whisper.

Seiji-kun was completely still for a moment. “You can read me so well.” He tried laughing the matter off, but his voice died almost right away. For a long time, they stayed that way in silence, until the former student returned the teacher’s hug. “He’s in a comma,” Seiji-kun barely spoke. Then he trembled in Yuuto’s arms

Yuuto felt a pain in his heart. Seiji-kun…  He didn’t know what the former student was to him, but he did know he wanted to help him. Not because Yuuto was a muse and Seiji-kun his artist, not because they were former teacher and student, but because Seiji-kun was important to him.

He didn’t know how he could help, so the only thing Yuuto did was hug tighter.

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