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This story is mature.

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Amane Yuuto barely realized when he got home, his mind still trying to understand what had happened in the last few hours. Before the teacher noticed, he had the keys in hands and unlocked the door of his apartment.

“I’m home,” said the teacher more out of habit. He had trouble taking out his shoes, so he sat down and focused on the laces.

“Yuuto?” A voice came from the living room and by the time he stood up, Amane Yuuka showed up. She wore a green jacket, black heavy pants and had her brown hair tied in a bun on each side. “I thought you were coming back earlier.”

“Sister! Err… my… err… appointment… took longer than I thought.” Yuuto avoided looking directly at her, but when he turned his head back, she was still watching him with curious eyes. Then the teacher noticed the backpack behind her and the coat under her arm… “Are you going somewhere at this hour?”

“Ah, this? Yeah… My tablet broke, but my friend said I could use hers.” She checked Yuuto from head to toe, her eyes narrowing. “Are you okay? You look red,” she said, stepping closer and clasping her brother’s cheek with a hand.

“I’m okay,” he replied quickly, dismissing the hand and passing by her. “Shouldn’t you be going, sister? Your deadline is in a week. Are you gonna be okay? Can you finish in time?”

“To be honest, I’m a little worried,” she said rubbing both eyes. “I can borrow the tablet, but I know my friend will need it soon…”

“Do you want me to take yours to repair tomorrow morning?”

“Really?” his sister’s face beamed with a smile. “Thanks, Yuuto! You’re the best little brother ever!” She jumped on him, hugging and kissing him on the cheek. “This really saves me.”

“It’s no problem,” Yuuto chuckled. His sister went overboard when she was happy, but he was already used to and didn’t mind. “Just promise you’ll sleep and eat. Properly, not just naps and junk food!”

“Yes, yes grandma.” His sister was still smiling when she let him go and went to the entrance, putting on her shoes. She stood up, opened the door, but then turned back to him. “Are you sure everything is okay?”

Before he could stop it, Yuuto’s hand went to his cheek. It was true; he could feel his face a bit hot. For a second the thought of telling her everything crossed his mind, but he dismissed the idea almost immediately. Yuuto himself was still trying to understand what had happened in his student’s apartment. While his sister surely would try helping him, he didn’t want to burden her when she was so busy with work. “I’m okay, really,” the teacher said at last.

“Okay, then… If you say you’re alright, then I’m off.” Despite her words, Yuuto could tell right away she didn’t believe him, but she wouldn’t ask any more out of respect for his privacy. Thank you, sister, the teacher thought a second later when he was alone in the two-bedroom apartment.

Yuuto stood there for a moment and then, with a big and loud sigh, went to the bathroom to check his face. He didn’t just feel red; he really was, almost as if he had some makeup on. But his cosplay makeup never looked as if he had ran long distances, and washing his face didn’t help at all this time.

Giving up, the teacher opened his bag and took the cosplay out. It looks even worst now, he thought, his cheeks somehow getting redder with the memory. The school swimsuit seemed almost like always, except for the very visible stain, even against the dark blue fabric. And without touching, Yuuto could tell it was still wet.

I can’t believe a man, and what’s worst, a student of mine, almost pleasured me… Yuuto felt the shame overflowing him and the blood rushing down somewhere it shouldn’t with the memory. Even against his will, the scenes flooded his mind. He could even feel Akaishi-kun touching him once again, one cold hand pinching the nipple and the other caressing the teacher down there, the hand going up and down until almost…

With more strength than necessary, Yuuto threw the swimsuit in the washer and tuned the machine on, but that wasn’t enough to settle down what was still growing. With his mind a haze again, and his breathing slow, the teacher took his clothes off and took the coldest shower he could, all while trying to block the memories. Somehow that wasn’t enough; Yuuto still felt his body burning.

Though he put on his pajamas, it was barely past 9 o’clock. I doubt I can sleep now… Normally he’d either work on job stuff or his cosplay, but neither one sound like a good idea to him. There wasn’t anything related to school since today was the first day after the winter break. And every time his eyes rested at the sewing machine on the desk, or his older cosplay in the closet, the picture of Akaishi-kun popped into his mind, along with a queer feeling and a blood rush Yuuto was trying very hard not thinking about it.

With no other idea, the teacher turned to the TV, but even after flipping through the channels, hr found nothing decent enough to keep his mind occupied. Why the anime only air later? Yuuto thought angrily. Then he notice the Blu-ray player’s light was blinking. Did my sister forget to turn it off?

Yuuto changed the input on the TV and realized he was right. His sister had forgotten to turn the player off, the message asking if he’d like to continue from where she left off popping on the screen. He knew his sister liked to work with some noise on and with Yuuto out of the apartment, she could use the big TV. I bet she was watching something and then her tablet broke so she forgot it was even on, he guessed what probably happened.

Glad he had found something to keep his mind busy for a couple hours, Yuuto pressed the button.

It took him only a few seconds to turn the TV off, but that wasn’t fast enough. His entire face was already burning, his breathing short and irregular. No matter for how little he saw, the image had carved itself in his eyes, the moans still ringing in his ears. Two…two… two guys!… Naked… and…they were… having…! Even in his mind, he couldn’t bring himself to finish the thought.

Damn it sister! Why did you have to watch that kind of anime here? He remembered asking her that very question when he caught her watching something like this in the middle of the night. His sister had headphones on and focused on the TV, but somehow she notice Yuuto, too shocked and blushing with what was happening on the screen to say anything, standing behind her.

She hit pause and after many words fragments, Yuuto finally managed to mumble, if barely, a sentence asking what she was doing. She looked between the screen and her brother, “studying,” she answered shameless and then hit play.

Even without sound, the video alone made Yuuto blush like he never had. He would have dashed to his room if he wasn’t frozen by shock. He ended up watching a great chunk of the scene and only after the characters started the act, the teacher finally recovered his senses. Thankfully, somehow, his mind did its best to erase the memory, even with his sister asking him to cosplay one of those characters a few weeks later.

Now all that work was for naught with a few seconds of this new anime. With his face burning from ear to ear, he raced to the bedroom and threw himself on his bed, praying to fall sleep as quickly as possible.

But sleep didn’t come to him, no matter how many positions he tried. After tossing around for what could be one hour or all night long, Yuuto threw the covers aside and checked the hour on his phone. One in the morning?

With sleeping eluding him, and his body still hot despite cold room, the teacher pressed his temples and gave up sleeping. He looked around his bedroom, trying to find something, anything to pass the time and fill his head. His eyes rested on his laptop on the desk. It’s better than stay here all night long feeling like this, he said to himself, standing up.

With his body hot, he had to at least blow off some steam, and with any luck get some sleep. Three sleepless nights in a row would certainly affect his health, and probably his profession.

Yuuto was so tired even waiting for the laptop to start was annoying, and when the screen flashed the work area, he was already clicking on the browser. Part of his hurry was also to hide the background photo, a picture of himself with his sisters and her friends during the first time the teacher cosplayed.

Damn it! He closed the browser and opened again, this time in incognito mode. Even if it was his own laptop, his sister used it sometimes when her friends came to help with her manga. It would be too embarrassing if they knew what he was using to relax himself. Again.

In the little time between closing and opening the browser, Yuuto saw his photo in cosplay, and Akaishi-kun once again popped into his mind, the queer hot feeling growing slightly. To get everything off his head, the teacher quickly opened the usual sites he used to get himself relaxed. Certainly looking at the girls he liked the most would help him.

But almost an hour later, neither Miu-chan, Renka-chan, Kurumu-chan, Moka-chan, nor any other girls could make him rise, not even a bit. With his eyelids heavy, his vision blurring, sleep still eluding and the queer feeling spreading, his mind became blank and Yuuto gave up any common sense he had left. The teacher lied down on the bed and then slipped a hand inside his shirt and the other inside his pants…

Almost an hour later, he was finally sleeping.

For the second morning in a row, Yuuto arrived at school exhausted. After leaving Yuuka’s tablet to fix it, he quickly ran to the teacher’s lounge, careful enough to avoid running into anyone. He didn’t know what was worse, facing Akaishi-kun here or just wait around until the student requested the teacher to pose again.

The thought of cosplaying again only for his student sent Yuuto’s mind into chaos of mixed feelings. On one hand, he had to admit, though grudgingly, it was wonderful to have someone acknowledging his misunderstood and unappreciated art. That first painting Akaishi-kun had shown was simply beyond marvelous.

Now, after he was somewhat calmer, Yuuto regretted leaving the piece of art. But no matter how much he wanted to set his eyes upon it again and again, he couldn’t risk his sister finding out. If she did find out, Yuuka would certainly pry everything from him. The thought of her knowing a man almost pleasured her little brother would make her imagination go wild and she didn’t need any help on that department.

On the other hand, the idea of what happened and almost happened yesterday occurring again made him scared of himself.

Not only made Yuuto blushed every time he thought about it, what happened was… even against his common sense, he had to admit it felt good. Too goodFor a second I was about to let myself… What scared him the most was the fact that some part of him, the one who almost let it go, wished Akaishi-kun hadn’t stop. Even now that wicked side that had awaken was regretting the rules Yuuto himself had set up.

After the incident, after seeing the painting and be asked to pose for another, after Yuuto’s mind was back to normal and his blood had returned to its right place, the teacher realized that he had agreed to be a muse. At once he wanted to take his word back, but not only the wicked part held his tongue, the rest of him feared the outcomes. Who knows what the student could do if Yuuto went back on his word?

Akaishi-kun would never tell, but perhaps he would sneak one of the paintings and hang it in the school. Yuuto could very well imagine this. It would fit his personality or at least, the one the teacher believed the student had.

Given Yuuto’ excellent performance, not to mention his relationship with the students and colleagues, the chance of him losing his job were rather small. But at the very least, he’d lose the student’s respect. He could imagine their eyes, and that hurt him deeply. Being a teacher was his dream; losing either that or his art was unthinkable.

The most likely option was Akaishi-kun hanging around the teacher, trying to convince Yuuto to be his muse, and that would leave the teacher tiptoeing around the student. Not to mention there was also the risk of exposure.

Another possibility also popped into Yuuto’s mind at that moment. If he took his word back, Akaishi-kun’ backlash could be a continuation of earlier, and maybe the student wouldn’t stop that time. Perhaps he’d crossed the line and teacher and student would enter a forbidden land.

And what’s wrong with it? The wicked voice that whispered in mind every time he thought about Akaishi-kun was back. Yuuto tried to shut it out, but it still came back. You know you liked it… a lot… you even did that yesterday, and that was all you…

I’m not a character of my sister’s manga! He screamed in his mind with his normal voice.

You’ll regret those stupid rules… the wicked voice ringed in Yuuto’ ears and the teacher relive that night against his will.

“I said I’ll be your… muse,” even saying the word made him flush. “But I have rules!”

“Whatever my beautiful muse desires,” Akaishi-kun said bowing his head and making Yuuto blush some more.

The teacher had lost count of how many times his cheeks burned hot that night alone. “First, stop with the… muse thing. It’s weird and… embarrassing…” and confusing! Akaishi-kun looked at the teacher as if he could read Yuuto’s mind and smiled. Yuuto couldn’t tell if it was the gentle or the sly one.

“But I can’t deny the truth. Your beauty and your art inspired me to create this,” he indicated the painting on the couch. “Setting my eyes upon you inspires me even now. How can I say this? You excite me in more ways than you’d believe.”

Why did you have to choose that word specifically? The teacher thought, but before he could say anything, Akaishi-kun brought his hand close to Yuuto’ face. It was so close the teacher could feel the warm emanating from it.

The student’s eyes had the intense glow back and he stared Yuuto while moving his hand, always so close but never touching, down Yuuto’s cheek, chin, neck, chest, belly, between the legs… all the way to the toes.

The teacher didn’t blush this time. Yuuto was simply speechless at such passion in those eyes. How long has been since I felt this way?

“You can’t deny. Already you’re a muse…” He clasped Yuuto’ hand between his own, closed his eyes and breathed slowly, as if drawing inspiration from the teacher. “My muse,” he said, opening his eyes again.

Teacher and student remained in silent for a long time, gazing into each other’s eyes.

Yuuto had no idea how long they stayed like that, but only when he realized he had stopped breathing, the teacher broke the silence. “Fine.” Yuuto looked away, pulling his hand back. “Call me your… your muse if you like…” The word is still embarrassing.

Akaishi-kun flashed a smile again. “Then what are my muse’s other rules?”

“Rules?” Yuuto tilted his head. Ah! Even the teacher himself had forgotten. He shook his head to dismiss the weird air and then went through his memories looking for the bad experiences he had while in his art. Yuuto winced, quivered for a second and then opened his eyes. “My cosplay is about bringing characters to life. I don’t do generic cosplay.” Akaishi-kun had a puzzled look on his face. He doesn’t understand… Yuuto thought sighing. “It means I don’t cosplay as cat girl, maid girl, or devil girl. Only characters from manga, anime and videogames.”

“Hum…” Akaishi-kun nodded his head slowly, but he still smiled. “Any other desires?”

Yuuto gulped. “And I… I won’t do any lewd cosplay either.” Akaishi-kun’ smile grew a bit and the teacher noticed that.

“I wouldn’t want my muse to feel like that,” he said, looking Yuuto in the eyes again. “Your art isn’t about fulfilling pleasures, but about bringing joy. How could I ask you to do lewd things with me?”

This time the teacher’s cheeks went red at once. Why the poor choice of words again? At least that was a cue to the last rule. “And, on that matter… I… I…” Out of nowhere, Yuuto felt a stir between his legs, but he couldn’t cover with his hand or shift his legs to hide it, otherwise Akaishi-kun might notice. “You can’t… do that kind… of stuff… to me… again…” the teacher trailed off. It was too embarrassing to say aloud.

“What are you talking about, my muse?” Akaishi-kun tilted his head, an innocent aura on his face. Yuuto could tell he was faking it.

Perhaps he doesn’t think what he did was a problem, the teacher considered for a moment… and then he was pissed off. “You can’t… you can’t… you can’t touch me like that!” Yuuto finally managed to blurt out, his face burning hot.

Akaishi-kun’ smile turned sly. “I promise while we’re still teacher and student, I’ll won’t do anything that might displeases you,” he kiss Yuuto’s hand. The teacher wanted to say something back, but the wicked part of him held the tongue again, and Yuuto simply sighed in defeat. “Now let’s continue. Please, get in position.”

“What?” Yuuto was panicking again. He let go off the painting and hugged himself, as if that would protect him. He opened his mouth, trying to say something, but no sound came out. “You promised…” the teacher finally squeaked, almost crying.

Akaishi-kun chuckled and brought his face inches away from Yuuto’s. The teacher could feel the student’s breath; it sent a shiver through his body, all the way down there. Their lips were so close Yuuto only had to move a bit to lock them together… What am I thinking?

“I promised that won’t displease my muse, so I won’t do the things you’re imagining. It seems you have forgotten I want to portray you once again this night.” Yuuto was blank for a moment and then sighed in relief. Part of him had a different feeling, but before the teacher could try sorting those mixed feelings, Akaishi-kun leaning into Yuuto’s ear. “But this one I’ll keep only to myself,” he whispered, the teacher blushed and a few moments later, the student was painting.

“What’s the matter, Yuuto?” He recognized the voice, but before Yuuto could look, a hand slapped him on the shoulder a couple of times. It was supposed to be a friendly thing, but given the difference in strength between then, the teacher almost hit the desk. Only one person would be this blunt; Dan-kun. Yuuto raised his head rubbing his shoulder and then confirmed that standing next to him was his friend. The blond, tall, and completely covered in winter clothing, man. “Wow, you look awful, Yuuto.”

“When you hit me like that, of course I’d look awful,” Yuuto laughed it off, but Dan-kun stared back, a stern expression on his face. Even if Dan-kun was only a few years older, tt was hard to lie under those eyes, and Yuuto saw himself speaking. “I… I… I got into a bit of situation…” he tried to be as vague as he could.

Yuuto knew for sure Dan-kun would understand. Even if the foreigner was a bit too loud, the teacher was certain his friend would try helping somehow. Dan-kun already knew about Yuuto’s art, and despite his appearances, he never once made fun of him for crossplaying. The foreigner truly was a great friend. But even all the trust he had, Yuuto felt he should keep it to himself.

Dan-kun studied him for a moment and Yuuto understood right away. Under those hazel eyes, he could hide nothing. After a while, Dan-kun had a smug on his face and rubbed the recently shaved beard. “Seiji found out about your art and now he’s… well, I know he’s not blackmailing you. You’d look worse if it was that,” he narrowed his eyes, his face full of concentration. “Since he’s a painter… he asked you to be his inspiration or something like that…” It wasn’t a question.

Yuuto sighed. “You got everything right.” He was too tired to deny and it would be useless anyway. One thing did bother the teacher though. “How did you know he was a painter?”

“Elementary, my dear friend. His grandfather talked a lot about that. A lot.” Dan-kun chuckled at his own words, but moments after, the laugh died and he looked down, slid a hand through his hair a couple times and then sighed deeply. “I don’t think I can help you, but I can tell you this. Right now, Seiji’s in a bad place and he needs someone to help him through this difficult times.” The foreigner stared Yuuto with those eyes that radiate strength and the teacher could only nod speechless. “But remember this; no matter how… tangled the circumstances gets, you’re the adult. And his teacher,” he said and walked to the door. “If anything happens, throw my name around. Seiji’s kinda afraid of me,” he sneered. “Remember I’m here for you.” Then Yuuto was alone in the teacher’s lounge.

I know, the teacher thought. I appreciate your help, Dan-kun. His friend’s words ringed in his head for a long time and then Yuuto finally made his mind. It’s as you said. I’m the teacher and I’ll do my best to help Akaishi-kun. Let’s just hope I can sort my feelings and handle him before anything happens…

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