Please! 2

This story is mature

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Amane Yuuto blinked in confusion as he tried to understand what was happening around him. Everywhere he went the students or his colleagues complimented him, and some even patted him on the back a little too hard due enthusiasm. All because of a certain someone, who barely came to school since the beginning of the school year, decided to show up.

And apparently that alone wasn’t enough to him, since Akaishi Seiji-kun not only made it clear the only reason he was back was because the teacher had told him in person to do so, he even thanked Yuuto in front of everyone. Despite the honest thanks, the teacher saw the tiny smile on the student’s lips.

“Why did you say that, Akaishi-kun?” Yuuto asked in a hushed voice when he found the said student in the old arts club’s room alone after the last class was over.

“Did I lie by any chance?” Akaishi-kun threw back a question with a puzzled expression. “You told me to come to school after our little time together,” he said, again with the sly smile. “So here I am.”

“You… you…” the teacher sighed in complete defeat, sat on one of the stools and sunk his face in both hands.

Technically speaking, the student was right. That Saturday, after Akaishi-kun fondled… painted the teacher, Yuuto, perhaps trying to retain some respect as an educator, told him to go back to school on Monday.

Though third years whose grades were good enough to graduate weren’t required to attend school after the universities’ exams, Akaishi-kun was in rather a delicate position. Thought he wasn’t the teacher in charge, since the vice principal asked the staff to talk with the student if they saw him, Yuuto said those more out of responsibility when he remembered, but never truly expected Akaishi-kun would actually show up.

And thanks to the completely unexpected sight of Akaishi-kun in his class, all those shameful memories kept popping into Yuuto’ mind the entire day. He blushed every time their eyes met, which was surprisingly a lot due to Akaishi-kun sudden appearances out of nowhere during the breaks between classes. What was worse was that the student didn’t even talk or anything. He simply watched Yuuto with an intrigued expression.

“What’s wrong?” Akaishi-kun came closer, so close Yuuto had to look up to see the student’s face. “You seem tired.”

Whose fault do you think it is? The teacher forgot he was sitting and stepped back. The only reason he wasn’t on the floor was because Akaishi-kun held him and pulled him closer, and Yuuto’ cheek reddened once again. He broke free of the student’s arms, stepped back and rubbed his eyes, trying to get rid of some of the sleepiness he felt, with no result.

Yuuto spend the rest of the weekend in complete disarray. His mind was in some sort of haze, but when he got home and changed to his normal clothes, those events truly sank in. Not only someone discovered his secret, out of some sort of stupid pride, he ended up letting a man, whom on top of that was his own student, touch his body. Yuuto still remembered the sensation of Akaishi-kun’ finger on him, and what was worse, a few times he could even feel it, along with a queer tingle where he was touched.

On Sunday Yuuto tried to take his mind off, but neither revising the lessons for the week nor finishing his latest cosplay helped one bit. He was too worried and had no concentration. All that his mind wanted to do was go over the event and the conversation after the student had finished painting again and again.

At least he promised…, Yuuto thought when he simply gave up and went to sleep.

Not only Akaishi-kun didn’t seem like the sort of person who wouldn’t gossip, he assured he wouldn’t tell anyone their secret, as the student called later. But there was something in the way he said those words, something behind the smile that made Yuuto feared what he might find on Monday morning. I don’t think he’d tell anyone, but Akaishi-kun seems so reckless he may end up exposing me accidentally.

With a restless day and a sleepless night, Yuuto came to school in the morning filled with dread.  He walked the corridors slowly, half expecting to find people giggling at him, or perhaps the teachers avoiding him, but to his surprise, nothing was different; everyone treated him like always. The boys greeted him normally, a few of the girls shared what a happened to them over the weekend—for some reason girls felt comfortable sharing with Yuuto since he was a kid—and Sawa-chan and Dan-kun, his friends and colleagues, talked with him like always.

Everything looked just like a normal day, and felt like it would be like that. With his mood rising, Yuuto went to his class smiling… until, a little bit after the first class’ bell rang and the teacher had begun the lesson, Akaishi-kun entered the classroom through the back door.

For a second their eyes met and all the memories of what happened popped in Yuuto’ mind for the first time in the day, all the embarrassment crossing his head. Akaishi-kun’ lips curled into a smile, and the teacher felt his heart and mood plummeting. What does he want? Why did he come? Is he going to break the promise? With the eyes of everyone in the class, the student only sat in his chair, as if he did it every day.

The class had fewer students than normal, but that didn’t stop them from creating a huge fuss. After a moment of surprise, they bombarded Akaishi-kun with questions after questions, but what most wanted to know was why he came back to school.

Someone told me to come.” With that many faces staring at him, he only said those words. But apparently it wasn’t enough to them, because instead of changing the subject, they kept insisting on the identity of the mysterious person who could make him show up at school after so long.

With a hidden smile that Yuuto could see, Akaishi-kun turned slowly towards him and again, just for a second, their eyes met. Every else turned too and when they realized the teacher was the person in question, they showered the teacher with praises and when the word spread around, the other faculty members did the same.

However, contrary to the words and praises around him, Yuuto only felt his belly tightening. Why did he come? What does he want? Against his will, the same questions kept filling his mind all day. With the worry hanging above his head, Yuuto could barely do a good job. All he wanted to do was to ask Akaishi-kun what his motive was, but even now, when they were alone, it was hard to bring up.

“Of course I’m tired,” Yuuto managed answer Akaishi-kun’ question with some self-respect. But looking at that carefree eyes and smile, “I couldn’t sleep right because of you!” he lashed out. And there goes my dignity, he thought miserably a second later. No matter if it is his fault, I can’t do this to a student…

Instead of getting annoyed, Akaishi-kun tilted his head with a puzzled smile on his lips. “Did I fill your dreams?”

“No! Why would you say this?” Yuuto blushed and avoided looking in those dark deep eyes.

“Because you filled my dreams.” The student answered with no smile, his eyes with that intensity Yuuto saw that afternoon.

The glow left the teacher with no reaction and it took a while to recover. “What…?” he finally managed to say something. “Stop with those jokes.”

“I’m not joking,” Akaishi-kun came closer and looked into Yuuto’ eyes, and this time the teacher didn’t step back. “I felt something that day. You woke something inside me I thought it was gone. Don’t treat like a joke.”

Yuuto blinked many times trying to understand what Akaishi-kun was saying, his cheeks colorless. “It’s… just… erh…” Even after a while, the literature teacher hadn’t find words. He took deeps breaths to organize his thoughts. “I won’t treat it like a joke. I’m tired because I was worried about what you might say.” Yuuto answered the student’s initial question.

Akaishi-kun widened his eyes for a second and then stepped back. “Did you doubt my word?” he said in a low voice, the glow vanishing so fast Yuuto gulped.

“I’m sorry,” he said it right away once he realized his disrespect. “I didn’t mean to doubt your promise. Is just that… no one in a position like yours discovered my secret before,” the teacher spoke after a moment, looking down. “I’m tired and nervous, but it doesn’t mean I should doubt you for no reason. I’m sorry,” Yuuto bowed.

For a time the student kept his silence and the teacher bowed. “If you want to apologize, come to my house after dinner,” Akaishi-kun said suddenly and turned to the door, but then walked back. “Bring your boldest cosplay. The one that even today you feel nervous to wear,” he leaned in and whispered into Yuuto’ ear.

“Wait, what?” Yuuto said a second later when he processed what his student had just said. “Why would I do that?”

“Don’t you want to apologize to me?” his voice suggested it should be obvious. “This is the best way for both of us.”

“I do want to apologize, but those are two completely different things!” the teacher’s voice was louder than he wished. “And how is that best for me?”

“Also, there’s something I want to show you,” Akaishi-kun ignored Yuuto’ protest.

“And what’s that?”

“I could show you here,” the sly smile was back in his lips. “But I’m certain you prefer some privacy. And if I do this here, I might risk breaking my promise and believe me, I’d rather keep our secret a secret,” he turned to the door.

“Stop saying… Wait!” But Akaishi-kun was already gone before Yuuto could say anything else. Barely understanding what had just happened, the teacher simply panicked in the old art club’s room.

Should I go? Akaishi-kun wouldn’t tell anyone… At least Yuuto was certain of that, but the conversation had just confirmed the student was reckless. I have to go… the teacher realized with a sigh and sat on the stool, sinking his face on both hands again and imagining what could happen. Perhaps his cosplaying would be safe, but Akaishi-kun would certainly keep insisting.

Yuuto resigned to his fate and a few hours later, after the doorman let him in, the teacher was ringing Akaishi-kun’ doorbell with a bang under his arm. He looked around the empty corridor, his breathing short and quick. Even the small waiting left him nervous.

When Akaishi-kun opened the door and step aside to let the teacher in, Yuuto quickly entered and placed his shoes neatly at the entrance. If I have to do this, let’s be quick about it, with this in mind, he turned at Akaishi-kun, but even with his determination, it wasn’t easy.

“Third door on the right,” the student understood the teacher unspoken question and closed the door.

With his heart thumping so loud he feared Akaishi-kun might hear, Yuuto dashed to the bathroom. The teacher took his jacket and pants off, and then, with trembling fingers, he took his underwear. Even if he was alone in the bathroom, being naked inside his student apartment was too embarrassing. Wasn’t there a better way to apologize?

But at this point there was no turning back, so he took the blue clothes from his bag and placed the left leg first, and when the right leg was in as well, the teacher pulled the rest of the cosplay up. After both arms were in the right place, Yuuto wore the white sailor outfit. When it was done, his hand went under the swimsuit to his manhood, adjusting down there so it wouldn’t show up nor create a visible bulge.

Why does it look so lewd now? I know I wore it only once, but that time it didn’t look like this, Yuuto thought observing his reflection on the mirror. As a final touch, he tied the hair and placed the short brown-colored wig on his head, his entire face blushing even if the cosplay wasn’t completed. Breathing deeply and with trembling steps, he got out of the room.

Akaishi-kun was watching the view of the window when Yuuto came out. Once he heard the door closing, the student turned and saw his teacher in the boldest cosplay, as he had asked, and his eyes beamed. “Is the cosplay complete?” He looked Yuuto from head to toe finally said something.

Yuuto gulped. Does he know the character…? “No,” the teacher admitted. “There’s the legs piece, but it broke and I haven’t fixed yet.”

Akaishi-kun kept staring the teacher and Yuuto looked away. “What else is missing?” he asked in a low voice.

Yuuto gulped again. “There’s… this…” at least he had thought he could avoid wearing the entire cosplay. The school swimsuit with the top of a sailor outfit was embarrassing enough, and if he added the rest… Somehow, Akaishi-kun saw through him with just one look. The teacher’s hand went in the bag and pulled a pair of dog-ears accessory and a fluffy tail.

After he adjusted them, he avoided looking his student. It was too embarrassed to wear this cosplay outside a convention or a contest. But with not so much as a reaction, even Yuuto became nervous and he raised his head when the silence became too awkward.

“So this your boldest cosplay, huh?” he circled the teacher. “From my point of view it looks like a parade of fetishes. The school swimsuit, only the top of the sailor outfit, the animal ears and tail… But I can see the appeal,” Akaishi-kun’ hand slipped down Yuuto’ back and grabbed the fluffy, accidentally brushing against the teacher’s butt for a moment.

“It is a genuine cosplay!” he screamed and pulled his tail away from Akaishi-kun. In truth Yuuto couldn’t denied the fetish part, so much that even he only had the courage to wear it once. And now that he realized Akaishi-kun was first person to see in a long time, the teacher blushed. “Laugh if you want, but I’m proud of this cosplay!” he became defensive out of nowhere, even though, despite his words, Akaishi-kun carried no judgment in his eyes.

“I told you before, I can’t laugh,” he spoke with a smile. It wasn’t the sly one nor a smug, it was a genuinely gentle smile and it caught Yuuto off guard.

“I’m sorry for raising my voice.” The teacher bowed to apologize to his student for the second time that day. Akaishi-kun didn’t seem to hear and simply got closer, so close Yuuto could smell him. He smells nice, the thought popped in his head against his will. “What’s… the matter…?” he asked taking a few steps back.

Akaishi-kun raised his hands so fast Yuuto was reactionless and then he ran a thumb slowly around the teacher’s mouth, stopping on the bottom lip. “You’re not wearing makeup today.” It wasn’t a question. Before Yuuto could say or do anything, the student squatted, his face too close to what was between the teacher’s legs. Even through the swimsuit, Yuuto could feel the air coming from the nose on those sensitive parts and it sent a shiver down the teacher’s spine. “You hide the fact you’re a man very well. Even this close is hard to tell.”

It took half a heartbeat for Yuuto to realize what he meant, and once he did, the teacher did a half-turn, his hands covering that area. “Of course I do! What do you think it would happen with someone found out I’m a guy?”

The student once again ignored the teacher and stood up. “What if you get too excited?” he asked in a serious tone.

Again it took a moment to the teacher to realize the meaning behind the words. “Don’t make it sound like I’m a pervert! I don’t get that kind of excitement in cosplay! I told you it’s my form of art!”

Akaishi-kun had no expression for a second and then he his lips curled into a smile, but this time, Yuuto recognized right away that it was the sly one. “Then I must confirm something.”

“What?” Before Yuuto could do anything, Akaishi-kun grabbed him and turned him around.

A moment later the student’s hands were fondling Yuuto’ chest just like that afternoon, but this time it was underneath the clothes. It took less than a second for his fingers to find the nipples and then rub with them.

Yuuto tried grabbing the hands, but the student was too strong, so the teacher could do nothing.

Akaishi-kun twisted and pinched the nipples gently and then a bit rougher, until they were hardening.

Oh no! Yuuto thought a second later in complete despair. The worst was that, against his will, the lower part of the school swimsuit he wore was getting tighter and tighter.

One of Akaishi-kun’ hands left the chest and flew to the teacher’s privet area, stroking it gently over the fabric.

Please… stop… he tried saying it, but the mix of pleasure and the bit of pain from the tight clothes held his voice in the throat.

“I thought you didn’t get this kind of fun with your art,” Yuuto could hear Akaishi-kun’ voice whispering in his ear, but at the same time, the words were too far away for the teacher to understand them right away.

“It’s… your… fault…” the teacher managed to answer between gasps, his mind a haze. His member was getting bigger with each stroke, but in the position he placed to hide it, it was starting to hurt a lot.

Akaishi-kun must have noticed, because the hand was gone, only to be back a second later touching the teacher, touching it, directly under the swimsuit. “It must be painful. Let me help you.” The pain grew for a moment when Akaishi-kun grabbed it and then placed the member upwards.

“Please… sto—…!” The cold hand against his throbbing manhood was weird… but it was starting to become good, he admitted grudgingly, his mind a haze of pleasure since the other hand was still playing with the nipple. Yuuto’ entire body felt hot and sweating despite the cool room.

Still touching directly, with one gentle squeeze from Akaishi-kun, Yuuto’ seed flowed a bit, along with another moan of pleasure. What’s…! Happening… ah! Why does… it feel… so good?

Suddenly the hand was gone. Is it… over…? Yuuto thought, his shoulders dropping, his mind still hazed. But then the hand was back over the swimsuit.

Yuuto could feel his manhood hardening against the fabric and with the hand moving up and down, the pain was gone, and soon it became only pleasure.

“I’ll stop if you tell me this. Are you getting excited because someone is touching you?” he said, pinching the nipple harder. “Or is because there a man touching you?” he stroke down there faster. “Or is it because I’m the one touching you?”

Why… do you… hng… want to… know?  He thought. Even… I… don’t… know, he admitted to himself. The wet spot on the lower part of his school swimsuit was becoming bigger and bigger, and his mind blanker with each stroke.

An old memory came back to him with the student’s words. Once his sister had done something like this… When Yuuto lost all the weight, and all that was left were the man boobs, she teased and gave him one of her old bras. After making him wear it and fondled with them playfully, she said they felt like almost like a girl’s. But nothing like this happened at the time, so the teacher could rule out the first option… and he didn’t want to think about the other two.

“Tell me,” he stroked faster and pinched harder.

The teacher was in his limit. His seed was about to flow, he could feel it… Yuuto was about to feel pleasure because of another man. “I… I… don’t… know…” he managed to say between gasps. I… can’t… anymore… He was about to give into the pleasure…

And then both hands were gone.

With the hands gone so suddenly, Yuuto fell on the floor, exhausted. He had no strengthen left in his body. “Why… did… you…” he could barely speak. He sweat, his face was completely red, he had short breath and he was wet down there. And what was worst was that for half a heartbeat, he felt a little frustrated. Why did you stop, the thought crossed his head.

Little by little, the blood flowed back where it should be, but before Yuuto had enough strength to stand, Akaishi-kun picked him, carrying him like a princess. “I got carried away a bit,” the student said looking the teacher in the eyes, shrugging.

That wasn’t a bit! Yuuto wished he could scream that, but his voice would come weird, he was sure of it.

Still carrying his teacher like a princess, Akaishi-kun gently place Yuuto on the couch. “As apologized, please accept this,” he went to one of the room and came back with a canvas.

“Is… that… me…?” Yuuto was speechless in a different manner. When Akaishi-kun turned the canvas and revealed the painting, the teacher almost forgot what just had happened.

It was the painting Yuuto had posed, but it was so beautiful it was hard to believe it really was him. The city’s glow in the background looked like bubbles of light and shone Yuuto’ back and the unhooked bra, half the face, the legs, and though Yuuto didn’t remember, there was a genuine gentle smile on his lips. Even if the subject was himself, he felt the painting was tasteful and sensual.

“It’s too… marvelous…” the literature teacher had forgotten words to describe what he saw.

“I capture you and your art,” he said with a true smile. “This is your beauty in all.”

Yuuto blushed and looked away. How long it had been since someone complemented me while knowing my true identity? The teacher couldn’t help but smile too. They stayed like that until he remembered. “Those words won’t undo what you just did!”

“I know, but even so I ask you to forgive my behavior,” he said bowing and Yuuto felt there was no hidden meaning in his words. “As I said, I got carried away. Please accept this painting as apologize.”

It was so sincere Yuuto’ anger left him against his will, and for the second time that day, he sighed in defeat. “I’ll accept your apologizes,” he took the canvas and admired. I never thought I could inspire something like this, he thought. His art was fulfilling to himself, but Yuuto knew some people used pictures of him for fun. Knowing a painting this amazing could born because of him made the teacher happy for his cosplay.

Wait a minute… while admiring the canvas, something clicked in the teacher’s mind. “Akaishi-kun… did you… was this that you wanted to show me?”

This time it was the student’s turn to blushed, thought it was only an almost invisible shade of pink. “Yes…” he said looking away.

“You’re really are an artist, Akaishi-kun,” Yuuto said chuckling and admiring the painting again.

Akaishi-kun’ eyes widened suddenly. “But that’s not all,” he got close and caught Yuuto’ hand in both his own. The teacher tried pulling back out of reflex, but not only the student was stronger, he held the canvas in the other hand, so he could do nothing. “Please, become mine!”

The words hang in the air for a long time, the silence stretching. Yuuto felt his entire body hot again, a sort of stir occurring between his legs. He wanted to pull the hem of the sailor outfit down, but with both hands occupied, he could not. “What?” he finally said to hide what was happening in the lower part of his body.

“Please, become my muse!” he said, the intense light in his eyes back.

“What?” Yuuto asked again. He was still blushing, but now that he found out Akaishi-kun’ true request, he felt a bit disappointed. Wait… Why am I feeling this?

“Please become my muse!” he asked again, looking into Yuuto’ eyes so close their noses were almost touching.

For a second the teacher’s eyes went down, staring at those lips and a new stir between his legs swayed him. When Yuuto realized what was happening, he looked back into Akaishi-kun’ deep eyes… It didn’t help. “Yes.” the word came out of his mouth before he could stop it.

“Thank you.” Akaishi-kun touched his lips on Yuuto’ hand for a long time. “Perhaps with you I can find the love for the brush and the colors,” once again he stared into his teacher’s eye, the light shining like never.

The teacher couldn’t avoid staring back in those eyes, and after seconds or perhaps hours, he noticed something behind them, something near invisible, but it definitely tainted the light. It was some sort of anguish underneath the determination, almost as if it was what drove him. Yuuto woke from the trance and finally broke the gaze. Despite a tiny part of him feeling the opposite, he said, “please let go of my hand.”

“Whatever my muse desires,” Akaishi-kun planted another kiss on the hand only then let it go. He stood up and went near the bookcase, where there was another canvas waiting him.

Yuuto concentrated on the moist from Akaishi-kun lips when something in his head clicked again. “Wait… did you asked me to come in cosplay to paint again?”

“Of course.” His voice suggesting as if it was obvious.

The hot sensation lingering in his body went away, and Yuuto was left only with annoyance. “Please, remember our positions and don’t trick me again!”

Akaishi-kun looked puzzled for a moment. “You’re my muse.” he said and picked the stool in the kitchen, getting ready to paint.

Yuuto gritted his teeth. “I’m your teacher!” he said. “So please call me teacher!”

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